The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 159 – Fighting with your back against a wall.

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Ye Zifeng looked around to make sure that none of them were close to them.

Then, he smiled and whispered, “I forgot to tell them that the fierce beast that we’re hunting this time has powerful long range attacks. So….. If you want to be far away from the beast, then they’ll be the ones suffering….”

“No way. Brother Zifeng…. You…. How can you be so cruel. Did you not tell them about it intentionally?” Ye Xueyi was shocked.

She grew up with this brother of hers so she knows what he’s like. However, in the last month or so, she had this weird feeling in her heart. After being beat up by Wang Lin, it seems like Ye Zifeng changed.

“….Hey big bro, aren’t you suppose to be leading? How come you’re behind us all of a sudden? Are you really up to the task?” Shi Chen’s jokingly called out.

“I’m thinking about the plans to deal with the fierce beast.” Ye Zifeng made up an excuse for lagging behind.

“Plan? What kind of plan do we need in a small cave like this? The people in the front will block while the people in the back will attack. Come on brother Ye, get over here!”

Not only did Shi Chen laugh, the other people started laughing as well. They didn’t see the point of planning at all.

“Coming. Coming. Don’t rush. The fierce beast isn’t too far from here. He won’t be running either.”

Ye Zifeng smiled and turned towards Ye Xueyi, “Alright. Let’s move forward.”


Violet Lightning Thunder Tiger, Common Rank 9th Stage. It is a beast that excels in close range combat. However, it’s strongest attack is the long range Violet Lightning Bolt attack. It’s not fun and games if you’re struck with it.

It’s just like what it unleashed just now.

“Holy shit. What kind of damned tiger is this. How can its violet lightning bolt attack be so strong! Why would it insist on using long range attacks!” Shi Chen’s was scared shitless. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry anymore. His eyes were filled with fright.

“Lord. Save me!” The weak looking girl watched as the attack moved towards hers and started to scream for help.

If they were able to choose again, they would definitely not choose to be in the back lines again even if you beat them.

Other than these two, the others who were trying to hide in the back line all suffered.

As for Ye Zifeng, Ye Xueyi and the others who were in the front, they couldn’t move back even if they want to. All they could do was stand there and watch the others were being baptised by the lightning. Shi Chen who had the lowest cultivation of them all almost fainted from the sheer power of the lightning.

It was a good thing that Ye Zifeng had planned an escape route beforehand. Under his command, the ten of them quickly ran out of the cave.

The last one out was Ye Xueyi who had the highest cultivation of them all. She helped fend off some attacks and buy time for the others escape.


Shi Chen was breathing heavily as he had just ran for his life.

“Big brother. We were wrong. We shouldn’t have tried to be in the back lines…..”

“Right. This damn tiger is too strong. If we don’t have a plan, we can’t fight against it. We’re basically looking to die!

Ye Zifeng smiled and look at them, “Now you guys want to use a plan? When I brought it up before, did anyone want to listen? Who was the one that said we didn’t need a plan?”

“Before……..Did something like that happen before?”

Shi Chen smiled and rubbed his head. He then turned to the person next to him, “Did you say something about it before?”

“Ha. How can I disagree with big brother Ye. Weren’t you the one who said that we didn’t need a plan?” The other person saw that Shi Chen wanted to put the blame on him so he pushed it back at him.

“I…..” Shi Chen knew that he was in the wrong…

Ye Zifeng’s expression turned cold and serious, “Alright. Enough. I won’t talk about what happened before. I’m going to ask everyone something right now. If I give a command, will you guys follow it through no matter what?”

Shi Chen laughed loudly and raised his hand, “I, Shi Chen, will be the first to agree! Big brother Ye, I will do whatever you want.”

“I agree too! As long as its big brother Ye’s word, I, Old Zhu will definitely agree to it!”

“Big brother Ye, show us the skills that you used to win the heavenly clan gathering and the alchemy competition. Bring us to victory with those skills!”

“Right. You look like you know a lot about this mission. We were only able to escape before due to your commands. If we don’t believe you, then who else can we believe?”

At times like this, a leader is not chosen based on their strength. They are chosen due to their abilities and cohesiveness. A leader should be able to lead a group and bring out everyone’s abilities to work together. Instead of rely on the strength of one person, they have to work together. A leader, will lead them all to victory.

Ye Xueyi didn’t disagree either. She was feeling happy because her brother was being praised by everyone.

“Brother Zifeng…. Everyone is waiting for your command!”

Ye Zifeng chuckled, “Since everyone trusts me, then I want everyone to give me their life saving medallion.”

Hearing this, everyone’s expression changed. They all stared at Ye Zifeng.

“For what reason should we give you our life saving medallion?” Someone couldn’t help but ask.

To them, the life saving medallion is their insurance. This was their life insurance. Even if you don’t use it, they’ll feel better if they have it with them.

“Didn’t you guys just say that as long as I say something, you will agree to it and follow along?” Ye Zifeng looked at Old Zhu.

Old Zhu was startled and bitter smiled, “But….. But…..”

“But what? Unless you guys were just lying in front of my face? Or……..Are you guys like those other guys who withdrew from the mission? Do you guys not have any backbone at all?”

Hearing Ye Zifeng talk about the people who withdrew from the mission, all of them had an ugly look on their faces.

“Don’t put us in the same category as those people. They’re dogs and will be punished by the heavens sooner or later.”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “What’s your name and your cultivation?”

“I’m Qin Lang, 7th stage of qi refining!”

“Merely in the 7th stage of qi refining. Only people without strength and heart will hope that others be punished by the heavens!”

“I……” Qin Lang was a young guy. This was the first time he’s heard about something like this and was completely shocked by Ye Zifeng’s words.

Ye Zifeng looked at all of them, “This time, we were conspired against by others. We were plotted against by others. What are you going to do with it? Are you going to run away before you even finish the first mission? Do you not feel embarrassed? I feel embarrassed for all of you!”


After being lectured by Ye Zifeng, all of them were in awe. That’s right. It’s fine if the other groups use the medallion to run away. But, they can’t. They have to finish the mission and prove themselves! If they run, they would just embarrass themselves!

“This…..Big brother Ye, what should we do?!”

Ye Zifeng smiled and glared at the group, “I, Ye Zifeng, am a rough person. I don’t really know that many things. However, I do know that if someone wants to plot against me, then I will show them that even if they plot against me, I can still accomplish the mission. I will take that grand reward that Elder Lin promised us! Thus, we have to cut off all means of retreat and fight with our backs against the wall! Only then will we prevail!”

Ye Zifeng reminded them of the hatred against the people who withdrew and also brought up the grand reward promised by Elder Lin. This changed everyone’s minds immediately.

“……Okay! I don’t care if we succeed or not. I, Qin Lang, will recognize big brother Ye. I will follow you for this whole mission. No, I will follow you from now one!”

Qin Lang is a young and vigorous person. He loves being challenged. Ye Zifeng’s speech riled him up and made his blood boil.

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Then… the medallion?”

Qin Lang quickly dropped the medallion into Ye Zifeng’s hands, breaking off all routes of retreat.

Ye Zifeng nodded. His eyes were filled with praise.

“Qin Lang, are you crazy? You actually gave it to him?”

“Brother Zifeng, I’ll give it to you too!” At the same time, Ye Xueyi smiled and gave Ye Zifeng her medallion too.

“Okay.” Ye Zifeng walked towards her and took her medallion as well. If he wanted other people to listen, then the person closest to you should make the first move and lead the others.

Shi Chen sighed and shook his head, “Alright. I give up. Add me in too.” Even though Shi Chen values his life, he still thinks of Ye Zifeng as a friend and trusts him.

With three people leading, the others looked at each other and slowly agreed as well. They all handed their medallions to Ye Zifeng.

With their backs against the wall, all they can do is fight their way out now.

“Alright. Now, let’s talk about our plan…..”