The Strongest Businessman - 7 Chapter 7: Getting More Customers with a Single Tea

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Earlier outside the store.


Rea was conflicted whether she should go inside and was walking back and forth. Although she was a very shy girl by nature, she was also the type of person who gets easily interested in things that caught her interests. As she was heading back to her clan, she saw this herbal store already near the outside of. Although it was a bit dilapidated, her curiosity got the most of her and momentarily stop in front of this herbal store.

She was curious what kind of person would build such a store. She was also curious about the appearance of the inside of that store. Her mind let her imagined the different scenes and pop out many questions. She just could not help but be conflicted because of this.

Being shy and curious at the same time was a very difficult personality to have because it gave her a lot of pain and disappointment ever since she was only a little girl.

Being a peerless genius in her clan, she needed to hold herself back from things that piqued her curiosity and wanted to explore more. When she was 5, her father told her a story about their clan treasures. Due to this, she went to their ancestral hall and broke through the barrier trying to Once find their clan\'s ancestral heirloom. Once one was able to pass the barrier set up by their ancestors, it meant that she had an extremely strong and pure bloodline.

When the Elders came as response to the alarm caused by someone entering the Ancestral Hall, they were shock as they saw a girl taking to a sword that seemingly acknowledged this little girl. This was the reason why her clan valued her so much.

Not only did that ancestral sword acknowledged her, she also showed an exceptional talent that made her shine over every genius in their clan. It only took her 6 years to traverse the whole Spirit Gathering Realm.

She currently is at the Initial 15th level Awakened Spirit Stage and such a talent awed the whole Cross Clan. Her talent granted her fame and countless of suitors. She politely rejected their requests to seek her audience as she was too shy to do so.

As Rea was lost in her thoughts, a scarlet light flashed on the corner of her eyes. She followed the scarlet light and saw a little girl walking aimlessly. She looked at the extremely beautiful scarlet haired girl with adore and thought, "How pretty". Then, she covered her mouth as she realized that her thought actually led her to speak out. Although it was not particularly loud, the little scarlet haired girl heard this and revealed an expression of delight.

"Big sister, big sister, hello!" The little scarlet haired girl ran over to her.

"Uh... Um... Yes?" Rea replied quite awkwardly.

" Big sister, why are you standing here outside for? Are you waiting for someone? Are you doing something? Where are you from? Can I know your name?" the little girl asked innocently to Rea.

"Uh... Umm.. No.. I\'m Rea.. I\'m from the c-city." Rea shyly said. She couldn\'t handle the bombardment of questions that this little girl shot at her.

"Ohhh, Hello, Big sis Rea. Nice to meet you, I\'m Scarlet" Scarlet introduced herself to the shy girl. She offered her little tiny hands to the beautiful young lady. That picture would be a kind of painting any painter would want to paint.

Hearing those casual words, Rea could not help but smile happily because ever since she became the most peerless talent of her clan every person she met would address her as "Lady Rea", "Princess Rea" and many more addresses of those sorts. She was truly happy to hear those simple words that came out from this little beauty.

"Y-yes. Nice to meet you too... little-sis Scarlet." Rea was so happy as she said those words and shook hands together with Scarlet. She never had a little sister before so the thought of her having this little girl as his sister made her smile even more enchanting.

"Big-sis Rea, why do you speak so awkwardly? Is it because you\'re shy?" Scarlet said. "You look so pretty big sis and have such a pleasant voice." Scarlet complimented her after.

"Y-yes, I\'m really shy... I was like this ever since I was born... Thank you... little sis." Rea dejectedly said at first and smiled at the compliments of Scarlet. She was somewhat embarrassed when Scarlet complimented her.

"Is that so? So what do you want to do big sis? Do you want to enter the shop with me? It\'s a little bit broke but my big brother is the owner of that place and he is really kind. He cooks great food too." Scarlet asked.

"R-really? Okay then. I hope I\'m not causing too much inconvenience to you, little sis Scarlet." Rea told the little girl.

"Hehe. Not at all." Scarlet chuckled while they started to walk.

" Okay" Rea smiled.

"By the way, big sis. Can I ask you a favor?" Scarlet looked back with a pleading cute look on her face. With that expression, her mischievous nature always shows.

\'Too cute.\' Rea thought. "Anything you want, little sis."

"Can you be my brother\'s girlfriend, so that you can take care of him? Can you?" Scarlet requested. She thought that if Dylan had a girlfriend then, she would also have a person to hide on when her big brother is mad at her. This thought made her smile appear even more mischievous. But another thought past through her mind, "It will be better if she could stop Big Brother\'s suffering".

"..." Rea was speechless as she turned red. She never would have thought that this would be Scarlet\'s favor. She became more embarrassed as she entered the store.

Going back to the present...

After successfully making a breakthrough, Dylan could feel that his comprehension and level is slowly being balanced. Dylan rushed to Rea to thank her.

Rea, however, wanted to immediately flee. She tried her best quicken her pace without ruining her poise. She became exceptional in covering up her shy nature and covered it up with a calm and peaceful facade. She couldn\'t comprehend how a mediocre looking man like Dylan could make her all flustered. Just as she was about to use her movement technique, a voice called her "Ma\'am Cross wait!".

She turned around and saw a man rushing to her. She was shocked by what she saw. \'Wasn\'t he an initial 2nd level Spirit Core Realm? Why did he suddenly leap to a whole level? And this... Movement technique comprehension level is... peak of the expert rank?! His speed is comparable to a 7th level Spirit Veins Stage?!"

She could not understand how this seemingly ordinary man could possess such talent. She stopped as the young man was about to reach her. She saw that this man\'s face became more handsome? What was happening in this world? How could someone change so much in just less than a minute? She thought to herself.

Dylan himself did not know that he had become increasingly more like his previous life\'s appearance. It feels like overlapping the two faces slowly in a subtle manner while forming a perfect combination of the two. It seems like the further Dylan makes an advancement in cultivation, the more he becomes more similar to his previous life\'s appearance.

When Dylan reached Rea, he was somewhat short of breath.

"Miss Rea, I would like to offer you a cup of tea as my token of gratitude to you and because you are my very first customer for this month. Will that be alright?" Dylan offered with his signature faint smile on his face. Then the magic of his charisma started to take effect on Rea immediately.

Rea was in a daze even before but now this brunette beauty became even more dazed and involuntarily nodded and followed Dylan.

"Y-yes. I would like that". Rea replied

" Let\'s enter the shop first, ma\'am" Dylan suggested.

When they reached the store, Dylan politely gave a chair to Rea and went to the kitchen to prepare the tea. While Dylan was making tea, Rea was flustered. \'Why did I agree to him?!\' Ugh\' She felt dismal as she experienced a hurricane of emotions. But a good thing that Scarlet was bored, so she approached Rea and talked to her. This somewhat made Rea more calm and less flustered.

After several minutes, Dylan exited the kitchen with that aromatic fragrance. This made Rea\'s somewhat flustered face to turn tranquil.

When she took a sip, she felt pleasant. Unknowingly, on her last sip, she had a peaceful expression with a genuine smile hanging on her face.

Rea suddenly regained her senses. She involuntarily shivered when she thought of how she came back at this store willingly when Dylan asked her. But her heart warmed how this man treated like a proper lady without that common glint in the eyes of her suitors. Those eyes of desire made Rea feel really disgusted.

But this man in front of her was a true gentleman in actions, thoughts and disposition. This made Rea\'s heart started to race as she saw the smile hanging on his now handsome face. Then she smiled beautifully and thanked Dylan "Thank you, Mister Dylan. It was a good tea.". A feeling she never before felt was planted on her heart that very day.

"No, it should be me thanking you, for buying here. I hope you will come again miss" Dylan smiled.

"Maybe... no... I will visit this place from time to time. I want to see Scarlet too. See you store owner Dylan." Rea said in her pleasant voice.

"We will await you, ma\'am" Dylan bid his farewell.

"Big sis, will you be Big Brother\'s Girlfriend or not?" Scarlet shouted.

"You.. little... What are you~" Dylan was furious when he heard the other party\'s reply.

"Ummm.. I will... consider it." She turned and her hair whipped beautiful in the afternoon sky and then, she smiled beautifully to Scarlet.

"Okay, Big-sis Rea." Scarlet was delighted when she heard that reply.

"..." While Dylan was rendered speechless, he helplessly shook his head while he saw that beautiful silhouette disappear throughout the horizon. He closed his shop and entered the house.

He tried and performed experiments on the mansion and discovered two things. First when he ordered to buy something from him, it did not work meaning that the customer should do everything in his or her own discretion. Second, he discovered that it only works only if the transaction was made on the shop or any shop he seemed his shop.

"It seems like the Mansion has rules that I have got to follow," he contemplated.

So the next day, he decided to set up a stall outside with a sign saying "Dylan\'s Good Cup-a-tea"

He decided to use the aromatic fragrance that was being produced during tea making as it is being brewed.

The aromatic fragrance filled the air and a middle aged person came. The middle aged person was beguiled by the smell. After the tea was brewed, the man ordered to buy a tea. When the man drank it, he loudly said "what a great tea".

*Tremble* *Tremble* *Tremble*

"Hahaha yes I knew it." A white little rock appeared on his hand. But when he crushed it he only advanced by three stages. So he deduced that he will gradually form resistance to the rock. But if he was about to daily make a customer, and then he would have good and amazing variety of teas.

Another person came and bought a tea. Another rock appeared again and he advanced to the Initial fourth stage. Both man liked his tea and said.

"Brother, I will recommend this to my family so expect more customers because it\'s an extremely good tea hahaha"

"Me too, I will also invite some of my friends here tomorrow"

"Thank you so much Brothers. Here take this free cup of tea" Dylan said.

"Then we won\'t be polite hahaha" both men said.

After finishing the tea, the good man left. They bid their farewell and enjoyed the feeling of entering such a state. It was intoxicating for them. He estimated it would only be two stages he can advance after reaching the fourth level. His last costumer of the day was an old lady. The old lady loved his tea and said to bring her entire family tomorrow.

When the stone appeared and he crushed it, he only advanced by one stage. He was shocked his body was rapidly forming resistance to the energy of those mysterious white stones.

"This is bad. I need to maximize every usage of the mysterious white stones. I need to prepare food to so that people would recommend this place and I could have more customers which also mean I will have more of these mysterious white stones."