The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 122 – Adept Baili

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It took Ye Zifeng an entire day to break through the bottleneck to the 6th stage of qi refining.

By using his body to train to the 6th stage of qi refining, his body was now a lot stronger. He is now able to withstand the pressure from 8x gravity easily.

However, this doesn’t mean that he’s able to fight people at the 8th stage of qi refining. It just means that he is able to resist against their attacks for some amount of time.


Outside, Bingqian who was used to eating three meals a day came back for the third time today, only to find that the food she left there was untouched. She sighed and shook her head, thinking about how Ye Zifeng might become sick from training too much.

“Miss Bingqian, you’re here to bring him food again?”

Liu Bingqian didn’t want to bother Ye Zifeng and was going to return to her room. However, she met Dong Tianrui on the way.

She remembers how these people were mean to Ye Zifeng and coldly looked at them.

“It’s none of your business.”

Dong Tianrui was startled and immediately replied with a smile.

“Miss Bingqian, don’t misunderstand. After what happened last time, we knew that we were in the wrong. Big bro’s teachings are forever engraved in my heart. I don’t wish to offend Miss Bingqian.”

Liu Bingqian furrowed her brows and looked at Dong Tianrui, “Who’s your big bro?” She can tell that this guy was a good for nothing bastard who relies on his clan. Thus, she didn’t have a good feeling about him.

“Of course it’s the person in the 3x gravity room!” Dong Tianrui happily said.

Liu Bingqian yelped in surprised, “No way. Didn’t you guys try to find him for trouble? How long has it been and you guys are calling him big bro now?”

Dong Tianrui and the other’s smiled.

“Sister in law doesn’t know but that day, big bro taught us all a lesson that we will never forget. He allowed us lazy noble kids to be reborn and see the world in a new light!”

“Yeah that’s right sister in law. After big bro taught us the breathing technique, it felt a lot easier to train in the gravity rooms. We won’t get tired that easily anymore!”

Liu Bingqian’s body shivered. Her heart began to race. An embarrassed expression appeared on her face.

“What are you guys blabbering about. When did I become sister in law? Nothing ever happened between us yet.”

Dong Tianrui and his bros looked at each other and smiled.

“Sister in law, don’t joke around. If you don’t have a relationship with him, then why would you bring him food everyday?”

“I……” Liu Bingqian was at a loss for words. She wanted to explain but she couldn’t.

Dong Tianrui smiled and continued, “Also, I can see that you don’t really like training yourself and yet you stayed back to train with him. Do you dare say that you don’t have feelings for him?”

Liu Bingqian’s mind was in a mess and her heart was beating so fast that it was about to jump out of her chest.

“You guys! Stop speaking nonsense. It’s impossible for big brother rough guy and I to be together. He is engaged to my little sister.”

Dong Tianrui and the others were startled, “Wha? Big bro is engaged too?”

At that time, the door to the 3x gravity room flung open. Qi energy exploded out from inside.

Just when they wanted to go into the room, Ye Zifeng opened the doors and walked out gallantly.

“What are you guys talking about so energetically?

“We uhhh. We’re just chit-chatting…..” Dong Tianrui smiled and looked over at Liu Bingqian.

He saw how Bingqian was giving him the death glare as if she was going to kill him if he said anything unnecessary.

Dong Tianrui wasn’t stupid. If she was giving him this look, then he won’t talk about it anymore.

“Right big bro, you look pretty happy. Did you breakthrough or something?” He quickly changed the topic.

Ye Zifeng laughed, “That’s right. I’ve spent so many days and have finally broken through.. I’m at the 6th stage of qi refining right now!”

Even though his training speed increased after he got the Spirit Amassing Pearl, the cornerstone of his success is the hard work that he put into it.

Dong Tianrui was asking just to change the topic and didn’t expect an answer like this. He was shocked and surprised at Ye Zifeng’s answer.

“What? You’ve reached the sixth stage of qi refining in such a short amount of time?” Including Liu Bingqian, everyone was shocked.

Ye Zifeng shook his head, “What do you mean such a short amount of time? I feel like this is very slow already. Oh yeah, to precisely put it, I’m at the middle 6th stage of qi refining.”

“Middle 6th stage? What happened to the low stage? Did you skip it completely?” They were shocked again.

“Big bro. As expected from my big bro. But can you let us commoners live too?” Dong Tianrui had a bitter look on his face.

Dong Tianrui used his clan’s connections and wealth to reach the 6th stage of qi refining. However that’s low 6th stage of qi refining. Now Ye Zifeng broke through straight into the middle 6th stage and completely surpassed him so easily. This made him feel very jealous.

The gravity rooms here can help people who has one leg into the next stage breakthrough. But it doesn’t mean that they can completely breakthrough into the next realm, let alone into the middle stages of the next realm.

“Big bro, I’ve decided. I, Dong Tianrui, will follow you from now on. I won’t see anyone else as a big bro!”

Ye Zifeng was only at the 5th stage of qi refining yesterday and now, just in one night, he was higher than himself.

If he doesn’t grab onto Ye Zifeng’s leg now, he will definitely regret it in the future.

Liu Bingqian was especially happy for Ye Zifeng, “Big brother rough guy, you’re incredible. You actually broke through into the 6th stage of qi refining. We should go out to eat and celebrate.”

Ye Zifeng replied, “No way. You’ve sent me the meals for today already. If I go out and eat, then wouldn’t I be wasting your kind intentions?

Liu Bingqian was moved, and felt embarrassed, “Big brother rough guy….”

“Also, if we go out to eat, we’re going to waste a lot of time. If we have time to go and find a restaurant outside, we might as well stay here, eat and then go back to training. Maybe I can even breakthrough to the peak 6th stage of qi refining!”

Liu Bingqian’s maiden heart was shattered by this one sentence. Of course she wouldn’t want to disrupt Ye Zifeng training but this sentence….. Couldn’t he have phrased it better?

‘Bingqian, Bingqian, why are you going back so quick? When did you start to like training?”

Ye Zifeng’s words made Liu Bingqian move faster and faster away.


In a restricted area behind the back mountains of the Profound Sect.

“Congratulations Master Baili for completing your secluded meditation.”

“Congratulations Adept Baili!’

Everyone bowed and was respectful towards Adept Baili. They all had a little hint of fear on their face.

Adept Baili let out a cold chuckle and then looked at everyone. He was wearing an azure robe with a black sash. He looked like a snake man and his gaze caused everyone to freeze over.

When his gaze fell upon his beloved disciple Jin Peng, his brows furroed and asked,

“Jin Peng. What’s that scratch on your face?”

This scratch was caused by a woman when he went out drinking.

But when Jin Peng lifted his head, his solemn expression caused the people around him to hold in their laughter. Only when Jin Peng glared at them did they stop.

“Master, this injury was caused by an outsider called Ye Zifeng!”

“Oh?” Adept Baili had a cold expression on his face, “Ye Zifeng? That guy has the nerve to harm my disciple. Does he not put me in his eyes?”

“That’s exactly right.” Jin Peng added oil to the fire, “Master Baili, that Ye Zifeng is too abominable. Not only did he hurt me, he also insulted me. He insulted master as well!”

“Don’t exaggerate. It’s possible that he insulted you… but to insult me? Say…. what realm is that guy in?”

“5th stage of qi refining.”

When Adept Baili heard that Ye Zifeng’s cultivation was so low he felt a little relieved. No matter how weak they are, he will give them a beating.

“Ahhhh. Who told you to become my first disciple. Even though your cultivation is not the highest, you are still my first disciple. Since you and that Ye Zifeng have a feud, then I, Adept Baili, will help you gain your face back!”

Adept Baili loves his disciples too much. Sometimes, he knows that his disciples were in the wrong but will help them anyways.

Jin Peng was shaking in excitement.

“Master. You’re really willing to help me?”

“If I don’t help you, then who will?”

Jin Peng couldn’t help but laugh, “Thank you master.” The unhappy emotions in

“But master…. That guys is with Muyun Old Devil, I’m afraid…..”

Adept Baili was startled for a bit but then smiled, “So that’s how it is. He’s someone on Muyun Old Devil’s side huh? Okay. Then I’ll have to make an appearance myself. I’ll let Ye Zifeng know the difference between the heavens and the earth. Even if he has Muyun Old Devil behind him, I’ll make him pay the price no matter what.”

“With Adept making a personal appearance, this matter is already over.”