The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 131 – Swallowing Martial Spirit

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Ye Zifeng had fainted.

In such a key moment, he actually fainted.

“Big brother rough guy, you……”

Liu Bingqian became frantic. How can she fight against Jin Peng and Chu Hongbao by herself?

If she goes over to help Ye Zifeng, Jin Peng will definitely escape. If she doesn’t go over, she’ll be worried about Ye Zifeng.

On the other hand, Jin Peng and Chu Hongbao both started to smile. They can see that Ye Zifeng was the mastermind behind everything and that Liu Bingqian was useless without him.

If Ye Zifeng goes down, then it’ll be hard for Liu Bingqian to do anything. How can she fight against Jin Peng and Chu Hongbao by herself?

“The chance is here.” Jin Peng’s eye lit up. Even though he was ready to die, if he got the chance to escape, he will definitely take it.

Chu Hongbao laughed coldly, “Let’s stop fighting among ourselves and try to break out .”

Both of them started to gather the qi in their body and planned to breakthrough the suppressing effect of the gravity. At the same time, they were being careful so Liu Bingqian doesn’t notice.

“Big brother rough guy, wake up!” Liu Bingqian knew that they were in a bad situation right now. If this keeps up, the formation will collapse. When that happens, they’re finished.

When the two were planning their escape, something suddenly happened.

Even though Ye Zifeng had fainted, a cold, gloomy, sinister and desolate aura appeared from his body. The aura was materializing into something and it gave off a very scary feeling.

“This….” Liu Bingqian recognized this. That night when Ye Zifeng was fighting against Wang Ruoxing, he used this move….. Even though she was curious about it, she didn’t ask him about it at all.

And now, this scary attack had appeared again.

Strands of qi converged together and turned into a big bloody monster. It was behind Ye Zifeng with its mouth wide opened as if it was going to swallow everything here.

“Oh my god….. What is that? Could it be…….” Jin Peng jaws dropped.

“It’s a martial spirit!” Chu Hongbao couldn’t help but call out.

As someone who had awakened his martial spirit, he could tell that this qi monster is a martial spirit.

“Martial spirit? No way?” Liu Bingqian was in disbelief.

How can someone at the qi refining stage awaken their martial spirit? This was unbelievable.

However, the reality was in front of them.

The qi monster appeared behind Ye Zifeng looked like it found its target and rushed towards Chu Hongbao.

Chu Hongbao cried out. He was super scared. He used the qi that he had gathered so far and sent out a palm strike using his martial spirit towards the monster.

When the qi palm strike reached the monster, the monster opened up its mouth and swallowed the strike.

“No! My martial spirit!” Chu Hongbao was shocked. He felt sorrow in his heart.

After swallowing Chu Hongbao’s martial spirit, it made a frightening sound. It sounded as if it was sucking the blood out of something.

“Stop! Stop it!” Chu Hongbao stared at the scene in front of his. Because he was being suppressed by gravity, he couldn’t do anything at all.

“No. Don’t eat my martial spirit!”

It wasn’t easy for someone to awaken their martial spirit. Chu Hongbao used a large amount of effort to do so. After all the effort he put into awakening his martial spirit, he couldn’t do anything as he watched the monster swallow his martial spirit.

After eating swallowing Chu Hongbao’s martial spirit, it fused with its qi and grew a little bigger

After that, it moved towards Jin Peng’s direction.

Jin Peng could help but gasp.

“Don’t come over. Don’t come over!”

If the two of them could move, they wouldn’t be afraid of the monster. But since they are being suppressed, they can’t fight back against the monster.

Liu Bingqian became a little calmer. If Ye Zifeng’s martial spirit can deal with Jin Peng, then it’ll make things easier for her.

She calmed her mind down and followed Ye Zifeng’s instructions from before. She concentrated on maintaining the formation to pressure Jin Peng and Chu Hongbao.

When the monster approached Jin Peng, it saw that he didn’t resist at all and swallowed him whole.

This qi monster is fucking demonic. If it doesn’t find a martial spirit to swallow, it’ll swallow the person instead! This wasn’t the first time that Liu Bingqian saw this but she was still frightened.

As the victim, Jin peng screamed loudly. His miserable cry sounded throughout the entire forest. It felt as if his entire body was being torn apart.

“This…..” When Chu Hongbao saw what was happening to Jin Peng, he let out a sigh of relief. His felt happy on the inside. It was a good thing that the monster swallowed his martial spirit and not himself.

After it finished with Jin Peng, the qi monster slowly dissipated into the air as if it was never there in the first place.

Jin peng collapsed and started twitching on the floor.

“Senior brother Jin, your…..your hand. Your feet…..what happened?”

Chu Hongbao stared at Jin Peng’s body and turned pale from the sight.

“What do you mean?”

Jin Peng heard him and looked down while in pain.

“Ah!” He saw that his hand was starting to rot. The speed was so fast that he could see the rotting process. A foul odor could be smelled from his feet as it started to rot as well.

His life essence was leaving his body!

If Ye Zifeng had unconsciously activated the power of his martial spirit, then what kind of martial spirit is this? How can it have such an overpowered ability.

However, Jin Peng didn’t care about this at all. He was worried about his own life at the moment. Even if Ye Zifeng doesn’t kill him, he’s turned into an old man already. With his personality, he can’t accept this at all. Ye Zifeng might as well kill him immediately.

“Help! Help me!” Jin Peng was horrified. He continuously fought against the pressure of the gravity. If he doesn’t escape and find help, he’ll be finished once that martial spirit’s power spread throughout his body.

The more he struggled against the gravity, the more qi that he’ll waste. By doing this, he was unable to protect himself from the martial spirit’s power. It only increased the rate of corroding.

The strange thing was that all the life essence coming out from Jin Peng’s body suddenly formed into a ball and slowly moved towards Ye Zifeng. It slowly healed up his energy.

Chu Hongbao was shocked, “This…. What kind of martial spirit is this?” He had never seen such a demonic martial spirit before let alone even hearing about it. How can such a demonic martial spirit belong to Ye Zifeng who’s in the qi refining stage?

Ye Zifeng suddenly coughed. After receiving the life essence from Jin Peng, he started to recover.

Ye Zifeng felt as if entire body was being washed by a warm tide.

Jin Peng was continuously aging while Ye Zifeng was recovering very quickly.

Ye Zifeng slowly opened his eyes. The first thing he saw was Bingqian’s worried expression

“Bingqian, what happened just now? Did I faint because I was unable to endure the pain?”

“Yeah. Big brother rough guy, you fainted so suddenly. You scared me to death.

Ye Zifeng furrowed his brows. He shouldn’t have fainted like that. He knew that he wouldn’t have fainted from that level of pain. He was guided by some sort of light before losing all consciousness. It was very hard to describe what happened.

“Also, big brother rough guy, tell me the truth. That move did you just use…. Do you already have the power to control your martial spirit?” A strange look appeared on Liu Bingqian’s face.

“Martial spirit’s power? I used it before?”

Ye Zifeng was startled. So that means that the martial spirit caused him to faint. Everything that happened afterwards was done by the martial spirit?

“You brat. If I didn’t help you before, you’ve could’ve died from losing too much blood.”

A voice suddenly appeared in Ye Zifeng’s mind.