The Strongest Businessman - 61 Chapter 61: Dylan's Plan 2

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Emilyu200b was still in a lost for words. She could never have expected the sudden turn of events that were currently happening.

Sheldon, on the other hand, was leaping with joy with these new client he had encountered today. He was grinning so much that his smile reached his cheek. He also never expected that he would meet such a rich and powerful person today.

Although he was wondering why did this powerhouse would place an auction here because he seemed to be an elite from a grand clan based on his aura and disposition, Sheldonu200b really did not mind at all as long as he would be able to make the Premier Hall earn bountiful profits.

"Since elder has become silent, I will take this as a yes." Sheldon courteously spoke. Since the elder has already given him the herb, it is apparent that he does want to evaluate the abilities of the Premier Hall.

Dylan calmly sat by the corner with his eyes closed while Sheldon was arranging his herb to be auctioned right after he received it. He was already thinking about the next steps of his plans. The first step of his plans to gain the approval of the Premier Hall was a success but Dylan did not really dwell on it too much because it was only the beginning.

Everything that was happening was all according to his plans. Although he was a bit surprised that the Counter Lady was too uptight, he adjusted his approach slightly to his plan B to still get the same results. By simulating multiple routes in his mind, Dylan was able to set-up numerous back-up plans.

Since he was being coerced to leave, Dylan released tiny bits of Magnate Strength to attract hidden experts like Sheldon to the show. He knew that because he has yet to reach the first level of the Mystical Magnate his cultivation is undefinable. This is because the baptism that he recieved from the Cosmic Light made his Magnate Strength Evolve even further.

Byron mentioned that Dylan had already reached SS-grade Magna Magnate, or greater and this was before the baptism of the Cosmic Light. What more after recieving the baptism? Therefore, it could be said that Dylan\'s power as a Mystical Magnate is yet to be defined.

After doing so, Dylan calmly bid his farewell to Emily and intentionally mentioned his Earth Ranked Herbs in order to cause disarray in Emily\'s mind. He was expecting that Emily would call him back but unfortunately, she did not.

Fortunately, Dylan set up a back-up plan which worked. Sheldon stopped him before he could even proceed to the ground floor because if Sheldon did not, Dylan still had other choices in mind. But, it would mean that he would start from scratch once more.

While Dylan was thinking, Sheldon has already made arrangements to put the Solarburst Chrysanthemum on Auction.

On the Executive Office of the Premier Hall where the Hallmaster of the Premier Hall resides. Sheldon was called over by the Hallmaster regarding the incident involving Dylan.

"Sheldon, what\'s this sudden item you wish to be auctioned? Did you forget that the list of items auctioned in our Hall is preordained? How can you forget such a basic rule of the Hall despite being the chief coordinator of the auction? Our Premier Hall is known to be strict You better have a very convincing explanation or else I will use this as grounds for your demotion!" The man who was sitting immediately stood up and smashed his hands to the table which barely held when Sheldon entered. He had a short beard which connected to his hair and had short white hair but he did not have any wrinkles on his face yet. He had a somewhat lanky build that was approximately 2 meters tall.

He was the Hallmaster of the Premier Hall, Azelmek Premier. The first elder of the Grand Clan, Premier Clan, a clan known for outstanding skills in business especially when it comes to auctions. The Premier Hall is one of the most popular establishments within the Mystic Red Cloud State that Premier Clan has established. It is also known for being the origin of some important names in the Mystical Magnate Tower like the Noble Blade of the Premier Clan.

"Sir. Please calm down. I know it maybeu200b impetuous but it was because I have metu200b a truly refined and powerful expert at the second floor today." Sheldon replied hurriedly while trying to calm down Azelmek.

"Maybe? It\'s beyond impetuous! What \'truly refined and powerful expert\'? This better not be a lame excuse or else I will not hesitate to drop you 2 ranks below, Hogwarts!" Azelmek was infuriated by the violation that Sheldon made and what angered him even more was that Sheldon did not even inform him of his actions beforehandu200b.

Doing something like that was equivalent to ignoring the prestige of the Hallmaster and an indirect slap to Azelmek\'s face. If it weren\'t for Sheldon\'s talents as the chief coordinator, he would not hesitate to fire Sheldon right away. But, Azelmek knew that Sheldon will continue to render great contributions to the Premier Hall. That\'s why he decided to settle for demotion.

"Sir, I assure you that he is a true expert. Even with my strength as an 8th tier Mystical Duke. I was still unable to identify his cultivation as a Mystical Magnate. His Magnate Strength was so vibrant and abundant that it has a higher purity of energy which is at least an S-Class Magna Magnate! His attitude was also befitting for someone who is of powerful background, maybe even more powerful than ours. And, sir, the most shocking thing about this elder is that he casually threw a High Earth Ranked Herb like it was nothing but loose change to him! I bet that he has a whole lot more! That\'s why I decided to break the rules for this client who I know will bring great fortune to our Premier Hall!" The fatty Sheldon Hogwarts spoke with so much craze that he was starting to speak faster every sentence he finished.

Seeing Sheldon in such a crazed manner, Azelmek was shocked he never expected Sheldon to be so psyched with just one client. Also, the way he described the client it was clear that Sheldon held this man with such high regard. He had seen Sheldon act this way a couple of times before because it was like his signal that good fortune has arrived and every time he did, Sheldon always delivers astounding results.

But never has Azelmek seen Sheldon this crazed about a certain client before. His intuition was telling him that if he relied with the past instances of Sheldon\'s crazed manner of talking, it might give his Premier Hall another astounding resultu200b.

"It seems like you truly hold this elder in high regard, then it might really be true. But to confirm this, I want you to bring him to me." Although his intuition told him so, Azelmek still wanted to confirm it firsthand by personally meeting this client.

"Yes, sir." Sheldon excitedly said as he exited the room.

"Hehehe, it seems like Hallmaster is already interested in meeting the elder.\' Sheldon thought to himself while he hurriedly went to where Dylan was.

\'Let\'s see if this elder is what Sheldon claims him to be.\' Azelmek settled down in his recliner and waited for Sheldon\'s arrival.

Several minutes later...

A knocking sound was heard.

*Knock* *Knock* *Knock*

"Who is it? State your business." Azelmek formally said.

"Sir, uh, it\'s me, Sheldon Hogwarts." Sheldon said in a somewhat low voice.

"Oh, come in." Azelmek replied and thought, \'Where did his excitement from earlier go to? Why is he speaking like he\'s conflicted?\'

"Thank you, sir." Sheldon spoke in his low voice once more.

When Sheldon came in, he looked really conflicted. It was like he had something to say but he would rather not say it.

"So, where\'s the client, Sheldon?" Azelmek asked.

"He won\'t be coming here, Hallmaster." Sheldon answered as he averted his eyes from Azelmek\'s gaze.

"What do you mean?" Azelmek\'s expression darkened.

"Well, it\'s because... the elder said.." Sheldon was really too conflicted to say anything more than that.

"Tell me, Hogwarts! Or else.." Azelmek\'su200b expression kept darkening.

"He said... \'I shall not go to where he is since I am not asking to seek his audience. If he has something to say, then he should come to where I am personally and not command someone to do so.\'" Sheldon spoke Dylan\'s exact words to Azelmek.

"What did he say?! Bring me to him, right now!" Azelmek was so furious that he released an aura that only came from a Mystical Lord!

"Y-yes, sir." Sheldon stuttered as he ran quickly to guide Azelmek to where Dylan was.

The employees of the Premier Hall laughed when they saw how their obese chief coordinator was running with his fats wobbling around and a panicked expressionu200b but it all died when they felt the pressure that the Hallmaster was emitting as he passed by them.

"I wonder what sir Sheldon did to make the Hallmaster be that mad."

"Didn\'t you know? Sir Sheldon made an abrupt change in the order of the auctioned items by changing the main item."

"I heard that as well but at most the Hallmaster would just tell at sir Sheldon and not chase him with killing intent."

"I agree. There\'s got to be something more that we don\'t know yet."

The employees of the Premier Hall started to converse and make speculations about why and what the Hallmaster was so mad about. This went on as Sheldon and Azelmek proceeded to where Dylan was and eventually reaching where Dylan was.

"Hallmaster Premier, the elder is the one who is sitting by the corner." Sheldon was trembling as he spoke.

Azelmek did not delay as he approached Dylan with killing intent and stood in front of him while saying, "Who are you? How dare you speak arrogantly and break the rules within my Premier Hall."

"My name is not important." Dylan raised his head as his opening eyes revealed that his pupils changed colors from black to blue and started to form x-shaped pupils. These was Dylan\'s Heavenly Eyes.

"These are... Heavenly Eyes?!" Azelmek was slightly taken aback as he moved one step backwards.