The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 117 – Eight times gravity!

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Jin Peng was gloomy to the extreme and was filled with anger.

After he left the mountain, he continuously cursed.

“Ye Zifeng that fucking brat! How dare he treat me like this. Not only did he swindle my spirit incense and alarm away, he also made me lose face in front of Miss Bingqian! This is too angering!”

His junior brothers knew that he wasn’t in a good mood and didn’t know if they should comfort him or not. They all stood there and sighed.

In the end it was Old Wu who spoke, “Brother Jin, just hold out for a bit. We can wait until Adept Baili returns to teach that Ye Zifeng a lesson!”

Jin Peng felt a bit better and nodded, “That’s right. I was just thinking about that. Master is fond of me and pampers me. He will not allow me to be humiliated like this. We’ll let Ye Zifeng off for now and wait until master returns!”

Old Wu laughed loudly, “Yeah. That’s the way. I’ll be the host today and invite you to dinner. It’ll help you feel better.”

“Yeah that’s right brother Jin. We’ll take care of him later. How dare he use miss Bingqian as a shield.

Jin Peng gritted his teeth and then cursed, “Fuck that Bingqian. Who cares if she’s pretty? She’s a bitch anyways. Let’s go. Let’s get some drinks tonight! I, Jin Peng, will drink my fill tonight!”

It was rare for Jin Peng to be like this and all the disciples followed along.

“Let’s go senior brother Jin. We’ll have fun until Adept Baili returns! We’ll take care of Ye Zifeng then!”

“Yeah brother Jin. It’s not too late to teach Ye Zifeng a lesson later. We’ll beat him up until he turns into a big. By that time, that girl will definitely belong to brother Jin!”

“That’s right. Brother Jin, you have all these cool things with you. Do you happen to have some aphrodisiacs?” Old Wu had an expression that only men can understand.

Jin Peng smiled, “Heh. I won’t be rough with miss Bingqian unless it is absolutely essential. You should know that I truly do like her! So remember this, don’t go around saying things about her. If I find out, I won’t let you go that easily.

On matters regarding Liu Bingqian, Jin Peng didn’t dare to play around.

“ALright Alright. We don’t have to be so serious.Tonight, we will all drink our fills. We will take care of Ye Zifeng in a few days!” Old Wu shouted.


On the other hand, Ye Zifeng was wildly training in his room.

“They shouldn’t be bothering me anytime soon. I’ll just use this chance to cultivate then!”

It’s not like Ye Zifeng doesn’t want to play around, but right now, he needs to focus on increasing his cultivation in order to survive in the world.

He doesn’t have an impressive background and can’t directly enter the Profound Sect. Right now, he has less than twelve days to train here. He needs to make use of this time!

He calmed down a bit and inserted his qi into the blood emperor drawing. He quickly changed the gravity to 6x. After training for so long, his body had completely adapted to the 6x gravity.

Right now, he was warming up and preparing for 7x gravity.

“Oh yeah. By using the lightning qi, I can lower the pressure exerted on my body and it will also help with my cultivation. What will happen if I use the power of the martial spirit?”

After he thought about this, he started to smile.

‘8x gravity. Let’s try this!”

A horrifying energy appeared in the room and immediately pressured Ye Zifeng. Ye Zifeng groaned and used his qi to cover his body in order to keep himself up.

Slowly, blood seeped out from his mouth. Traces of blood appeared on his arms as his blood vessels started to burst. His entire body was becoming sore and was on the verge of breaking down. However, he gritted his teeth and tried to sustain himself.

“Not enough!”

Slowly, blood seeped out from his ears, nose and mouth.

If it was anyone else in Ye Zifeng’s position, they would be on the ground already, unable to lift their heads. After all, it was extremely hard for someone at the fifth stage of qi refining to sustain themselves in 8x gravity. If his resolution was any weaker, he would have collapsed and passed out already.

For Ye Zifeng to even reach this stage, this showed that there was no one that can fight him at the same level, even in Tiandao City.

After feeling his seven apertures bleed, Ye Zifeng didn’t want to force himself anymore and retracted his qi from the drawing, decreasing the gravity back down to 7x.

If he wasn’t able to control the gravity easily like this, then he would not dare to try 8x gravity.

“Now, let’s try using the martial spirit’s power.”

Very quickly, he gathered his qi from his dantian into the red blood vessels in his arms. The bright red vessels then started to glow.

Right now, he wasn’t attacking anyone and wasn’t trying to harm anyone. He wasn’t using the death qi but the life qi of his dual martial spirit!

Streams of qi filled with vitality flowed from his arms and covered his body. The blood vessels that exploded started to heal up. Other than some scabs, it was completely healed.

Wherever the qi goes, his injuries would heal very quickly. When it reached his head, Ye Zifeng could feel his entire body and his mind clear up as if he was bathing in high quality medicines. It was an indescribable feeling!

His seven apertures quickly returned to normal as if there was no blood in the first place.

“This martial spirit uses death and life qi. It can attack enemies and heal allies when he retreats. It can be considered as one of the best quality martial spirits there is! When I reach the martial disciple realm and truly awaken the martial spirit, then its power will be unimaginable!” Ye Zifeng looked at his body and exclaimed.

Ye Zifeng has confident that if he can handle this martial spirit, he will definitely stand at the top of this continent.

After he rested for a bit, he stood up again, “Alright. Time to continue training. With this martial spirit’s help, I can train much faster now!”

He covered his body in qi and increased the gravity to 8x again.

Bleeding a little is nothing to Ye Zifeng. As long as he can increase his cultivation, he was willing to make the sacrifice!

No pain, no gain. Sometimes, a cultivator can take medicines to increase their cultivation. However, there is a limit. The cultivator’s physique and strength depends on his own training. Having a refined physique is very important when fighting against another cultivator. Thus, this gravity room is the best place for Ye Zifeng to train right now.

Against people with the same cultivation or even someone a rank higher, body strength will determine the winner in the end.


The day passed by very quickly. When Ye Zifeng returned to his senses, it was already late at night. He can feel his stomach rumbling with hunger.

He wanted to go find Liu Bingqian and get some dinner with her.

When he opened the door, Bingqian who was leaning by the door almost fell in. It was a good thing that Ye Zifeng had fast reactions and caught her before she fell.

Ye Zifeng was shocked and asked, “Bingqian, what are you doing here? Have you been waiting outside all this time?”

Ye Zifeng was very sensitive to what was happening outside but he didn’t notice Bingqian outside at all.

This meant that she had been there for a long time and didn’t move at all.

Bingqian rubbed her eyes and smiled, “Big brother rough guy, you were too busy training so I didn’t want to bother you. I sat outside and waited for you instead.”

Ye Zifeng was moved by Liu Bingqian’s actions, “I was too into training and forgot about you. It’s my fault.”

Hearing that Ye Zifeng had admitted his mistakes, Liu Bingqian was filled with disbelief. In her heart, Ye Zifeng was a smart and stubborn person. He will make other people kneel and admit their mistakes while he himself won’t take the initiative and apologize.

Liu Bingqian giggled and felt moved. She extended her legs in a position that made Ye Zifeng froze.

“Since you admitted your wrongdoings, then help me rub my legs. I’ve been sitting here for so long that they’ve turned numb.”

Ye Zifeng stood there for a bit until he finally started to rub her leg.

Liu Bingqian suddenly cried in surprise and immediately stood up. She had a weird and shocked expression on her face, “I asked you to rub it and you really started to rub it?”

Ye Zifeng felt helpless, “You told me to do it….. When did I do anything wrong?”

Liu Bingqian looked at him and laughed, “Big brother rough guy, you’re pretty smart in other fields but you really don’t understand a woman’s heart don’t you…..”