The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 130 – Undying!

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“The Twelfth Earthly formation. Thy form a square. The clouds rule thee four corners. Return formation!” Ye Zifeng coldly chanted and slammed his palm onto the ground. A current of qi fluctuated under the ground.

Chu Hongbao’s expression changed immediately. He wanted to retreated but he was a step too late.

An immense pressure surged towards him and pushed him towards Jin Peng, into the field of 12x gravity.

A moment later, he was in the same situation as Jing Peng. His face was glued onto the floor.

“Hehe. Chu Hongbao. This is your retribution. I didn’t think that it would come so quickly!” Jin Peng laughed coldly while blood seeped out from his mouth. It was not a sightly scene.

Chu Hongbao whispered, “Listen up. If you want to live, then we have to work together.”

“Peh. Shut the hell up.” Jin Peng yelled out, “If I die here today, I’ll bring you down with me.”

“You!” Chu Hongbao stared at him. He hated himself for following someone like this. However, he didn’t think that Ye Zifeng would be so horrifying.

To have a formation on top of another formation. To place a smaller formation outside of a bigger one isn’t something hard to how. However, in reality, not many people would think of something like this.

Especially when Ye Zifeng had a limited amount of time to set these formations up.

Chu Hongbao deserved to be in this situation.

Ye Zifeng laughed and smiled towards them, “What do you guys think I’ll do to you?” While saying that, he took out Wang Lin’s dagger from his interspatial ring and waved it around.

Jin Peng snorted, “Since we’re in your hands already, do whatever you want. Kill if you want. Don’t beat around the bush!

“To lay down this formation, I wasted one thousand eight hundred gold coins, a vermillion lotus fruit, illusionary dream grass and other precious ingredients. I also gave up a jin (half a kilogram) of fresh blood. Do you think I’ll let you die so easily? Do you think I’ll be happy?”

Saying that, he pointed the dagger towards Chu Hongbao. Chu Hongbao was scared shitless and couldn’t say anything. He almost couldn’t breathe anymore. Ye Zifeng decided to help him out a bit.

Chu Hongbao quickly replied, “I have some treasures on me. If you like it, you can take it all.”

‘I’ll give you the time that it takes half an incense to burn to take out everything in your interspatial ring!” Ye Zifeng was showing no mercy at all.

“Okay. Okay!” Chu Hongbao bitterly laughed. He used the last little bit of his energy and sent his qi to his ring. Then he threw the ring aside.

“I can’t move with this gravity on me. I can’t take the things out. You do it yourself. It’s all yours.” Chu Hongbao was a bit reluctant and showed an exhausted expression.

Ye Zifeng furrowed his brow. When he bent down to pick up the ring, he saw a cold smile on Chu Hongbao’s face and was startled.

He was careless!

“Shit!” Ye Zifeng immediately stood up and turned around.

However, Chu Hongbao have already gathered quite a bit of qi in his body. How can he let Ye Zifeng escape like this. A formless qi exploded out of his body as an invisible palm strike struck Ye Zifeng.

“Martial Spirit attack?” Jin Peng yelled out in surprise, “Chu Hongbao, when did you awaken your martial spirit? How come I don’t know about this?”

When people reach the martial disciple realm, it doesn’t mean that their martial spirit will be awakened. Chu Hongbao is a gloomy and sinister person. He hid this card up his sleeve and didn’t tell anyone. It made things easier for him when he wanted to do something bad.

At that time, the explosion knocked Ye Zifeng backward. It sent him flying into a tree. He broke around 5 thick branches until he plummeted to the ground.

After this, Chu Hongbao’s entire face paled. He had used a lot of energy in this one attack.

“Big brother rough guy!” Liu Bingqian yelled out in fear. She quickly ran towards Ye Zifeng and placed his head on her thighs.

“Nothing……It’s nothing….”

It felt as if his lungs had been pierced and his heart was teared apart. He had almost fainted. If he didn’t faint from the initial blast, then he can endure the pain.

He then spat out a mouthful of blood. It seems like he was still conscious.

“What do you it’s nothing. Look at you. You’re coughing up blood like this….” Liu Bingqian was about to cry. She frantically sent her qi into Ye Zifeng’s body without knowing if it will help or not.

“What? He didn’t die after my attack?” The one most shocked was Chu Hongbao. Even though that attack wasn’t his full strength, Ye Zifeng was at a point blank blast radius.

He was sure that this wasn’t something that someone at the fifth stage of qi refining can handle. They have to be in the ninth stage of qi refining to barely survive the attack.

What Chu Hongbao didn’t know was that Ye Zifeng had already reached the sixth stage of qi refining. Also, after training for so many days, he can handle the 9x gravity room now. This meant that his body was as strong if not stronger than someone at the ninth stage of qi refining.

“Quick, Bingqian, Don’t worry about me. Control the formation!” Ye Zifeng wiped the blood from his mouth.

Even though the attack didn’t kill Ye Zifeng, it knocked him out of the formation.

Without qi force driving the formation, its strength will weaken. Jin Peng might even be able to escape.

Jin Peng and Chu Hongbao noticed this and started to get up. They didn’t care if their bones were starting to crack.

“But you……” Liu Bingqian saw that Ye Zifeng’s face was deathly pale and was about to faint.

Ye Zifeng yelled out, “Quickly!” as he spat out a mouthful of blood again. If he wasn’t this injured, he would’ve personally gone to maintain the formation himself.

“Okay. I got it!”

Liu Bingqian quickly ran towards the area that Ye Zifeng pointed towards.

“Big brother rough guy, what do I do now?”

“Do you see that line filled with qi on the floor? Insert your qi into it. All of it!” Ye Zifeng panted as he instructed Bingqian.

Liu Bingqian quickly nodded and followed his instruction. She knows that if Jin Peng and Chu Hongbao recovered, then she and Ye Zifeng will be finished.

“Okay. i did it. Now what…..”

Ye Zifeng spat out another mouthful of blood and used his qi to stabilize himself.

“Now do you see the gold coins in the four corners? Spread your qi towards them!’

“Got it!”

Liu Bingqian was very serious and did everything diligently. She separated her qi into fours and sent it to each corner. The dimming light started to shine brightly again.

“Now move your qi upwards. It will reset the formation!”


Liu Bingqian directed the golden light towards the top of the formation. With this, countless amount of light appeared. The formation was repaired!

When Jin Peng and Chu Hongbao finally stood up, Bingqian had already repaired the formation.

With that, an immense pressure struck down on Jin Peng and Chu Hongbao again.

Liu Bingqian’s qi was a lot stronger than Ye Zifeng’s and was able to strengthen the formation even more. The gravity was at around 13x right now.

“Stop. Stop… Miss Bingqian, don’t be too forceful. My bones will all break!” Jin Peng cried out miserably.

Since Chu Hongbao used his martial spirit attack, he looked as if he was half dead.

“Miss Bingqian, I beg you. I will die if you keep this up.”

Liu Bingqian only increased the strength because she didn’t know how to control it. She didn’t actually mean it.

After she familiarized herself with the formation, she started to play around with them.

“Who told you to sneak attack big brother rough guy. To injure him like this…. I think I should increase the strength some more.”

Hearing that Liu Bingqian wanted to increase the strength of the formation, their faces ashened.

“Miss Bingqian, you can’t. My brain is about to fry already. If this keeps up, I will die!”

“That’s right. Miss Bingqian, you’re so beautiful and kind. Please let us go. We were in the wrong.

Liu Bingqian smiled and looked over at Ye Zifeng.

“No use in begging me. Big brother rough guy, what do you…….”

Halfway through her sentence, the expression on her face changed dramatically.