The Strongest Businessman - 75 Chapter 75: People Flocking For Herbs

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"How coukd that be?!" Gayolei screamed without care and echoed throughout the entire hall. Driven by rage, he slapped the emissary which helplessly blown away without any chance to retaliate.

"I- I don\'t know, sir. Please have mercy on this little one." The emissary could only prostate and beg for his life. He did not wish to die as he still had a family to sustain and take care of.

"Useless trash, get out of my sight! Scram!" The emissary crawled his way out until he was able to stabilize himself and run.

"Brother, please calm down." The other clan heads wanted to appease Gayolei but Gayolei was currently beyond reason as he continued to thrash a chair until it was embedded to the ground.

"Arrrrrghhhhhhh!!! Dylan Ford, mark my words! This is not the end of it!!" Gayolei roared in hysteria as his hate for Dylan soared.


Meanwhile, in Soaring Garden Herbal Store...

"I want a 90-year old Snakegrass!"

"I demand a Holy Riverstone Root!"

"A Cloudrock seed!"

"A Tiger Fierce Fruit"

Dylan and his employees were very busy that he was forced to call the next two shifts to the store due to the overpopulation of customers inside his store.

The fourth shift could not manage and entertain every one of the customers as they soared to 400 customers that came flying towards their store. The 2 linesu200b of customers went on outside of the store and even stretched 30 meters away from it. Dylan, then tasked his incoming employees, to create a temporary shed for the customers to rest.

He ordered them to order chairs and tables for the customers from furniture stores. When the two shifts arrived, they were momentarily shocked by the sudden influx to the customer count of their store! Immediately after, they coordinated with each other and successfully accomplished Dylan\'s task. Having set up 4 sheds to both sides of the store, the customers outside were then satisfied of the temporary shed and table sets that was exclusively set up for them.

The two stores beside the Soaring Garden Herbal Store were closed as they were owned by the two nobles from Great Clans which were imprisoned. Taking advantage of this matter, Dylan set up the sheds in front of the closed stores.

Inside the store, Dylan could handle 10 buyers simultaneously while the 48 employees needed to cover at least 4 consumers for every rotation of the customers. The mental stress and physical fatigue was already getting to them within one hour of serving such crazed customersu200b. They discovered that being a salesperson has some extremely difficult aspects especially when you\'re product could incite a reaction such as what was currently happening.

The customers continued to voice out theiru200b dissatisfaction regarding the services of the store as they were unable to entertain all of them at the same time. Not all of his employees could keep up because not all of them were familiar with the ethics in a sales store.

Thus, Dylan devised a method to appease the group of crazed buyers. He told his employees to divide into five groups and each one will be assigned to a newly formed lane. Due to the limitations of space, Dylan was only able to create five new lanes which significantly reduced the number of customers lining up on the outside but conversely increased the number of customers within the store.

According to Dylan\'s instructions, there was one person acting as the counter person while the others would individually pick a customer from their group to entertain. There were 48 employees, the first four groups consisted of 10 members while the other 8 was assigned to the lane where Dylan was.

Using this method, Dylan and his group was able to reduce the customer count from 400 to 300 in just 12 minutes! Having 48 saleslady simultaneously attend to 48 customers while only using 6 minutes to interview the item of their choice and presenting them the herb of their choice which will be then be bought by the satisfied customer. Two transactions were done foru200b every six minutes that passed!

The efficiency of such a method surprised the customers because it advocates a win-win result to both sides. The time they would spend in the store would be shorter while getting their desired items and make them have a good impression of the ability of the store owner to manage a store calmly and delagating tasks for his employees to do efficiently. Some could not help but praise the ability of such a young businessman to handle his business.

In just an hour, the remaining 300 customers have all left satisfied with their items in hand. The method was terrifyingly efficient but it demands physical strength and mental fortitude to do. After doing such an arduous job, the employees were all out of breath and completely exhausted.

"What a long day this is going to be." Rick commented.

"Crazy people, they were complaining about us not being able to do our job well earlier! Did they seriously think that we\'re omnipotent and would be able to attend to their needs at the same time?!" Ronald vented out his frustrations.

"It was a good thing that Sir Dylan was able to come up with such a method or else some of the customers would have left earlier on." Larry felt gratified that they had such a eloquent and quick-witted boss.

"Hahaha, what more can you expect from Sir Dylan? Hehehe, I bet Sir Dylan can even let some business geezers turn red from the methods he devises." Scott arrogantly said.

"Little punk, don\'t gloat by using my name." Dylan smacked Scott\'s head and laughed.

"Hehehe." Scott could only shamelessly laugh.

"Sir, Dylan I have been meaning to ask you though. Why did you ask us to spread a rumor about the Premier Hall giving us herbs that are all the Low Earth Rank Herbs? Shouldn\'t we have kept it to ourselves instead? Also, why did the Premier Hall suddenly gift us with over 500 Low Earth Rank Herbs?" Jack suddenly asked.

"Since my plan has advanced to this stage, I guess it won\'t hurt to let you in some details of my plan. The truth of the matter is that the herbs we sold were not from the Premier Hall but from my own items." Dylan scratched his head as he faced his employees.

"What?!" The employees were dumbfounded by this reply. Just where did their Sir Dylan found those many Earth Rank Herbs?!

"If you are all wondering where it came from, it was from the time where I went to the deepest parts of the Beast Forest of the Soaring Cloud City. Enough chit-chat. Customers will flood our store once more so be both mentally and physically prepared." Dylan ceased further discussion and delegated them to their respective stations assigned.

"Yes, sir..." The employees could only reluctantly nod their heads due to Dylan\'s answer. They were stillu200b not satisfied with his answer because he already used the same reason twice to them. But seeing that Dylan was not willing to disclose the truth, they removed their residual thoughts from the conversation earlier and temporarily believed Dylan\'s words.

As Dylan saw them returning to their stations and eating the lunch he prepared for them, he smiled and could only laugh at himself because of how ridiculous his reason was that the herbs came from the forest. Although a person could be considered lucky as to pick a few Earth Ranked Herbs in the Beast Forest, but getting 500 or more herbs would be near impossible but if it were true, then that would mean that the luck of this person would be heaven defying!

As a matter of fact, the herbs came from the Mansion! The mansion\'s immortal energy was able to nourish the spots where Dylan got the myriads of herbs on the periphery of the mansion. It was capable of nurturing another batch of Earth Rank Herbs with the purity and density of the immortal energy that was enclosed within the mansion gates. He was even more surprised when he discovered that the rate of regrowth was only a day!

As a bonafide businessman, how can he not accept such blessings given to him? Witnessing such an amazing scene, Dylan knew from then on that he would not lack supplies for his herbal business. He then harvested every batch of Earth Ranked Herbs for the past 8 days. All in all, he was able to collect more than 900 herbs from 60 different types of herbs.

He originally thought that he would only use it after two weeks but being pressured by the nineteen Great Clans and the Panther Grand Clan, he was forced to adjust his plans and devised an alternative route that would be suitable for his current situation, a plan B. This Plan B was ordering his employees to spread a rumor that his business received a huge amount of "giftsu200b" from the Premier Hall because the number of factions capable of offending and waging war with the Premier Hall could only be counted in one hand.

Dylan made use of his backing in a manner which would be both believable to the masses and those in power. Though the only flaw would be the question why did the Premier Hall gift such a prodigal present to a business that still has fresh milk on its lips?

Due to this question, two rumors came to birth. One of which was that the Premier Hall valued the owner of the Soaring Garden Herbal Store, Dylan Ford because of his supreme talent in business which would eventually become a pillar to the Hall that will aid its rise to the apex of the business within the city. Another was that Dylan was speculated to be a bastard child of the Hallmaster that is why the Premier Hall held no expense to help the new business to rise. Other outrageous rumors soon came after the first two and Dylan could only smile wryly after hearing them.

The Soaring Garden Herbal Store had a total of 503 customers. But Dylan knew that if he had displayed even more herbs, then the customers would be of the same number as to how many herbs he presented as well like how he had sold 503 herbs to the same number of customers.