The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 106 – Destroying glory

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“Won?” Ye Zifeng shook his head when he heard Qi Zimo’s declaration of victory. All he did was smile and didn’t make any comments.

The qi from the Spirit Explosion Pill disappeared into the Ye Zifeng’s cauldron where the Spirit Absorbing Pill lied.

The already shaking cauldron began to shake even more violently as streaks of qi overflowed from it. Due to this, the cauldron suddenly ascended into the air.

The cauldron started to buzz in mid air, attracting everyone’s attention.

“What kind of pill is he refining? How come it seems so scary?”

“Right? This is the first time I’ve seen a cauldron float in mid air. Say, Is Ye Zifeng using his qi to lift it up?”

“Who the hell has so much time and energy to lift a cauldron with their qi? Nonsense! From what I can see, this sight is created by the vortex of the Spirit Explosion Pill’s qi.”

At this moment, even Muyun Old Devil’s expression began to change. Normally, a battle between pills shouldn’t be this fierce….

She pondered while staring at the floating cauldron. Suddenly, a small crack appeared at the bottom of the cauldron.

A shocked expression appeared on her face as she yelled out, “Not good!”

The crack suddenly spread throughout the entire cauldron and with a crisp sound, the entire cauldron exploded like a melon being smashed open. The remains of the cauldron fell onto the floor below.

Everyone was shocked. Even Elder Zhao was worried for Ye Zifeng.

“…..I won. I won!”

Qi Zimo came back to his senses and laughed loudly, “Do you think that I, Qi Zimo, won’t be able to find a way to stop your Spirit Absorbing Pill? This Spirit Explosion Pill was created to teach you, Ye Zifeng, a lesson. It is to let you know that no matter how hard you try, you will not surpass me!”

Qi Zimo was very prideful. When his Supreme True Yuan Dan was beaten by Ye Zifeng, he was feeling a bit depressed. However, after a while, he found himself again and started to refine the Spirit Explosion Pill to regain his glory.

Lost glory can always be rediscovered!

When Hua Shao saw that Ye Zifeng’s cauldron had blown up, he felt a lot better. He knew that he couldn’t beat so he tried his best to beat Ye Zifeng. Now, it seems like his victory was secured.

“Ye Zifeng, your Spirit Absorbing Pill is destroyed. Your cauldron blew up too. Let’s see how you refine your third pill!” Hua Shao had a proud look in his eyes.

Ye Zifeng looked at them and smiled, “So what if the cauldron is destroyed? I don’t need to refine anything else.”

Hua Shao laughed loudly, “So you’ve finally given up? Knowing when to back off is a good quality too. For you to understand something like this, it seems like there’s hope for the future of Leizhou City.”

Ye Zifeng didn’t want to talk nonsense with this guy anymore and moved towards the broken pieces of the cauldron on the floor. He used his hands to move the fragments of the cauldron around as if he was searching for something.

“Alright Ye Zifeng. Stop being so muddleheaded. The cauldron is broken already. Your pill probably turned into slag from the explosion. There’s no need to check.” Hua Shao laughed even louder.

“You sure that my pill turn turned into slag?” Ye Zifeng revealed a smile.

In the next moment, Hua Shao’s laughter suddenly came to a halt as he looked at Ye Zifeng’s hand. He was so shocked that he couldn’t say another word.

Not only did Hua Shao’s expression change, everyone else’s, including Muyun Old Devil’s expression changed!

Rays of bright light appeared from Ye Zifeng’s hand while a hissing sound can be heard.. It was clear that even though the cauldron exploded, Ye Zifeng’s pill was fully intact.

Spirt Absorbing Pill! No, there was something else there!

Two smaller pills appeared besides the Spirit Absorbing Pill while releasing a bright ray of light in all directions.

When Qi Zimo saw this, his expression turned very ugly. This meant that his Spirit Explosion Pill did not destroy the Spirit Absorbing Pill. This meant that he had failed. However, what he didn’t understand was why the Spirit Explosion Pill failed to destroy the Spirit Absorbing Pill.

Hua Shao was so shocked that his jaws dropped. Ye Zifeng’s Spirit Absorbing Pill was still intact. His chances of victory had instantly dropped back down to zero.

Muyun Old Devil was in shock as her voice shook, “Ye Zifeng…..Could this be….. The Spirit Absorbing Pill Formation?” She see a lot of things in her life and was well versed in the dao of alchemy. However, she couldn’t believe her own two eyes at this moment.

When the judges heard the words ‘Spirit Absorbing Pill Formation’, none of them could sit still. They immediately stood up and stared at the three pills.

“What? Spirit Absorbing Pill Formation? How can that be? He can’t even condense a common tier flame yet. How can he understand something like this?” Elder Shao shook his head.

“That’s right. This is not possible. The Spirit Absorbing Pill Formation is one of the most exquisite formations in the dao of alchemy. How can someone from Leizhou City learn something like this?”

“This is indeed the Spirit Absorbing Pill Formation!”

Ye Zifeng’s statement shattered all doubts the judges had.

Since Ye Zifeng had admitted it himself, all the judges couldn’t help but be startled.

Yang Jing looked over at her master.

“Master Old Devil. What is this Spirit Absorbing Pill Formation? Judging from everyone’s reaction, it must be incredible right?”

Muyun Old Devil returned to her sense and nodded, “It is definitely incredible. When you told me that Ye Zifeng refined that Pure Yuan Dan in one try, I didn’t really believe you. However, now I can’t help but believe you!”

“You’ve seen how powerful the Spirit Absorbing Pill is already. It can absorbing the qi from nearby pills. However, this kind of pill has a lot of counters. Thus, if you want to stop the pill from being countered, you need to use some other pills and build a formation. What Ye Zifeng built was the Spirit Absorbing Pill formation that is used to aid the Spirit Absorbing Pill from being dominated by other pills.”

“Formation? Could it be that if you group different pills together, they will create a special effect?” Yang Jing was startled and shocked.

She had followed Muyun Old Devil for many years already but have never heard of something like this. She did not get it at all.

“That’s right. It’s exactly like this. A normal person won’t be able to do something like this at all. Who is this Ye Zifeng? Why is he so incredible? How come I didn’t hear about him from Bingqian before?”

When Muyun Old Devil first met Ye Zifeng, she thought that he was just a pretty boy strolling around. She felt that other than his slightly good looks, there was nothing much to him. But now, Ye Zifeng’s abilities had far surpassed his imaginations. If Liu Bingqian had invited Ye Zifeng in the past few years, her placements might have been reversed and she would have taken first every time!

Thinking about this, Muyun Old Devil couldn’t help but become interested in this Ye Zifeng.

“This Ye Zifeng is the young master of the Ye clan in Leizhou City. However, I heard that he was a trash before and have only started to show his abilities this year. His rise to prominence was very sudden.” Yang Jing heard this from Liu Bingqian and told her master.

“Is that so?” Muyun Old Devil stroked her beard in a profound manner.

“Alright. Whatever. The results of this competition is very clear already. Let’s wait until the end before I go up and ask him some questions.” Muyun Old Devil decided this in her mind.


The existence of this formation brought despair to the other two competitors.

“Lost…..I lost……” Hua Shao was on his knees as he looked up and sighed.

The one who couldn’t accept this the most was Qi Zimo!

Ye Zifeng had forced him to destroy his own pill the first time around. This time, Ye Zifeng had completely dominated him. He couldn’t beat Ye Zifeng even though he made a counter to his pill.

There was no chance for Qi Zimo to come back anymore.

The glory and honor that he had built up in so many years was shattered just like that. Some people who supported Qi Zimo before was now supporting Ye Zifeng.

“Why? Ye Zifeng. Why do you know how to build Pill Formations? How did you know that I was refining the Spirit Explosion Pill?!”

If Ye Zifeng didn’t know what kind of pill Qi ZImo was refinine, then the effect of the Spirit Absorbing Pill Formation would significantly reduced. Qi Zimo would have had a chance to win.

Qi Zimo didn’t lose because he was weak. He lost because Ye Zifeng was his opponent.

Qi Zimo looked up at Ye Zifeng and questioned exploded from his mouth. He started yelling at Ye Zifeng.

“Why? Why did you have to destroy my glory!?” When Qi Zimo said that, his voice had become very weak. This was the first time he had tasted defeat. To a genius like Qi Zimo, this was very humiliating.