The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 128 – To lure them over.

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The two of them ran for a long time before they stopped at a forest to take a rest. Ye Zifeng stopped running as if his life was on the line and started to pick up some herbs.

“Shhh….keep your breathing down.” Ye Zifeng looked seriously at Liu Bingqian.

……A few moments later, Jin Peng and Chu Hongbao who were wearing masks reached the entrance of the forest.

“This Ye Zifeng is sure slippery. He knows that we’ll catch up so he chose to hide inside the forest.”

Jin Peng looked up at the forest and coldly snorted.

Once they entered the forest, it’ll be very hard to find them.

“What are you afraid of. They’re both only in the qi refining stage. They can’t be far.” Chu Hongbao looked down and looked at the fresh footprints on the ground.

“Then let’s keep going.”


Ye Zifeng and Bingqian hid themselves well and saw Jin Peng and Chu Hongbao enter.

“It seems like I was right…. There really is someone who wants to deal with us.”

If he wasn’t warned before hand and slept on the carriage, he probably would’ve died without knowing what happened.

Bingqian’s heart shook. An angry expression appeared on her face.

“Who dares to do something like this. Are they not afraid of my Liu clan and Muyun Old Devil?”

Ye Zifeng calmly laughed, “It’s either Wang Ruoxing, Hua Shao, or Jin Peng. If I were to guess, it’s probably Jin Peng!”

When Ye Zifeng thought about it, he realized that he had a lot of enemies. He hasn’t even lived in the continent for that long and he’s already made so much enemies….. He felt a bit helpless on the inside.

“Jin Peng? No way. His master Adept Baili was very polite towards you. A mere disciple like him….. How dare he make a move against us!” Liu Bingqian was in disbelief.

“That’s the reason why he’s acting against us. His master was polite to me and no one was backing him up. It forced him to do it himself. He’s doing it in desperation.”

Ye Zifeng laughed.

Hearing this, Liu Bingqian pouted, “Big brother rough guy. Why are you acting like it’s nothing. If it really is Jin Peng, then that’ll be bad. We’re only in the qi refining stage. How can we fight him? How about we run away right now?”

Ye Zifeng laughed lightly, “Hehe…..I didn’t plan to fight them head on anyways. How about we hide for a bit first. If they’re careful, they would have set up some traps at the entrance already.”

Jin Peng and Chu Hongbao looked like they were in a hurry but they have actually left traces of their qi around. If Ye Zifeng or Liu Bingqian accidentally touches it, then they will know their whereabouts.

“But…..” Bingqian wanted to discuss about the long terms. If they did leave their spirit imprints behind, then they’ll find them sooner or later anyways.

“Okay. Don’t think too much…..”

Ye Zifeng took a deep breath and retrieved a large bag of gold coins from his interspatial ring.

It was the one thousand eight hundred gold coins that he got from the alchemy competition.

Liu Bingqian was startled by the sight of so much gold coins.

“Big brother rough guy. What are you doing? There’s nothing to buy here. Why are you taking money out?”

Ye Zifeng smiled but didn’t say anything. He then took out the Vermillion Lotus and Illusionary Dream Grass out. These were the things that he “stole” from Muyun Old Devil.

“These ingredients are super precious. Where did you get them from? No. I should ask you what you’re doing with them?!” Liu Bingqian didn’t understand Ye Zifeng’s movements at all.

“Big brother rough guy, tell me…..”

Ye Zifeng took out many things from his interspatial ring and finally started to talk.

“The gold coins have an abundance of qi infused in it. The Vermillion Lotus Fruit and Illusionary Dream Grass are good material for setting up a formation. Since we don’t have anyone to help us, we have to deal with them ourselves.”

“Setting up a formation? Big brother rough guy, are you trying to fight them with a formation? But how do you know how to set up a formation?” Liu Bingqian’s eyes lit up.

Ye Zifeng smiled and nodded, “How else do you think I set up the Spirit Absorbing Pill formation back then?”

Even though Ye Zifeng wasn’t a formation expert, he had studied it while learning the dao of alchemy since they can compliment each other. Because of this, he’s able to set up some small formations.

“Oh. Right.”

Liu Bingqian nodded. She had a curious look on her face, “Then, what kind of formation are you setting down?”

“This…..” Ye Zifeng looked at her in the eyes, “You’ll see in a bit.”

Normally, if a person is being chased down, they would be scared. However, Ye Zifeng wasn’t scared. He thought of this as a test for himself.


Jin Peng and Chu Hongbao circled around the entire forest and didn’t even see Ye Zifeng’s shadow. They stopped and used their qi to probe around.

They have left some spirit imprints on the way. If Ye Zifeng or Liu Bingqian touches it, they will notice immediately.

“This Ye Zifeng is sure hard to handle. We set up some many traps on the way and they didn’t even touch a single one? He only in the qi refining stage and is from Leizhou City, a countryside city…. How does he know so much. Don’t tell me that he has experience with these traps…” Jin Peng cursed as none of the traps activated.

Chu Hongbao felt that it was strange too but didn’t pay too much attention to it.

Afterall, Ye Zifeng was able to become the champion of the alchemy competition and was able to force their master to be polite to him. This was nothing out of his expectations.

“Don’t be impatient brother Jin. We’ve also set up traps at the entrance. If they want to leave, they will definitely trigger the traps.” Chu Hongbao laughed coldly.

Jin Peng laughed loudly as well. His impression of Chu Hongbao was getting better and better.

Junior brother, you’re usually silent and emotionless. It seems like you actually very sly.”

“”Haha. Senior brother flattered me….” Chu Hongbao smiled. If he didn’t lust after Liu Bingqian, then why would he even be here? He’s just using Jin Peng to do what he wants.

The two laughed and chatted as they walked around.

Chu Hongbao suddenly stopped and closed his eyes, “Senior brother Jin, do you hear that?”

“Hear what?”

Jin Peng’s eyes suddenly lit up. He can hear something moving from a bit far away.

“What sound? Look. The person is in front of us!”

The origin of the sound wasn’t Ye Zifeng. It was Liu Bingqian!

“God damn. We finally found her!” Jin Peng yelled out and wanted to rush towards her. He was very confident in his speed.

“Hold on Jin Peng. There’s something wrong. Why would Ye Zifeng not hide and show themselves? This is something that he would do!”

Chu Hongbao felt that something was not right. He felt uneasy. As for where this feeling came from, he didn’t know himself either.

“Maybe they want to leave the forest?”

Chu Hongbao shook his head, “Probably not. If they wanted to leave, they would’ve done so earlier. Why would they wait until now?”

“Chu Hongbao, don’t tell me that you’re scared of the two of them who’s in the qi refining stage!”

Jin Peng let out a loud laugh and rushed towards Bingqian like a tiger.

From what Jin Peng can see, if he’s afraid of two qi refining stage cultivators then he wasted his entire life training to the Martial Disciple realm.

Chu Hongbao furrowed his brows, “That dumbass….. Why does he have to be so impulsive. He’ll pay bitterly in the end….”

However, Chu Hongbao thought about it himself. He couldn’t think of the reason why Ye Zifeng wasn’t afraid of them.

“Whatever. I’m probably thinking too much.”

He shook his head and followed behind Jin Peng….


“Big brother rough guy! They’re coming!” Liu Bingqian heart was beating faster and faster. She was getting more and more afraid.

Ye Zifeng told her to not be afraid but how could she not be. Their opponents were in the Martial Disciple realm. There was two of them too!

Ye Zifeng watched as the two approached them. A cold expression appeared on his face.

“Since you’ve come, then it’s time to clean up……”