The Strongest Businessman - 56 Chapter 56: The Thunder Clan

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The brown-skinned guard was trembling and was shaking nonstop when he saw how Dylan was confidently offering the contract in front of the large crowd. He did not expect that these bumpkin would be so hard to deal with.

Although it may seem that Dylan\'s offer was enticing and easy to win in the surface, it truly is not because in truth, it was a trap that Dylan set to prove that the guards were lying all this time.

"You! This must be some kind of scam I say! How can we believe you!" The wavy haired guard protested.

"Well, I just publicized the content of the Contract so there\'s no reason for me to lie. For you to have some peace of mind, I\'ll give the contract for you two to read. Here." Dylan approached the two guards and presented the contract itself.

The two guards read the contract meticulously and examined errors that they could use against Dylan but they couldn\'t find one because every word of the text was all said by Dylan to the crowd. They felt that they were defeated being unable to retort nor retaliate to this young man because they were the ones in the wrong. They never expected to find a difficult to handle bumpkin in the line of migrants.

"I... lied. This is not the letter of entry for the prior group but it was from another group who came by earlier." The brown-skinned guard conceded as he admitted the truth to Dylan . The other guard could only concede as well and lower his head. There was no way they could risk their lives for the sake of money.

"So you finally admit it. I knew from the very first reason you gave out that you con migrants. Why? It\'s simple although it is relatively true that to enter a city a person or a group must have a letter of entry to present, but this is only applicable for those people specifically businessmen or other high ranked individuals because it will directly state that their purpose for coming here is for transaction. For us, ordinary cultivators, the reasonable mode of entry is paying an entrance fee about 10 gold per person or so."

"Your second reason was also faulty because how can you expect migrants to travel by foot when every city is tens of thousands of kilometers apart? It is only practical for them to use mounts. The next is that we must present an emblem to be able to enter the city with our mounts? I believe that although it is true, it is only applicable to mounts which have the ability of flight because there are some powerful individuals who imposes restrictions on the use of flight due to it being the most common way of establishing strength which is disrespectful to the ruler of a city. Every cultivator needs a mount for their travels and adventures that is why it is only natural to have a spirit beast pet."

"The third reason was about the speculation that we might do an attack or acts of the same nature? How can we, Spirit Gathering Realm practitioners fight against the the Thundercloud Guards with our meager strength? Much less our mounts who are even weaker than us. I suspect that we would be easily wiped out by the strength of the city guards. The truth of the matter is that you only accused us of doing so due to me and my companions appearance which are from the countrysides. This way extortion and deception could be easily done by taking advantage of the stereotypical fact that we are ignorant. Am I right?"

Dylan bombarded them with his opinion which he based on logical facts that stemmed from his knowledge about the regulations of the territory of a cultivator in various types of novels. He smiled at the guards as he received applauseu200b from the crowds.

The crowd was shocked when they heard the confession of the brown skinned guard and was amazed by Dylan\'s eloquence. They thought that Dylan was the dumb one as to offer 90,000 gold coins worth of spirit beast to this man just to admit the obvious truth to them but it turns out that the truth that they thought was genuine was nothing but a farce.

"You guys are liars!"


"So you two are nothing but Con Artists!\'

"When I reach the town, I\'ll file a complaint against the both of you!"


"Rotten Knights!"

The two guard knights were being booed by the crowd after the crowd learned of the truth. They could only lower their heads as they received the curses of the crowd.

It was understandable how the crowds felt because if it wasn\'t for Dylan then most of them would be taken advantage of because they were ignorant and has no knowledge about the city rules. That is why they are somewhat thankful for Dylan\'s stand against these two opportunistic guards who takes advantage of the lack of knowledge migrants have to gain money from them.

"Make way the Young Master has arrived!" A voice called out from the back.

Suddenly, people from the back started to make way for a large group and made its way to the front of the gates.

The large group comprised of 50 members was lead by a golden haired 21-year old young man whose height was 1.8 meters tall which was about the same as Dylan. He had white and smooth skin that highlighted his bright yellow eyes and long eyelashes. His perfect face displayed coherence with his eyes and brows down to his pinkish lips which would tempt any girl to kiss it. This young man was handsome enough to be called an immortal prince.

"So perfect and so dreamy." A teenage girl screamed in idolization.

"Who is he? Oh my, he\'s so handsome!" A woman couldn\'t help but speak while blushing.

"He\'s like a prince that came from the immortal realm!" Another young lady commented as her eyes sparkled towards that young man. A lot of women agreed to her remark about this handsome young man.

He wore a robe that had the insignia of the Thunder Clouds City but was slightly different than the noble emblem of the city because the insignia had torrents of thunders that came from the cloud while the emblem only had a few thunders.

"That crest! It\'s the insignia of the Grand Clan, Thunder Clan!" A man called out.

"Ah! Now that you mentioned it, I heard the Thunder Clan had a peerless genius who reached the peak of the Origin Realm at the age of 20 called Victor Thunder! Could this man be him?" An old man spoke as he recollected an information from his head.

"What? He\'s from the Thunder Clan?"

"The clan which founded and ruled Thunder Cloud City?!"

"A peerless genius?"

"Reaching the peak of the Origin Realm at 20?"

The crowd had become frenzied when they heard the old man\'s words. The more they discussed about it, the more it seemed to be true! In no time, everyone was informed of the speculated identity of the young man.

"Make way for the Young Master!" The one beside the golden-haired youth said.

Dylan and his group could only move to the side and make way like what the others did while the guards went forward and received the large group.

"Oh, if it isn\'t Young Master Victor! How was your expedition on the Thunderstorm Peak?" The two guards behaved like dogs in front of their master.

"It went well. I was able to get what I wanted." Victor replied in a calm manner.

"As expected of the Young Master Victor, he truly is a peerless genius!" The brown-skinned guard praised.

"Of course, Young Master Victor is a dragon amongst men. A trivial Thunderstorm Peak is not something that will hinder his path to greatness!" The wavy haired guard kept praising Victor while trying to curry his favor.

"It\'s true, he truly is Victor Thunder!"

"No wonder, he\'s so handsome!"

"Get out of the way I must meet him face to face!"

"I want to meet him as well!"

The crown became even more frenzied because there speculation was true! They started pushing forward but was prevented by the men within Victor\'s group.

\'Hahaha, you country bumpkin, you\'re dead neat now! With Young Master Victor helping us, you\'ll die a horrible death! Hahaha!" Both guards thought while they sideglanced to Dylan\'s direction and smiled.

"Stop coaxing me. I don\'t like to be praised by hopeless trashes like you." Victor spoke coldly to the two.

"Huh? Young Master Victor, have we offended you?" The brown skinned guard trembled and tried to remember what they could have done to offend such a man.

"There\'s no need for you to say anything. I heard and saw everything that happened here earlier. So, there\'s no point in explaining to trashes like you who takes advantage of people for their own selfish gains." Victor coldly stated.

He was able to know everything that happened despite being far from the scene earlier because of the vastly superior senses granted by being a cultivator at the peak of the Origin Realm.

"Young Master, we can explain. Please give us a chance!" The two of begged for mercy as they kowtowed to Thunder.

"Truly hopless. Both of you deserve to die!" A yellow flash of lightning hit the ground and strikes the two guards.

Not being able to emit even a sound, the two guards turned into ash. The crowd quivered at the sight of this ruthlessness. Victor killed the two guards who were at the 15th level of Awakened Spirit Realm in an instant without even moving a single finger!

"Too powerful!" The crowd exclaimed the obvious in their shock.

Dylan remained calm despite of this. He knew that these were common occurences that happened in the cultivation world. He was just relieved that Victor was not one of those silk pants type of Young Master because if he were then there would be a totally different result from what happened here today.

"Tell the chief of the guards to replace them with guards who are more committed and trustworthy. For now, I\'ll have you two guard the guard the gate. The rest go back to Thundercloud Guards HQ, I will be going to the clan to inform father of my arrival. Understood?" Victor takes one person to inform the chief of guards, he pointed randomly at two men to guard the gate temporarily, and instructed every one to go to the headquarters of the Thundercloud Guards.

Victor glanced at Dylan and said before entering the city, "You\'re quite intelligent but it\'s too bad your strength is lacking. How about serving under me? I could tell that you have the potential to be a strategist with your critical way of thinking and such talent would be wasted if not used. Do you agree?"

The crowd was shocked when Victor offered Dylan a job to serve him but they thought it was only natural since he showed great mental fortitude and ability despite being new to the Thunder Cloud City!

It is common knowledge that a good army must be strong and large in manpower but a great army relies on the strategy of a great tactician.

"I\'m sorry, Young Master Victor, but I prefer my freedom and do not like to serve under anyone so I would have to decline." Dylan replied courteously with a calm smile.

"Audacious! You don\'t know the value of Young Master\'s good will!" A man beside Victor furiously shouted.

"It\'s alright. It was just a casual question. It\'s his choice to do so and I don\'t want to impose my wants to him. I\'m sorry but I don\'t know your name yet." Victor asked.

"My name is Dylan Ford." Dylan introduced himself with a slight bow.

"Good name. My name is Victor Thunder. Something tells me we will be meeting again someday. I look forward to it. Maybe you will change your mind by then." Victor turned around and left.

"I wonder." Dylan smiled as he lookedu200b at the back of the leaving Victor.