The Strongest Businessman - 78 Chapter 78: Outside of the Test Center

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The gazes of 10,000 people fell upon Roland as he spoke those words. They wondered who this Dylan Ford was? How could someone bet on a nobody? The crowd started asking for information regarding the background of a nobody.

"Hey, elder brother, do you know who this Dylan Ford is?" A girl wondered the identity of this Dylan Ford. Since someone had confidently bet on him, he would at least be a grand character at that. But she wondered how come she never heard of this youth named Dylan Ford before?

"Not sure. How about you, Master? Do you know him?" Her fellow apprentice could not give her the answer that she desired and instead, he diverted the question to their master.

"I am uncertain as well." The master was caught by surprise and could only give an unsure reply to his disciples.

"Dylan Ford? I think he is the owner of that new herbal store, Soaring Garden." A near fatty had a sudden realization and voiced out his guess which grabbed the attention of the entire crowd.

"A Herbal Store? A new establishment?" The majority were knitting their eyebrows when they heard the fatty\'s statement.

"Yeah, I remember he was the charminglyu200b calm, handsome young man who always treated his customers with a smile." An old woman weakly said with an amiable smile. Evidently, she had visited the store once or twice.

"Right, he was also spontaneously devising ways to make the services of the store more convenient for their customer." Another elder spoke.

"So... Basically, they are voting for a novice businessman? And a pretty boy at that? Hahahaha, hilarious!" No one knew who said those mocking words but once it was heard, the nobles gave hearty laughs at the small group.

"I remember now! I saw them working in that store as well! They must be his employees." A naive girl spoke aloud.

"Pfft, hahahaha! Now that\'s shameless! His loyal dogs are betting for him to show support! Hahahaha, this is has got to be the best joke today!" An arrogant noble from a great clan looked at them with condescending gaze as he cruelly laughed at them. He and dozens of nobles approached the small group of Roland.

He then continued making a mockery of Roland\'s groups actions: "Hahaha, you even went to the extent of betting him to be first?! Hahaha what naivety and blind devotion for your dog master! Hahahaha."

Due to his statements, the other nobles mocked Roland\'s group who were standing near Old Weller\'s booth. The hearty laughs reverberated to the entire square and contemptuous gazes of the nobles surrounded the group as their faces turned read from the blatant mockery.

They could not help about those several times those arrogant and spoiled nobles caused trouble within their stores while speaking how impotent and degraded the herbs that they sold were. But, they were eventually driven out by Dylan as he calmly disproved their claims in front of his customers.

From the embarassment of being publicly proved to be liars, they could only curse as they left with their tails between their legs while Dylan was met with recognition and applause. Unfortunately, Dylan was not hear to verbally spar with them and they were all alone in front of the antagonizing crowd.

But, they did not falter and endured their anger as Ronald boldly spoke:" Then, let\'s make it a bet then!"

The nobles were suddenly attracted by Ronald\'s sudden declaration.

"What\'su200b this?! Hahaha where did a servant like get the courage to speak in front of us, nobles, huh?" A good dog should know where to aim his barks!" Another female noble met him with disdain.

"A servant does not have the authority to negotiate with nobles! You should hide and go back to your mother\'s tit and drink milk from it all day! Hahahaha!" One more pudgy noble supported as he made a joke of Roland\'s attempt to negotiate with them.

For nobles, servants like them have no place in their eyes and are no different than ants! Especially when they scanned their cultivation levels, they became even more unbridled knowing that the object of their mockery was only at the peak of the Spirit Veins Realm. After hearing those words, the nobles laughed sarcastically at these ant-like peasants.

"Why, you bastards!!" A young man named Orion scowled as he prepared for battle but he was held back by Roland. Although Roland wanted to tear then to pieces, but when met with the current situation, he knew if their Sir Dylan were here, he would advise them to hold back their anger.

So as the leader of this group, Roland had the responsibility of keeping everybody in check and away from harm. "It\'s fine, Orion. Leave these jerks to me."

"Okay. You better make them pay!" Orion emphasized.

"Hahaha, of course! Being with Sir Dylan just infects you with his bravery and calmness! Don\'t worry, I got this." Roland smiled.

"Hahahahaha, what\'s this? The dogs are trying to bite us? The same arrogant noble mocked them.

"Really, now? Hahaha, it seems like you group of nobles are nothing but chickens who can\'t even take a bet while spouting off nonsense." Roland calmly said.

Those bold words shocked the nobles. They never thought that these plebeians would actually talk back to them. This type of defiance enraged them even more.

"What bet?" The pudgy noble held his anger as he spoke.

"Simple, if my boss Dylan becomes first, then you should all apologize and kneel directly to him. If not, I would do anything you want me to do!" Roland\'su200b conditions stunned the crowd were a bit extreme to exchange his freedom for the sake of the reputation of his master. It was truly a moving sight. Some businessmen could not help but feel envious with this kind of devoted follower.

"Bah, I just told you that you don\'t have any right to negotiate with us! If you knell and kiss my foot right now, I can consider forgiving you and your group!" The arrogant noble said.

"That just proves what type of chicken you are! You aren\'t even a rooster at most you\'re a hen." Orion sneered.

"Insolent dog! I want you to grovel under my feet and apologize! Otherwise, die!" The arrogant noble could no longer contain his anger and pounced at him but he was immobilized by a stationed Thundercloud Guard immediately.

"Aarrrggghh!" The arrogant noble shouted.

"Stand down!" The Thundercloud Guard completely suppressed the arrogant noble to the ground with his face pressed downwards to the ground.

"How lawless. It seems like you forgot that you are within the Thunder Clouds City which is under the impartial security of the Thundercloud Guards." Roland sneered as he looked at theu200b suppressed noble.

"How idiotic. You are a citizen of this city ever since you were born yet you don\'t even know it\'s most basic rules. Are all nobles this stupid?" A cold and arrogant voice coming from the back of the crowd said. When he arrived, he gave others the feeling that they were looking at a cold-blooded blade that is ready to vanquish all evil and crimes. He adjusted his glasses as he appeared as heroic and valiant as his stories were! The ninth of the Mythical 10, Lancelot Pierce!

The crowd was then silenced at the arrival of this young man. They knew that the Thundercloud Guards were impartial but there was still little leniency when it comes to citizens. However, Lancelot Pierce, was not someone who was lenient to anyone! He even imprisoned his uncle due to murder within the city! He was then recognized to be the Impartial Spear of the city which represents the weapon that will purge all evil without any bias or reconsideration if proven to be guilty.

The Imperial Spear proved his mettle countless of times and his most notable achievement which was felling Animo of the Northern Mountains and his Ten Thousand Origin Beast horde. Not only gave him the right to be placed at the Mythical 10 but it also awarded him the right to become the youngest Captain General in the history of the Mystic Red Cloud State.

In the every city, a city guard organization is also found. There are five ranks within the city guards: Knight, Captain, General, Captain General, and Marshal Paladin. A Captain General can command 5,000 knights and have his own private squadron that are handpicked by him. For Lancelot, his private squadron was the well-known, Squadron 48! He, who was known, to be the youngest Army Captain of their city was received by the guard who was suppressing the noble which was then followed by his colleagues.

"We greet Sir Lancelot\'s arrival!"

"We greet Sir Lancelot\'s arrival!"

"We greet Sir Lancelot\'s arrival!"

"We greet Sir Lancelot\'s arrival!!!"

The guard that were stationed near the four sides of the Noble Test Center greeted him with thunderous cheers one after another! Due to the large size of the Noble Test Center, the Guards in duty were stationed around the vicinity of its four sides for them to be able to maintain peace and order all throughout the duration of the test.

As Lancelot went to the quarters of the guards, he left a warning to all, "To those who seek to cause trouble during my watch, be ready to be detained depending on the weight of your crime but if you resist, my spear will taste your blood. As for the Noble who attacked the commoner, he is charged with attempted murder and will be detained for 5 years!"

His overbearing and cold demeanor left the group of nobles who antagonized Dylan\'s employees shuddering from fright. The guard then knocked the arrogant noble senseless and carried his unconscious body to the headquarters of the Thundercloud Guards where he will be detained.

After he left, the crowd was completely silent. His reputation as the Impartial Spear was truly befitting. He couldn\'t care less if the criminal was a noble or not, he either detains them or slaughter without mercy. The crowd knew that this was because of his outstanding talent but more importantly his master, the unbeatable Marshal Paladin of the Thundercloud City!

Roland\'s group could not even fathom what type of monsters the other 9 who are equally strong or even stronger than this guy.

"This is notu200b the end of this, you commoner scum!" A noble gritted his teeth knowing that they could not act wantonly with the Impartial Spear assigned to oversee this test. If it were any Captain General or General, their families would have been able to bribe them or negotiate with them to let these matters slide. But with the unruly and just Lancelot here accompanied with the backing of his master, they could only restrain themselves.

"Hahaha, what are you going to do then, huh? You want to bite me? Come!" A plump employee of Dylan arrogantly said. This plump guy\'s name was Ron. He became courageous knowing that the Thundercloud Guards were impartial and righteous at doing their jobs at this place. He was the type of guy who knew when to fight and have the ability to adapt regardless of the situation for survival.

"Shameless pig! I can kill you with one slap!" A female noble angrily said. Her cultivation of the Initial 15th level Awakened Spirit Realm burst forth as she threatened to end the life of the fatty Ron.

"Then, I dare you to kill me, hahaha! Oh right, before you could, you would be detained! Hehehe, you may call me shameless but I consider myself as smart! Only those who have the ability to use the swift changing tides to their favor will survive and for those who can\'t, death and humiliation is what they will meet! As long as I report your words to the guard and act helplessly, I\'m sure Sir Lancelot would imprison you for youru200b crimes, hehehe." The unrelenting eloquent mouth of Ron exhibited his shamelessness. His shameless speech made both the neutral nobles and numerous comoners to laugh and made them feel a sense of satisfaction while for the nobles who supported the arrogant noble\'s group were all burning with anger wanting to tear this pig apart, limb from limb.

"But, I am quite benevolent you know hehe. I see that you are quite pretty and sexy too. How about be my girlfriend~ Ouch!" Ron was eventually stopped by Ronald\'s smack on his head.

"I... I.. I\'ll never forget this!!!" The girl was as red as tomato as she dashed and exit the square to escape that humiliation.

"Hey, bro Roland, why did you hit me? What did I do?" Ron massaged his head and looked indignant as though he had done nothing wrong.

"You!" Roland could only utter that one word and smile wryly. He knew the difficult attitude of this fatty. When he\'s in trouble, he act like nothing has happened and hide on his sheep like a turtle but if luck is on his side, his eccentric dominating shamelessness comes into being. Although Dylan could keep him in check, but even Dylan found it slightly difficult to restrain this fatty when he backs it up with his shameless yet logical claims.

The other employees were giving him a thumbs up. The sense of satisfaction they felt when Ron shamelessly flaunt the protection given by the Thundercloud Guards to them. They were fuming with rage when they heard the mocking words of the nobles but Ron\'s speech was a fulfilling retort and comeback for them.

When the crowd saw this, they could not help but laugh out loud but when the arrogant noble\'s group saw this, they almost vomitted blood from shock and anger. This level of shamelessness could be considered as heaven defying!