The Strongest Businessman - 65 Chapter 65: The Fight for the Chrysanthemum 3

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The whole crowd screamed in excitement as the Auctioneer finished his introduction of the Solarburst Chrysanthemum.

"What a miraculous herb!!"

"I have to get it!"

" My path to Mortal Severing will be assured if I get this, I must get this herb at all costs!"

""This herb is mine!"

The crowd goes wild for the herb. Some of them started asking their servants to withdraw more money from their banks and gather more money from their families and families.

"This herb! I must get it at all costs!" Darius vowed to himself. Not only him, almost every youngster thoughtu200b of this as well. By getting such a valuable herb, they would be able to step up from their peers and even rise up to the ranks of the monsters of the Mythical 10.

On the balcony where Captain Lancelot Pierce was at...

"I never thought a Solarburst Chrysanthemum will appear here. This type of herb is both beneficial to both Origin Palace Realm practitioners and Mortal Severing Realm cultivators. This is such a surprise!" Lancelot was thinking out loud.

"Hahaha, but it\'s seems like this herb won\'t go to any of the youths." Neyo Hurricane from the near balcony interjected all of a sudden.

"Well, of course, if the Solarburst Chrysanthemum is used with the Dawnlight Heavenly Connection Pill, the results for those who are at the Mortal Severing especially Heavenly Connection practitioners is too enticing as it will 100% guarantee their breakthrough to the next sub-realm." Captain Lancelot agreed with Neyo\'s careless remarks.

"I guess the question would be who among the four big shots will get both the herb and the pill? Hahahaha but that would be quite difficult to do." Neyo laughed without care as usual.

What he said was a fact because the one to successfully acquire the Solarburst Chrysanthemum and the Dawnlight Heavenly Connection Pill will be the biggest winner of this evening\'s auction but getting away with both items will be difficult like what Neyo has said.

This is because the one who will acquire the herb from this initial bout of bids between the four big shots will have to damage his collection of money by paying an astronomical amount as the other three won\'t let him have the herb at a cheap price. Thus, it will be quite difficult to attain both items.

On Balcony 3

"Hmm, I\'ve decided. I will get this herb, no matter what the price." Galahad Galick resolutely decided.

"But, sir, what about the Dawnlight Heavenly Connection Pill?" His servants asked.

"I\'m estimating that the price for this herb will be around 500 to 800 spirit stones while the pill would most likely reach 1400-1800 spirit stones. I\'ll settle for this herb. I\'ll just have my friend high level Alchemist do me a favor and refine me a Dawnlight Heavenly Connection Pill as well. Although it will also cause me the similar estimated cost for the ingredients and the efficacy will not be as amazing as that Alchemist\'s ability but with the superior quality of that Solarburst Chrysanthemum I\'ll be able to have double the results no matter what quality my friend gives me. I won\'t lose out in benefit." Galahad Galick resolutely said.

"Then it would be as you\'ve said my lord." The servants obediently said.

"Now, it will all come down to you tou200b who among the three of you have more resolution when it comes down for the pill." Galahad scanned the balconies of the other three and said.

At the topmost balcony...

"It seems like 100 spirit stones was too less of a baseline. Hmm, I wonder if it would have been better to increase it? It seems like you will easily pass the mark of 100 spirit stones, sir Sheldon. If I would have known that your last item would be that pill, then I would have changed my herb into something else first. Oh, well, I still get the 60% of the profit, right?" Dylan conversed with Sheldon.

"There\'s no need for anymoreu200b formalities, Elder Null. You can just call me Sheldon if it is okay with you. You are also the teacher of the Hallmaster so I think that if you willed it, you may be able to take the entire profit for your auctioned items." Sheldon got flustered due to Dylan\'s utterance of "sir" so it lead him saying senseless words.

"Is that true, Hallmaster Azelmek?" Dylan asked with amusement.

"Ah.. if you willed it to be sir." Azelmek was dumbfounded by Sheldon\'s claim as he thought, \'I\'m gonna teach that pig a lesson for not thinking right after sir Null leaves! But, in any case, we could use this as an opportunity to thoroughly gain sir Null\'s trust!\'

"Haha, then, I will shamelessly take your kind offer." Dylan slightly laughed as he unceremoniously accepted Azelmek\'s offer.

Azelmek had a stiff smile as watched Dylan say those words.

At the auction stage...

"Since everyone is already so eager to start, let me start the auction for the Solarburst Chrysanthemum at the price of 75 spirit stones!" The auctioneer spoke excitedly.

"100 spirit stones!" Darius immediately stood up and shouted. Darius wanted to directly narrow down the competition by directly raising the price to three digits.

"110!" A family head bidded.

"150 spirit stones!" Darius does it again by adding 40 more spirit stones from the previous bid. This caused that family head\'s face to twist from the sudden inflation of the price.

"160!" That family head forced another bid by raising it by 10. He was gritting his teeth as he raised the price but he really needed the Solarburst Chrysanthemum in order to become stronger by breaking through to the Mortal Severing Realm, thereby, making their family rise and prosper.

"170!" A Thundercloud Guard Captain bidded. He desired to get the Solarburst Chrysanthemum because he wanted to rise from his current rank in his squadron. He too wanted to risk his entire life savings to this herb.

"200 spirit stones!" Darius was merciless and brutal as he relentlessly raised the price by another 30 stones. He wanted to prove to these people that they messed with the wrong man as he scanned them with a condescending gaze.

"210!" Another cultivator joined in.

"220!" The family head bidded his last bid. He was hoping that noone would bid more because this was his last money. This was what remained of him but he was broken-hearted when he heard another bid after his.

"230!" This was also the last bid of the Thunder Cloud Captain. He really wanted to acquire the Chrysanthemum as he pleaded to the Heavens in his mind that noone would higher than he had. In the end, it was all for naught when Darius bidded.

"You low lives! Stop competing with me! 250 spirit stones!" Darius started gritting his teeth. He only had a little over 250 spirit stones because he had prepared it for the last item but this herb was what he just needed to directly skip a sub-realm and further increase his strength!

This time a lot of those who thought of voting withdrew because the price was beyond their budget. Darius felt that he won when he heard a faint voice from the balcony above him.

"300 spirit stones!" The one who voted was the Pill King, Anderson Cauldron. Aside from the current known fact that this Solarburst Chrysanthemum could be used for breaking through to the Heavenly Connection Realm, he had other uses for it as he knew of its amazing qualities and wonders because of his diverse knowledge as a Alchemist.

"310 spirit stones." A pleasant voice that came from Emilia Sparks sounded from the balcony she occupied.

"320!" Pavilion Head Galahad Galick called out a bid.

"350." Anastasia Spring raised the price effortlessly and calmly.

350 spirit stones. This totally made Darius dismal because he knew that he wouldn\'t be able to get the herb anymore. Thinking of this, he roared and he smashed his fist to the chair he was sitting on.

"What an idioticu200b sore loser." Aliyah coldly glanced at Darius then shifted her attention after a split second.

"Hahahaha!" Gil was laughing at the other side.

Darius saw Aliyah Aquatia looking at him as though he was a dumb mule and when he looked at another side, he saw Gil Thunder laughing at him as though he saw a circus act. He never felt so humiliated as he stormed out of the auction hall as he was chased by their girl she held and his bodyguardsu200b.

After he left, the auction continued. It already went from 350 to 500 spirit stones! This astounded the crowd they wondered who were at the 4 balconies that were constantly fighting over the Solarburst Chrysanthemum.

Several minutes later, the whole crowd came to know the identities of the four experts involved. No one wanted to bid any longer because bidding would be equivalent to challenging either one of these 4 powerhouses.

"690" Anastasia Spring calmly said.

"700!" Pill King bidded.

"710!" Emilia Sparks chuckled as he raised the price.

"750!" Pavilion Head Galahad Galick voted an astronomical price that was 10 times more than the standard auctioned price.

"You, persistent old geezer, fine, you win." Pill King could only concede after witnessing the adamant attitude that Galahad Galick displayed.

"It seems like Pavilion Head is the winner." Emilia Sparks merely smiled at Galahad Galick while Anastasia Spring did not speak any longer.

"Thank you for letting me win." Galahad thanked them.

On the topmost balcony...

"It seems like I earned myself one hell of a profit. Hehe." Dylan smirked as he celebrated in his mind.