The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 14 – Creating a Thunder Spirit Body.

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Due to the fact that the Ashen Spirit Sect wanted to preserve the natural environment of Cloud Peak Valley, the sect created a rule which states that no one is allowed to set fire or do anything that will harm the environment. However, Ye Zifeng doesn’t play by the rules.

The reasons why the Thunder Rhinos settled near the Clear Water Pond was because one, there was a source of water and two, there was an abundant amount of Thunder Spirit Grass in the area.

Ye Zifeng had his eyes on these thunder spirit grass ever since he arrived. This was exactly what he needed to beat the Thunder Rhino.

Thanks to the rules of the sect, Zifeng was unable to bring in a storage bag or a spatial treasure into the valley. All he bought was a bag that included some food and a small furnace prepared by madam Tang. If he can gather all these spirit grasses around here, he can use it to increase his own power. He can also use them and raise his resistance against lightning which makes hunting the Thunder Rhino easier.

However, the key point here is how he can gather these thunder spirit grass with the Thunder Rhino guarding the place. If he tries to get too close, he would definitely be shocked miserably. When he falls after getting shocked, the rhino can easily finish him off with its horn. That would be a miserable death.

Ye Zifeng was challenging something higher than his own level. Since the beginning, he knew he had to outsmart these rhinos. Even though the rhino is strong and have some intelligence, it was still inferior to a human.

The time limit for the mission is three days. Even if he finished on the last day at the last second, it would still count as complete.

He was not in a hurry so he calmly sat down. He watched and took note of the rhino’s each and every move. He was looking for an opportunity to go in. He watched and learned the rhino’s movements and habits. From an outsider’s point of view, Ye Zifeng looked like an idiot who was sitting there and not doing anything.

The Thunder Rhino had noticed Zifeng’s actions and watched this uninvited guest carefully, like a tiger watching its prey. One hour passed, two hours passed. Ye Zifeng sat there quietly and didn’t move at all.

Usually, when two strong enemies meet, a fight is bound to erupt. However, Ye Zifeng is very patient and calm. This was the first time that the Thunder Rhino had seen such a calm and patient human. Usually, they would attack him immediately.

Of course, Ye Zifeng believes that he should be able to outlast the Thunder Rhino in this contest of patience.

This was because this entire valley is merely a mission location to Zifeng. But to the Thunder Rhino, the valley was his home. He probably had a nest and even a family somewhere else. The place he was guarding was merely a food source for him.

Time flew by quickly and it had reached night time. Ye Zifeng had sat there without moving at all for the entire day. The Thunder Rhino thought Zifeng had died or something. Some more time passed and the rhino could not hold out anymore. He started to run into the forest behind him.

Seeing this scene, Ye Zifeng’s eyes lit up. His chance had come! The rhino probably had something better to do than sitting here and guarding the thunder spirit grass.

One step, Two steps, Three steps…… After the rhino had moved ten steps into the forest, Ye Zifeng finally let out a deep breath. He wanted to stay in this position for a bit longer but he suddenly felt a tremble. In a distance, he saw the outlines of a large rhino and two smaller rhinos coming out of the forest.

Ye Zifeng was shocked and cursed, “Sh*t. So there were two more rhinos.” At this time, He couldn’t wait anymore. If the other two rhinos come as well, then he would never be able to get the thunder spirit grass.

He shot forward like an arrow and ran towards the place where thunder spirit grass grew like his life was on the time.

He didn’t need much thunder spirit grass since he won’t be able to absorb too much in such a small amount of time anyways. He only needed a small patch of it.

The three rhinos saw the movement and thought that Ye Zifeng wanted to fight them. They immediately charged up their lightning to protect themselves. However, Ye Zifeng quickly ran past them. Multiple bolts of lightning exploded behind Ye Zifeng, causing Zifeng to curse under his breath and breathe in a lot of dust.

The Thunder Rhinos were confused by Ye Zifeng’s actions. However, they were sure of one thing; Ye Zifeng wanted to enter their territory. As the owners of the territory, they would not allow anyone to trespass.

Ye Zifeng leapt up and continued to run like crazy. As he ran, he sent a death qi palm strike towards the smallest baby rhino. The adult thunder rhino’s lightning was scary but the little one was not matured yet so it probably couldn’t defend against his palm strike.

Ye Zifeng’s guess was correct. When he sent the palm strike out, the baby rhino stopped moving and trembled. The other two rhinos stopped moving as well and moved in front of the baby to protect it from Zifeng’s attack.

Zifeng coldly smiled and took advantage of this opportunity. He had already reached the area where the thunder spirit grass grew. When he saw a large stalk of thunder spirit grass, he quickly grabbed it and ran for his life without even looking at the situation behind him.

The three rhinos let out a roar. The two adult rhinos saw that Zifeng had damaged their territory and thus chased him angrily.

Bolts of thunder were sent towards Ye Zifeng. However due to Zifeng’s quick reflexes, all the bolts just barely missed him.

In accordance to the rules of the mission, Ye Zifeng can run as far away as he wants as long as he does not run out of his region. However, the Thunder Rhinos can’t leave this area. They need to protect their territory from other beasts and protect their baby. When Zifeng ran out of the area, the rhinos decided to stop chasing him.

“Finally…” Ye Zifeng sat down and hid behind a tall three. He could still hear the rhinos angrily roar behind him.

Ye Zifeng was full of sweat and was breathing very hard. After confirming that the two Thunder rhinos left, he laid down on the floor and let out a long sigh.

One Thunder Rhino was enough to give him a headache and now there were three. This mission had just gotten harder for him.

After waiting for a while, he returned to the area where he had left his bag. He took out the small furnace and placed it on the ground. He then took a few thunder spirit grasses and placed it into the furnace. After, he got up and went to gather some dry branches to create a small fire.

“Don’t worry guys. After I absorb the qi from these thunder spirit grass, I’ll come take care of you guys!” Ye Zifeng let out a menacing smile.

Ye Zifeng placed his hand on the furnace and sent some of his own qi into the furnace. He probed around and found the blue qi from the thunder spirit grass condensing and sizzling in the center. He waited a while and started to absorb the blue qi through his palm into his own body. The blue qi circulated through his body and a hint of lightning could be felt extruding from his body.

Before one can learn to concort pills, they must learn to refine a series of many other items. Amongst these other items are spiritual herbs. One must be able to perfectly refine spiritual herbs before they can start concorting pills. Of course, as an expert alchemist, Ye Zifeng was able to refine these thunder spirit grasses easily and absorb their energy.

When he finally finished absorbing the qi from these grasses, it was already the morning of the third day already.

“Hmmm. My body is almost ready.” Ye Zifeng opened his eyes and felt his body surging with lightning energy. Compared to before, his lightning resistance was many many times stronger. Going up against these Thunder Rhinos would be easy now.

Ye Zifeng stood up and moved towards the Thunder Rhino. Seeing this, the Thunder Rhino stood up as well.

Ye Zifeng smiled, “So you guys were awake after all.” After that, his eyes turned cold and a murderous aura bursted out from him.

“It’s too bad. If you die in your dreams, it would be better for you guys.”

He then took out his dagger and charged towards the rhinos. This time, he charged straight at them.

The damnable human that these rhinos were chasing three days ago actually dared to charge at them from the front. The Thunder Rhinos felt that they were being disrespected and roared towards the sky. They then also charged forward, straight at Ye Zifeng. Countless lightning bolts struck down. With his thunder resistant body, Ye Zifeng was not afraid of this anymore.

Ye Zifeng suddenly stopped right where the bolts of lighting was going to strike. The blue thunder qi accumulated in his dantain as the lightning bolts struck down and hit him. However, Zifeng’s body was like a lightning rod now. The lightning slid right past his body and went straight into the ground.

“I did it!” Ye Zifeng was very excited. He wasn’t hurt by lightning anymore! The lightning was the only obstacle stopping him from completing the mission. Now that he wasn’t afraid anymore, he leapt forward, right past the two adult rhino and charged straight at the smaller baby rhino.

The Thunder Rhino’s lightning is an area of effect attack. If any normal person were to jump into the air, they would die from the shock immediately. So normally, no one was dumb enough to do something that Ye Zifeng did.

After absorbing the thunder qi into his body, his lightning resistance has far surpassed that of a normal person’s. The lightning released by the two adult rhinos did not hurt him at all and they watched as Ye Zifeng leapt over them.

When killing, one needs to be decisive. If one holds back, they will feel the consequences. If the three rhinos are able to surround Ye Zifeng, then he will most likely be killed.

Thus, Ye Zifeng made his decision very quickly. The dagger in his hand curved through the baby rhino quickly and cleanly.

The baby rhino’s head flew into the air and blood spurted out from its neck.