The Strongest Businessman - 77 Chapter 77: The Difficult Tes

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The test did not have choices to choose from. It was entirely regarding the identification and explanations of the problems involved. The paper used were twice as long and wide as regular short bond paper back on earth. Each page contained 30-40 questions with blank spaces in between questions for a person to write his answer. This type of test paper dumbfounded the bumpkins. Even Dylan was momentarily shocked when he saw the size of each page.

The questions foundu200b in this test were not only asking to identify the answer, it also seems for explanations as a follow-upu200b question. Therefore, even if one were to identify what was asked but that does not necessarily he/she would be able to explain the follow-up questions.

The takers of the test were all preparedu200b for this since the technicalities regarding the examination was known to the public. Due to this, they came mentally prepared and understood every information that they would read and encounter just to pass this test. Cultivators have a better memory and mental abilities compared to mortals so memorization and comprehension was not too much of a problem to them.

But even cultivators are unable to fully memorize the context contained within different topics and aspects of the cultivation world. That is why to pass this test the cultivators must learn to be patient and understand what they learn clearly.

This is exactly what the forefathers envisioned what the inhabitants of this city would be. They wanted to teach them to be patient and composed to enhance their understanding of things. This was to prepare the future generation to be able to take into heart the teachings that patience and calmness are necessary as they advance in cultivation. It also reminds the people to not do things rashly because only then would they be able to commit minimal errors in both cultivation and life.

Due to such teachings, the Thunder Cloud City remained high and supreme as it was labeled to be one of the Strongest Cities due to the quality of cultivators they produce.


Within the Noble Test Center...

Two hours have only passed, the participants were answering the first page of the test with ease since it was about the mapping and the geography of the city. But as they went on the second page, the question in this page , unlike the first, were about the basics of business, herbs, alchemy, beasts and blacksmithing.

"What are the 3 primary points of business according to Mystical Duke Huron? Discuss and contrast. Shit, I forgot about this!!"

"A High Spirit Rank flower that is born in the depths of cold bodies of water and uses the dead body of the Frozen Venom Snake as a substitute for soil. Enumerate the three steps on how to properly harvest the herb? Dammit, I know it\'s the Cold-blooded Snakefruit but I don\'t know the three steps. Arghhhh!"

"Enumerate the first three levelsu200b of alchemist and explain the prerequisitesu200b to attain them. Hahaha what an easy question!"

"Lives in extremely hot places, part of the Grand Flame Salamnder Family, iron like scales, four claws on each limb. Once identified, give at least 2 of its innate abilities. Hahahah that\'s the Iron claw Fire lizard. Easy question!"

"State the 4 profound and fundamental procedures of creating a weapon according to Hundred Hammers Smithing Emperor. Hmmm, I guess it should be Heating, Smelting, Casting and Designing? Damn, I\'m not sure!"

Some were already struggling to answer this stage of the test . Dealing with five different topics was already difficult for about half of the participants since not everyone has reviewed these basic principles.

As they advanced on the third page, the topics were now all regarding strategy in wars and business management. All questions found in this section were all situational! These types of questions even made the heads of some to ache.

"Shit! How do I manage the cavalry of the left flank to.manage the center flank without causing my left flank\'s strength to decrease? Damn, though it was given that the left overpowered the enemy, the question is how do I use it to support the fallen center and the struggling right flank. Fuck, this is hard!" An alchemist incessantly cursed.

"You gotta be kidding me! What type of question is this?! If the supplieru200b of the store could not cope with the rate of consumption of my customers and it is the only known supplier for my product within the city, how should I manage my stall if the supplies from the other city would arrive 15 days later? State your theorized course of actions to solve the problem." A warrior complained.

Different types of reactions were met as people were encountering different types of questions. It was even more so when the participants went to the latter pages.

The fourth up until the sixth page were all about the history of the city. However, these three pages differ in the specific topic they entail.

The fourth page was about the history of the period of the Thundercloud Kings called the Glorious Foundation Period. The fifth was regarding the next ten thousand years of unstoppableness called the Rising Domination Period while the sixth page was about the supsequent period called the Falling Thunder Period where the city experienced no appearance of earth-shattering geniuses.

This section became easy for the examinees especially the members of Noble Clans and Sects because the information of this era was openly distributed to the public. Some were finally rest assured that they would be able to pass the test while some were still trying to grind some more score to confidently reach the 60% mark.


Outside the Noble Test Center...

Although the test has lasted for two to three hours as of now, the crowd has yet to diminish as they were already accustomed to the lengthy period of the exam. The exam had a time limit of 10 hours so the crowd stationed themselves and made themselves comfortable as they waited for the results of the test.

The crowd was discussing who among the prodigies who entered the center would be able to come out at the top. Some businessmen even used this opportunity to make betting booths which alleviated the boredom of the crowd and the atmosphere immediately became more livelier as dozens of hands swarmed the businessmen on their booths.

With the large crowd of the city, the betting booths earnings skyrocketed.

"Hahahaha, I\'m pretty sure that the Child Strategist would be the one to dominate this year\'s Noble Test!"

"No way, the one who will dominate is the Alchemisy Prodigy of the Alchemy Academy!"

"Hahaha, you are both wrong! The one who will acquire the first rank would be Sir Riki Panther!""

"What fallacy! I bet that the one who is going to place first is Wonder Child!"

The crowd raised their voices as they defended the person they are rooting for. They would immediately bet the name of the geniuses that they thought would assure them victory. The bets for Alchemist Asiel was first as it reached the ratio of 1:1, followed by Riki with 1:2 bets. The next was Child Strategist with 1:5 and Wonder Child with 1:7.

The bets from more than 10,000 people accumulated to such wealth that it brought unimaginable income to the businesmen who set up betting booths.

"Hahaha, Alchemist Asiel is in the lead in the betting boards! Hahaha." An unbridled youth from the Alchemy Academy unrightfully bragged.

"Urrr, don\'t get too cocky kid! It\'s just some betting game! Our Sir Riki will surely be the first and even obtain the Extreme Thundercloud Technique!" A supporter of Riki defended.

"Hahaha, how pitiful! Our Alchemy Prodigy has talents no less than the number 1 in the Red Cloud State, Victor Thunder! It\'s already a given that he would be the one to reign supreme in this generation! Hahaha!" Another supporter of Alchemist Asiel disdainfully said.

"That\'s sophistry!" A man accused.

"That\'s right! Being talented in Alchemy, doesn\'t necessarily mean that he can overcome the gap between the experience of reading records and books! In my opinion, he\'s just being overconfident that he thinks he can pass the exam with flying colors like how the young Thunder Emperor did. Sir Riki on the other hand prepared meticulously for this day in order to achieve the Extreme Thundercloud Technique!" A brave youth forcefully said.

"Heh, it\'s laughable how ignorant you are! Clearly, you don\'t know that our Alchemy Prodigy has already reached the Awakened Spirit Realm! Not only that, he was also able to attain the Alchemy Sight!" An Alchemy Academy elder could not help but interject due to the youth\'s clam.

"What?!" The entire crowd was shocked when they heard the elder\'s claim especially the youth. They all look aghast and dumbfounded while their mouths formed an "o" shape.

It was one thing reaching the Awakened Spirit Realm at the age of 13-14. That itself was almost an impossibility. Now, an additional feat, even more terrifying than the first was revealed to them! Alchemist Asiel has attained the legendary Alchemy Sight!

Alchemy Sight is an ability gained by being a heaven blessed talents and is unacannilly similar to the Heavenly Eyes of Mystical Magnates. If Mystical Magnatism have Magna Magnates, then Alchemy have Primal Alchemist!

Alchemy Sight have similar effects. The only difference is that it is more focused on pill refinement and concoction. It enables the alchemist to see the subtle and minute transformation of the medicine being refined at slower speed and at a near-molecular level. Being blessed with such sight, begets success rate upto 30% better than an original alchemist!

Instead of energy from spirit beasts, it can enable the user to see medicinal strength and compatibility. It has the similar effects of enhancing the five basic senses. But the most amazing ability gained from a mastered Alchemy Sight, is the manipulation of spirit energy that could act as a supplement to hasten the rate of growth of any herb and even cause transformations, evolutions, and even mutations! Every known Alchemist to have been granted by such a heaven defying ability have either become Alchemy Saints or Alchemy Emperor.

There was another known benefit that it gives to its user and it is heightened mental faculties and processing functions. This would enable them to easily remember and save any book, ancient records or any type of documents into their minds they read as though they were moving flashdrives.

That is why such revelation caused great shock to the crowd gathered outside of the Noble Test Center.

"I guess the first place would undoubtedly go to Alchemist Asiel, huh?" The supporters of Riki Panther dejectedly said.

As the crowd was shocked by such revelation, a group of 16 made their way to the betting booths. Due to their artival, the businessman awoke from shock and entertained his guests.

"Oh, young lords and ladies, you must be here to bet. Who would you like to bet on?" The businessman called Old Weller sheepishly smiled while he rubbed his hands together.

"Yup, we\'ll bet 10 gold coins each for Dylan Ford placing first." The confident young man said. If Dylan was here, he would be able to recognize this young man he was. None other than Roland!

This type of statement even though spoken in a casual manner, reverberated to the ears of the currently silent crowd and this inadvertently caused countless eyes to fall upon the small gourp of people by the betting booth of Old Weller.