The Strongest Businessman - 82 Chapter 82: Worries

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Dylan\'s eyes turned serious as soon as he came back. He was thinking about the memory fragment that was left behind by the four kings.

The involvement of the Darkness Castle in the death of a True King was truly a ground shaking matter. Dylan did not anticipate that the roots of the Darkness Castle would be so archaic that it even reached the extent that it could singlehandedly declare war against a True King 5000 years ago.

Due to the new knowledge he gathered from the city, Dylan was able to learn more about the significant matters of a True King. A True King has the strength that could slaughter an Initial level Saint with one hand!

Initial level Saints are known to be able to dominate a state on their own. So, just imagine these type of terrifying existences be killed with just a flick of a hand! Such a sight would be truly frightening.

For the Darkness Castle to challenge a True King, it meant that their forces far exceed that of Initial level Saints and possess even stronger manpower. The forces that they deployed was enough to force a True King to use a life-ending attack just to kill the other two Saint-level experts.

But, Dylan was wondering if the Darkness Castle had this type of manpower, then shouldn\'t they have already taken over the entire Mystical Clouds right now? With strength capable of rivaling a True King, taking over the country would be a great possibility.

Although there was still the newly established Mystical Clouds Alliance and the Royal Clan of the recent True King, without the True King, they could have easily overthrown the current Alliance Head but they chose not to. Instead, they chose to linger in the shadows.

\'But for what reason? To garner strength? Or something else?\' Dylan thought to himself.

Dylan felt that this was too suspicious. Being able to force the death of one of the 7 True Kings who could kill Saints like killing chickens was a really frightening achievement. He could only think of one possible answer for this and it was that the Darkness Castle had sufferedu200b beyond considerable losses during the war 5 millennia ago.

However, judging the strength of Byron and his manner of blatantly exposing himself, Dylan was speculating that the Darkness Castle has already recovered from the damage and is currently gathering more forces to attempt to conquer the country once more.

The news of the battle between a Nine-tailed flame fox and the chain-covered humanoid which caused the destruction of the Soaring Cloud City and the evacuation of the citizens to the Peaceful Clouds City has already reached the Thunder Clouds City. This caused speculations of the Beast World\'s elites trying to infiltrate the continent of humans.

Due to this, all the six states sent representatives to investigate the matter. Dylan was confident that there would not be witnesses to report the news regarding his involvement with the battle since his employees were the only witnesses left due to them killing the remnants of the rebel army. His only worry was that he was unsure what type of method the six states have in their disposal since he was still new to this world. From his knowledge of reading different light novels, some might be able to use a treasure to detect remnant energies that will lead them to here. Therefore, he really wished that the 6 states won\'t use too much extraordinary measures because it might cause implications to him and his employees.

Dylan suddenly snapped out of his lamentation when he was transported outside of the Noble Test Center. When he came to his senses, he realized that he got sidetracked with his worries.

"I should let this matters aside first as I still have to deal with more urgent matters at hand." Dylan mumbled to himself as he faced the shocked crowd.

Dylan knew that the inheritance would have at least invited some kind of supernatural event which may have attracted the eyes of the countless experts living within the Thunder Clouds City. Thus, he prepared himself and composed himself to be able to deal with the countless heads of different type of powers.

The shocked crowd glued their eyes to the handsome youth who suddenly appeared. They had expressions of disbelief because according to what was currently happening, this young man who was the last to exit was the source of all the ruckus that happened within the city earlier.

"He\'s the one who... who caused all those phenomena?\'

"He gained the inheritance of the Thundercloud Kings?"

"It\'s boss!" A plump young man shouted in joy without any care of what was currently happening. He neared himself to Dylan with happiness written all over his face.

"Hi, Ron." Dylan was smiling stiffly at the sight of this fatty. He felt that this fatty had no sense of appropriation and did not have the ability to read the atmosphere at all.

"Come back here, Ron!" Roland urged as he pushed his way to the front.

The audience was met with an awkward atmosphere as they were faced with this scene. The fatty could be said to have cultivated the denseness of the mind to its epitome because he was clearly unaffected of what just happened within the city.

"Hahaha, nice going there Boss Dylan! We just scored 90,000 gold coins from the betting booths because of you getting the first place! You should\'ve told us that you were going to perfect the test so that we could have made an even greater profit." The fatty patted the shoulders of his boss for three times before showing an expression of regret as though he lost an opportunity to make a profit.

The audience woke up from Ron\'s statements and scanned the Spirit Blackboard for a man named Dylan. When they saw his score, all of the onlookers had their eyes almost bulging out of there eyes and jaws which seemed to want to hit the ground. The result status of his test was displayed for the people to see:

[FORD, Dylan/ Age:18/ Ranking: 1st/ Score: 100- Perfect]

"He... got the perfect... score?!"

"But I thought it wasn\'t possible..."

"How could this be..."

The crowd could not still believe their eyes when they saw his test results. He was able to achieve the greatest and impossible feat that could be achieved during a Noble Test.

Suddenly, marching and galloping soundsu200b could be heard.


"Stop fooling around! Come back here." Roland urged once more as he felt the tremors of the ground and the silhouettes of noble carriages behind the crowd.

"You fat rascal! Get back to the others, right now!" Dylan commanded with seriousness in his brows and eyes. Dylan saw what Roland saw as well. He knew that this was a serious matter which could not be dealt with shameless logic which Ron uses in his arguments.

When Ron saw this, he immediately knew that it meant "do not fool around and just follow my orders".

"Ah, yes boss..." Fatty Ron ran back to his colleagues as fast as he could because he knew that the amiable and calm Dylan rarely had a stern gaze and serious expression with him. He knew that it would be seeking his own death if he continued clowning with Dylan serious.

Seeing Ron getting further from the center of the crowd, Dylan let out a sigh of relief and abruptly calmed himself to prepare for the upcoming storm.

Countless leaders or representatives of sects and clans gathered a few meters away from Dylan. The Thunder Clan, Panther Clan, Alchemy Academy, Fleeting Wood Residence, Stone Edge Manor, and other powers all converged and focused their attention to Dylan.

The audience felt the suffocating pressure from the top figures of the powers who have arrived at the Noble Test Center. It was understandable since every single one of these characters were all at the peak of the Mortal Severing Realm or have set half a step into the Immortal Saint Realm.

However, they found it strange that the young man in front of these giants, calmly stood unfazed. His charming eyes exuded calmness that only a sea before a storm could possess and his smile was pleasant and pure without any mixture of nervousness. Everyone present found these traits peculiar as they were found to be in the disposal of this handsome youth.

"Young Dylan Ford, is it true that you have gained the inheritance of the four kings?" Zachary broke the silenced as he stepped forward.

The head of the Thunder Clan had certainly asked the question which the onlookers wanted an answer for the most. The crowd readied their ears and eyes not daring to miss a singleu200b moment and word during this confrontation.

"Yes, it is indeed as you have said. I have gained the Inheritance of the Thundercloud Kings! Their prized technique, Thundercloud Monarch Art!" Dylan directly answered the question unfazed.

Everyone was stunned as they did not anticipate that he would be so straightforward as to directly admit the deed. Many believed that he would at least put on an act and deny that he has gained the inheritance of their forefathers. They did not expect that he would just confess it without care as though it was nothing significant.

"Then, you should know what is good for you, brat! Hand the technique over or face the consequences!" Gayolei took this chance to attack Dylan verbally. He was already anticipating that Dylan would do his best and defend the inheritance because of reasons that he has rightfully received it due to his hardwork. He was already devising retorts that would make Dylan\'s situation even more worse.

However, Dylan\'s reply was out of his expectations as the young man simply smiled and spoke calmly at these powerful experts from different mighty lineages, "I understand Sir Panther\'s concern for the heritage of the four kings. That\'s why I am willing to do as you say and simply hand it over."

Dumbfounded, the countless leaders and citizens were unable to understand why this man would simply give the inheritance that easily without even defending himself. They felt that they were unable to see through this young man who was smiling at them.