The Strongest Businessman - 51 Chapter 51: The Light After Darkness! Creating a Law: Primoridial Law of Business!

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It has been 12 hours since Gabriel, Scarlet and the Elder left. Dylan cried for an hour before passing out. Dylan awoke after 8 hours of sleep. Dylan instructed his employees that no matter who came and looked for him, regardless of status or strength, they must decline no matter the reason of their arrival. He also said that he will go to the forest by himself and find himself first.

Meaning that he wanted to be alone in order to be able to find his true purpose in life. He left before dusk alone and said his farewell to his employees.

"I\'m sorry that I must trouble all of you. You can leave if you want. I have nothing to offer to you guys any longer. But if you stay, I thank you for doing so. I hope you understand me for doing this but I must really find what purpose do I have in life. And if someone comes, as per my instructions, you must all reject them. I do not know how long it will take but I will not force you all to stay. As I have said earlier, you are all free to leave." Dylan said with a faint smile but that smile did not have the confidence and calmness it usually had.

" Don\'t worry sir Dylan. We have all decided to stay." Jack spoke

"Sir Dylan, if you are still wondering what your purpose is, I\'m pretty sure it is to lead us." Larry spoke.

"But the Gardenford Restaurant is now all gone..." Dylan spoke bitterly.

"True, but didn\'t you build the Gardenford Restaurant from scratch?" Mary smiled for Dylan.

"What\'s more is that you were able to make this newly established restaurant into the number 1 business in the Soaring Cloud City and dominated the entire city through business in just one month?" Marie added as she smiled to encourage to Dylan.

"That\'s right if it weren\'t for some disruptions, I\'m sure it would have towered the entire Mystic Red Cloud State in just half a year to one whole year and in the next year or two, the entire Mystic Clouds Country!" Roland ambitiously claimed with an encouraging smile.

"That\'s right, sir Dylan..." Beverly encouraged.

"Sir Dylan, you truly were amazing. Even without any support from youru200b cultivation, you are still able to do everything of that!" Scott gestured a thumbs up with his right hand as he spoke.

"You guys..." Dylan was teary-eyed when he saw how everyone encouraged him. Thanks to the encouragement of his colleagues, Dylan was finally able to smile and said.

"Thank you for everything, everyone. When I return, I promise that I will lead all of you and establish together with all of you, a business and brand that all of you will be proud of!" Dylan said confidently as he showed that smile that gave confidence and calmness to everyone once more. He turned around and head to the forest.

As Dylan was walking towards the forest, he thought of something call to say and do. He remembered what Naruto would always say to encourage everyone so he decided to quote and raised his right arm in a flexing manner with his hands enclosed and his thumb point back at him.

"Believe it!" Dylan said confidently.

But later on, he found what he did a bit cliche after personally doing it. Being somewhat embarrassed, Dylan hastened the pace of his footsteps. As he moved forward, Dylan submerged to the forest of trees.

Dylan might have found it cliche after he actually did it but to Jack and the others, it was a ray of hope that their peerlessly skillful and charismatic employer would come back and not just any type of comeback but a grand comeback!

After Dylan\'s departure, the employees made a temporary house for them to be able to stay and live until Dylan comes back. The boys opened the underground storage room of the Gardenford Restaurant where half of its ingredients are stored but it was covered by rubble and debris. After the boys got the food, they gave it for the girls to cook.

Around 8 in the evening, a carriage arrived at the broken walls of Soaring Cloud City. A figure came out of the carriage. The figure was a female that possessed devilishly attractive curves and a porcelain face. This woman was Amanda Cross.

"What happened to the city? How could it have been reduced to this state? It has only been three days since I was gone. There is not even a single citizen of the city that was left here." Amanda was shocked beyond belief. She could not fathom what type of disaster had befallen to the city to devastate the city to such a state.

"Amanda, what\'s the matter?" A voice from the carriage called out.

"Sir, there has been a problem. The Soaring Cloud City is now deserted and is no different to a dead city. I would like to ask sir Jake to scan the city because I fear to do error and embarassingly myself in front of sir Jake." Amanda apologized.

"Okay... Unfortunately, it is what you have feared, the city has truly been deserted but 2.5 km north of the city I sense a house filled with 79 people that is in the middle of a destroyed infrastructure." Sir Jake stated.

"A house? 2.5 kilometers? Coachman, take us there immediately!" Amanda went inside the carriage as the coachman nodded and drove the carriage. The steeds were called as Whirlwind Steeds that are able to travel as fast as 100 km/hour! So it only took the coachman to lead the Whirlwind Steeds to the direction that Sir Jake mentioned.

When they arrived, Amanda saw the remains of a business establishment known as Gardenford Restaurant which was able to climb the top of the Business Industry of the Soaring Cloud City in just one month. She only saw a house that was built well at the center of the debris. She ordered the coachman to park the carriage beside the house. Once the carriage parked, Amanda got out of the carriage and approached the door to knock it.

After she knocked, Jack opened the door and inquired who she was.

"Who might you be?" Jack asked.

"I\'m Amanda Cross from the Mystical Magnate Tower to bring Sir Jake who was the one assigned to kill Andrew Vigor. I am also here to invite Dylan Ford to become a disciple of the Mystical Magnate Tower. May I know where the two of them are?" Amanda answered.

" Oh you must be the onesu200b that sir Dylan refered to, right? The one who was going to invite him?" Jack asked for the sake of confirmation..

\'It seems like Dylan Ford was expecting us.\' Amanda thought briefly as she spoke, "Yes, we are."

"Okay. That makes things easier. I would like to ask you all to leave now." Jack said with a straight face.

"Thank you for the warm welcome. Wait, what did you just say?" Amanda was shocked when she heard that Jack was asking her to leave.

"I told you to leave." Jack replied straightforwardly.

"What audacity! How dare you disrespect me! Bring this Dylan Ford in front of me and make him beg for mercy for the audacity that you have shown! Does he not know who I am? I am Jake Rodstein, heir of the Rodstein Clan, a fifth tier Mystical Magnate of the Mystical Magnate Tower, and the disciple of Lord Randolf! I want him to beg and kowtowed to me this instant." Sir Jake went out of the carriage and spoke.

He wore an aristocratic robe that was the same as Andrew but the only difference was that he had five stars on the crest of the Mystical Magnate Tower.

Sir Jake is an aristocrat of the capital. He came from a noble clan and is considered a genius in Mystical Magnatism. Being praised and adored by many, this made him more proud and self-centered.

"I\'m sorry you must have misunderstood what I have said. Then let me elaborate. According to Sir Dylan, anyone who comes to invite him would be rejected regardless of his status. Now, I would kindly ask you all again to leave. Currently, Sir Dylan is not here so you won\'t have the chance to get a look at him. You were the one sent to kill Andrew, right? Unfortunately, he has already been slain by my master. I don\'t care of you believe me or not but my point is that you can just leave since Sir Dylan has already killed Andrew and he doesn\'tu200b want to be a disciple of the Mystical Magnate Tower." Jack replied.

"What?!" Sir Jake felt that his face was burning from the embarassment. He felt that numerous face slaps happened to him from what Jack said.

"Fine! If he doesn\'t want to, then it is his lost. Let\'s just see what a country bumpkin like him could do! I bet he is nothing but a waste who would not be able to reach the level of Mystical Duke! Hahaha. Amanda, let us now leave!" Jake insulted Dylan in front of Jack.

"What nonsense...*Bang*" Jack left a message as he closed the door.

When Jake saw how Jack disregard him, he couldn\'t help but be angered as he shouted to the coachman to leave immediately.

"Dylan Ford, I will not forget this. Just pray that we never meet or else, I will torture you first before I kill you! You think you can become strong without the backing of the Mystical Magnate Tower and rely on your talent? You must be dreaming! If I ever see you, I vow to show you the gap between the two of us!" Jake vowed in his heart.

Somewhere in the middle of the forest...

A young man could be found sitting cross-legged at a small piece of land wide enough for two-three people to sit on which was situated at the middle of a large lake. His eyes closed and his expression was serene. This young man was none other than Dylan.

Dylan being unable to use cultivation swam to the middle of the lake when he saw the small piece of land. Dylan thought that it would be a great idea to contemplate on this peaceful looking place so he decided to make this small islet as his cultivation spot. When he was sure that no beast lived in it, Dylan became even more sure to cultivate here.

Time passed. Minutes turned to hours and hours turned to days. Dylan has been sitting in that small piece of land for two days already. He sat there unmoved despite birds and insects landed on his body. It just seemed like Dylan was detached from any sort of distractions and has truly become one with nature.

In Dylan\'s mindscape, he was similarly doing the same thing. He was unmoved by anything and silent. But, suddenly his eyes opened. His eyes were clear and felt like it received enlightenment.

"I see.. " Dylan said. After he said those two words, he self-contemplated by himself.

"What is my purpose in this life?"

"What is my goal in this life..."

"Am I supposed to become the strongest expert like what I have dreamed iwhen I was on earth..."

"Or should I continue in the path of business and become the richest man and the most successful businessman in this world..."

"What is the purpose of me gaining strength.."

"Is it too prove that I can be the strongest.."

"Is it to rule the entire world or even the cosmos.."

"Is it to be able to protect my loved ones..."

"Is it to vanquish all evil in this world..."

"Just what should I be..."

"Just what path should I follow..."

"That\'s what I thought earlier... but now it\'s different."

"Who says I cannot do it all at once?!"

"Who says I cannot be the strongest expert and the most successful businessman at the same time?!"

"My goal can be anything as long as I my heart and soul feels that it should be this way! Thus, I can be the strongest businessman!"

"My purpose of gaining strength is everything that I have said because that is what my heart and soul dictates!"

"But what does it mean to become the strongest businessman?"

"To dig deeper, just what is business to me?"

"It\'s denotation is that it is the practice of making one\'s living be engaged in commerce or trade."

"To me, it is the same as well, it is to engage oneself to the trade of goods and earn from it."

"But is business really limited to the exchange of such material goods?"

"My employees, Leila and Frank, died for me. All of my other employees were injured for my sake. But why did they do this?"

"They told me it was because of the way I tooku200b care and treated them that they were able to arrive at the decision that they were ready to risk their lives for mine. I also risked my life for them because they are all good and kind-hearted people."

"Every relationship and interaction has a cause and effect. But what if I rephrase it, what if I said that it is the exchangeu200b of the cause and effect that caused the relationship or interaction to happen. Then, if I were to say that cause and effect are personas and conducted an exchange, it could be said that a relationship is a form of business between individuals."

"If this is so, then the relationship between life and death is also a business. Because there is an exchange that happens in this cycle. Life could only end with death and death could only start with life. Therefore, I could also say that there is a relationship between the two which is also a form of business."

"Reincarnation, Heavenly Bodies, Life and Death, Fate, Suffering, the world, even the whole universe has relationship with each other. If relationship is business and all of mentioned has relationship with each other, then this means that everythingu200b within the universe is business!"

"In conclusion, to become the strongest businessman, I must be able to gain control of the business that is known as the universe!"

"Reincarnation? Planets? Galaxies? Life and Death? They are nothing but commodities and businesses for me to manage when I become the strongest!"

"Now, I understand why master named himself as the Cosmic God because it was his ambition to rule the entire cosmos as well!"

Dylan\'s thoughts caused a great change in the surroundings.

The birds and insects flew away from Dylan as something mysterious was happening with Dylan as of this moment! The sky gave birth to a torrent of light and shot it towards Dylan! Dylan felt a qualitative change happening in his body as he bathed in this light.

The seal that Byron set in his Magnate Strength was destroyed! But, it did not stop there, Dylan\'s Magnate Strength was being continuously nourished by the light and made it even stronger than it was before!

But Dylan also felt that it was not onlyu200b strengthening his Magnate Strength, the light opened an additional route for his Magnate Strength in his eyes. His eyes felt like it was receiving vast amounts of energy that opened his Heavenly Eye!

As Dylan was enjoying this type of reward, in the capital, a tower was so high that it\'s peak could not be seen because it was being covered by the clouds and this tower was the superpower known as the Mystical Magnate Tower. On the peak of the tower, four individuals were conversing when they sensed the torrent of light that Dylan was able to summon.

"That light... It couldn\'t be?! The light that comes from the cosmos?! This is the Birth of a Primoridial-level Law into our world!!!" The white haired man with a long beared stiffened from shock!