The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 100 – To burn with three flames!

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When everyone saw that Ye Zifeng was just standing there like a wooden doll, they started to talk about him again.

“I do admit that this Ye Zifeng’s talent in the field is business is excellent. But… Why did Liu Bingqian bring him to the alchemy competition. Can he even refine any pills? At least that Song Shiyun can condense a common tier flame.”

“Right? At least least he helped start the fire last round. Now, he’s just standing there, not moving at all. What is he even thinking about?”

“Whatever, for Liu Bingqian to be able to get into the second round, this is a heaven defying matter already. You shouldn’t ask anything more from her. She’s already done her best…..”

The audience were busily gossiping and talking about what was happening while the other competitors were working very hard.

“Big brother rough guy. This time, should we use the four cardinal directions to refine the ingredients?” Liu Bingqian looked over at Ye Zifeng and asked.

Ye Zifeng smiled, “No need. Even though the ancient concoction technique can refine high quality pills, it has its downsides. First, it takes too long. And second, it takes up a lot of energy. Do you not remember how tired you were after refining the Yuan Increasing Pill?”

Liu Bingqian thought about how she felt when she was refining the pill. She does remember how she used a lot of energy and felt a bit tired.

“You should know that we aren’t only refining one pill. We’re refining three. If we don’t save some energy for our opponent’s counter attacks, then how will we win?”

Liu Bingqian was confused and didn’t understand what Ye Zifeng meant, “No way. We’re just refining pills. What kind of counter attack are they going to make?”

Ye Zifeng revealed a mysterious smile, “Alright. Let’s not talk about this anymore. We still have to refine our pill. We have to refine this pill very quickly!”

Hearing how they had to refine the pill very quickly, Liu Bingqian suddenly became very serious.

“Alright. Let’s do this. I’ve condensed my common tier flame!”

Ye Zifeng smiled and added some firewoods under the cauldron. At the same time, he ignited some fire qi on his finger.

The natural flames created by the firewoods, Liu Bingqian’s common tier flame, and Ye Zifeng’s fire qi, it seems like Ye Zifeng is planning to use all three to refine his pill.

The three types of flames burned wildly. Without a doubt, Muyun old Devil and the judges were all surprised. It’s not like this isn’t allowed but this was an extreme method. This method helps with the refining speed but the quality will be very low. Thus, this kind of method was looked down upon by everyone.

“That dumb brat. What is he doing now? Why can’t he refine normally?” Muyun Old Devil pulled on her beard and was worried.

At first, she didn’t have any expectations for Liu Bingqian. But now, her disciple had entered the first round for the first time in her life. Muyun Old Devil had high hopes for her disciple once again. However, looking at Ye Zifeng’s method, it seems like her disciple was fated to fail. Everything was destroyed by Ye Zifeng! How could she not be worried?

Everyone yelled at Ye Zifeng for not doing anything. But now, Ye Zifeng made a move and everyone were still yelling at him.

When Hua Shao saw this, he started to laugh very loudly, “Do you see that? Those two dumbasses actually used this kind of extreme method to achieve faster speed. Who cares if they if their pill forms faster than ours? The quality of their pill must be even trashier than trash!”

Hua Shao’s servant smiled and answered, “Young master is right. They’re basically looking to die. They will definitely lose now.”

Liu Bingqian was also shocked, “Hold on. Big brother rough guy. This isn’t too good. The quality doesn’t matter but I’m afraid we’ll directly burn the ingredients!”

Ye Zifeng chuckled, “If we don’t increase the temperature, how can we finish before the others? Don’t worry. I have my plans. Just trust me!”

After hearing what Ye Zifeng said, Bingqian nodded and condensed more flame out of her finger.

She was only able to reach this far because of Ye Zifeng. She trusts him so she will do whatever he asks of her.

“Alright! Light it up!”

The three flames gathered around the cauldron and created a dazzling display. It looked as if a phoenix had descended onto the cauldron and was continuously circling around it.

“Bingqian, use your other hand to send your qi into the cauldron. Split your qi and flame equally.”

“Got it!”

Ye Zifeng and Liu Bingqian both had their eyes closed and were sitting next to each other with a serious expression on their faces. Ye Zifeng controlled the flames from the firewood and the fire qi with his other hand while Liu Bingqian controlled her common tier flame and her qi. The entire cauldron had turned red from the three flames.

They had already interacted with each other for quite a while now and had a mutual understanding of what the other person wants. Even without Ye Zifeng explaining everything thoroughly, Liu Bingqian knew what to do.

The flames were getting stronger and stronger. Some people in the audience who practiced alchemy were getting more and more anxious. To give up quality for speed… This made everyone look at Liu Bingqian differently.

Even the judges were talking about it.

“Insolent. They’re basically fooling around. How can they refine a good pill like this? This Liu Bingqian is second-rated. No. She’s a third-rate alchemist!”

“But wait….. Ye Zifeng is using three types of flame… With such high temperature, how come there’s no burnt smell at all?”

“This…. If they have good control over their flame then it shouldn’t burn at all.

Elder Sha pondered for a bit and then chimed in, “From what I can see, that can be one of the reasons. However, I think that it has to do with the ingredients that they are using.”


The judges all looked at each other.

Just before when Liu Bingqian was gathering the ingredients, she did it very quickly. They were seated at a bad angle and couldn’t see very clearly. Thus, they don’t know what kind of pill they’re refining.

Elder Sha furrowed his brows, “If I’m not guessing incorrectly, Liu Bingqian probably chose ingredients with yin attribute. Thus, after being burned by three different types of flame, it looks as if it was being refined normally.”

After thinking about it, the other judges believed Elder Sha’s words. Using three types of flame was an extreme method but that all depends on what kind of ingredients they use. If they really did use extreme yin ingredients, then maybe this was part of the refining process.

“This…. We’ll just have to wait and see.” One of the elders sighed.

At this time, Hua Shao and Qi Zimo were both busily refining their own pills. They didn’t have to time to look at Ye Zifeng anymore.

However, they were both sure that Ye Zifeng’s pill won’t be as good as theirs due to the method used. If they work a bit harder and refine a high quality pill, then their victory will be guaranteed.


“Done. The pill is forming!” After the time it takes a stick of incense to burn passed, Liu Bingqian showed a happy expression.

The purple light appeared from the cauldron and condensed into purple qi.

“Bingqian, don’t relax yet. Stabilize your qi in the cauldron. If you make a single mistake, then there will be a big problem with the quality of the pill!”

“Got it.” Liu Bingqian nodded and became serious again. She closed her eyes and continued to stabilize the qi in the cauldron.

Ye Zifeng wasn’t idling around either. Liu Bingqian was pouring her qi into the cauldron and Ye Zifeng had to back her up. If he finds any mistakes or holes, he would use his own qi to fix it.

Using three flames to refine pills is a very extreme method. However, compared to Ye Zifeng’s crazy experiments in his past life, this was nothing at all.

If he wasn’t crazy then he would not have taken the risk to refine the Nine Reincarnation Pill that sent his consciousness into this trash Ye Zifeng’s body.


“Com…Completed!” Liu Bingqian sounded very excited.

“Big brother rough guy. What kind of pill is this? I helped refine the pill and yet I don’t know what it is….”

She was filled with questions. If it wasn’t for that fact that Ye Zifeng didn’t give her permission, she would’ve opened up the cauldron to see what was inside.

“Hold on Bingqian. We’ll take out the pill later.” Ye Zifeng smiled and then looked at the other two groups.

He saw that Qi Zimo and Hua Shao were almost done as well. They were at the last step of refinement already.

“Why is that?” Liu Bingqian curiously asked. She didn’t know what he was planning at all.

During the competition, one would usually take out their pill immediately and start to refine the second one.

“The opportunity isn’t here yet…..”