The Strongest Businessman - 85 Chapter 85: Upgrade to Legendary Core! 1

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Dylan scaled the crater with a jump. He elegantly landed on the road, then faced the dumbfounded crowd with his signature faint smile.

The reason why he was nonchalant and calm all throughout was that he knew that aside from those who gained the recognition of the four kings, all are unworthy to hold the Thundercloud Monarch Art Manual. If they were to try and acquire the method regardless of the methods, as long as they were within the city, they would be obliterate by the four statues of the Thundercloud Kings which are positioned at the four principal directions.

Yes, the protection provided by the four Thundercloud Kings is only in effect within the city. If the inheritor were to leave the city, the defense given by the kings would be nonexistent. Dylan did not disclose this matter regarding the limited range of protection because he still has many use of the deterrence provided by the kings.

Thanks to this deterrence and how the events have resulted to one of his most ideal outcomes that he envisioned, Dylan was certain that the inhabitants of the city and the members of different powers would think twice before offending him. He also intentionally mentioned that harming and coercion would also result to the same result earlier to eliminate any possibility of any of the powers making a move on him.

After acquiring the memory fragments, Dylan immediately forged a plan in relation to the information he got. Right from the start, he knew that not everyone would agree with him and disregard his reminders to try and steal the two techniques from him. With his experience with dealing people, greed was truly an unscrupulous thing which could cause anyone to act outrageously. Thus, he knew he could useu200b the greed of humans to his advantage.

When he left the books, Dylan walked to the direction which had the weakest concentration of experts which was northbound. He knew that if the one who will acquire the inheritance were to escape, then the escape route of the thief would be northbound. Thus, he walked towards theu200b north to be the first one to get the two manuals.

He also had another reason for including the technique he made, the Tyrannical Thunderbolt Clouds Art. It was because the technique derived would not receive the same protection as the Thundercloud Monarch Art. In order to create a fallacy that his technique was also protected, he presented the two techniques as a pair. Thus, creating an illusion that the two techniques had the protection provided by the statues of the kings.

In conclusion, he fully utilized this opportunity in order tou200b eradicate any source of problem for his business in the future.

"Now does everyone believe my reminders earlier now?" Dylan spoke to the crowd while he maneuvered his fingers for his storage ring to store the two techniques.


No one dared to say no due to what had happened. This man may seem harmless but he was truly ruthless in reality. They suddenly realized that everything that happened up until now was some sort of plan but this thought made them shiver from fright.

\'What a terrifying young man...\' The crowd had one thought in their mindsu200b.

If this young man could be so crafty and intelligent to make such an elaborate scheme at such a tender age, how terrifying wouldu200b he be when he becomes older? It seemed that they had to reevaluate Dylan since he not only possess heaven defying comprehension but also is eloquent and ingenious in both speech and methods.

The crowd felt that he would be exceedingly successful in the future but he only had one flaw, his low cultivation. They felt that it was rather strange that he had low

"Hahaha, Young Master Dylan is truly a genius among dragons!" A tall old man laughed merrily. This man was someone Dylan was very familiar with, Premier Hall\'s Auction Co-coordinator Allen Kindleheart.

"If it isn\'t, sir Allen. This humble one greets you." Dylan respectfully cupped his hands at Allen.

"Hahaha, there is no need for such formalities since Sir Dylan is a prized business partner of our Premier Hall." Allen Kindleheart said with a hearty laugh.

The crowd gasped from this statement. Although it was already speculated by many that Dylan had some connection with the Premier Hall, they did not expect it to be as business partners!

Though it was still a mystery to them why the Premier Hall decided to agree to such a partnership, it was inferred that if they cultivate Dylan wholeheartedly, then they would be able to produce an expert that the Thunder Clouds City has never seen before!

After Allen\'s appearance, a team of experts which all wore robes with the insignia of the Premier Hall descended from the sky like immortals. The ones who lead the group was the Hallmaster Azelmek and Coordinator Sheldon. The group landed beside Dylan and Allen. This was the Premier Hall evidently showing off their strong relationship with Dylan Ford.

"Hallmaster, Sir Sheldon and elders. This humble one greets you all." Dylan pleasantly spoke with a respectful bow.

"Virtuous nephew Dylan, arise. There is no need for these respectful gestures every time you meet us. You may just call this old man as Uncle Azelmek." Hallmaster Azelmek intimately spoke with a smile.

"And I as Uncle Sheldon." Sheldon added with a formal smile while he patted Dylan\'su200b back as though he was his true nephew.

"Yes, Uncle Azelmek and Uncle Sheldon." Dylan respectfully replied.

"Today, we formally announce the partnership of the Premier Hall and the Soaring Garden Herbal Store!" Azelmek and Sheldon proudly announced to the public.

At first, Azelmek and Sheldon was only doing this transaction due to the involvement of Sir Null in this matter. But now, that they witnessed firsthand the amazing talent and the eloquent disposition Dylan possessed, they were more than willing to publicize their partnership.

"It seems like the partnership between Dylan and the Premier Hall is a rather intimate one. I congratulate the Premier Hall for finding such an outstanding genius! This is a reason for a grand celebration! Hahahaha!" Zachary congratulated them with a round of applause.

"Hahaha, congratulations, Brother Azelmek!" A man whose height was over 2 meters and had a muscular physique said. He was the head of the Battlebeast School which was the fifth of the Top 10 powers and was known to be the Wild Tiger of the Thundercloud City, Garu Hayber!

"Congratulations, Brother Sheldon." This was the Captain-General Sandy Maroon. He was a close childhood friend of Sheldon. He was the current commanding officer of the Thundercloud Guards who was overlooking the event.

"Congratulations, Brother Azelmek..." Gayolei weakly stated. He never thought that Dylan was actually affiliated with the Top 3 power and it was no ordinary connection but a business partnership!! His Panther Clan was only the eighth of the Top 10. It absolutely could not contend against the Top 3 behemoths of the city. He could only give up trying to make a move on Dylan at all. \'I will still make you pay for what you have done to my son, Dylan Ford!\'

"Congratulations, Brother Azelmek!"

"Congratulations, Sir Azelmek!"

"Congratulations, Brother Sheldon!"

"Congratulations, Coordinator Sheldon!"

"Congratulations to the Premier Hall!!"

The leaders and representatives of the sects present all congratulated Hallmaster Azelmek and Coordinator Sheldon for their relationship with Dylan.

"Thank you everyone! For the celebration of the partnership, we will be having a banquet a week from now! Everyone will be invited and is free to come!" Sheldon loudened his voice for all to hear.

"What a joyous occasion! Hahaha!" Garu Hayber laughed heartily.

"A joyous occasion, indeed!" The First Elder of the Fleeting Wood Residence, Herbert Fleetwood greeted as well.

"Then, Brother Azelmek, we\'ll be expecting a grand feast a week from now! Hahaha. Then let this old man be the first to take his leave." The old man who spoke was the old man was chatting with his butler earlier. His name was Ymir Ekans. He is the ancestor of the fourth ranking power in the Top 10, Cloud Serpent Sect. He took the initiative and left the crowd.

"Hahaha, we will see you then, Brother Azelmek!" Zachary bid farewell to the crowd with his camp.

One by one, all the powers bid farewell to the Premier Hall and Dylan. The onlookers followed their lead and gradually dispersed leaving not one person in the vicinity of the entire test center.

" I guess we must take a leave as well." Allen Kindleheart spoke after a moment of silence. He kindly smiled at Dylan who nodded in response.

"Mn, thank you for coming and publicizing our partnership." Dylan thanked Azelmek and the other for their help. Otherwise, it would have been a little hard to let everyone go.

"Ah, yes. Dylan, I almost forgot. The ingredients that your master have ordered is now complete. I wonder when he will be coming to get them?" Sheldon suddenly recollected.

"Oh, sir Null would be delighted once he hears the news. I will inform him later and he will surely be visiting the Premier Hall tonight!" Dylan happily exclaimed. He was inwardly happy now because the time now has come for him to make a breakthrough!

"Hahaha, is that so? Then we will absolutely give him a warm welcome when he comes tonight." Azelmek laughed in delight.

"He will certainly be pleased." Dylan smiled.

"We shall now take our leave. Just contact us if you need something." Sheldon reminded as he bid farewell.

"Goodbye, Uncle Azelmek and Sheldon." Dylan send them off as they rode the carriage and left like a bolt of lightning.

After they left, Dylan and his employees were the only ones in the square of the Noble Test Center.

"Sir Dylan, what should we do now?" Roland led his group and went to where Dylan was.

"We\'ll be going back to the residence." Dylan told his employees.

"Yes,sir." The employees nodded.


Within the Thunder Clan Mansion...

Zachary was currently going down on a staircase leading to an underground room. When he entered the room, there was a peerlessly handsome young man who was surrounded by lightning. However, these lightnings are no ordinary lightningsu200b as he was being surrounded by lightnings of three different colors!

"Son, it seems like you were not the only one capable of deciphering the mystery of the test." Zachary told his son who was currently meditating.

"Oh, is that so? Who was the one who was able to comprehend the inheritance other than me? It certainly would not be Wonder Child or the Child Strategist and even worse for the Golden Daughter and the Saint Child. Could it be Riki Panther or Asiel?" Victor slowly opened his eyes. Shockingly, he faintly released the energy of the Breaking Demarcation Realm!

"Neither, it\'s the eloquent person who you told me about. Dylan Ford. He did not only comprehend the inheritance, he was also able to get a perfect score and successfully acquire the Thundercloud Monarch Art." Zachary plainly stated.

"..." Victor Thunder did not respond.

"Are you shocked?" Zachary asked.

"Yes, I did not expect him to have the same level of comprehension like me. Unfortunately, I was too immersed with creating my technique that I forgot to answer the last 5 questions when I took the test." Victor regretted.

"That\'s fine, son. Though you may not have acquired the actual inheritance, you were able to comprehend a Mid Heaven Rank Technique! It just goes to show how heaven defying your talent is." Zachary comforted his son.

"I\'m leaving. My Master will be coming to get me soon and prepare me for the tournament four months from now." Victor closed his eyes and meditated once more.

Seeing his son like this, Zachary knew that his comfort was not needed. He left his son to cultivate and await for his son\'s master\'s arrival.


At Dylan\'s Residence...

Dylan just came home from the Premier Hall. He disguised as Null and recieved the ingredients he ordered for advancing his Spirit Core to the Legendary Core. In exchange, he gave the hall the course of action that they should take for their business. The method he prescribed would at least increase their sales by 30% if they followed it for 2 weeks! Keep in mind that being a power of the three top powers, the amount of they earn is astronomical! Being able to increase even a tenth of its sale is already a big sum for most sects! But with Dylan\'s intelligence, he was able to devise a plan that enabled the Premier Hall to gain 30% more income.

Azelmek and Sheldon were both in shock and happy when he gave them his method. They happily gave Dylan the ingredients and send him off when he left.

The truth is, Dylan knew a method which could increase theiru200b income with 100% and even 200% with a business their size in just a 3 week\'s time! However, he left it for later dates because he still has uses for the Premier Hall.

Dylan asked for a Stealth Cloak since it piqued his interest. He said that he wanted to give it to Dylan for protection from attention since the achievements that he had would definitely attract a lot of attention from the public. Sheldon immediately offered him a High Earth Class Stealth Cloak which could even hide the aura of its wearer from an Mortal Moulting Realm expert.

Wearing the Stealth Cloak and bringing the herbs he needed, Dylan slipped through the city and went to the Great Pine Forest to cultivate. This was because the Cosmic God Manual creates too much of a disturbance and attracts too much attention so he decided to cultivate in this forest.

After an hour of running westwards from the city, he reached the forest and plunged to its depths. He immediately took out his Waning Moon Sword and Shield of Dusk and killed the Spirit Veins Monster which attacked him. Several minutes later, he found a large cave and entered it.

The cave was strangely long as he estimated that he had already walked about 500 meters now. Dylan used his energy on his eyes to see the darkness. When he reached it\'s end, he saw a 3 meter large Earth Puma who was sleeping and at the High 15th level of Awakened Spirit Realm. Dylan used the advantageu200bof his Stealth Cloak and assassinated the Earth Puma with a slash of the Crescent Moon Slash!

Dylan stored the carcass of the beast and occupied the cave. He sat down and got all of the ingredients to the ground. He had 11 batches of every single herb he needed for the Legendary Core advancement when he only needed 8 batches because he only needed two batches every time he destroys his Spirit Core.

"It\'s time to start." Dylan said to himself.

He inscribed a diagrammaticu200b circle within the Legendary Core Chapter on the ground and placed the first two batchesu200b of the herbs. When he placed the herbs, the circle started to shine brightly. Seeing that everything was happening according to the manual, he sat at the center and started the procedure.


When he started, a heart-wrenching roar of anguish was heard from the cave as though a powerful beast was raging inside. Bursts of fluctuating energy could be felt from within the cave. The spirit beasts within the vicinity were scared instinctively when they felt that uncontrolled fluctuations of energy.