The Strongest Dan God - Chapter 10 – You want to threaten me? You’re not worthy!

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“Senior brother!” Liu Ningzi’s charming face turned pale. She immediately ran towards Liu Yige and checked his pulse to make sure he was okay. Even after confirming that he was okay, she was still worried.

“Old Wu, take some Qi Replenishing pills out.” Liu Ningzi commanded. That old man wu quickly obeyed. He retrieved the pill from his sleeves and quickly fed it to Liu Yige.

After being knocked out by Ye Zifeng’s attack, he slowly recovered after taking the pill.

“Ye Zifeng! What kind of demonic technique did you use against me!”

Liu Yige had used too much strength to yell and his wound suddenly opened up again. He was in an immeasurable amount of pain. He felt a sweet taste in his throat and then he suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Senior brother, your injuries aren’t light. Rest for now.” Liu Ningzi patted his back to help him soothe out the blood in his throat.

That move that Ye Zifeng had just used. Don’t even mention Liu Yige who was in the qi refining stage, even Ye Chen, a martial disciple who had awakened his martial spirit felt that it was weird. The move that Ye Zifeng had used was so abnormal. It looked like a martial technique but it wasn’t one. A normal technique would not have such a large destructive power. It looked like an attack from a martial spirit. However, normal people can not awaken their martial spirit while they are in the qi refining stage and thus Liu Yige believed that it was some sort of demonic technique.

Ye Zifeng coldly laughed, “Demonic Technique? Don’t make me laugh. You couldn’t beat me so now you’re saying that I used some demonic technique? Saying that, don’t you feel embarrassed?

“You!” Liu Yige wanted to open his mouth but his anger overflowed, causing him to have trouble breathing. Ye Zifeng’s attack had hit him in the torso area and even now the black qi had not dissipated.

Seeing this, Liu Ningzi’s expression turned cold and looked at Ye Zifeng, “Ye Zifeng, you were too aggressive! I, Ningzi will remember that you’ve harmed my senior brother today! The Liu family will not let this matter go!”

A glorious light flashed in Ye Zifeng’s eyes as he coldly smiled back, “So what? Who cares if you won’t let this matter go. I’ll do whatever I want.” Although Ye Zifeng had crossed over into this trash’s body, he was still a martial lord in his previous life. He was already used to being arrogant and unyielding. He wouldn’t let this nobody push him around with words at all.

Liu Ningzi wanted to threaten him? She’s not worthy to do so!

Ye Chen looked gloomy and yelled out, “Ye Zifeng! You’ve hurt the people from the Liu clan, no matter what, you should at least give an apology. You’re being too outrageous!”

The fallen Ye clan and the Liu clan. The difference between the two clans were too large. Using the fact that Ye Chongtian was not present, the members of the Ye clan had wanted to win favors from the Liu clan. If anything were to happen, these clan members hoped that the Liu clan would stand behind them and give them some benefits.

Hearing these words, Ye Zifeng was angry, “When I hurt him, you want me to apologize. But if he had hurt me or even kill me, what would you guys do? All of you guys saw how vicious his attacks were before. Everyone single move had the intent to kill. If you want me to apologize under these circumstance then let me make this clear: NO! F*CKING! WAY!”

The last few words, Zifeng had deliberately say them slowly one by one. In reality, if anyone else in the second, third or even the fourth stage of qi refining were to fight in his place before, they would definitely be killed within two moves.

“This is simply preposterous!” Ye Chen fiercely slammed his fist onto a small desk, almost shattering it.

Usually, Ye Chen and the other Ye clan members saw Ye Zifeng as a punching bag. But today, they were being yelled at by Ye Zifeng. Ye Chen was so angry that his head almost went up in flames.

On the side, Ye Xueyi started to mumble, “The Liu clan is obviously in the wrong and uncle is still helping them out.”

This made Ye Chen stare at her with a fierce look but she didn’t care at all.

Tang Feng pulled her daughter’s sleeves again and gave her a look, signaling her to not talk anymore.

“About the engagement, what else do you people from the Liu clan want to talk about? If there’s nothing else, then please leave. I won’t see you out…..”

Ye Zifeng had a cold and stern look in his face as he pointed towards the doors.

Everyone who knew Ye Zifeng was shocked. That trashy young master who was bullied all the time…. When did he become like a real person?.

Ye Huichi pointed at Zifeng and started to curse at him, “When the master isn’t here, everything is decided by my father, the second in command. Who let you call the shots here? Why are you forcing our guests to leave so quickly. Can you bare the consequences for anything that will happen?”

Ye Zifeng suddenly turned around and stared at Ye Huichi with a sharp and piercing look. His mouth then curved upwards and revealed a cruel smile.

Seeing this, Ye Huichi felt scared and immediately hid behind Ye Chen.

“Who let me call the shots? I did. She is MY fiance! This is MY engagement! Who else can call the shots?” Ye Zifeng turned back and looked towards Liu Ningzi with an indifferent look.

Liu Ningzi looked at Zifeng and was astonished. She had met Ye Zifeng many times when they were children and she knew that he was a weak and frail trash. From her point of view, Ye Zifeng would never be able to reach the martial disciple realm in his life. However, the Ye Zifeng today gave off a different feeling. Not only did he beat up her senior brother, but he dared talk back to his elders and win.

She wanted to say something but the words couldn’t come out of her mouth.

“Miss Liu, please.” Ye Zifeng asked them to leave once again.

Seeing how Ye Zifeng had showed the door to them, it means that he didn’t want to talk with them anymore.

Liu Ningzi coldly looked at Ye Zifeng and with her eyes filled with hatred, she yelled out, “Ye Zifeng. Just wait. You’ll regret what you’ve done today!”

“Then I’ll wait for when that day comes.” Ye Zifeng glared back at her.


The cancelling of the engagement did not become widespread. This was because the Liu clan forced everyone to shut their mouths. If they didn’t and the fact that Liu Yige, someone who is at the sixth qi refining stage, lost to the trash Ye Zifeng spreads, then the Liu clan would lose a lot of face.

As for Ye Zifeng, because he talked back to Ye Chen and Ye Chongtian did not return home yet, he was thrown back into the cellar.


The next day, in the cellar.

“Before Xueyi went to the sect she made you some cake. She’s afraid that you might get hungry so she asked me to bring it over for you.” Tang Feng smiled, and brought the plates of cake out from her basket.

“Thank you, Madam Tang.”

Ye Zifeng immediately started eating the cake and started complimenting it, “Not bad. Not bad. It seems like Xueyi is getting better and better at cooking. I can tell that she put a lot of love in making these. Come on madam Tang, try some.

“No need, no need.”

Tang Feng smiled and started to make some excuses for what happened yesterday, “Aiya.. Zifeng…. It’s not like I didn’t want to help you yesterday but your second uncle is the one in charge when your father isn’t here. If I were to help you, I would have probably gotten punished as well.”

As a woman in a large clan, she wanted to reap the benefits and not make any trouble. Tang Feng wanted to preserve her position in the clan and would not easily jeopardize her place by helping Zifeng.

“Nonsense. I understand what you mean. And also, it’s pretty good here in the cellar. I don’t have to see their disgusting faces at all. At least I can get some peace and quiet here.

Ye Zifeng smiled and did not put anything that happened yesterday to mind.

“You’re pretty optimistic….” Tang Feng smiled and started to eat the cakes while chatting.

“To be honest, your second uncle probably locked you up because they didn’t want you to train in the sect…. From what I can see, they might be a bit afraid of you.”

Ye Zifeng was startled and laughed, “Scared of me? They’ve been calling me trash the entire time…. What’s there to be scared of? They’re overestimating me too much.”

“You being a trash is a thing of the past. You’ve changed so much recently. Maybe one day, when you get older, you’ll be able to surpass Ye Huichi and your older cousin Ye Hong. You might even become stronger than your second uncle as well! By then, the Ye clan will definitely be in your hands!” Tang Feng eyes shone brightly as she talked about Zifeng’s future.

Ye Zifeng looked deeply into Tang Feng’s eyes. He understood her meaning. Tang Feng was able to see his potential and thus stood by his side. When he becomes the next clan master, then Tang Feng, who was by his side, will also reap the benefits.

However, he didn’t mind that someone like Tang Feng was by his side. This was because they can use each other… At least until he loses all his value. But before that, Tang Feng will definitely help him in the shadows. Ye Zifeng knows his own potential better than anyone else and believes that Tang Feng will help him no matter what.

Wanting to be more clear with his intentions, Ye Zifeng calmly asked, “Madam Tang, did the Liu clan send any bad news over?”

Hearing this, Tang Feng was surprised. She knew that he wanted information and thus answered very quickly.

“There’s no news from the Liu family. I believe that they don’t want to make themselves lose face so they didn’t spread anything out. No outsiders know about the cancelling of the engagement.”

“Is that so?”

Tang Feng stopped for a bit but then continued, “This is not important. However there might be some news that might catch your interest. It’s about the Ashen Spirit Sect.”

“The Ashen Spirit Sect?” Ye Zifeng shook his head, “For any disciples under the fifth qi refining stage, they’re all children of rich parents who fool around in groups. It is best not to mention them at all.”

Tang Feng smiled, “Then how about I tell you this. Because the sect wants to encourage these troublesome disciples, they’ve put up missions in exchange for rewards. Some of these rewards include rare ingredients that you can’t buy in stores. Are you interested now.” She doesn’t know how much knowledge Ye Zifeng has in alchemy, but seeing that he can make a golden marrow pill, she placed her hopes in him by telling him this piece of news.

“This…. Possibly.” Hearing the words rare ingredients, Ye Zifeng became very excited. Due to the fact that he was a crazed alchemist in his past life, he is madly obsessed with rare ingredients.

In reality, the ingredients stores in Leizhou city were all too small in Ye Zifeng’s eyes. The ingredients that Ye Zifeng had wanted, the stores either lacked them or have very low quality stocks. These missions from the sect is a great opportunity for him to get some of the ingredients that he wanted.

Tang Feng continued to smile, “If you want some good missions, I can arrange them for you, but…..”

Ye Zifeng smiled back and retrieved a huang tier golden marrow pill from his sleeves.

The two understood each other and smiled……