The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 116 – I’ll mess with you instead!

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After training for a while, Liu Bingqian was filled with sweat. It was clear that she achieved some results while training in the 9x gravity room.

“I wonder how big brother rough guy is doing. That stupid blockhead actually refused to train with me. Could it be that, I, Liu Bingqian, do not have the charms to attract him?”

Right when she was thinking about Ye Zifeng, a sound came from her door.

A happy expression appeared on Bingqian’s face. She quickly ran towards the door to open it.

“Big brother rough guy, you……”

However, the person in front of her was not Ye Zifeng but a complete stranger. This stranger was a short statured man who continuously stared at her. It made Bingqian feel disgusted.

An awkward expression appeared on her face, “You, who are you?”

Old Wu snickered, “I’m Old Wu. You don’t know me but you should know my senior brother Jin Peng right?”

Hearing that Jin Peng sent him, Liu Bingqian could somewhat tell what was going on.

“Mhm. Okay. So you’re Jin Peng’s junior brother?”

“That’s right.”

A cold expression then appeared on her face, “What does he want from me while i’m training here? Could it be that he wants me to pay a fee too?”

She thought about how Jin Peng wanted Ye Zifeng to pay a fee and got a little angry on the inside.

‘What’s miss Bingqian talking about? You’re senior Muyun’s disciple. How can we ask you to pay a fee? Brother Jin Peng told me to come because Ye Zifeng strained himself while training and wanted to tell you about it.”

“Big brother rough guy……”

Liu Bingqian was startled but then she remembered something.

“No way. You guys are lying. Before I entered this room, I looked at where big brother rough guy went. He went into the 3x gravity room. How could he have strained himself?”

“Miss Bingqian, I’m not lying to you.”

She saw that Old Wu had a serious look on his face as if something really did happen and became flustered.

“Actually? No way. Quick. Bring me over!” Liu Bingqian became very anxious all of a sudden.

Jin Peng heard their movements and turned around. Coincidentally, he saw the anxious look at Bingqian had on her face.

When he saw that, his expression turned gloomy. When he thought about how Ye Zifeng would embarrass himself in front of Bingqian, he felt a lot better.

In his view, even if Liu Bingqian didn’t care about himself, her impression on Ye Zifeng would decrease due to this. After all, he, Jin Peng, was a disciple of Adept Baili. To compare himself to Ye Zifeng was like comparing the light of a firefly to the light of the moon.

“Miss Bingqian, you’re here.” Jin Peng smiled.

“What happened to big brother rough guy? If he strained himself, then why aren’t you helping him?” Liu Bingqian started to blame Jin Peng and his friends.

Jin Peng shrugged, “Help him? Did you see how he treated us? A mere cultivator at the fifth stage of qi refining should be respectful towards us. If we want him to pay a fee then he should. Instead, he threatened us with the Passage Medallion!”

“YOU…..!!!” Bingqian was very angry.

“Miss Bingqian, don’t stare at me like this. He strained himself in there. It has nothing to do with us.”

Jin peng laughed very loudly and then waved his hand towards his junior brothers.

“Since Miss Bingqian requested it, then what are you guys doing? Open the door and let her see how weak this Ye Zifeng is, to fall in the 3x gravity room!”

“Yes, Senior brother Jin.” Old Wu laughed and opened the door.

Jin Peng laughed and pointed insides the door, “Look!”

“Fellow brothers, do you guys have a lot of free time? Why are you guys all gathered up here in the 3x gravity room? Could it be that you guys want to train here too?” Ye Zifeng’s calm voice could be heard from inside the room.

Jin Peng stopped laughing and his mouth started to twitch. He looked inside the room.

Ye Zifeng was standing straight up in an imposing manner. He was looking very sharp and grandiose while standing there. It wasn’t how Jin Peng had imagined at all.

“You, You!” Jin Peng was overwhelmed with shock as if he was struck with lightning. He stared at Ye Zifeng and couldn’t evne finish his sentence.

The other disciples had the same expression on their face. They all watched as Jin Peng injected the smoke into the room…. How could the plan have failed?

Jin Peng slowly walked into the room and felt the pressure exerted on his body. There was only 3x gravity in the room.

“No way. Senior brother Jin, did you use too little smoke?” one of the disciples was surprised and couldn’t help but call out.

Jin Peng immediately glared at him.

Hearing this, Liu Bingqian became suspicious, “Smoke? What smoke?”

Jin Peng smiled and explained, “It’s nothing. We lit up some incense to measure the time that he was in the room. It’s to help the person inside. It lets them know how long they’ve been training for and lets them know their limits.”

Jin Peng was a natural con artist. Every time he opened his mouth, lies would come out of it.

Ye Zifeng smiled back at him, “So that’s how it is. So brother Jin brought some friends to watch out for me huh?”

“Really?” Liu Bingqian’s eyes widened, not believing what Jin Peng had said.

Jin Peng quickly replied, “Yeah. This is what we wanted to do.”

He didn’t understand why the smoke failed to increase the gravity in the room. However since Ye Zifeng went along with him, he’ll continue to play along too.

Ye Zifeng nodded, “So that’s how it is. Brother Jin, can I have the incense then?”

“This…..” Jin Peng stared at Ye Zifeng. He did have a spirit incense but that’s used to increase the gravity in these rooms. If he gave it to Ye Zifeng and Ye Zifeng checks it out, then he would find out about everything.

What he doesn’t know was that Ye Zifeng had figured his plan out since the beginning.

Ye Zifeng stuck his hand out, signal for Jin Peng to give him the incense, “What’s up brother Jin? I see some of the dust from the incense in your sleeves. Is it in your robe?”

“Where?…..” Jin Peng quickly pulled his sleeves down and patted his robe. Suddenly, he realized what was going on.

Ye Zifeng was playing with him!

To be played by a youngster like Ye Zifeng, Jin Peng was feeling angry.

He took a deep breath and finally reached into his robes. He took the spirit incense out and gave it to Ye Zifeng.

“It’s here.”

All of his junior brothers were eyeing the incenses with envy. All they could do was watch Ye Zifeng take them into his hands.

“Not bad. I’ll use these later. Oh yeah. Bingqian, why don’t I give you some of these and light one up in your room?”

Liu Bingqian smiled, “Okay. It’s pretty depressing training by myself. I’ll use this to keep track of time.”

If Jin Peng doesn’t understand what Ye Zifeng meant by his words then he is very stupid. He knew that he was in the palms of Ye Zifeng’s hands.

Jin Peng let out a bitter smile, “You don’t need to use this spirit incense. It will get very stuffy in the room. I have a spirit alarm. Why don’t you guys have it?”

“So you have something like that too? As expected from the disciple of Adept Baili. You sure have a lot of treasures. I, Zifeng, really admire you.”

“This is all because my master is loves me a lot.” Jin Peng forced a laugh and gave Ye Zifeng his spirit alarm.

Ye Zifeng looked over the alarm and then immediately put it into his interspatial ring along with the incense.

“Many thanks to brother Jin for your care.”

“Senior Muyun asked me to take care of you guys so I, Jin Peng, will do my best to.” Jin Peng bitterly smiled again.

Ye Zifeng nodded, “I, Zifeng, am from Leizhou City. There aren’t many chances for me to train in the Profound sect so I’ve decided to stay here for the next few days. If brother Jin wants to give more pointers, I, Zifeng, will always welcome it.”

“I…..” After Jin Peng experienced this loss, he didn’t dare come bother this demonic being anymore. All he could do was laugh it off.

Liu Bingqian giggled, “If big brother rough guy is going to stay, then I’m going to stay too.”

Ye Zifeng smiled at her, “Whatever you want.”

Seeing how Bingqian was completely focused on Ye Zifeng, Jin Peng clenched his fists. As he walked away he softly muttered, “Just you watch Ye Zifeng. After my master returns from secluded meditation, I will definitely ask him to take care of you!”