The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 108 – One more time!

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The result of the tournament was out of everyone’s expectations.

Those who had placed bets on Qi Zimo winning the whole thing lost all their money. Liang Nine was one of them. He felt pain in his heart. He hated himself for coming to this year’s alchemy competition. He hated himself for being unlucky and meeting Ye Zifeng.

Ye Zifeng and Liu Bingqian were treated as the dark horse going into the second round. Not only did they become champions, they made a name for themselves. They won glory for their Leizhou City.

They have also received the Profound Sect’s Passage Medallion. With this, they have opened up another road in their path of cultivation!

After the tournament ended, Hua Shao slipped away without anyone noticing after losing all of his face. He slipped away just like Liu Bingqian did in the past.

On the other hand, Liu Bingqian was basked in glory. She wasn’t ridiculed by others like before. She was standing in the spotlight, receiving praises.

At the same time, Qi Zimo gritted his teeth and walked towards Ye Zifeng. He had a very dark expression and his hands were clenched.

Liu Bingqian was scared that Qi Zimo would try to fight Ye Zifeng and immediately walked in between them. She then coldly looked at Qi Zimo.

“Qi Zimo. What do you want? The alchemy competition is over. Why don’t you go back to your Lingfeng City? Don’t try to do anything that will dishonor your city.”

She knows that Qi Zimo was at the peak of qi refining. If he really wanted to fight Ye Zifeng, then Ye Zifeng won’t be able to do anything.

Even Qi Zimo’s sword servant wanted to save some face and immediately walked forward, “Master. We should go. Let’s not cause any trouble…..”

Qi Zimo turned around and fiercely looked at his sword servant, signaling for him to shut up.

When Qi Zimo looked back, he didn’t even look at Liu Bingqian and directly stared into Ye Zifeng’s eyes, “After I turned twelve, I have never lost in alchemy to someone of the second generation. You are the first to defeat me.”

Ye Zifeng smiled, showing that he didn’t really care about it.

“There’s always someone better than you. I can beat you today, but tomorrow maybe someone else will beat you.”

Qi Zimo’s mouth twitched. He couldn’t say anything back…

“That’s right. In the past, I thought that as long as I diligently study the dao of alchemy, I can continue to refine incredible pills and be the best. However, now I finally understand that there will always be someone better out there somewhere. As for that Spirit Absorbing Pill Formation, I have read every single book regarding alchemy in Lingfeng City and have never seen something like that before. You have opened my eyes.”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Then, what do you want? It doesn’t look like you want to be my friend and talk the dao of alchemy with me though.”

“Making friends?” Qi ZImo shook his head, “ I am very narrow-minded. I came here to make an appointment with you. In this half year, I will leave to study alchemy in another place. When I return, I want to have another match with you!”

“So you’re saying you want to have an alchemy competition with me in half a year?” Ye Zifeng kept his smile on his face.

“That’s right. Do you dare?” Qi Zimo’s words had a hint of arrogance. When he lost to Ye Zifeng, he didn’t feel like he lost because his skills were inefficient. He wanted to beat him and win back his pride.

When Liu Bingqian heard that Qi Zimo only wanted to have another alchemy match, she calmed down a bit and took a step back so the two of them can talk face to face.

Ye Zifeng laughed. He was at his weakest state right now and could not use any of his abilities. In the future, the distance between their skills will only grow. This competition was the one where Qi Zimo had the greatest chance of beating Ye Zifeng. However, Ye Zifeng still won in the end.

“No. I don’t want to have another match with you.” Ye Zifeng spoke without anything care.

Qi Zimo was startled, “Why? Do you think you’ll lose?”

If Ye Zifeng didn’t want to have another competition, then that means that this will be the last time they compete against each other. He won’t be able to win his pride back.

“I don’t care about winning or losing. Do you know why I entered this competition in the first place? It is to find ways to help me increase my cultivation. It’s all for myself. I don’t even know you and I won’t get anything out of competing with you. Why should I agree?” Ye Zifeng shook his head.

Qi Zimo’s eyes widened. He was one of the prominent figures of the younger generation that many people want to have connections with. However, Ye Zifeng just straight up rejected him.

“You….. You want some benefits?”

Qi Zimo’s jaws dropped. This was the first time hearing about wanting some benefits from someone challenging you.

The sword servant bitterly smiled, “Master….If he doesn’t want to, then we don’t need to…..”

Qi Zimo was very stubborn. How can this mere sword servant’s words change his mind? If Ye Zifeng doesn’t want to compete, then he will make him. He is someone who seeks perfection and will do anything to achieve that.

He looked fiercely at his sword servant again, telling him to shut up.

Ye Zifeng looked at Liu Bingqian and smiled, “Bingqian, let’s go.”

“Hold on, Ye Zifeng!”

Qi Zimo finally gave in. He had finally found a worthy opponent. He had to do everything in his ability to compete with him again.

Ye Zifeng looked back, “Do you need anything else?”

“Benefits….. What kind of benefits do you want?” Qi Zimo’s mouth began to twitch.

“Ingredients…. Yeah, Ingredients! You’re crazy about alchemy right? You must want a lot of ingredients. Come to my Lingfeng City and I will give you a lot of ingredients.”

Ye Zifeng indifferently looked at him, “It seems like you misunderstood me. Or maybe I didn’t explain it clear enough……”

Before Ye Zifeng could finish talk, Qi Zimo immediately added, “You’re in the fifth stage of qi refining right now. You’ll have to breakthrough into the Martial Disciple realm sooner or later. I have the ingredients for a Supreme True Yuan Dan. If you want it, I can give them to you!”

Ye Zifeng shook his head, “I forgot to tell you. I am a man of principles. I won’t compete with you….. unless……”

“Unless what?” Qi Zimo’s eyes lit up when he heard this.

Ye Zifeng took his Passage Medallion out and played around with it. He then sighed, “I wanted to gift this medallion to someone else, but then I won’t have one.”

Qi Zimo looked at him and understood what he meant, “Shit. Fine. I won a Passage Medallion a year or two ago too. If you agree to compete with me then I can give you this medallion!”

“Oh?” Ye Zifeng smiled.

The sword servant’s expression turned ashen, “Master, this medallion is very important to the clan. Don’t be rash.”

“Shut up. I won this myself. I can do whatever I want with it!”

Qi Zimp’s expression sank as he looked back at Ye Zifeng, “How about it? Do you agree?”

Qi Zimo had a very arrogant personality. He won’t be able to sleep well with this loss in his mind. Thus, if Ye Zifeng doesn’t accept this rematch, then he will go crazy. He will never be able to taste victory again. It will be very bad for his growth.

Ye Zifeng laughed loudly, “Since I am a man with principles…. I’ll agree to it then!”



Ye Zifeng smiled and nodded, “If I, Ye Zifeng says it, then I won’t go back on my word. If you don’t believe me, we can draw up a blood contract.”

Qi Zimo felt refreshed after hearing that.

“There’s no need for a blood contract. Half a year later, I will find you myself. Just don’t forget about it.”

“Of course.”

Ye Zifeng smiled and extended his hand.

Qi Zimo was shook. Since he agreed already, he looked at his sword servant, “Give him the medallion.”

“Yes, master.” The sword servant shook his head while bitterly laughing. He took the medallion out and placed it on Ye Zifeng’s hand.

Ye Zifeng received the medallion with a big smile on his face. Now, he had two medallions.

Compared to resources, this medallion was way more useful.

Ye Zifeng was going to help the Ye clan rise in power. With the medallions, he will spread his influence in the Profound Sect and bring the ye clan along with him.

“Ye Zifeng, I hope you will remember our promise today. After I come back, I will definitely beat you!”

Ye Zifeng lightly chuckled, “Alright. Then I’ll wait for that day.”