The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 11 – The Sect’s Test

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In the Ashen Spirit Sect, most of the students were in the qi refining realm. In order to encourage the students to train diligently and become a martial disciple and awaken their martial spirits, the higher-ups of the sect implemented this mission system which takes place on the tenth of every month.

For every stage of the qi refining realm, there were different kind of missions that correlates to each stage. Relatively speaking a person who is in the sixth stage will generally have a harder mission than someone who is at the fifth stage. However the rewards for completing the mission will be much more generous.

However, not every qi refining stage student can do these missions. There are a limited amount of missions and thus, those who have some relationships with the teachers or those who are part of large clan will generally be able to obtain a spot. Because Tang Feng knew one of the teachers in the sect, she was able to secure Ye Zifeng a spot.


In the Ashen Spirit Sect, outside of the Hidden Heart Hall.

“Hey look brother Xiao, isn’t that guy in the blue that supertrash of the Ye Clan, Ye Zifeng?

“Huh? You mean that guy who beat up the young master of the Wang clan, the guy who’s only at the second qi refining stage? Now that you mentioned it, isn’t it a bit weird? Did that Wang Lin try to fight him while half-asleep or something?”

Another person chipped into the conversation, “Since he’s only at the second qi refining stage, what is he doing here today? Did he not know that only students in the third qi refining stage or higher can do the missions?”

“It’s pretty impressive that he was able to come into the Hidden Heart Hall at all. Who knows how much money the Ye clan spent to get him in here.”

While these people were chatting, they were unaware that Ye Zifeng had already approached them.

“Fellow senior brothers, I want to ask something. I heard that there were missions being given out here. I wonder…….” Ye Zifeng started to ask them.

“You can leave. Your cultivation is too low. Those who haven’t reached the 3rd qi refining stage cannot receive any missions.

Xiao Mu waved his hands, signaling for Ye Zifeng to leave. He was one of Wang Lin’s brothers. Since Wang Lin was beaten by this guy, he doesn’t want anything to do with him either.

Ye Zifeng smiled, “I’m not at the 3rd qi refining stage? How do you guys know?”

Xiao Mu and his friends looked at each other, shook their heads and laughed.

Xiao Mu continued to laugh, “Ye Zifeng, I don’t know what happened with Wang Lin that made him to you, however, I’ve heard all about you. You’re that trash who’s been stuck at the second qi refining stage for a long time now. Just a few days ago, you were still at the low second qi refining realm. There’s no way you can improve so much in just a few days.”

Ye Zifeng shook his head and didn’t say anything. In these few days that he had crossed over, he’s heard a bunch of people call him trash and good for nothing. His ears are getting sore from hearing this so much. If he doesn’t improve himself faster, he’s afraid that he would blow up and die from hearing this so much.

At the same time, an old man that looked to be around sixty walked out of the Hidden Heart Hall. His expression was very solemn and calm as he swept his gaze around all the people present.

Seeing the old man, all the students, including Xiao Mu immediately shut their mouths and gathered in front of him and paid their respects.

“People in the third qi refining stage or higher and want to challenge a mission, come with me. We will a small test in a bit to gauge your level and determine what sort of missions you should take.

“Are there any questions?” The old man looked around.

“Elder, I have something to say!”

Xiao Mu hesitated for a bit and then suddenly pointed at Ye Zifeng, “Elder, there’s some bastard at the second qi refining stage here. I hope the elder can verify this and kick him out of the hall immediately.”

Hearing this, the old man immediately stared at Ye Zifeng for a bit. The gaze was piercing. It was as if he saw through Ye Zifeng’s entire body.

“I just checked. He is indeed in the third qi refining stage and he’s at the peak of the third refining stage while at it. He is allowed to received a mission from us.” The old man gave his verdict in the end.


“When did that trash Ye Zifeng get to the third qi refining stage, nevertheless the peak of it.” Some of the students who didn’t know about the fight between Zifeng and Wang Lin was shocked.

Ye Zifeng’s name as a trash was widespread throughout the entire academy. He was like a celebrity. There was almost no one in the outer sect who didn’t know about him. Hearing the elder’s verdict, those who were “close” to him, including Xiao Mu were startled.

It took him three years and he couldn’t breakthrough into the third stage and now he was at the peak of the third stage all of a sudden. Some of the people present were only at the third qi refining real. If they thought that the peak third stage Ye Zifeng was trash, then what were they considered?

“Could it be….. It wasn’t a coincidence that he beat Wang Lin?” Xiao Mu started to ponder.

“Anymore questions? If there’s nothing else, then……. You five, come with me.” The elder had experienced many things like this before and was not bothered at all.

The students did not dare to be slow and quickly followed behind.

Ye Zifeng was stuck in the middle of the crowd and was pushed onto someone, “Brother, May I ask who that elder was…..?”

That person gave him a weird look, “Ye Zifeng? Oh yeah. This is your first time coming here so you probably don’t know anything. That was Elder Qin who was talking before.”

“Elder Qin huh. Many thanks brother.” Ye Zifeng smiled back.

Seeing how Ye Zifeng was so polite and was nothing like how the stories had described him, he decided to give Ye Zifeng some advice, “Brother, since this is your first time, then I’ll warn you. When you choose a mission, don’t choose something so difficult. Pick something easy first to test the waters. Don’t be blinded by the rewards and waste your life.”

“You can lose your life from these missions? Are the high level missions that dangerous?” Ye Zifeng was baffled.

“Shi Chen, Ye Zifeng, stop chattering. It’s your turn to go in.” One of the disciples of the hall called out and patted both of their backs.

Ye Zifeng cupped his hands and bowed, “So this is brother Chen.”

“Don’t call me that. You can call me Shi Chen. It feels a bit weird being called brother.” Shi Chen rubbed his head and replied.

“I got it, Shi Chen.” Ye Zifeng liked this guy. He liked people who were straightforward.

“Then Brother Feng, please enter.” Shi Chen had a big smile on his face.

Ye Zifeng was speechless….. In his mind, he had wanted to slap this guy.


“Congratulations brother Xiao!”

“Congratulations brother Xiao for passing the fifth qi refining realm test. If you can complete this mission, with your contribution points from your last missions, you can probably choose a high ranked common tier treasure from the treasure room!”

Xiao Mu was laughing happily and accepted everyone’s flattery. It felt nice. His Xiao family was on the rise within these last few years and were already on the same level as the Ye family now.

When Ye Zifeng walked in, the two made eye contact. Xiao Mu smiled sinisterly at Ye Zifeng and wanted to say something. However, Ye Zifeng pretended that he didn’t exist and continued to walk forward.

“Stop where you are!”

However, Ye Zifeng continued to walk. It was as if he didn’t hear Xiao Mu at all.

“Ye Zifeng! You better stop right now!”

After hearing this, Ye Zifeng laughed and turned around, “I dare ask who’s calling for me.” Just before, Xiao Mu had tried to expose him in front of everyone else, so Ye Zifeng doesn’t feel so good about this guy.

Xiao Mu coldly snorted, “You trash. Don’t think that because you’ve reached the third qi refining stage that you’re not trash anymore. You’ve beat up one of my brothers so don’t think that i’m done with you.”

“Ahh. So you’re with Wang Lin. I’ll remember that.”

Ye Zifeng then turned around and left. He was right. Those who were in the fifth stage or lower all banded together and were only here because of their family. They probably spend their entire day doing useless stuff and lacked ambition.

“Wait a minute. I have something good to tell you too.”

Ye Zifeng stopped and turned around, looking like he was interested.

Xiao Mu smiled, “I helped you looked at the missions before. In the third qi refining stage section, there was a mission about helping the hall repair some broken walls. Even though the contributions points that you’ll earn are not that much, I feel like it suits you very well. What do you think?”

“Many thanks to brother Xiao for noticing this mission for me. However, it’s a waste to give me such a good mission. I think we should leave it for someone else.”

Ye Zifeng didn’t want to talk rubbish with this guy anymore and quickly caught up with Shi Chen.

“You!” Xiao Mu fiercely stared at Zifeng’s back with a hint of hatred in his gaze.

Inside the hall, an elder solemnly stood there with two protectors by his sides.

When they saw Ye Zifeng and Shi Chen come in, one of the protectors started to ask, “State your name, your cultivation level, and the techniques that you know.”

“Shi Chen, Fourth Qi Refining Stage. As for techniques, I know some common skills but they’re nothing much.”

The elder looked at Shi Chen and nodded.

Seeing this, the protector continued to speak, “The missions for fourth and fifth qi refining realm are over there. If you want to choose them, then come with me to the next room so I can test your strength.”

Shi Chen’s expression changed immediately, “No no no no no. I don’t want those. I only want to do the missions for the third qi refining stage.”

The elder didn’t care at all. He picked up a cup of tea and took a sip, “I remember you. You chose a fourth qi refining stage mission last month. How come you didn’t dare pick one this time.”

Shi Chen bitterly smiled, “This is because I know how hard it is to take on a fourth stage mission now. Last month I got a mission to clear some weeds out. It wasn’t a hard mission at all but there was a blood eagle in the area and I almost lost my life. This time, I want to do something safer.”

“Is that so.” The elder laughed. “Fine. I respect your decision. You can choose any mission on the third stage. Since you’re at the fourth qi refining stage, we don’t need to test you.”

“Thank you Elder Qin.” Shi Chen smiled and nodded. He then left and went to pick a mission.

“Then next……”

Ye Zifeng heard this and immediately walked forward.

“This one greets Elder Qin.”

Elder Qin sized Ye Zifeng up and finally said, “You’re…… that Ye Zifeng?”