The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 144 – Be careful!

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Ye Zifeng had everything ready except for the most crucial item.

He still haven’t used the five sets of ingredients for the profound tier golden marrow pill yet. Now that he’s back, he can use the profound tier cauldron to refine them.

But right now, Bingqian had returned with the cauldron. After following Ye Zifeng for so long, she knew that she had to be low key with her actions so they don’t attract unwanted attention.

Thus, when she spoke before, she leaned towards Ye Zifeng and whispered in his ears. Everyone present saw this intimate action and had some thoughts about it.

Liu Mu coughed and a bitter look appeared on her face. He was thinking about why his daughter was being so unreserved in front of everyone.

“Qian-er. Go get some more tea for these elders. The qi in here is almost gone.”

Liu Bingqian looked up, “What are you talking about. This pot of tea is still fresh. There’s no need to change it.”

Seeing how his daughter was disobeying him, his expression looked gloomy.

“Qian-er, what are you saying. Show some courtesy.

Ye Zifeng suddenly stood up and bowed towards Liu Mu, “Uncle Liu, Zifeng has a request.”

Liu Mu smiled and nodded, “Nephew Zifeng, there’s no need to be polite with me. Just tell me whatever you need.” After receiving so much benefits from Ye Zifeng, he had to give Ye Zifeng some face. Even though they disliked each other, they still had to put on an act in front of the guests.

Ye Zifeng coughed, “When I woke up today, my body felt different. I think that my injuries are acting up again. I’m sorry but I have to excuse myself for today. If uncle Liu could receive the guests for me, that’d be great. I’ll be able to return and rest in my room.”

Liu Mu rolled his eyes. Helping Ye Zifeng meant that he would be taking all the gifts. From the looks of it, it seems like Ye Zifeng wants to pull the Liu clan in. Liu Mu didn’t see anything wrong with this and agreed immediately.

“Nephew Zifeng, you don’t have to be so polite. If you’re tired, then you can go back….. Lemme get someone to bring you back.”

He looked at Liu Ningzi but she turned around immediately. As for Liu Yige, it’s not like Liu Mu doesn’t know that their feud….. Finally, he looked at

“Qian-er……..Look at how you’re treating the guests……You don’t have to change the tea anymore. Bring young master Ye back to his room so he can rest. You’ll do that right?”

Liu Bingqian was feeling very happy, “Father…..Do you think I’ll mess up? Don’t worry about it.

Liu Mu nodded, “Okay then. I won’t say anymore. You guys can leave first. Leave everything to me here.”

“Thank you uncle Liu.” Ye Zifeng and Liu Bingqian looked at each other and smiled.

These guests’ gifts were not that special to Ye Zifeng. There might be one or two good things but Ye Zifeng didn’t mind Liu Mu taking them.

Seeing this opportunity, Liu Mu looked the other way and let Ye Zifeng do whatever he wanted.

It was a win win situation for both sides.

As they walked back to the room, Ye Zifeng felt a bit worried.

Last night, Liu Bingqian had sneaked into his room. But now, they were both walking into his room through the front door.

“There’s no one outside right?” Ye Zifeng asked again.

“Don’t worry big brother rough guy. I gave orders to the servants already. Without my permission, they can’t come in here. No one will disturb us.”

“That’s good.”

When Ye Zifeng looked at the profound tier cauldron, his heart started to race. He was feeling very excited.

This kind of feeling….. He didn’t feel like this in a long time.

In Tiandao City, he had to use a common tier cauldron to refine pills. For someone like Ye Zifeng, a common tier cauldron is only used by newbies.

However, it is very strenuous for people in the qi refining stages to refine pills using a profound tier cauldron. He remember that the last time they did it, they both had to expend a lot of energy to make a profound tier pill.

However, Ye Zifeng loved challenges. It excites him.

But before he starts refining, he has something else that he had to do.

He put on a serious expression, “Bingqian, when I, Ye Zifeng refine pills, the results must be better than the previous time.”

Liu Bingqian smiled, “Then what do you want to do?”

“Since I’m in the 6th stage of qi refining now, I want to try to form my common tier flame.”

Liu Bingqian’s face became twisted. She was shocked by Ye Zifeng’s suggestion.

“Common tier flame? No way! If you want to form a common tier flame, you need to have enough resources to do so. Also you need a high level alchemist with you to make sure that you don’t get hit with any repercussions of condensing a flame.”

Ye Zifeng smiled and shook his head, “It’s only a mere common tier flame. If I need someone to watch over me now, then what will happen when I try to breakthrough and form a spirit tier, immortal tier and god tier flames?”

Liu Bingqian was startled and gulped, “That kind of level…… It’s not something that people like us can achieve…..”

Ye Zifeng laughed, “Realms exist for people to breakthrough. Don’t underestimate yourself. When we enter the Profound Sect or even higher level sects in the future, your view of the world will broaden.

Hearing how Ye Zifeng was filled with confidence, Liu Bingqian felt a heartening feeling. However when she thought about it, she still didn’t approve of Ye Zifeng doing this by himself.

Even she herself was only able to form a common tier flame under her master’s careful watch and guidance.

It’s too dangerous for someone of the younger generation to try and form a common tier flame without anyone’s guidance.

“It’s not like I’m doing this alone. You’re here with me aren’t you?”

Liu Bingqian was surprised, “Me? I can only help a little but. If you lose control of yourself, then i can’t bring you back.”

“Don;t worry. I, Ye Zifeng, am not that weak to the point that I would lose control while condensing a common tier flame…..”

Liu Bingqian looked deeply at Ye Zifeng. Where did he get all this confidence from? It looked as if he had done this before. However, after the alchemy competition, Liu Bingqian started to look at Ye Zifeng at a better light. This time, she would trust him.

“Okay. Use your flames to warm the cauldron up. I plan to start!”

“Okay!” Liu Bingqian calmed down and lit up the cauldron with her flames.

The quickest way to form a common tier flame is to absorb it from the cauldron. Someone else lights up an empty cauldron while the receiver absorbs the flames from the cauldron.

This is called kindling. It kindles a person’s fire essence and allows the common tier to form.

“Big brother rough guy, we have a profound tier cauldron, not a common tier one. Is there going to be a different effect?

When she had formed her flames, she used a common tier cauldron as the base. She didn’t know if there was any difference if he used a higher level cauldron.

“Of course it’s going to be different. Using the profound tier cauldron as a medium, the flames that I absorb will be purer.”

“Really?” Liu Bingqian was happy. If it was something good for Ye Zifeng, she would feel happy too.

Her happiness was short lived as Ye Zifeng continued, “But…. The purer it is, the more dangerous.

“…….. Big brother rough guy. You’re too impatient. This is your first time condensing a flame….. Why do you have to use a profound tier cauldron as a medium?”

Ye Zifeng laughed, “Condensing a flame isn’t the same as refining pills. There is only one chance in a lifetime. The first time will determine your future as an alchemist. So even if it’s dangerous, I have to do it.”

His views of the world and experience far surpasses Liu Bingqian and her imagination.

Sometimes, walking down a dangerous path and forging new roads is the best choice. Otherwise, if you continuously walk the easy road, your ability will be limited.

“Then…. Okay. I’ll listen to you. But promise me this. If you feel that something is wrong, don’t continue and stop immediately. Okay?”

Liu Bingqian gave Ye Zifeng a serious look. Anxiousness and uneasiness filled her eyes. She respected Ye Zifeng’s decision but wants him to be safe.

“Don’t worry. I know what I’m doing.” Ye Zifeng calmly replied

“Okay then. I’ll start right now. You have to be careful…..”