The Strongest Businessman - 83 Chapter 83: Three Reminders

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None could see through this young man\'s smile, they were wondering where his calmness was coming from. It was as though he was quite used in situations like this.

Indeed, Dylan has been in these kind of situation for county of hundred times back when he was still managing his company. Thus, he knew the perfect way to deal with this situation at hand.

"Really?!" The crowd gasped from this response.

"Of course. However, I have three reminders before I give the technique." Dylan raised his hand with three fingers pointing upwards which indicated the three reminders he spoke of.

Gayolei, on the other hand, could not think of any ways on how to retort. He was furiously searching his mind for details that he could use against Dylan. Finally after some mental deliberation, Gayolei have found the appropriate issueu200b that he thought would force Dylan into a predicament.

"Good decision. Aside from the appearance of the four incarnations of the four kings, another phenomenon happened and this was the Heavenly Blessing! The occurrence of a Heavenly Blessing implies that a Heaven Rank Technique has been born. This occured in the Noble Test Center and since you were the only one who was within the infrastructure during the Heavenly Blessings, you should be the only one responsible for creating the technique! I suggest that you also hand the technique over with the inheritance of the Thundercloud Kings." Gayolei emphasized with a grin. He interjected before Dylan could even state the three reminder he spoke about.

"That\'s right! If you don\'t hand over the two techniques, there would be unfortunate consequences involved." A clan head of a great clan which had some friendly relations with the Panther Clan threatened.

"I agree, junior. You should hand over the two Heaven Rank Techniques and you shall be considered to have rendered a great service to the city and the four ancestors." A sect master concurred as well.

"Gifting the city with two techniques of the Heaven Rank, I feel that this is the will of the four kings! As faithful descendants, the ancestors have heard our prayers for another meteoric rise and reciprocated our faith with these techniques!" Another elder used the pretext that all of this was in accordance to the will of the four kings.

"Hahaha, the four kings has truly not forsaken our city even in death! They have righteously created a back up plan for another rise of the city!" Another old leader of a power used this opportunity to strengthen the pretext of the will of the ancestors.

"The Thunder Clouds City will enter another glorious period!" The elder cheered.

"The city will rise again!"

"The city will rise again!"

"The city will rise again!"

Their subjects followed their leads and cheered as well.

The onlookers were immediately reminded of another matter aside from the inheritance! It was the creation of a Heaven Rank Technique! Different glints flashed through the eyes of these people as greed was slowly showing itself.

Gayolei and the others were laughing viciously in their hearts and looked at Dylan as though he was a fish on a cutting board. The greed in their eyes were apparent because they thought that with what was currently unfolding, the two techniques are good as theirs.

Even Zachary Thunder had an unusual glint in his eyes when he heard the involvement of two Heaven Rank Techniques!

\'Your doom has come Dylan Ford!\' Gayolei as he contemptuously gazed at Dylan like he was already a dead man.

Dylan knew all too well what type of fallacy was being committed here. He was far too familiar with this kind of play and drama. So, he knew all too well the use of righteous cause

"So an 18 year old kid was responsible for creating such a high grade technique? Is such a thing believable?" Dylan merely smiled at the face of such accusations and answered with questions. He did not mind that Gayolei rudely interrupted him and the support of the other heads.

The crowd had confused expressions because they could not understand why did Dylan ask such a rhetorical question. However, he did not deny Gayolei\'s accusations which lead the crowd to think that he was really the one responsible for causing the Heavenly Blessing.

Some sneered when they interpreted it as a futile struggle while others felt pity for him being caught in this predicament.

"Urrr... Of course! Though commonly, wise sages and powerful experts needs to enter a state of epiphany in order to create such a technique. A rare one in a million genius could do such an heaven defying feat!" Gayolei stuttered first before he could come up with a barely believable exposition.

"Right, it\'s just as you have said. Since I am the one responsible for creating a Heaven Rank Technique with my age, it means that you are admitting that I am the rare one in a million genius that you were talking about earlier, am I wrong?" Dylan smiled pleasantly at the clan heads and sect masters.

"As a genius, I would be quite an asset to the city and be a potential pillar in the future. Since a rare genius would only be useful alive and as a future pillar of the city, I believe that you would not kill me at the very least. Even more so because I have gained the inheritance of the four kings. Being faithful descendants of the four kings tantamounts that you must value the will of your ancestors." Dylan used Gayolei\'s statements to support his claim as he has already anticipated him speaking those words. This was the reason for him asking such rhetorical questions earlier.

"Since I am recognized by the kings as its\' rightful inheritor, it should also mean that you would value me in the same sense as well. Killing or even harming someone who was recognized by your ancestor is nothing but blaspheming their wills. Similarly, coercing him is akin to bending the will of your ancestors. So, I must apologize, your threats are of no value to me at all." Dylan continued with a faint smile to the person who threatened him and those who supported him.

Those who just spoke just now had faces steaming with anger. This young man was using their words against themselves. He was insinuating that their claim of their deeds being the will of their ancestors was hypocrisy.

His continuous retorts and answers caused shock to the audience. It felt like all of his answers were already prepared beforehand because he was able to deliver them with utmost composure and clarity that they felt like he prepared for this debate beforehand.

He did not exude an air of arrogance and overconfidence but he emitted the aura of a vast and unfathomably calmness which gave them a feeling that his collectedness could dominate his foes in a leisurely manner. They felt that such a terrifyingly calm disposition was not something that should be possessed by this 18 year old youngster.

"You junior had the gall of talking back to us! How preposterous!" A patriarch retorted angrily.

"I am deeply sorry if I have caused you displeasure but I could not see how could I have made my point otherwise." Dylan stated calmly sounding a bit more deeper and colder than earlier.

"You!!" The patriarch could not retort any longer and it seemed that the others could only grit their teeth as well.

"So, let me continue where I left off earlier. There are three reminders that I would like to leave you with. I repeat they are reminders and not conditions." Dylan scanned his eyes towards the elders.

"I am not trying to swindle anyone and I assure you that my words are a hundred percent true. If I may lie, may the heavens punish me." Dylan calmly made an oath to assure everyone that his words are facts and not fabricated lies.

The crowd could only commend this young man with the level of decisiveness he has. With the oath, any worries that they previously had was dispelled.

"First, to cultivate the technique one must be able to gain the recognition of the four kings. This can be done by taking the Noble Test and getting a perfect score. Everyone knows that there was a legend regarding a genius having answered all the questions correctly but only got a mark of 99. This lead to the belief that achieving a perfect score is impossible. To clarify this fallacy, I will tell you the inheritance method that was left behind by the Thundercloud Kings. The exam was the inheritance itself." Dylan stated.

"Howu200b is that possible?!" The First Elder of the Alchemy Academy, Alchemist Kale, inquired withu200b a shocked expression. The crowd had the same reaction when they h eard Dylan\'s words.

But, after some thinking, they were finally able to realize that it could be a possibility. The four kings did not leave behind any type of treasure or technique for them. The only thing they left to them was the treasure in the Noble Test Center. Powerful expert have eccentric tendencies so using the test as a form of inheritance would be feasible if thought in this view.

"But if the test was the inheritance, how come aside from the Extreme Thundercloud Technique and some other high class treasures, there hasn\'t been any appearance of the Thundercloud Monarch Art? How come you were the only who was able to receive the inheritance? Shouldn\'t the genius from the legends also have gained the inheritance if it was just to get a perfect score?" The Head Butler of the Fleeting Wood Residence, John Paul, critically inquired.

"That\'s because the last mystery of the test needs to be solved in order to be achieve the perfect score." Dylan replied.

"What mystery could it be?" The head of the Hundred Hills Grand Clan asked.

"That the test is the technique itself." Dylan answered

"The test is the technique itself?!" Shock was the only expression apparent in the faces of the people around the test center.

"Unfortunately, that is the furthest I can disclose according to the 4 kings\' will because the mystery is left for the examinees to interprete it for themselves to understand. Moving on, the second reminder I would like to impart you of is that the technique created should only be done in the duration of the examination. Meaning that the candidate only has 10 hours to answer the questions perfectly and create the technique at the same time."

"The third reminder is that the technique created should be at least at the Mid Earth Rank to be able to gain the inheritance from the Test Maker. In summary, you must gain the recognition of the four kings in order to cultivate the technique and to gain the ancestral recognition, you must get a perfect score and create a derivation of the technique that is at least at the Mid Earth Rank." Dylan finished his speech with a smile.

Silence was the only thing that could be heard after Dylan concluded his speech. Now that they knew the methods that their ancestors have left them was of this difficulty and has strict need for heaven defying talent, they gave up on any thought of getting such a powerful inheritance.

Perfecting the exam within 10 hours was hard enough already. But now to acquire the inheritance, they also needed to create a derivation of the technique which is at the Mid Heaven Rank while the exam is ongoing? They felt like doing such crazy tasks were an impossibility but with this young man standing in front of them who managed to successfully acquire the inheritance with flying colors, they could only unwillingly accept the bitter truth.

"How can I even have the courage to call myself a genius in front of this monster?" Some young masters and mistresses could only sarcastically laugh at themselves as they tried to compare themselves with the horrific genius in front of them.

The various leaders had it even worse since the exam could not be taken again after a citizen took it and passed after. This meant that it was already impossible for them to get the inheritance.