The Strongest Businessman - 8 Chapter 8: The Rise of the Broken Down Herbal Shop.

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After closing the shop, it was already night time.

Currently, Dylan has advanced to the High 4th level Spirit Core Realm. With this sudden increase in strength, he felt he needed to consolidate and stabilize his cultivation. After several cycles of circulating his cultivation technique, he managed to fully stabilize his cultivation. He was surprised that the purity of his energy is nearing the High level Cultivation technique energy. He also realized that his capacity for energy has also increased significantly. It was nearly comparable to a Spirit Veins Realm Expert.

Previously, Dylan was disappointed that his body was having an increasing resistance to the mysterious white stones. Now, he understood why. It was because the stone has nourished his body to an extent that it felt like he was being reborn. The purity of his energy and capacity for energy has improved significantly because of this. He was no longer disappointed when he thought of this but instead, became fired up.

\'If my resistance to the energy is increasing, then I would just have to increase the number of customers I have. I could induce millions of regular customers in my company back on Earth. So why can\'t I do so now? Getting customers is as easy as pie for me.\' Dylan thought proudly to his previous achievements.

\'But I have another problem; my stock won\'t be able to keep up with my customers. If I have more or less 10 to 15 customers a day, my stock would only last for at least 5 days and at most a week. I need to find a shop to be the source of my ingredients. \'. Dylan calculated. He realized that he was severely lacking in ingredients.

So he formulated a plan. "I desperately need an investor and suppliers of ingredients. Based on my memories, there is a hunter\'s guild nearby called Hundred Hunters. Hundred Hunters is a guild of vicious men that hunts all day long and kills more than a hundred beasts daily. So I can make them my supplier for meat. For my spices and my tea herbs, let\'s see... the Misty Herb Garden is the one with the greatest herb production in Soaring Cloud City, so they will be the one to supply my herbal needs. For my investor, let\'s take Thousand Treasures Pavilion, the biggest auction house in the city."

He said as though everything was natural but if anybody were to hear what he just said they would puke blood from shock. Those three were giants within the city. Each one of them has a large web of influenced that flowed throughout the city. If the three heads of those three were here, they would be angered so much that they would turn red. It would be an insult to them how this owner of a run-down shop had the guts to utter those words to their respective organizations.

When he entered the house, Dylan saw Scarlet looking at her with a peculiar gaze.

"Is there something in my face?" He said.

"No it\'s just that... big brother, you became more handsome today." Scarlet said to her elder brother in a daze.

"Eh?" Dylan was shocked by what he heard. He even thought if he were hearing right.

"Uh, no... it\'s nothing... It\'s just you look a bit more unfamiliar all of a sudden, big bro." Scarlet seemingly woke up from her dazed state and organized her thoughts. She cursed herself why did she say that to her own brother.

"Oh, really? I don\'t really feel much of a change . Oh, maybe it\'s because I broke through today." Dylan hypothesized.

" What? Big bro finally had a breakthrough?! What\'s yours cultivation level now?" Scarlet changed the subject and excitingly questioned her brother. Finally after more than 4 years her big brother, Dylan, made a breakthrough.

"High 4th level Spirit Core Realm!" Dylan disclosed smilingly. He did not wish to hide anything to his little sister because it was pointless to do so. Although her little sister is quite the trouble maker, he still trusted her with all his heart because the current Dylan was influenced with the past Dylan\'s memories. It was the bond they had as brother and sister.

"Really?! Big bro is really the best." Scarlet knew how hard it was to cultivate and to advance a realm. She was so excited when she heard that her big brother Dylan leaped two whole realms. No matter what happens, she still believed that her brother would be the strongest. She immediately jumped to Dylan\'s embrace and hugged her.

Dylan was momentarily shocked but his expression warmed right after. He hugged that adorable little scarlet haired girl firmly. Then, after several moments later, he released her and slightly patted her head. Scarlet also reluctantly let go of his brother. \'I wanted to hug big brother a little longer though. Big bro Dylan smelled so good too\'. Then, she was shocked by what she had just thought. "What am I thinking?" she loudly reprimanded herself.

"Ehh?? Scarlet, are you feeling well? Why are you acting weird today?" Dylan heard Scarlet\'s unusual cry and he immediately inquired out of concern.

"Huh? Err.. uh... Right, it\'s getting late already. I need to go to bed." Scarlet tried to change the subject.

"Ehh? But we\'re just having dinner. Are you sure you\'re feeling well?" Dylan found Scarlet\'s behavior somewhat odd.

"Umm, of course I am. It\'s just that ate too much earlier and I\'m feeling sleepy already. There\'s no need to worry, big bro. I\'m still full. Good night, big bro. I\'m going to bed now." She said hurriedly and went to her room on a whim.

"Uh, okay. Have a good rest." Dylan reminded

When she arrived at her room, she finally calmed down. She gently laid on her small bed and slept soundly.

With Scarlet asleep, Dylan ate hurriedly as he decided what he should do next. "To attract the attention of those three organizations, I need to have a sudden increase in my customers. It not only needs to be many, it needs to be a crowd. I can maximize my output in three possible ways. First, by doing a public cooking which would definitely attract people because it will pique their interests with a line of thought, \'What is he doing?\'. Second, I need to create an environment that would be appropriate for long duration dining which will attract a number of people but is quite strenuous. Third, I need to maximize my estimated number of customers to more than 50. This will cut my supplies to a maximum of 3 days. I will be gambling it all on these three days."

"If my calculations are right, my initial number of customers will be 10-15. So I need to push it to 50 people. Every person would at the very least pay for 100 silver coins due to my menu. This will add to 5000 silver coins equivalent to 500 gold coins. If I continue this for three days, I would get 1500 gold coins which would square off my debt to Robert."

"But that\'s not what I want to achieve, my goal is to add 25 people per day and that will cause me to have a total of 2250 gold coins in 3 days!" Dylan planned everything according to his current resources and capabilities. He felt that he needed to prepare a whole night for this. That is why he immediately tidied up the dishes and the whole house.

His first task was to create a platform for his public cooking tomorrow.

He set off to the borders of "Beast Forest" and chopped of some wood. He chopped trees into lumbers. It took him one hour to chop the sufficient lumber he required. It would normally be impossible for a person to chop at such a speed but since Dylan has already entered High 4th level Spirit Core Realm and is comparable to a 7th level Spirit Veins Realm Expert in strength. He was able to do so with ease.

*Growl* *Growl*

He accidentally awakened a spirit beast called "Wind Wolf". A spirit beast which known for its speed and agility. The wolf was infuriated that this person woke him up from his good self by chopping of these trees. The Wind Wolf pounced towards Dylan as it exuded the aura of a Pinnacle 5th level Spirit Core Realm.

But how could this wolf compare to Dylan in terms of strength? Dylan rushed towards the world and seemingly vanished.

The Wind Wolf stopped on this tracks as his target disappeared from his line of sight. The Wolf noticed that from above a young man flipped and use the heel of his head to smash the skull of the Wind Wolf. An instant-kill by Dylan had occurred under the veil of the moon light. But he heard a few more growls and saw three angry Wind Wolf each one at the Peak 5th level Spirit Core Realm.

They madly pounced at him with eyes filled with bloodlust. But Dylan also did not delay as he used Breaking Boulder Fist to wipe out all three wolves at once. They maybe greater in numbers but under absolute strength, all is futile.

"Great, now I have just enough meat to last 3 days!" Dylan rejoiced in his luck. What poor wolves they became a supplement to Dylan\'s scarce supply of resources.

Dragging the four wolves in by their tails and the bundles of lumber he cut, he proceeded to the front of his store. When he reached his store, he placed the wolves\' carcasses by the side and started making the platform.