The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 146 – Success?

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The giant flaming dragon moved slowly towards Ye Zifeng’s head. At the same time, the strength of the flames suddenly doubled in power.

“It’s over….. It’s over. How can this flame be so strong. Big brother rough guy can’t handle it.

Liu Bingqian watched as the dragon above Ye Zifeng’s head became bigger and bigger…. She started to fret.

At this time, she felt like she didn’t have any other choice but to hold the flames up and not let it fall.

If it falls, a disaster will happen. The results will be unimaginable.

“Big brother rough guy. Run away. It’s fine if the house burns down. Your life is more important!”

Ye Zifeng took a deep breath and became much more serious. He didn’t feel a single ounce of fear at all. Instead, he started to smile.

“Extreme quality…. Hahaha. This is an extreme quality flame. The best quality flame! As expected of a flame created by a profound tier cauldron.”

Normally, Ye Zifeng would be calm no matter what. However, when it came to anything related to alchemy, he would become extremely excited.

This was the remains of his past life. This was the meaning of his life. It’s not something that can be easily changed.

“It looks like that if I want to absorb this flame, I have to use some more effort.”

He lifted his head to look at flaming dragon and took out the Spirit Amassing Pearl.

“Big brother rough guy…. This is……” Liu Bingqian looked in confusion.

“This is a spirit tier grade four treasure. That Dong Tianrui gifted it to me.”

Liu Bingqian was shocked. She had seen how Ye Zifeng treated other people. There was no way that Dong Tianrui gifted it to him. He must have extorted it from him.

But right now, she didn’t have time to argue with him.

Ye Zifeng inserted half of his qi into the Spirit Amassing Pearl to temporarily allow his qi to to level up.

There were steps in forming a flame. One must follow the rules. Only experts were able to increase their own qi level to assimilate the flames with their own body and form a common tier flame.

“Almost there!”

Ye Zifeng’s expression gathered all of his qi and made a move towards the flame dragon! The abundant amount of qi that Ye Zifeng released turned into white smoke and looked as if it was sealing the flame dragon.

However, the flame dragon had been waiting there for too long already. Once it touched Ye Zifeng’s qi, it looked as if it found the source of its food and flew towards Ye Zifeng.

“Watch out big brother rough guy!” Liu Bingqian had experienced this before. However, the flame dragon was extremely powerful and can’t be handled lightly. When she thought about it, the flame dragon that she had encountered was like an earthworm compared to Ye Zifeng’s.

Ye Zifeng reached his hands out to defend himself against the flame dragon. It felt like he was trying to hold onto a boiling rock. His entire arm had been burnt black.

If it was a beginner in his place, they would have retracted their hand immediately. This was normal human reflexes.

But Ye Zifeng was different. He used his qi to protect his hands and fought against the dragon. Even if it hurt a lot, he didn’t fall back.

He gritted his teeth and withstood the pain. If he was not careful, there was a chance that he might faint.

Liu Bingqian was felt both shock and admiration toward Ye Zifeng’s methods.

“Bingqian, I’ve already established a connection between the flame and myself. Don’t just stand there! Use your qi to help me lift this flame up a bit…..”

“O…..Okay. Got it!” Liu Bingqian was ashamed. She had been standing watching and forgot her responsibility. In the end, Ye Zifeng had to remind her.

She worked her qi and moved it towards the flame dragon. She lifted it up by a bit to give Ye Zifeng some breathing room.

Like this, the pressure on Ye Zifeng had decreased by a lot. Now he can concentrate on absorbing the flames.

Ye Zifeng quickly sat down in a crossed leg position with both hands on his knees. All he needed to do now was absorb the flames into his dantian and form his own flames.

Streams of flame towered over Ye Zifeng’s body and struck down onto him. It didn’t look like a kindling process at all. Instead it looked like he was being burned alive.

After all, this wasn’t a flame created by a common tier cauldron. This was created by a profound tier cauldron. It wasn’t that easy to subdue!

This bone piercing heat…. If it was any normal person, they would have fainted from the pain. After a while, there was not a single patch of flesh on Ye Zifeng’s body that was fine.

Liu Bingqian watched in pain. She thought about stopping many times but every time she was about to stop, she thought about how determined Ye Zifeng was and stopped herself. She continued to trust him. She trusted that he would be okay.

“Big brother rough guy…..”

“I’m fine. I can still handle it.” Ye Zifeng continued to absorb the flames and forced a smile. He felt blood coming out of his mouth and immediately started to use the power of the martial spirit. In a split second, the injuries that he had sustained slowly healed up.

If he didn’t have this power or this Spirit Amassing Pearl, Ye Zifeng wouldn’t dare to do something so dangerous.

He wasn’t a heaven tier alchemist anymore. It doesn’t matter even if he has the experience. He needs to do this realistically.

In the next moment, flames became even more wild. It had lost control of itself and formed a cage around Ye Zifeng.

Ye Zifeng knew that this was the real test.

He gritted his teeth and forced himself to persist.

The flames surrounded him in a cage as if it was cooking him alive.

Liu Bingqian had never seen anything like this in her life and was completely shocked.

This was when she noticed how dangerous it really was when absorbing a flame created by a profound tier cauldron. After all, a profound tier cauldron was two level highers than a common tier cauldron. If she knew that this was going to happen, she would have stopped Ye Zifeng at the beginning.

Ye Zifeng was still sitting there with his eyes closed, not moving at all. He didn’t care if sparks were flying all around his body, burning his skin.

The cage started to tighten up and move closer towards Ye Zifeng’s body.

Liu Bingqian couldn’t bear watching anymore. Ye Zifeng wasn’t moving at all so she thought that he had fainted.

Right when she wanted to make a move, he moved!

Liu Bingqian was ready to stop everything but she paused and watched.

In the next moment, Ye Zifeng’s acupuncture points opened up and continuously sucked the flames into his body like a black hole.

Ye Zifeng’s head tilted backwards and spat out a mouthful of blood. He groaned curled up into a ball. His entire body smelt like it had been burned.

“Big brother rough guy! Hold on! I’m coming!””

Ye Zifeng gritted his teeth, “Don’t. Don’t come over. Stay like that. I’m good. I’m assimilating the flames into my body.”

Liu Bingqian was shook. She listened and didn’t try to bother him.

After a bit, Ye Zifeng opened his eyes. Steam scattered from his body as he finished absorbing the flames.

“This power…..!” He looked down at his hands.

If it wasn’t for Bingqian suppressing the flames, then the house would’ve burned down already.

“Big brother rough guy, how do you feel?”

A smile appeared on Ye Zifeng’s pale white face.

“I….I’m fine…..I did it! I’ve finally formed my common tier flame. Look!”

After he straightened himself up, a flame appeared on his finger. It was incomparably red.

Ye Zifeng had done it. He really formed his own common tier flame!