The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 150 – Kicked back home

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“Damn….. These women flip faster than I can flip pages in a book. I just want to quietly refine pills by myself. What’s wrong with that?”

Ye Zifeng scratched his head while standing outside the Liu clan manor’s doors. He was just staring blankly at the road in front of him. It seems like he hasn’t recovered from what had just happened.

He didn’t even get to pack his things before he got kicked out by Liu Bingqian. This was too sudden. Even Liu Mu didn’t know about it.

“Whatever. I guess I’ll have to go home. At least I accomplished my goals here this time. Staying over is something extra.” Ye Zifeng sighed and walked towards his own house.


In the Ye clan manor.

“Aiya….. This Zifeng’s wings are forming now. He’s doing whatever he wants. If he wants to go to the Liu clan, that’s fine. At least come see us and give us a heads up. He just left without saying anything!”

Ye Chongtian furrowed his brows. He was feeling a bit angry,

“Honey, I know that you’re caring for Zifeng. Afterall, he is the hope of our Ye clan right now.” Tang Feng laughed as she spoke.

“Who said I’m worried about him?” Ye Chongtian’s old face turned hot. Even if he dies, he won’t admit it, “If you’re talking about caring, then that brat Xueyi cares the most about him.”

Talking about Xueyi, Tang Feng’s expression changed and sighed.

“Ai… Why does that girl care about her brother Zifeng so much? I don’t even know what she’s thinking about half the time. I feel like they’ve already broken through the barrier of being siblings….”

“But.. You know that Xueyi actually isn’t……” Ye Chongtian remembered something and sighed.

Tang Feng’s expression turned cold and ruthlessly punched Ye Chongtian’s arm, “Didn’t I tell you to not talk about this anymore? She will always be Ye Zifeng’s little sister. They’ll be siblings with the same father but different mothers!”

Ye Chongtian bitterly laughed, “Right. My bad. I shouldn’t have mentioned it.”

After a bit.

“Father, mother, good news! Brother Zifeng came back!” Ye Xueyi happily skipped over to her parents.

“What? That kid knows how to come back home?”

After hearing this, Ye Chongtian put his serious face on.

Ye Zifeng then walked through the front doors into the hall.

Ye Xueyi giggled, “Brother Zifeng, you haven’t been home in so long. I’ve missed you.”

She was different from Liu Bingqian. She was his little sister so even if she say these things, people would think that it’s a joke because of their sibling relationship.

Ye Zifeng smiled, “What do you mean? Didn’t you just see me two days ago?”

Ye Xueyi was a little restricted in the Liu clan’s territory, but now that she’s at home, she can be the little princess that she is.

She smiled and without saying anything she ran over towards him.

“Brother Zifeng, didn’t you say that you’ll come back after the sect mission? How come you’re back so quickly? Does sister Bingqian know about this?”

Ye Xueyi had a good impression of Liu Bingqian so she asked about her.


“What’s up brother Zifeng? Is it that hard to answer?” Ye Xueyi felt that something was up.

Ye Zifeng had an awkward look on his face. How can he tell her that he got kicked out by Liu Bingqian?

Tang Feng walked up and smiled, “Unless, something happened in the Liu clan?”

“Madam Tang, that….. Let’s not talk about it for now. I’ve been cultivating for the past few days. I’m feeling a bit tired. Allow me to sleep for a bit before I come back and talk with you guys.”

Ye Zifeng looked very tired. He was training recklessly in Tiandao City and was attacked by Jin Peng right after. After returning, he didn’t stop to rest either. He formed his common tier flame and then refined five profound tier golden marrow pills.

Even if he was made of iron, he still needed some rest.

Tang Feng was a little suspicious of the reason why Ye Zifeng returned home so quickly. She wanted to ask what’s up but was stopped by Xueyi.

“Alright. Brother Zifeng, go rest. I’ll see you later…..” Ye Xueyi nodded and sent Ye Zifeng out.

“Ahem……” Ye Chongtian coughed a few times to get Ye Zifeng’s attention. He was feeling a bit left out after being ignored by his own son.

However, Ye Zifeng walked past him without say anything, treating Ye Chongtian like an invisible man.

“Hold…. Hold it right there.” Ye Chongtian finally yelled out.

Ye Zifeng stopped and turned around, “Oh. Father. You’re here too?”

He didn’t pretend to not notice him, but he really didn’t notice him.

“You brat!” He didn’t use Ye Zifeng’s name and used ‘brat’ immediately.

Ye Chongtian is a martial soul realm expert. His standings in Leizhou City can be considered very high. However, his own son was ignoring him right now.

His expression sank and looked right at Ye Zifeng.

“Zifeng ahhh…. Your method of pulling the Liu clan in is not bad. However, tell us about it in the future so we don’t have to worry.”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Okay father. I understand. I’ll tell you guys next time.”

His answer was very straightforward.Ye Chongtian couldn’t believe his ears.

Seeing how his son was so straightforward with him and didn’t argue with him, he smiled and felt a lot better.

“Alright. Go rest then. When you wake up, call for someone to get you your dinner.”

“Then… Thanks father….” Ye Zifeng was a bit moved.

In this world, the only ones who will unconditionally care for you are your family members. When Ye Zifeng returns to the peak, he won’t forget the ones who had care for him when he was weak.

Ye Zifeng smiled and nodded. He then returned to his own room after giving Ye Xueyi a look.

After a while, Ye Xueyi slowly opened the doors to Ye Zifeng’s room.

“Brother Zifeng, what do you need from me?” She was a bit shocked and confused. She scratched her head, not knowing why her brother had called for her.

Could Ye Zifeng be lying about being tired? Was he obedient to Ye Chongtian just because he wanted to get back earlier?

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Xueyi, can you really not guess why I called for you?”

Ye Xueyi thought about it and then shook her head, “Brother Zifeng, stop beating around the bush, if you have anything to say, say it.”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Do you remember about the Profound Sect’s Passage Medallion that I gave you?”

“Of course! It’s something that will help me a lot when I enter the Profound Sect! Thank you brother Zifeng!” Ye Xueyi was getting excited. The other day, she was in the Liu clan so she had to be respectful and not fool around. Now that she’s at home, she can finally thank Ye Zifeng sincerely.

Ye Zifeng shook his head, “I’m not asking you to thank me. I’m telling you this because your dreams of entering the Profound Sect is getting even closer now.”

“Even closer now?” Ye Xueyi had a look of disbelief on her face. It’s only been two days. What can Ye Zifeng do in these two days to bring her closer to the Profound Sect? That’s impossible.

“Look at this.” Ye Zifeng smiled and retrieved a profound tier golden marrow pill from his interspatial ring.

Ye Xueyi was startled. She stared at the pill in his hands.

“This….. It looks that that Huang tier golden marrow pill that you made about a month ago. But…. It doesn’t look like it either….. What is this?”

“Of course it doesn’t look like it. This is a profound tier golden marrow pill!”

“What? A profound tier golden marrow pill?” Ye Xueyi held the pill in her small hands and began to shake.

She thought that Ye Zifeng was joking around with her but when she saw Ye Zifeng’s serious expression, she felt that he wasn’t playing around at all.

One should know that even Liu Bingqian, the number one alchemist in Leizhou City can only refine a huang tier pill. However, Ye Zifeng had actually refined a profound tier pill. Doesn’t that mean that he’s better than Liu Bingqian?

It seems like the rumors from Tiandao City weren’t as baseless as she thought it was. To be able to be crowned champion already shows his abilities.

“Brother Zifeng, even if you can refine this, the ingredients must be very precious. I can’t accept such a precious gift. Brother Zifeng, use it for yourself.”

Ye Xueyi shook her head and gave the pill back to Ye Zifeng.

Ye Zifeng laughed at her actions, “Xueyi, don’t worry about it. Look, I have four more…..” While saying that, he retrieved the other four pills and placed it in front of Ye Xueyi.