The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 127 – To see through your schemes!

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His brothers were surprised when they heard that Jin Peng wanted to make a move on Liu Bingqian as well. They wanted to leave even more now.

‘Senior brother Jin, I’m not doing it anymore. I’m going back. I will not do something that’s going to offend Muyun Old Devil.”

“Yeah. Senior brother Jin. Didn’t you really like Miss Bingqian? Why are you making a move against her now?”

Jin Peng had a stern expression on, “You guys…. During normal times, you call me senior brother and try to kiss up to me. Now that I need your help, you guys are all going to back off?”

All his brothers looked down and didn’t know how to answer him.

Jin Peng furrowed his brows and waved his hand, “Alright then. If you stay here with me, you’ll be my brother for life. If not, then don’t ever come looking for me again if you need anything!”

Everyone looked at each other.

“Alright. Alright. Let’s not get on this sinking ship then. Let’s leave.”

If it was the low level disciples of the Ashen Spirit Sect, as long as the head commands it, his brothers will be there no matter what.

However, in Tiandao City’s Profound Sect, the people are different. They need to consider their own well beings. They need to take the consequences into consideration.

Thus, the group of people slowly left. Only one person stayed in the end.

Jin Peng was surprised when he looked at the last remaining person, “Chu Hongbao. We’re not that close with each other. I didn’t think that you would stay behind for me.”

“I’m staying because I’m intrigued by your fierce words. I’m interested.”

Chu Hongbao was hidden in the shadows where others could not see him. He’s usually very gloomy and didn’t like to associate himself with people so no one bothered with him. No one knows what he’s thinking at all.

Jin Peng was startled, “Which words?”

“You said that you were going to make a move on Liu Bingqian right?” Chu Hongbao’s had a bad look on his face.

Those words by Jin Peng was to show that he was determined to get revenge. However, he didn’t know that it would scare away his brothers.

“Actually. We don’t need to do anything to Bingqian. My main target is Ye Zifeng.” Jin Peng tried to change to plans.

“No, No. Don’t get me wrong. I want to say that if you’re really going to make a move on Liu Bingqian, add me in.”

Jin Peng shockingly stared at him, “What? What do you want to do to Miss Bingqian?”

Chu Hongbao’s smiled sinisterly, “Hehe. Senior brother Jin, we’re both guys, do you really not know what I’m thinking about?”

Jin Peng just wanted to knock Liu Bingqian out and leave her there. Then he would ruthlessly deal with Ye Zifeng. However, it seems like Chu Hongbao’s true target was Liu Bingqian.

Jin Peng wanted to say something but Chu Hongbao interrupted, “Senior brother Jin. I know how you feel about Liu Bingqian. But, all she sees is Ye ZIfeng right now. I’m afraid that getting her will be harder than ascending to the heavens. Since it’s like this, why would you sit there and watch her go away. Why not enjoy her for a bit?”

“This…..” After hearing Chu Hongbao’s suggestion, all of Jin Peng’s suppressed emotions overcame him.

In his mind, the beautiful figure of Bingqian appeared.

“Yeah. If I can’t get her, then Ye Zifeng can’t either!”

Jin Peng tightly clenched his fists and was determined.


At the same time, on the carriage.

Ye Zifeng gently opened his eyes and looked around.

“Bingqian, how long has it been since we left Tiandao City?”

“This….. Around two hours or so? What’s up big brother rough guy? You’ve asked me many questions regarding time already. Is there something wrong?” Liu Bingqian was curious as to what Ye Zifeng was thinking about.

Ye Zifeng didn’t say anything. He opened the the window of the carriage and smiled.

“Nothing. Maybe I’m just a little homesick. I want to see my father and my sister. Also, I don’t know how the situation is at home either.”

“Homesick? It’s only been fifteen days and you’re already homesick? Is it because you feel bored with me?”

Liu Bingqian quietly muttered and stared at Ye Zifeng who was staring into space.

They were the only ones in the carriage. If it was anyone else in Ye Zifeng’s position, they probably won’t be able to sit still. Afterall, Bingqian can be considered a peerless beauty. However, Ye Zifeng was calm and collected throughout the entire journey, as if he treated Liu Bingqian as a luggage. He didn’t even spare her an extra look or two.

Another half an hour passed by.

Ye Zifeng didn’t ask Liu Bingqian anymore questions. When he opened the windows to look out again, his brows furrowed.

He looked at Bingqian and whispered, “Bingqian, do you remember if there were any giant statues on the way to Tiandao City?”

Liui Bingqian shook her head, “Giant statue? This…..I don’t really remember.”

It was normal for people to forget about these things after fifteen days.

However, Ye Zifeng was different. He still remembers.

Fifteen days ago, on the way to Tiandao City, he would look out every once in awhile to look for landmarks. However, he doesn’t remember seeing a giant rock statue at all.

Also, he had never seen this road before. It was completely different from the road that they were on before.

They weren’t going to Leizhou City at all!

“Bingqian, listen up. There’s a problem with this drive. He’s bringing us away from Leizhou City. When I count to three, let’s jump out from the back and use to qi to run as far as possible!”

Liu Bingqian was startled and surprised, “No way. Are you bring too sensitive? Maybe you remembered wrong?”

They had hired the driver at random. There wasn’t any animosity between them. There was no reason for him to cause trouble to them.

Ye Zifeng turned very serious, “Bingqian, I’m only going to say this once. We’re being targeted. Please believe me.”

Seeing how serious Ye Zifeng was, Liu Bingqian became nervous too. She nodded in agreement, “Okay. I’ll listen to you.


He looked at the driver and whispered to Bingqian.


Ye Zifeng grabbed Liu Bingqian’s hand, “Follow me. Don’t leave my side.”

“Okay.” Bingqian whispered back.


Ye Zifeng quickly jumped out of the carriage like a dragon flying about. Right before he landed, he moved his qi to his feet to stabilize himself after landing.

Liu Bingqian did the same. After stabilizing herself, she followed right behind Ye Zifeng.

After the two left the carriage, they looked around.

They were in a completely secluded area. However, they weren’t lost. They were only three hours away from Tiandao City. They can still feel the qi of Tiandao City.

“Bingqian, follow me and don’t look back. Okay?” Ye Zifeng looked at her and started to run.


Jin Peng and Chu Hongbao were standing in an secluded area. When they saw the carriage approach them, they started to smile.

“Senior brother Jin, I didn’t think that you would be so meticulous. You’ve even hired a carriage driver to lead them here. You actually had the driver go on the road and then turn around to come here. Normal people won’t be able to notice any change at all!” Chu Hongbao was laughing loudly.

Jin Peng coldly smiled, “I told those other junior brothers of mine before. When you do things, you have to conceal yourself. You can’t have anyone notice you.

Jin Peng and Chu Hongbao both put on a mask. They believe that even if Ye Zifeng sees them, he won’t know who they are.

“It’s better that they left. It’s hard to work with a lot of people. Also, if we’re doing something bad, the less people that knows of it, the better.”Chu Hongbao smirked. He didn’t ask anyone to stay because he had everything planned out already.

The two guys smiled at each other with an expression that only men can understand.

However, when they looked closely, the notice that there was two shadows behind the carriage, running away from their direction.

“No way. Did Ye Zifeng actually notice us?” Jin Peng was surprised. He was played by Ye Zifeng once already so he was extra careful this time. He didn’t think that Ye Zifeng would find out in the end.

Chu Hongbao’s expression changed immediately, “What are you waiting for? Chase them!”

Jin Peng came back to his senses. Right. They’re both in the Martial Disciple realm. They can easily catch up to them.

“Alright. Let’s go!”