The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 115 – You want to mess with me?

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Ye Zifeng circled around the room slowly. The pressure from the gravity was exerted upon his body but he was able to handle it.

When he was outside of the room, he can tell that the core formation of the gravity room lied in this room. However, as for where its exact location is, he had to carefully look for it.

If a person didn’t have enough experience in this expertise, they would not notice something like this at all.

“So the core formation of the gravity multiplier rooms is here huh…..”

Ye Zifeng chuckled and have already walked to the deepest part of the room. He bent down and looked at the Blood Emperor drawing on the wall.

He gently placed his hand on the drawing and closed his eyes. Through his hand, he slowly sent his qi into the drawing.

At the same time, a mysterious energy was released from the frames of the drawing and slowly filled up the room. The thickness of the qi started to change within the room. It became much more concentrated.

Ye Zifeng smiled, “The setup of this room is similar to the ones in the Black Tortoise Continent. As long as I insert qi into the painting, I can change the multiplier in the room.

This means that he can change the multiplier in the room to anything that he wants. Even though he was in the 3x multiplier room, he can bring it to 10x or even higher if he wants.

Ye Zifeng looked towards the door. There was no movement at all.

“Since they’re not here yet, I’ll just cultivate a bit first then,”

Ye Zifeng wouldn’t waste his precious cultivation time just to wait for Jin Peng to come.

He inserted his qi into the drawing again and increased the gravitty.

He pondered for a bit and finally decided, “Let’s try 5x gravity first. I’ll warm myself up.”

The gravity became stronger and stronger. Ye Zifeng’s knees started to bend a bit from the pressure exerted by the gravity.

His mouth curved up into a smile, “Alright. Let’s get used to this first.”

Saying that, he started to run around in the room.

The invisible energy started to suppress Ye Zifeng. At the same time, his body shook every time he took a step. It stimulated his body and his nerves. It slowly started to change his body’s physique.

“Alright. Let’s try 6x gravity now……”

As he inserted his qi into the drawing, the invisible energy became stronger. Ye Zifeng’s felt the pressure of the gravity through his entire body down to his bones. His face started to become red.

“Nice! Excellent!” Ye Zifeng laughed out loud. He can clearly feel the essence of energy entering his body as he slowly gets used to the pressure.

Tiandao City is a city filled with an abundance amount of qi. On top of that, the Profound Sect is built on top of the area with the most abundant qi energy. It is the best place for Ye Zifeng to cultivate at the moment.

Even if there was a fee to enter, Ye ZIfeng would definitely pay for it.

Right now, Ye Zifeng was still at the peak of the fifth stage of qi refining, and have not fully reached the sixth stage yet. Even if he has the ability to fight with people at a higher level, the gravity room tested the limits of his body. It would be difficult for Ye Zifeng to keep up as the multiplier gets higher and higher.

Under the pressure of 6x gravity, Ye ZIfeng’s pace became slower and slower. It felt as if there was a giant on his back.

“The Profound Sect really does deserve its fame. It would be great if these gravity rooms were in the Ashen Spirit Sect, and I was able to visit it every day!”

Since he wasn’t originally a person from Tiandao City, it is very hard for him to stay around. Also, the Profound Sect won’t take outsiders as disciples if they’re below the martial disciple realm, so he can’t really join the sect right now either.

Thus, he wants to continuously use this room to the full extent of his time. There was only around ten more days before he had to return home.

However, he knows that he’ll return sooner or later.

Ye Zifeng snickered and his eyes lit up.

“Since I’m here, I might as well train harder. Let’s move onto 7x gravity!”

The gravity become a level stronger. Ye Zifeng started to sweat. His veins started to bulge out. His face became redder and redder. All of his veins looked like they were about to explode.

It was clear that Ye Zifeng wasn’t able to handle the sudden change in gravity.

He retracted some of his qi from the drawing and the pressure on the body started to weaken. It was not long before the gravity returned to 6x.

To be able to control the gravity with the Blood Emperor Drawing made Ye Zifeng’s life a lot easier.

This was because if he couldn’t handle the pressure from the next level, he can easily retract his qi and have it return to a more comfortable level.

Even though he had never entered a gravity multiplier room on the Black Tortoise Continent, he knows the theory behind the formation.

He would rather work from the bottom than skip levels and not be able to handle it. If he was cocky and jumped all the way to 20x gravity, his body would have exploded already.

He took a deep breath and prepared himself before he slowly changed the gravity to 7x.

The energy returned again and an immense pressure was exerted onto his entire body. It made his head very dizzy. He felt as if all the cells in his body was exploding. It was very uncomfortable.

Qi exploded out of all his pores and covered his entire body. This helped him cope with the intense pressure from the 7x gravity.

He held onto his knees with his hand, not allowing himself to kneel down.

He gritted his teeth and finally stood up. This meant that he was able to withstand the pressure from the 7x gravity room.

“Alright. Let’s take it one step at a time.” Ye Zifeng was panting but he didn’t stop at all. He gritted his teeth again and continued to move. He couldn’t relax at all.

He doesn’t even have enough strength to stand up straight right now.

He slowly took a step forward and took a deep breath. A white mist appeared from his body with some lightning energy concealed within in.

One step… two steps… three steps…..

Every step took an enormous amount of energy. It slowly consumed his physical strength. When he couldn’t take it anymore, he would retract some of his qi from the drawing and rest for a bit. After a while, he would repeat the process and try again.

Eating high quality pills and learning techniques would only help him increase the quality and quantity of his qi. Right now, Ye Zifeng was refining his body.

The former would change one’s cultivation realm while the latter would determine one’s actual strength.

“This is a really good place to cultivate. If I can cultivate here for a few more days, then I can redevelop this entire trashy body. When the body gets stronger, it’ll be easier for me to cultivate!”

Right when Ye Zifeng was thinking that, the sound of people walking around can be heard from the door.

If it was anyone else, they wouldn’t think much of it. However, this is Ye Zifeng. He had been keeping his eyes on the door even though he was training very hard.

Ye Zifeng had guessed that it was about time that Jin Peng started to make his move.

“So you’re finally going to make a move huh?” Ye ZIfeng smiled.

A small straw appeared from the door. From the straw, a colorless smoke entered the room.

At the same time, the gravity within the room started to change. Even though it was only a small change right now, it will soon add up to become something problematic. If Ye Zifeng wasn’t paying attention to it, it might be too late when he realizes the change.

“So this smoke can change the gravity in the room. That’s interesting. No wonder why this Jin Peng is a senior brother to everyone.”

Ye Zifeng laughed. He retracted the qi from the Blood Emperor Drawing.

The smoke can increase the gravity while retracting qi from the Blood Emperor drawing will decrease the gravity. With this, it came up to a net change of zero.

Outside the door, Jin Peng was showing off in front of his junior brothers with this smoke.

“Do you see how incredible this smoke is? Ye Zifeng probably didn’t notice it, but in a bit, he will probably be suppressed by the immense pressure of gravity!”

The junior brothers laughed and gave him a thumbs up, “Senior Brother Jin is sure worthy of being Adept Baili’s disciple! You have increased this junior brother’s knowledge!”

“That’s right. Senior brother Jin, do you still have some more of this smoke? Can you give me some so I can use this against anyone that offends me?”

“Senior brother, this method is sure cruel! However, I like it!”

Laughter sounded throughout the area. Ye Zifeng didn’t respect them so now they feel much better after doing this.

Ye Zifeng was also the champion of the alchemy competition. By doing this, it satisfied their vanity.

Jin Peng stopped laughing and pointed at someone, “Old Wu, go over to Miss Bingqian and call her over. Tell her to come watch the show…..”