The Strongest Businessman - 9 Chapter 9: Discovery Under the Moonlight and the Break of Dawn

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Under the curtain of moonlight, a young man solely making a wooden platform could be seen. Amidst his construction of the wooden platform, he caught his breath a little bit and gases upon the starry sky. Of course who could this young man be aside from Dylan?

"The sky in this world is different compared to Earth\'s starry night sky." Dylan wondered.

Indeed, the night sky of the Great Mystic World is different because it has three moons of different sizes. The biggest of the three is colored white; the little moon is of light blue in color, while the topmost and the second biggest moon are yellow in color.

Dylan remembered the legend behind the three moons. The legend depicted that the Great Mystic World only had one large moon in the beginning. As years past, the moon started to gain intelligence and later on successfully transform into human form. But the heavens did not permit it to be so. So, it casted the Heavenly Tribulations onto the moon.

The Heavenly Tribulation was frightening, it nearly killed the moon but at the end of its life, it\'s power erupted and broke through to become a deity. Its human form became more apparent as it finally chose a gender. It became a female goddess overflowing with beauty.

With her new gained power, she fought the Heavenly Tribulation and rocked the whole world until it dissipated. Unwillingly, the Tribulation Clouds faded. Just as the Moon Deity rejoiced in victory, the space bended countless of times until a whole was pictured through space. A god descended and it was called the Seven Kills God, a renowned expert for massacre and overflowing with battle intent. He fights anyone to quench his thirst for battle. That is why he rushed here sensing someone has reached the Deity Stage.

He did not care whether it was a beautiful goddess. He was only interested in fighting. When the Moon Deity saw his appearance, she knew she couldn\'t escape. That was why she prepares herself for battle. Unfortunately, the Seven Kills God was too strong. He sliced two times; the first severed Moon Deity\'s head, the second separated the torso from the legs.

Disappointed, the Seven Kills God left. The three parts formed into three different moons in size and in color. The torso was the biggest, the legs were the slightly smaller, and the head was the smallest. That was how the people of the Great Mystic World believed how the moon came to be.

Thinking about this, Dylan sighed as even a strong expert like the Moon Deity could perish as well. He clenched his fist and swore that he would become stronger than the Moon Deity and even the Seven Kills God. He would become the strongest there is.

His eyes brimmed in fires of determination as he started to construct once more. After an hour of work a decently made wooden platform was formed. He tested its durability and capacity and was quite satisfied by what he made. It could hold a total of 25 persons max.

Just as he was about to proceed to organize the setting outside of his shop, he noticed something different from his shop.

"Wasn\'t that sign broken when I opened the store this morning? Wait, the door is fixed?! The windows are no longer cracked?!"

He was shocked. Although these changes were negligible, as the store owner, he knew every detail in his store. Every inch and corner of the store was known to him. He momentarily stopped his beautification of the outside of the shop and entered the store. He was shocked to see that the store was more clean than usual. The hole left behind by Robert Bobman vanished.

He inspected every part of the store he knew that had some broken and he was shock to find out that almost all of them were gone.

"Could it be because of the mansion? No this isn\'t a direct effect of the mansion... But maybe it was related to me... Or to be exact my growth in strength?" Being an intelligent person, Dylan deduced this. He also found out that his current appearance had some slight resemblance to his old face when he was checking for that broken mirror at the side of the counter.

There was no change in the store or his appearance before. The only thing that could have caused this was his advancement in his cultivation level. Aside from that, he could not think of anything else that might have caused these sudden changes. That would explain why earlier Scarlet said he looks more handsome today than usual. He speculated that the mansion was made by at least a Deity level being whose cultivation was greatly related to business due to it giving rewards for the buying of costumers and subtly improving the condition of the store.

If his assumptions were correct, it would mean that the cultivation path set to him by the mansion was extremely suitable for him like it was tailor made for him. He, who was the greatest businessman of his time on earth, would be able to use his acquired skills and experiences from his past life in order to make himself stronger. Not only that, his workplace would also develop in accordance to his growth in strength.

Given all of that his cultivation path, would be different from the norm. His cultivation would be dependent to his skill in business and finance. It would also be dependent on the number of costumers and the popularity of his brand. One could say that his cultivation would be easy and hard at the same time. But with Dylan\'s skill and experience, it would only be a matter of time where his company in this world would flourish.

Thinking of this, Dylan\'s eyes burned with determination and intently gazed upon the horizon where his thoughts drifted over and said, \'My path has been clarified. Great Mystic World get ready for the rise of Dylan Ford."

He was even more motivated to finish with the construction of the setting he had in mind. He made common wooden fences and placed it around the platform in a square like manner. The square fences were 20 m long in each side. He crafted a small ark in the front to be set as a door. He based the look of the door by the ark on the mansion, though it was greatly inferior to the real thing, it still possessed that ethereal feeling to it.

After the fences, he started making the tables and chairs. For the tables, he decided that it would be also square so that it would be able to compliment the surrounding fences. For the chair he made it atypical so as to give the feeling of simplicity to the setting. Overall, the whole area feels peaceful and serene that would have a great impact to the costumers. But he was only able to make 4 sets of the table and chairs. A set was compromised of one table and 4 chairs. He was still lacking 10 more sets. So, he decided to once again venture to the woods.

This time, he also awakened several beasts. He woke up a horde of Fire Chickens but the strongest was just initial 5th level Spirit Core Realm and the others were only at the Pinnacle of the 4th level. They were twice as big as normal chickens especially the 5th level one which was bigger than the rest. So he happily slaughtered them all as he thought they would serve as a good dish and went back to the store.

After three hours of work, he was able to create 15 more sets and used the rest as letterings for the platform. He still felt dissatisfied about the outcome. Although it already looked great, he wanted it to have a perfect appearance so as to render the costumers in awe. Then, thought of something that would better the look of his store. It would be flowers. Flowers maybe simple but they are pleasing to the eyes and if used properly they would attract countless of eyes.

So he went back to the forest, in its vicinity you can see countless flowers but he only selected those he knew because others might be poisonous and if something bad were to happen to a costumer, he would be held accountable. Fortunately, it was only flower picking so he did not wake up any beasts. After checking it several times, he was relieved that there was none which was poisonous. So he returned after.

After he decorated it the, roses, daisies, chrysanthemums, dahlias, yellow bells, jasmine and other flowers along with some vines were scattered all around the fences especially on the entrance. It looked like a mini garden of Paradise.

He saw that it was already dawn when he finished. He silently sat in meditation for a while to relieve the tiredness that he felt. When he felt refresh and all energized he painted it all with white. He used his energy to heat up the paint to hasten the drying of the paint after he was finished brushing the fences and the table. His ideal mini Paradise garden has been realized as the letters in front of the platform was emphasized by the waking sun. "GARDENFORD RESTAURANT"

Feeling satisfied, he happily stretched his body and prepared the ingredients.

Suddenly, a trembling noise happened in his mind.

"Could it be another stone? Maybe it\'s because of my voluntary improvement of the store that caused this. I wonder what I will receive."

Then, a light shot from the mansion gates and materialized in his hand. The light faded and revealed a book.

"A book?" Dylan was shocked.

In the book inscribed was " Cosmic God\'s Business of Galaxies". It was a cultivation manual.

"This- this.... Hahahahaha!!!! I\'m invincible!"