The Strongest Businessman - 80 Chapter 80: Thundercloud? Kings Inheritance

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Dylan found it increasingly peculiar as he was rereading the whole test once moreu200b. He wondered to himself why was it that Cultivation Theories always were the last topic for the last two pages. What was the reason? He pondered also what was the prize of getting the perfect marks? The rumored legendary Inheritance of the 4 Thundercloud Kings?

In the history of the Thundercloud City, a once in ten thousand yearsu200b genius appeared and took the test. He was able to achieve the highest possible record within the Noble Test, a 99% score. He filed a complaint on the Thundercloud Guards against the Noble Test Center claiming that he was 100% certain that all of his answers were correct and demanded a reasonable and acceptable reason for the scam he experienced. He demanded for the test center to apologize to him and gift him the rightful inheritance of the Thundercloud Kings!

There was a legend in the city that once a person achieves the impossible perfect score in the Noble Test. Then, he/she will receive the Thundercloud Kings Inheritance which is called Thundercloudu200b Monarch Arts! A legendary skill that allowed the four kings to dominate their enemies from eight directions and pulverize everything on their path. It is considered as one of the ten strongest skills ever to be created by man.

Due to this legend, countless geniuses tried to achieveu200b that score but it was an impossible score to achieve. The once in ten thousand yearsu200b genius was the one who was closest to achieve such score. The test center did not apologize instead, they showed him the results of his test. It was then proven that all of his answers were right but the treasure still deemed it to be 99 percent. The elders also said that the inheritance was only a myth and was not proven to be true or not.

The genius was at a loss. He could notu200b accept the fact that he was unable to gain the inheritance and he felt that the elders of the center was lying to him because they feel that he was unworthy of such grace . Being an impulsive young man with a narrow view, he left the city and vowed to return and make the Noble Test Center pay for what they did and forcefully take the inheritance.

Surprisingly, he held this grudge for so long and he came back as a Saint and rampaged the entire city. The Thundercloud Guards and the Noble clans worked together in order to subdue the genius. He, then killed his way to the test center which resulted to great casualties . However, he was eventually decapitated by the slumbering father of the current City Lord who awoke from his death meditation in order to stop the genius.

This incident caused the Falling Thunder Period due to the unfortunate deaths of numerous experts at the Mortal Severing Realm who attempted to stop the Saint. The repercussions of that incident left a deep scar in Thunder Clouds City military force. They were unable to restore its strength until 500 years later.

Due to this incident, the legend was recognized to be impossible since even the unfortunate yet dazzling genius who got all the answers to the questions right was still not granted the inheritance. The geniuses could only stop ever dreaming of acquiring the perfect score of 100 and the peerless inheritance of the Thundercloud Kings.

Dylan also knew this incident since he read all records regarding the history of the entire Thunder Cloud City.

"So why was the genius not able to get the perfect score despite having the right answers? Why did the elder\'s claim that the legend of acquiring the inheritance by having a perfect score was not necessarily true? Why did the Thundercloud Kings even make this standardized test?" Dylan asked to himself.

"So if I were to say that the Test Center\'su200b elders\' claim was true, then would that mean that the Inheritance is not with them? If it is not with them, then would I be wrong to consider that test could be the Inheritance itself?! From my knowledge of various light novels, peerless experts have eccentric disposition and would not let their inheritance to be easily found. So the test could be one of the possible candidates of the inheritance!" Dylan deduced while using the wisdom he gained from reading uncountable number of light novels and the facts provided by the history of the Thunder Clouds City.

Having thought of this, Dylan grabbed an extra sheet of the large paper provided and used it to list down and derive the various concepts of the test and decode the entire test. As time passed by, Dylan unknowingly entered into a state of complete concentration while trying to formulate a Cultivation Technique!

Using the experience he gained from creating the Primordial Law of Business from his worldly experiencces, he was confident enough to derive a Cultivation Technique from the questions and concepts of the noble test.

He was also using the format and structure of the various techniques and manuals he read. He then used these formatsu200b of common thunder and lightning techniques as the foundation diagram while implementing the different theories found within the test that was derived from the Glorious Foundation Period. He primarily used the Cultivation Theories of this period because this was the period where the four Thundercloud Kings dominated the entire region.

In forty minutes of continuous failure , Dylan was successfully able to formulate a Cultivation Technique. If Technique appraisers were here, they would be shocked that an 18 year old was able to create a Low Earth Ranked Battle Technique!

"It\'s wrong! I don\'t get it. It should have been right but why is the strength of this technique only at, no, barely at the Low Earth Ranked? Being a technique created by four Saints, it should at least be a Low Heaven Rank Technique! Where did I go wrong?" Dylan was feeling frustrated. He was unable to derive the skill despite using all of the experiences he got.

Dylan paused for a second and calmed himself down. He then lamented, "What if I not only use the theories of the Glorious Foundation Period but also from the other two periods? What if I also add the concepts of war and business? Or even the geography of the city as the foundation?"

Dylan tried once more. For the foundation and the structure of the technique, he sketched the geographical structure of the city from a bird\'s eye view and incorporated it with the diagrams that he used from the various common lighting and thunder techniques. He also reused his implementations of the theories earlier and used the theories from the Rising Domination Period and Falling Thunder Period in order to correct the deficiencies it previously had. He also used the concepts of war and business found in the test to supplement the flow of the technique.

One hour has already passed, Dylan was still unable to perfect the technique but he was currently too absorbed to mind the hundreds of failed attempts he had. He was constantly improving and improvising in order to derive the Inheritance of Thundercloudu200b Kings.

Dylan himself did not know that he was formulating his own Cultivation Technique that was derived from the Technique that the Thundercloud Kings!

Outside the test center...

The participants all had exited the Noble Test Center and we\'re currently being received by their families and sects. The nobles were rejoicing of the outstanding results of the geniuses from noble lineages but there were also some who were depressed and disappointed as there were only 55% of the participants who passed the test. Some could only leave the square dejected and dismal.

"It\'s fine, son. We can still do better next time." A middle-aged noble comforted his son as they left.

"Yes, father." The boy could only follow behind his father, unable to even lift his head and look straight at his father.

"Damn, it I failed again!" A middle-agedu200b man miserably punched the ground.

"I\'ll do better next year..." A youth faintly uttered like a lost soul.


"You have done well, my student. You truly have not let me down!" A short yet muscular bearded man said jubilantly to his student.

"I\'m glad that I was able to make you proud, master!" The student merrily replied.

"Good, good, good. Hahaha, you better not slack off or else I would have to discipline you!" The master jokingly said and left.

"Yes, master!" The student steadily bowed before following his master.


"Hahaha, amazing, the Golden Daughter and the Stone Edge Saint Child bother got 82 percent!!" A noble elder proudly said as the two geniuses joined their sects.

" I would expect nothing less from the prodigies of the Hundred Hills Grand Clan and Stone Edge Manor. Truly befitting of their positions as one of the top ten powers of the Thunder Cloud City." Another elder from a great clan praised.

"Hahaha, thank you brothers! It truly is a blessing for my family to have a daughter like Daniela. She will surely become the family\'s clan master in the future." The current clan head of the Hundred Hills Grand Clan said smilingly and looked lovingly to his aloof daughter.

"Likewise. The Saint Child is the likely candidate to succeed the position of Manor Master." The head elder of the Stone Edge Manor smiled in the same manner as the clan head while Stone Edge Saint Child was standing behind.

"What a joyous occasion it would be for the two of them to marry each other! I\'m sure it would enable both powers to rise up together while jointly assisting each other." A wise old sage spoke with impeccable logic. This statementu200b abruptly caused a fluctuation on the faces of the said geniuses.

"Hahaha, true." Another noble agreed to this proposition which was followed by several similar answers.

"Unfortunately, we are unable to decide for ourselvesu200b the destiny of our kids but if fate wills it to be and ties the red string to my daughter and Saint Child, then I would have no qualms regarding the union." The clan head explained neutrally which was then complimented with the nods of other nobles.

"The Wonder Child was even more amazing. He scored 85!!" A youth said while he pointed at the scores of Wonder Child. This remark immediately piqued the attention of the crowd and was stunned to see such amazing score.

When the youth spoke out, the Wonder Child and the representatives of the Fleeting Wood Residence have already embarked their departure and left the Noble Test Center. The crowd could only sigh as this power was also known for its aloofness and detachment from the affairs of the city but since their ancestors owe an unrepayable debt to the Thundercloud Kings, they promised to stay within the city and guard it.

Suddenly, two blinding pillars of lightning from the Noble Test Center that soared through the sky. These two lightning were wide enough to devour a regular human and obliterate a hill or a forest. This mysterious phenomenon then attracted the eyes of every citizen and every power in the city.

"That\'s two Rising Lightningsu200b! Does this mean there are two people who achieved a score of 90?!"

"Who could they be? Could it be?! Alchemist Asiel and Sir Riki have achieved such a score?!"

"No way?! If that\'s true, then those two are equally heaven defying!!"

"Guys, look at the Spirit Blackboard! The-their scores are..."

"Sir Riki scored 92!!"

"Damn, the Young Master is a true monster!!"

"You\'re right about that, brother!"

"But, Asiel scored 94?!!!?!?!!"

The entire city was dumbfounded. These type of scoresu200b were nearly as good as Victor Thunder\'s 95! Does this mean there would be three dazzling geniuses that would come from their city?!

"Look! There\'s another Rising Lightning!!" A commoner pointed at another lightning that rose like a flying mythical dragon.

"The Child Strategist has scored 91!!!" A female noble shouted from shock.

"No way! So there are 4 grand geniuses that will come from our city?!"

"How domineering is this line-up?!?"

"Hahaha, it seems like our city will enter another glorious period with these geniuses around!!"

"Hahaha, don\'t forget about Imperial Spear and the other two from the Four Kings of Thundercloud!"

"That\'s right! With Victor Thunder as the leader of the Four Kings and the three new talents, they would surely lead our Thunder Clouds City and Mystic Red Cloud State to unparalleled heights!!

"That\'s true! Hahaha, maybe we would get to name this period as the Thunder Emperor\'s Period!"

"I agree! Hahahahaha!"

The whole city celebrated from inexplicable joy due to the emergence of these geniuses!! Thunderous cheers were heard after the three geniuses exited the test center. To the eyes of the masses, these three were like the most dazzling stars of the nightsky.

"Hahaha, the advent of the new age is here!" Gayolei laughed heartily and was evidently proud of his son.

"I agree, Brother Gayolei." The First Elder of the Alchemy Academy smilingly approved.

"I knew that my sister would not let me down." Charlton Meadows calmly stated with a proud smile.

However, another unforeseen phenomenon happened. A Rising Lighting unlike the three earlier emerged. It was at least five times larger than the first three and was enough to obliterate a mountain. This scene silenced the celebrating crowd and it seemed that the three geniuses were no longer as dazzling as they were earlier while a thought wondered through their minds.

" What type of genius could incite this type of Rising Lighting?"