The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 140 – Don’t fret!

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Hearing these hurried footsteps, Ye Zifeng felt that something was wrong.

It’s so late at night. Who would come to his room? Also, there’s multiple footsteps.

Thinking about it, only one person came into mind.

Liu Yige! It seems like Liu Yige brought his brothers to try and teach him a lesson.

If it was any other time, Ye Zifeng wouldn’t care at all.

However, the important thing is that Liu Bingqian is still here. If they saw her, then it would be a big problem.

Rumors and gossip aren’t something that a blood contract can stop. If Liu Yige accidentally lets something slip out, Liu Bingqian’s future will really be destroyed,

“This….. It seems like it’ll be a bit troublesome.” Ye Zifeng sighed.

“Bingqian, go hide in the closet!”

“Okay! Going in now.” Liu Bingqian nodded. Other than the closet, nothing else could hold her.

Fortunately, her body was pretty slim. The closet was not too big and she could barely squeeze herself in.

At the same time, Liu Yige’s reached the doors. Behind him stood quite a few people with weapons.

“Quick. Quickly! Don’t let anyone find out.”

Looking at their formation, it seems like they don’t want to just teach Ye Zifeng a lesson. They want to see blood.

Liu Yige took a deep breath. It seems like whether or not he can finish this task, he can’t stay in the Liu clan anymore. To fight against Ye Zifeng, he was forced to take desperate measures. This was his last stand.

“Since you’re here, then don’t be polite and come in. “

From inside the room, Ye Zifeng’s voice called out.

Liu Yige and his brothers looked at each other with a strange look. They immediately forced the door open and went straight in.

The door bursted open. Ye Zifeng was sitting in his grand chair with a cool and collected expression. It looked as if he had been expecting Liu Yige.

Liu Yige frowned and ordered someone to close the doors.

“Ye Zifeng, you’re pretty calm for someone who’s about to die. How can you be sit there so leisurely in front of a great enemy.”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “A great enemy is an overstatement. But how can you, Liu Yige, be so stupid to walk right into a great enemy of yours?”

“Ye Zifeng. You’re too arrogant!” Liu Yige clenched his fists and looked at Ye Zifeng. It looked as if he was about to blow up at any moment.

“I’m just saying the truth.” A cold expression appeared on Ye Zifeng’s face.


He wasn’t being arrogant. He was on the same level as liu Yige and was 100% sure that he would be able to beat them all. The strongest one there was only at the seventh stage of qi refining. This was nothing for Ye Zifeng.

Liu Yige let out a cold snort, “Good. Good. Good. I know that you have a lot of tricks up your sleeves and is very careful. I won’t let you have time to prepare. I won’t fall for your traps. This time, I chose to attack while you’re in the Liu manor. I bet you didn’t expect that right?”

Ye Zifeng stared at them and then nodded while smiling, “I really didn’t expect it. I didn’t do any preparations at all.”

Liu Yige stared at him too, “I’ve said so much already. Don’t you feel any fear?”


Ye Zifeng coldly replied to Liu Yige. Liu Yige wanted to see Ye Zifeng in fear but Ye Zifeng actually acted like nothing was happening.

“Ridiculous! Tie him up!” Liu Yige yelled out

The group of people heard Liu Yige’s command and circled around Ye Zifeng.

Including Liu Yige, there were give people.

Liu Bingqian was watching everything from a small hole that she made in the closet. Seeing how Ye Zifeng was being surrounded, she was being worried.

To defeat the people in the Martial Disciple realm, Ye Zifeng relied on formations and his opponent’s carelessness. Now that he was surrounded in a small room, he had to use his own abilities. Also, Ye Zifeng still isn’t fully healed, this will make it harder for him.

She would rather save Ye Zifeng than keep her reputation.

She wanted to come in to save Ye Zifeng.

When she wanted to come out and save Ye Zifeng, she noticed that Ye Zifeng looked at her with a calm expression. He was shaking his head, telling her to not worry about it.

“Big brother rough guy……”

Seeing that Ye Zifeng was tell her to stop, she stayed inside the closet.

Someone noticed something and patted Liu Yige’s shoulder, “Boss, why do I hear something else in the room?”

Liu Yige was very concentrated and was in peak condition. After being suddenly disrupted he felt annoyed.

“You probably heard it wrong right? The clan master put Ye Zifeng in such a remote place, who would come…….”

“But I’ve definitely heard a woman’s voice.” That person looked around and couldn’t find anything.

Liu Yige fiercely stared at him, “What woman’s voice? You’re probably thinking about women so much that you turned crazy. Next time we go out, you can go have fun all you want…..”

“I……No way….. Was I hallucinating?” The other listened intensely again but couldn’t hear anything anymore.

Liu Yige kicked him to make him focus.

“Everyone, let’s go! I don’t believe that he can stop us by himself in this small room!’

After saying that, everyone’s faces turned serious and stared coldly at them.

“Everyone move out!”

Following Liu Yige’s command, the four of them gathered their qi and struck towards Ye Zifeng.

“Ye Zifeng! Die!”

Ye Zifeng laughed and emitted a golden aura from his body. Qi swirled around him and blocked the four’s incoming attacks.


The four people’s qi were blocked by the golden qi.

“This…..What kind of demonic technique is this? How can it be like this?” Liu Yige gasped. He was extremely shocked.

Someone took notice of something and yelled out, “Shit. We didn’t notice this before but he’s wearing a Spirit Tier armor! It’s the Violet Gravel Armor!”

“What?!” Liu Yige and the others were shocked.

Ye Zifeng praised the person who noticed the armor, “Your eyes are not bad. That’s right. This is a Grade 1 Spirit Tier armor, Violet Gravel Armor.”

He laughed and then continued to talk, “Also, you guys have probably guessed it already. This was given to the Wang clan’s second young master as a reward.”

“This…..” Liu Yige stood there in shock. Nothing came out of his mouth.

From what he can see, Ye clan and Wang clan are enemies. Wang Lin and Ye Zifeng are enemies. Ye Zifeng probably wouldn’t have a good relationship with the second brother.

Thus, there was only one way for Ye Zifeng to obtain the armor.

He forcefully took it! He forcefully took it from someone at the eighth stage of qi refining.

Even if Liu Yige didn’t want to believe this, he had to.

Then what are they trying to do? The strongest person in their group is only at the seventh stage. If they want to fight Ye Zifeng, aren’t they looking to die? With this armor, Ye Zifeng can withstand any of their attacks.

Ye Zifeng smiled as he walked towards Liu Yige. With every step that he took, Liu Yige took a step back. In just a few moments, Liu Yige was already out the door.

“You have nowhere to run now.”

“I…….” Liu Yige was startled.

Ye Zifeng laughed, “Don’t be scared……Look, I haven’t even made a move yet.”

These words were used to remind Liu Yige of something. If his opponent didn’t make a move and he was so scared already, then what would happen if Ye Zifeng actually made a move?

The mysterious energy on Ye Zifeng’s body made Liu Yige weary.

However, if he ran away in front of his brothers then where would his face go?

“Ye Zifeng, don’t think that I’m afraid of you. I planned on leaving after today anyways. One of us has to die today!”

Liu Yige gulped and looked fiercely at Ye Zifeng.

Against these people who gave everything up already, blood contracts, blood oaths and these kind of things won’t work anymore. They were ready to die so they were ready to do whatever that was needed.

“Ahh. It makes me feel some kind of regret….” Ye Zifeng shook his head and looked at Liu Yige.

“What do you mean?” Liu Yige looked at Ye Zifeng weirdly.