The Strongest Businessman - 6 Chapter 6: My Mischievous Little Sister Unlocks the Mansion?

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Angered by this, Dylan scanned his surroundings trying to find the culprit of this prank. He saw a six year old girl standing on top of him. The scarlet hair of the girl was tied back on a ponytail. Her eyes shone like a ruby while her little porcelain face hung a mischievous smile. She wore a ragged brown dress but it gave people who saw her an impression of seeing a little fairy who was pretending to be a poor girl. One could predict that this girl would become a woman who could bring the downfall of cities or nations.

"Hehehe, how did my fart smell~ I mean how are you, big bro? Are you awake now?" the pretty little scarlet-haired girl chuckled as she saw that her brother`s eyelid opened. Then, she laughed heartily as though she did the right thing but her expression changed as she saw that 18-year old man`s grim look. She immediately got off the bed and fled for her life.

"You little... How dare you... Scarlet!". When Dylan saw this little scarlet-haired girl, he immediately remembered who she was. Scarlet, the adopted little sister of his past self. Dylan immediate gave chase to Scarlet as he got out of his bed and intercepted Scarlet at the door who was running towards it. The terrified little girl was grabbed by his elder and was locked into one of his hand. The girl struggled as she was carried by her brother in a helpless manner.

Dylan rubbed his fist on the hair of the little girl. "Take this!".

The little girl cried indignantly, " I... Ay jas wanned to- to wayk ap, b-big brooow! Waaah". As tears flowed down through her pretty little face and snot coming out profusely from her sculpture-like nose, she tried to say \'I just wanted to wake up, big bro\'.

"Okay, okay. There, there. I\'m sorry for hurting you, okay? I knew that you did but you did not have to go as far as farting at my face,right? You could just have shook me to wake me up." Dylan apologized to his adorable little sister and lectured her about what she should have done instead of farting at him. Although he was angry, the loving memories of his past self overwhelmed him as he himself showed such a loving expression to a person\'s sibling.

"Ay deed. But- but, big brow did nat wayk up. I- I ownli did becows id\'s awready nine in da morning." Little Scarlet defended herself while she tried her best to say \'I did. But, big bro did not wake up. I only did that because it was already nine in the morning.\'. Then it hit him. The cause of the shaking was from Scarlet\'s gesture of trying to wake him up.

The reason why Scarlet reasoned that \'it was already nine in the morning\' because \'Dylan\' would usually wake up at dawn to open the shop and wake her up after he was done preparing breakfast. After which, they will eat together and Scarlet would wash the dishes. She was worried because something might have happened to her elder brother and besides, she was already so hungry so she did the sure way to wake her brother up but hesitated at first.

She knew that her brother would sometimes experience pain at night because her brother would let out miserable moan that would wake her up. This made her worry even more that was why she strengthened her resolve and farted at her brother\'s face to wake him up. Although the thought of it, made her want to laugh so badly because that was her nature. But, her concern for her brother overwhelmed that urge to laugh it out because she truly did want anything to happen to her brother for he is the only one who truly cared and loved her. Thus, she was afraid, no, terrified that if something bad were to happen to happen to her brother, then no one would care for her after.

Seeing the concerned expression of his little sister for him, he softened up while he thought " That stare is got to be a cheat. There\'s no way a person could be this cute.". He felt that his resistance was futile as he looked in Scarlet\'s watery scarlet eyes. Those eyes were like the eyes of a pleading cute dog to his owner to caress it\'s tummy. He then gave in to those eyes and that cute face, and offered to Scarlet, " Okay. Let me make it up to you. I will cook you something good for today. What do you want?"

"What I want? Anything I want?" Scarlet pondered and smiled.

"What... You..." Dylan found it difficult to get angry because those cheating eyes are pleading in that cute manner again.

"Big Brother Dylan wants to make it up to me right? So Big Brother Dylan will cook me anything I want,, right?" The mischievous girl maintained her pleading look and paired it with a pleading cute voice. It was like an irresistible force coercing him to obey what this girl said.

"Ugh, okay, fine. You win. Anything you want." How could Dylan resist such an irresistible doll like sister of his?

"Yeeey!" Scarlet celebrated

"Now what do my cute little sister want?" Dylan helplessly shook his head.

This was simply injustice. How could fight the charm of this adorable child? He felt as though he was being taken advantage of. Well, he exactly was being taken advantage of by his troublemaking sister.

The mischievous light immediately resurfaced as soon as Dylan agreed to her request.

" I want a seasoned chicken, pork ribs, cattle\'s milk..." the little girl spoke the list of what she wanted to eat in an exciting manner. She just can\'t help but be blissful thinking how she would eat all her favorite delicacies. She continued to order seven more and then finally stopped.

"Wha-what?" Dylan was stunned because his little sister knew exactly what type of food her elder brother had in storage in his storage room. He nearly spat off a mouthful of blood from regret. But then again, he could only do what was asked from him since he already had given his word so naturally he must comply.

Dylan went to the storage and fetched the ingredients for the food Scarlet wanted to eat. Then, he went to the kitchen. Preparing the cooking tools he needed, he also cleaned his ingredients. He knew how to cook well in both lives so the cooking experience of both merged together and made his culinary skills to improve greatly.

During cooking Dylan searched the memories the past him had on Scarlet. He found the child at the remains of a destroyed mountain range. While Dylan tried to search for an Alchemist that could refine a pill that would greatly benefit him to the extent of a full recovery four years ago. He saw a small two year old baby girl but there were no signs of someone in the vicinity. Feeling pity for the baby girl, he adopted her and called her Scarlet because of her beautiful scarlet face.

After two hours of cooking, he prepared the feast and invited Scarlet. Seeing such a feast, Scarlet\'s eyes could not help but water and her eyes emitted her hunger.

"Eat up, Scarlet" as he turned around and leave because he would open up the store even though it\'s already near noon.

"Brother, wait!" Scarlet stopped Dylan.

"What is it?"

"I don\'t want to be alone. I want you to eat with me. Please."

"But I am just going to open the store. Although it\'s late, I can still open."

"Can\'t it wait after you eat, Big bro?" Scarlet did her pleading cute look again.

"Uh... Okay". Unable to retort, he could only give in.

"Yeeey!" The little girl was joyous as though she had won something.

After eating, Scarlet washed the dishes while Dylan quickly prepared the store for any costumer. After washing the dishes, having been bored Scarlet hung out at the store which was something she rarely did. After 3 hours of waiting, no signs of customer had passed the outside of the door. Unable to contain herself anymore, she said, "I\'m going to find some customers for you, big bro!". Then, Scarlet dashed outside without a second word.

"Wait-? Ugh..." Dylan failed to stop the little girl and helplessly shook his head. That girl just does whatever she wants.

Several moments later, Scarlet came back with a self-satisfied look on her little porcelain face with another person she held by the hand.

"Big Brother, I saw her outside and she seemed like she was about to enter the store. So I asked her what was she doing, she said she wanted to buy a herb."

"En" the girl nodded as patches of faint red formed on her cheeks. The girl was extremely beautiful although not as beautiful as Rose or Elizabeth but she was not far off. She was a brunette with two long pigtails. Her hair looked so smooth and shiny and it flowed down gently like a river. She had an exquisite white skin and amazing facial features. Her eyes were like an opal shining faintly. Her wonderful voluptuous body would drive any man mad. She also had that shy princess aura with her that made her even more attractive.

"May I ask for your name, beautiful fairy maiden?" Dylan politely asked.

"I am Rea, Rea Cross." the brunette beauty replied.

"Rea? What a cute name. So you are from the Cross Family? How may I help a person from a rich and enormous clan?" Dylan faintly smiled and calmly replied.

Rea Cross blushed so much as she felt in a daze when she saw that smile of his. Even Scarlet was in a daze for a moment and thought \'Why does Big bro suddenly feel so handsome?\'. The same thought struck through Rea\'s mind. "Why does this average looking person suddenly feel so handsome?"

This was Dylan\'s natural charisma released that had been so sharply honed to a frightening level. Even though he looked average, the disposition and aura he exuded is like a gentlemanly prince from a fairy tale.

"Um... I... I... want..." Rea was still flushed and unable to think straight.

"Yes?" Dylan politely replied again.

Rea was still in complete daze as she pointed at a certain pot from a certain shell.

"A blue spirit grass? But with your families\' wealth, you could buy hundreds of kilograms of superior quality than what I have in stored in my humble store. May I ask if Ma\'am Cross has a reason for this?" Dylan doubtingly asked but he maintained hi calm expression with a faint smile on his face.

Waking up from the daze, Rea felt embarrassed as what Dylan said was true. Rea racked her brain for a reason until she formulated one.

"I have just completed my first out of the clan mission so I wanted to buy something from the money I earned for a change. I am currently low in spirit energy so I need about 50 pounds of blue spirit grass." Rea replied although there was still faint redness on her cheeks. She had just said she was low in spirit energy. Spirit energy is only energy exclusive to... Awakened Spirit Realm experts. It is quite a shock that she is able to reach such a stage with her age only at 16.

"Oh, is that so? Ok then. Here are your herbs, ma`am. That would be ninety silver coins". Dylan honestly stated the price.

"Here is a gold coin keep the change. I will be taking my leave, sir." Rea shyly quietly cupped her hands and left.

"Wow, a gold coin. It sure is good to be rich" Dylan exclaimed as she saw the back of that brown haired beauty.

Suddenly, there was a trembling sound that he heard.

*Tremble* * Tremble*

"Scarlet, can you feel a trembling sound?" Dylan asked.

"Nope. Why?" Scarlet honestly replied.

"Nothing" Dylan said.

\'Could it be... The mansion?

Dylan closed his eyes and saw the mansion trembled. A white colored light shot out of the mansion\'s massive door and to his hand. He was shocked what this strange stone was. A thought suddenly flashed through his mind and it said to crush the mysterious stone.

Dylan involuntarily followed the instructions and crushed. He felt a sudden surge of energy that caused him to breakthrough to the third level. Wasn\'t this a little too ludicrous? A stone could cause one\'s cultivation to advance an entire level and ignored the stages. If a word of this were to reach the outside world it would cause uproar.

"Why..... Was it because of someone that bought an item from me? Because it only reacted after Rea bought those herbs... Could it be that this mansion is not a treasure trove but an.... energy source?!" Dylan was lost but it was the only possible theory he currently had.

\'If it wasn\'t for Scarlet bringing Rea to the Store, then I would have never discovered this. The heavens are truly just! Hahaha now my path to greatness is clear. My legend will now officially begin. Hahahaha!