The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 15 – Tripling the Reward!

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Ye Zifeng quickly jumped up and caught the severed head of the baby rhino. His mouth curved upwards and revealed a devious smile.

If he ran away now, then he would be able to turn in the head and receive 120 contribution points. However, he was still not satisfied yet.

Behind him, the two adult rhinos saw that their baby was killed by Ye Zifeng and roared angrily at him. The lightning on their bodies became much stronger. It made Ye Zifeng feel a small shocking sensation. However, it was only a small sensation. It wouldn’t affect his abilities at all.

“Man. Your lightning is really strong. However, I have the thunder spirit body now. If you want to use it against me like before, it won’t work anymore.

Ye Zifeng laughed coldly and tossed the baby rhino’s head aside. When the other two rhinos hesitated, Ye Zifeng immediately moved in order to gain an upperhand.


In these three days, Ye Zifeng was very patient. He had waited until the last moment of the third day to finish the mission.

At that time, the people outside were talking and speculating about what happened.

“Elder Qin. Please. My brother has been in there for three days already. Let me go in and check on his situation.”

The anxiousness in Ye Xueyi’s eyes can be seen.

Elder Qin stood there and only stroked his beard. He didn’t give Ye Xueyi an answer. In fact, he was regretting his decision deeply. He thought that Ye Zifeng would come out immediately after seeing how powerful the rhinos were. However, it seems like Ye Zifeng wasn’t the useless cowardly Ye Zifeng anymore. As long as his opponent’s power wasn’t too overpowered, Zifeng was willing to take the risks and give it a try.

“Elder Qin. I beg you…..”

Mo Yu sighed and tried to console her, “Sister Xueyi, it’s not that Elder Qin doesn’t want to help you, but the time limit hasn’t passed yet. If we go in now and see that Ye Zifeng was still fighting the beast, then wouldn’t he be automatically disqualified? Would that turn all his hard work to nothing?


Ye Xueyi had been waiting outside since the second night. From then until now, she couldn’t even see Ye Zifeng’s shadow. Normally, most disciples only used a half a day or even only a whole day to finish their mission. Most of the time they used were on finding the beasts instead of actually killing them. There was no one who used three whole days like Ye Zifeng.

Xiao Mu coldly laughed, “Don’t worry. You’re brother is probably scared after losing the bet. He probably didn’t want to lose any and probably buried himself in there.

“Young master Xiao, from the way you’re talking, you make it sound like he had any face to begin with.” One of the bystanders joked.

“Young master Xiao, don’t you feel that it’s quite unfortunate? If he comes out alive, you can get 120 contribution points from him in two years.”

Xiao Mu laughed loudly, “You’re right. I could get a spirit level martial technique for free. Now that you mention it, it’s a pity…… Hahahahaha.”

Ye Xueyi looked around and fiercely glared at everyone who made fun of her brother. She was so angry that she began to tremble.

Shi Chen suddenly pulled Ye Xueyi’s sleeves and with a surprised expression, he yelled, “Sister Ye. Look! He’s out!” He was one of the first ones to finish his mission and had been waiting for 2 days out here already. According to the rules, the ones who finished their mission have to wait until everybody finishes to return to the sect.

Ye Xueyi wasn’t in the mood right now. When this stranger pulled her sleeves, she got angrier and shouted, “What came out?”

“Your brother. He’s out. Ye Zifeng came out!”

Everyone stopped chattering all of a sudden.

It was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop.

Being able to stay alive in the rhino’s territory for three days. This action alone is commendable.

Everyone’s eyes widened and looked towards the forest. Ye Zifeng was currently walking towards all of them. His clothes were torn apart by lightning and his skin looked a little burnt. It seems like he had fought with the Thunder Rhinos.

To be able to run away from the Thunder Rhinos, it seems like Ye Zifeng’s strength cannot be underestimated.

“Brother Zifeng!” Ye Xueyi excitingly called out.

Ye Zifeng smiled back at her and ran towards the group.

Elder Qin’s expression became happier, “I knew you were a lucky bastard. You won’t die that easily.” Seeing that Ye Zifeng came back safely, this old man felt relieved. If someone were to really happen, he really didn’t know how to explain to Ye Chongtian.

“Brother Zifeng, it’s not a problem even if you fail. It’s good as long as you are alive.” Ye Xueyi started to cry and hugged Ye Zifeng.

Xiao Mu gave Ye Zifeng a glare and coldly said, “Heh. Since you came back alive, then don’t forget about my 120 points. You should prepare and learn how to repair those broken walls in the hall.”

“Let’s go….” Xiao Mu waved and called out to his brothers.

“Hold on a moment.”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Did I say that I failed this mission?”

Xiao Mu turned around with a face full of disbelief, “…. Could it be……”

Elder Qin had been the giver of missions in the Hidden Heart Hall for many years. He knew how hard this mission was. When he heard this, he was shocked.

“Are you for real? You killed a Thunder Rhino?!”

“That’s right.” Ye Zifeng answered. His answer made Xiao Mu feel like he was going to wither away. If Ye Zifeng actually finished this mission, then in accordance with the bet, Xiao Mu will have to give him his 100 points. It means that his hard work was for nothing.

Ye Zifeng smiled and then seriously said, “About this. I want to confirm with Elder Qin. If I kill one Thunder Rhino, I will get 120 points because you have doubled my reward. Is that correct?”

“120 points. That’s right. That was the promised reward.” Elder Qin was happy that someone was finally able to finish this mission. He knew that sooner or later, someone talented will come and finish this anyways. However, he didn’t expect it to be someone like Ye Zifeng.

“120 points and in addition, you’ll get Xiao Mu’s 100 points. Not bad kid. From one mission, you actually got 220 points.” Shi Chen looked at Ye Zifeng jealously.

Xiao Mu’s face turned ashen while looking at Ye Zifeng. Everyone was there when he made the bet with Ye Zifeng. He couldn’t back out now. Right now, he didn’t only lose his 100 points but the face of his Xiao clan.

Ye Zifeng smiled slyly and then opened his bag. Under everyone’s watch, he pulled out a rhino head.

“Elder Qin, I had confirmed with you before. Killing one Thunder Rhino will get me 120 points. Then what about killing three?”

After saying that, he dropped the three rhino heads on the floor and lined them up. There was still a hint of lightning flicking around since he had only killed them around half an hour ago.

“Three Thunder Rhinos! Young master Xiao, he killed three Thunder Rhinos.”

Xiao Mu was super shocked. He looked at the person who just talked and yelled, “I have eyes. I can see for myself. I don’t need you telling me anything!” Xiao Mu had tried to kill the Thunder Rhinos before and knew how hard the mission was. Right now, he was speechless.

The blue light flickered in front of everyone, bewildering them all. Everyone was shocked because Ye Zifeng had completed such a difficult mission.

He was at the third stage of qi refining and this was his first time taking on a mission. And yet, he was able to kill three Thunder Rhinos that were at the fourth stage. This was shocking news. Not even people at the fifth stage of qi refining was able to complete this mission.

Elder Qin was shocked to the max. When he regained his composure, he bitterly smiled, “You stinkin kid, how dare you trick me. Fine. Since I agreed, I won’t take it back. You killed three Thunder Rhinos so you get 360 points!”

“Three Hundred Sixty Points?!?!?”

The entire place was silent. Such a high reward. It was comparable to the reward of a seventh stage mission. All those people who looked at Ye Zifeng with a mocking expression now looked at him with jealousy.

Shi Chen fiercely patted Ye Zifeng’s shoulder, “Three hundred sixty points, in addition to the hundred you got from Xiao Mu, that’s four hundred sixty! From this one mission, you ten times the reward that I got already. Damn boy, you should throw a feast and invite me.”

Ye Zifeng chuckled, “I think that dumpling store in the north was pretty good. Let’s go try some of that.”

Shi Chen’s mouth twitched a bit and unhappily looked at him, “How can you even say that. You earned so much today! You should at least treat me to a spiritual feast!”

Of course, Shi Chen was joking around about the spiritual feast. To a practitioner, a spiritual feast will have a lot of benefit but for a single person, it will cost at least the equivalent of 1000 points.

Xueyi happily looked at her brother. This time, Ye Zifeng had used his own strength to prove himself in front of everyone. From now on, the trash Ye Zifeng does not exist anymore!”

“Elder Qin. There’s something that I would like to ask about.” Ye Zifeng cupped his hands and bowed.

Elder Qin saw Zifeng’s expression and smiled, “What do you want to ask?”

“It is said that after the mission, the disciples have the authority to take away their spoil. Then can I take these three Thunder Rhino heads away?” Ye Zifeng pointed at the heads on the floor.

Elder Qin was suspicious and glared at him, “What do you want these heads for? Once a common tier beast died, their spirits will scatter. There isn’t much qi left in the heads. Even if you use it to refine pills, the effects will be little to none. Maybe a profound ranked alchemist can achieve something from it, but, in our Leizhou city, the highest ranking alchemist is only at the huang rank. What can you get from this? Why not sell it to the sect and earn some extra money.”

“This…..” A sly expression appeared in Ye Zifeng’s eyes as he smiled, “I want to bring it home to commemorate my achievements today. I hope Elder Qin will allow this!”