The Strongest Businessman - 89 Chapter 89: Tyrannical Thunderbolt Clouds Ar

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"You think we are afraid of you? We trapped you once and we can trap you again!!" The one-eyed hunter declared.

"You think so?" Dylan replied plainly.

"Hell yeah! We just need to go all out!" The large hunter said.

"That\'s right, we have yet to go all out!" The dwarf like hunter agreed.

The hunters were just about to attack when a different opinion was made by Barry. He was absolutely angry by the fact that he was completely ignored earlier by trying to warn his brothers and just recently they were angrily complained that they were not warned when Dylan broke out of the restrictions they gave him.

"Tsk, can\'t you see that he is much stronger compared before? He was clearly holding back when we fought him earlier!" What Barry was saying was logical because Dylan was holding back earlier and did not use the two Heaven Rank Techniques he has in his disposal.

\'So not all of them were dumb and conceited.\' Dylan wanted to adapt to the changes brought upon by the Legendary Core.

After fighting with the hunters, Dylan was now able to familiarize himself with the fundamentals as well as the control of the Legendary Core. Now that he was done with adapting his newly acquired strength, Dylan decided to use his two Heaven Rank Techniques for a dry run.

" If you want to die that much, then don\'t drag me into it. Feel free to die, you nutheads!" Barry cursed and turned around to leave.

"You coward!" The black haired hunter scowled.

"That\'s right. I am a coward but this coward knows how to use his brains and retreat in the face of imminent doom! In this sense, being a coward is the wiser than brave people like you who foolishly want to take on their deaths for some energy refining formation. What\'s the use of being brave if you know that it would almost assuringly only cause death?" Barry did not back down when he turned around and argued. Since he was already abandoning the pack, he figured that it would be better to do it through and through.

\' A Heavenly Formation and a Heaven Rank Technique... I escaped during the war of the clan with the founding sacred scroll. I\'m definitely not going to waste my life fighting a monster like him.\' Barry thought to himself.

Barry had a bad gut feeling when he felt the energy that Dylan exuded from the Thundercloud Monarch Art. He always trusted his guts because it was due to his trust to it that he was able to survive up until now. Now, that he has reacted once again, he did not even think twice and retreat even if he might be wrong. It was even more so when he identified the technique Dylan possessed.

After saying those words, he turned around and continued his departure.

"You think that those reasons would make you appear a better person? No, it won\'t! You\'ll still be a traitor!" The vine controller screamed with fury.

"Pah! Go, walk away! Be the scaredy cat that your are! We\'ll show you whose wrong! We\'ll definitely win against him and take the formation for ourselves!!" A black-skinned hunter shouted as well.

"How pitiful. Can\'t you see that he\'s messing with you? While you were talking nonsense, he could\'ve killed you all like how he easily killed boss. However, he didn\'t that just goes to show how easy it is for him to kill you all. Everyone of you would just be whetstone for him to become even stronger. Goodbye. I hope you could all die with a corpse at least." Barry left as he said those words with his back fading to the darkness as he went straight to the cave\'s exit.

Barry\'s words suddenly hit the 6 remaining hunters like lightning because what he said was right. He could easily have killed one or two of them while the 7 of them were quarrelling. They looked at Dylan who was still being surrounded by the lightnings and the thunderclouds.

"Are you done arguing? So should we begin?" Dylan smiled as he said.

Dylan did not attack because he was overconfident but because he did not want to waste such wonderful guinea pigs to try the techniques of his Thundercloud Monarch Art and Tyrannical Thunderbolt Clouds. If the hunters knew that they would only be guinea pigs for a test run on Dylan\'s techniques, they would have vomitted blood from anger.

"Don\'t underestimate us!"

The hunters summoned their Avatars and attacked in duos. The black haired hunter sent telepathic messages to them that they should divide themselves into group of twos. One would act as the defending team, another would act as the primary attack which would be covered as a diversion while the last would act as the secondary attack in the surface but is the trueu200b attack in reality.

Although they were arguing earlier, they would still acknowledge the black haired hunter\'s plan because he was still considered to be the brain of their hunting group and his plans were all effective when executed properly. They could easily put aside their differences once in battle because they trained themselves to be able to immediately switch to combat the moment they sense danger.

\'So thats how it is...\' It was just unfortunate that their plan was immediately seen through by Dylan and then created a counter measure for an attack. Dylan still decided to play with their plan and attack the defending duo in frontu200b of them.

"Tigerbeetle Monarch: Piercing Thunder!" Dylan released a thunder at the size of an infant which had the shape of a tigerbeetle. This was the skill created by the Tigerbeetle Monarch which possesses unparalleled piercing strength when mastered to Grand Perfection! Even in Novice Mastery, the user could use this skill to penetrate even a mountain wall easily!

The defending duo has already created their defenses once Dylan attacked. The duo used a Defensive technique called Ironsilk Web. It was a skill that enables the user to produce a spiderweb that wouldn\'t be easily broken of any attack from a 11th level Awakened Spirit!

But the Ironsilk Web could only delay the Piercing Thunder for a short lapse of seconds before snapping. "Impossible..." The defending duo could not believe what happened in front of their eyes as the two horns of the lightning tigerbeetle pierced through each of them! The attack destroyed half of their torso as their bodies were mutilated by the residual thunder!

Dylan\'s attention shifted to the ground as he prepared for another attack. "The same trick won\'t work on me!" Dylan swiftly used the Tiger Slayer Skill on the ground to break it. The ground broke as the huge venomous flytrap and a school of vines appeared. Dylan immediately shifted his techniques and roared as he threw another punch: "Tyrant\'s Thunder Break!"


Tyrant\'s Thunder Break was one of the five skillsu200b Dylan created in his Tyrannical Thunderbolt Clouds Art! This skill was an area effect skill which Dylan envisionedu200b. He theorized that when he mastered it to Grand Perfection, the area affected would be 1 or even 2 kilometers in diameter! A skill he designed for a massacre!

Dylan designed the Tyrannical Thunderbolt Clouds Art to be overbearing in might! He wanted to use this technique to be the first mark of him becoming stronger and try to cover his past mistakes with unbeatable might! The technique embodies his desire to never become weak once more and have the power greater than a monarch, the tyrannical strength of a heavenly tyrant!


The two Avatars tried to fight back but it was futile as they were helplessly disintegrated by the immense force the skill contained. Everything within 3 meters of Dylan was in rubbles! That was the terrifying strength of the Tyrant\'s Thunder Break!

"Nooo...!!" The two owners of the attack could only cough up tragic amounts of blood with their faces losing color.

"No way..." The last duo was shocked but they could not afford to be distracted in this critical juncture as they were already less than five meters away from Dylan, ready to deliver the finishing blow.

"Die!!" The two jointly attack with their blades accompanied with the use of a Low Earth Ranked Battle Technique which they both mastered to Expert Mastery! They poured out every single once of spirit energy they have and used their two blade avatars at the maximum!

"Now, I get it." Dylan contemplatedly said as though he was able to encounter enlightenment. He even disregardedu200b the attack nearing him when he reached the conclusion of his thought!

Dylan materialized the two skills he just used earlier! The strange thing was he placed the Piercing Thunder which was on his left hand on top of the Thunder Break which was on his right fist that was already on the ground!

Shockingly, a joint skill was created which contained the two characteristics of the two skills stacked together! The piercing ability of the Piercing Thunder and the destructive range of the Thunder Break!


"Piercing Thunder Break!" Dylan excitedly called out as the lightnings from his two hands ravaged the entire cave! The four remaining hunters were killed miserably by the sword-like lightningsu200b which were uncontrolled as it danced around the cave! They were not even left with a corpse after the skill died down.

"Ooops, got a little carried away there." Dylan scratched his head and scanned the dilapidated cave walls and the ground.

Dylan was able to create the Piercing Thunder Break because the Tyrannical Thunderbolt Clouds Art was able to retain the stacking ability of the Thundercloud Monarch Art since it was derived from it. The degree of similarity in both structure and fundamentals of both skill were nearly uncanny. That\'s why their degree of compatibility is also of the same degree.

Dylan was able to figure out the right manipulation of magnitude of both skill and experimented to try it. Fortunately, he succeeded because if he failed, he would also be severely injured due to the backlash of the joint skill.

Despite knowing this, Dylan continued on and gambled. He had already taken into account even if he failed, the failure of the combination would kill his foes as well. The possibility he feared most was that the cave would be unable to hold on an and collapse.

If that were to happen, Dylan would be forced to abandon the formation which he would not want to happen. Thankfully, it didu200b not happen or else, Dylan would have greatly regretted it since the formation can only be formed once by any person who was not a God-level Formation Master like its creator.

"With the nuisances gone, it\'s time for my Legendary Core to evolve." He mused.

"Ah, that Barry almost slipped my mind." Dylan remembered. He then startedu200b to sprint towards the exit of the cave to catch up with Barry. He needed to silence every witness so he could cultivate in the cave safely.