The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 147 – Strike the iron while it’s hot

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“You did it?” Liu Bingqian show an expression of disbelief.

If Ye Zifeng told her that he did it without doing anything, she would’ve thought that Ye Zifeng was playing around. It was a miracle that he was able to live already, much less form a flame.

It was basically an impossible task.

However, Ye Zifeng showed her the red common tier flame on his finger. It was the real deal!

“Big brother rough guy, you’re incredible! You can even absorb the flames from a profound tier cauldron. You really did form your flame!”

Ye Zifeng smiled and deeply looked at Liu Bingqian, “It’s all thanks to you. If I was by myself, the success rate would’ve gone down by fifty percent! Thanks Bingqian.”

Ye Zifeng was very candid. He did have an abundance of experience but when the time comes, he still needed his friends help. If he worked by himself all the time, he will die very easily.

Liu Bingqian showed a happy smile. She was happy that Ye Zifeng had thanked her.

“Big brother rough guy, let me see that common tier flame. I feel like there’s something different compared to mine.” Liu Bingqian giggled.

“Of course it’s different. It’s from a profound tier cauldron. I spent a lot of energy to absorb it!”

Ye Zifeng explained and then extended his hand towards Liu Bingqian. The flame on his finger still contained some of the wild energy before but it calmed down since then.

Liu Bingqian grabbed onto Ye Zifeng’s hands and continuously stared at the blood red flames, “I remember now. Common tier flames have three levels: high, middle, and low. To determine the level, you have to look at how red the flame is.”

Once she said that, she looked at the flame again, “The entire flame is blood red. Isn’t this an extremely high level flame?”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Bingqian, it seems like you do know some things. Not bad.”

Liu Bingqian pursed her lips and held her head up high, “Big brother rough guy, before you came along, I was the number alchemist in Leizhou City. I’m not lacking THAT much.”

For someone like Ye Zifeng who was improve so much after starting out as a trash, even if you look through the entire history of Leizhou City, or even the Martial Spirit Continent, there won’t be many people like him. Ye Zifeng can be considered a monster in this regard.

People like Liu Bingqian would no doubt be taken over by Ye Zifeng. Even her master Muyun Old Devil would lose to Ye Zifeng sooner or later.

“Alright. Let’s not be idle. Since I’ve formed my flame, then we should strike while the iron is hot and start refining some profound tier Golden Marrow Pills.” Ye Zifeng smiled and looked at the cauldron.

The process of forming his flame had made him suffer so much. It is time for him to test out this flame that he formed and refine some pills.

“What? You want to refine pills already? Shouldn’t you be resting?”

Liu Bingqian can’t help but admire Ye Zifeng’s valiant determination. She just watched Ye Zifeng go through all that suffering and now he wants to use more energy to refine pills. If she was in his place, she would definitely take a rest before doing anything.

Of course, Ye Zifeng had used his martial spirit’s power to recover around seventy percent of his strength.

Ye Zifeng lightly smiled, “There’s only two more days before the sect missions. If I relax now, I’ll regret it later.

Liu Bingqian sighed, “Okay. But I’ve used too much qi today. It’ll be hard for me to recover. If you want to refine pills, I can only help a little. You still have to do most of it yourself.”

Ye Zifeng laughed, “Of course. This time, I’ll show you the strength of this newly formed flame.”

“No way. You’re actually going to do it?” Liu Bingqian shouted. She thought that if she backed out, Ye Zifeng would back out as well and rest for a bit. However, it actually excited him even more.


Ye Zifeng was determined to refine this pill. He immediately took out a set of ingredients to refine a profound tier golden marrow pill and threw it into the cauldron.

As he threw the ingredients into the cauldron, he lit up the diagram of thirty two stars on the cauldron and filled it with qi.

Ye Zifeng chose the perfect time to refine his pill. The cauldron was still warm and Bingqian’s qi was still inside.

He smiled as he grasped the Spirit Amassing Pearl. He used the pearl to cleanse the qi inside the cauldron. Normal people would use it for cultivation but by using it to refine pills, Ye Zifeng brought out 120% of its value.

After the cauldron received a higher quality qi, it started to stabilize itself.

This was when the common tier flame would come into play.

Ye Zifeng took a deep breath and wiped away the sweat on his head. He calmed down and formed the common tier flame on his finger tips. It grew bigger and bigger until it was like a miniature version of the dragon from before.

He sent the flame towards the cauldron.

The flame lit the cauldron up and scattered throughout all thirty two points of the star diagram.

“This…. This is……” Liu Bingqian’s expression changed.

Ye Zifeng smiled, “As expected. A flame formed by using a profound tier cauldron will have a deep connection with profound tier cauldrons.

With the harmonization between the flame and the cauldron, the quality of the pill will definitely be extraordinary.

The cauldron turned completely red due to the heat. It was twice as red compared to the time that Liu Bingqian used it.

“Big brother rough guy. The fire is too strong. I’m afraid that the ingredients will melt.” Liu Bingqian stared at it and reminded Ye Zifeng.

Ye Zifeng smiled, “That’s not a problem. Bingqian, help me put another set of ingredients in!”

“Okay. okay.” Liu Bingqian was shocked by Ye Zifeng’s daring idea. However, she had seen him refine two pills at once during the tournament so she wasn’t that worried.

As soon as the second set of ingredients entered the cauldron, a burnt smell appeared and enveloped everything.

Ye Zifeng investigated the situation inside the cauldron with his qi and rubbed his chin. Afterwards, he pointed at Liu Bingqian.

“Bingqian, this is not enough, put another set of ingredient in.”

“What? You want to put another set in? It’s too much. We’re refining a profound tier golden marrow pill!”

Liu Bingqian was worried. She remembered that when she refined the profound tier golden marrow pill, she had wasted a lot of energy. And yet, Ye Zifeng wants to refine three sets of it at once!

However, she complied with him. She couldn’t retort at all since all of these things belonged to Ye Zifeng.

“Okay. I’m adding another set in.” Liu Bingqian threw the third set of ingredient in and stared deeply at Ye Zifeng. She realized how weak she was compared to him…..

She couldn’t help but think if the difference between them was really that wide.

After the third set of ingredients entered the cauldron, Ye Zifeng nodded as if he was thinking about something.

“It seems like this common tier flame’s strength is better than I had expected. Bingqian, threw everything in here. I’m going to refine five sets at once.”

“Five….. Five sets of profound tier golden marrow pills?”

Liu Bingqian was bewildered when she heard his declaration. She froze in place.

“Bingqian, what’s wrong. Do you hear me?” Ye Zifeng called out.

“Big brother rough guy, I’ve never seen someone as wasteful as you are. No. I can’t watch while you become crazy.” Liu Bingqian was againsts this. She wanted Ye Zifeng to stop at once.

These ingredients are very precious. As an alchemist, she couldn’t bear to watch it all get destroyed.


“No. Definitely not. Three is the max. You can’t be so greedy and not think about the consequences. If you turn everything into slag, don’t blame me for not stopping you!”