The Strongest Businessman - 45 Chapter 45: Deathmatch: Dylan versus Andrew

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Dylan also attacked the moment Andrew charged at him.

"Man-eater Spider, attack!" Andrew roared as his Avatar was sending four fist strikes towards Dylan. The four fists was launched into four different directions as they travelled to Dylan. Dylan used his [Four Soft Steps-Perfection] and was able to easily evade the four fists with just two steps as he advanced forward but Andrew anticipated him to be to dodge all four that is why Andrew had already prepared another set of attack for Dylan to receive. A three pronged attack! An attack from Dylan\'s north, northwest and northeast!

"Hahahaha, evade that!" Andrew shouted.

Three fists were attacking in three different directions. Dylan tried to retreat backwards but he couldn\'t because the four fists he just passed were quickly readjusting themselves and directed another strike to Dylan. So he decided to push forward once more, he executed his [Four Soft Steps-Perfection] once more as he head to the one in front of him.

Andrew smiled at the sight of this. When he saw Dylan was near the fist, he ordered the fists to abruptly transform into three times it\'s original size. This was because Andrew fused the three fists temporarily to form a bigger attack that will push Dylan back.

"What the heck?!" Dylan was shocked because he did not anticipate that these fists could fuse so quickly.

Dylan raised him arms in an attempt to blocked the attacks that came as he was pushed back. Just as he was pushed back, Andrew highly jumped in mid-air ,about 10 meters high, seemingly preparing for another attack. So, Dylan tried his best to stabilize himself as fast as possible. When he saw that the other four fist strikes were combining themselves into one entity, Dylan jumped to his left side and flipped in mid-air. He stabilized himself after landing and watched the two giant fists crash onto one another.

Dylan did not delay as he dashed towards the descending Andrew. While running, he sensed a rumbling feeling on the ground one step ahead of him but as he was dashing he was unable to quickly change directions and was forced to follow his built up momentum. Subsequently, after he made one more step, a black fist appeared from the ground and delivered an unexpected uppercut to Dylan.

Dylan was knocked to mid-air while feeling the intense pain from the uppercut of the black fist. Dylan\'s mind was blank as he was knocked in mid-air. He felt like a professional boxer delivered a devastating uppercut that was aimed specifically to his chin.

Seeing Dylan momentarily losing his state of mind, Andrew took this opportunity and made his way to Dylan by quickly redirected his descending body to the already close Dylan. As he shuttled through the air, he balled his fist and clad it with the dark clouds he conjured. He sent another jab to Dylan\'s face. Another painful blow for Dylan but this jab forced some sense into him.

Disregarding the pain, Dylan used the momentum of Andrew\'s descending fist and bent his body backwards to elevate his right foot that was already preparing for a full-swing kick. Dylan flipped in mid-air and delivered a deadly blow to Andrew\'s chin but Dylan was not done just yet as he fully utilized the momentum given to him and used his left form to execute a bicycle kick to Andrew\'s chin once more!

The feet are physiologically known to be 3-5 times stronger than the arms because the muscles of the feet are used to the weight of the body when a human stands, walks or jumps. Thus, Andrew experienced an even blanker mind than Dylan as blood flowed his mouth because of the intense force he received from Dylan\'s kicks!

Dylan did not know why he was able to do something like that. He was shocked in his self that he was able to do a bicycle kick while in mid-air. Maybe it was because of his desire to kill Andrew once and for all, maybe it was because of adrenaline, or maybe it was because based on defending oneself reflexively.

Dylan felt his blood boil from all of this fighting and he felt like he was in his element. But he dismissed this thoughts because he was currently in the midst of a battle and he could not afford to be distracted.

Dylan took advantage of this but he knew he had little time to do so. So, when Dylan landed on the ground with his body facing downwards, he jumped using his arms and legs and delivered a headbutt to Andrew\'s stomach.

"It\'s now or never!" Dylan leaped and headbutted Andrew with all his strength.

Andrew, on the other hand, was also able to regain some of his senses from the pain of being headbutted by Dylan but he coughed quite large quantities of blood! He was angered by Dylan\'s all-out attacks because he did not anticipate he would directly go for the kill. Thus, for him to make use of this moment to strike, he instantly conjured his avatar on top of him and Dylan and he telepathically ordered it to bash Dylan with all eight hands.

"Die!" Andrew roared desperately.

Dylan knew what Andrew did but he did not retreat because if he did he would lose the opportunity to deliver a killing strike. Enduring the recoil of his headbutt and all the pain inflicted to him, Dylan roared and extend his hands. He thrusted his hands forward as he called forth the Waning Moon Sword that was stored in his mindscape.

"It\'s do or die!!" Dylan shouted!

Andrew was dumbfounded when he saw that Dylan did not retreat but he did not falter and made his Man-eater Spider execute his command. But, he was stunned the next moment when he saw that a sword mysteriously appearing on Dylan\'s hand that he thrusted forwards earlier.

"No way!!! Argh!!!" Andrew cried in agony as the sword penetrated his chest.

The sword pentrated the center of his chest and pierced through till it reached the exterior of Andrew\'s back. Dylan withdraw the sword as soon as it fully pierced because he knew that the wound he punctured would secrete large amounts of blood. Dylan was not sure whether he pierced the heart because the next moment, he was bashed by eight large fists.

Andrew crashed several meters away from Dylan who received an all-out attack of the eight fists of the spider. His wound was excessively bleeding and he continuously coughed blood.

Dylan, on the other hand, felt excruciating pain on his back. He felt that if the strike was a little stronger then his back would have snapped and he would have been finished. He coughed 3 mouthfuls of blood from the pain and injury he had in his back.

Although, it took quite long to describe all of this events happened in a mere minute. Both were struggling to get up but they knew they had to because if they don\'t the other would kill them.

"Damn you, Dylan Ford!! Why don\'t you just fucking die?! I did not expect you would be this crazy that you would risk your own life just to kill me!! I guess I have no choice but to use my trump card!! I thought that the first time I would use this skill is to kill the executioner sent by the Mystical Magnate Tower. I never existed that I would use it on you! But, for the sake of killing you, all would be worthwhile!! I will let you die the most terrible way possible!!" Andrew cursed Dylan again and again. He changed his stance and chanted a language different from the native language.

When Dylan heard of Andrew\'s insane cries, he prepared himself for the unexpected. He could not waste his energy to reply with Andrew\'s crazy nonsense so he stayed silent and slowly crushed some Primal Stones to recuperate.

" ng... dilim... kalu..luwa... ng... lagim!" Andrew awkwardly chanted a language that exuded an archaic feeling. It was as if he just learned it only recently.

"Wait, this feeling I have felt this before! Right, from Scarlet, I felt the same feeling when she was sleeping at the back of the platform but a different vibe. Scarlet\'s vibe was warm and exuded dominance but this exudes coldness and unspeakable evil. But they have this sense of familiarity... Could they be the same ancient language but they only differ through usage?" Dylan could not help but mumble. He knew that the way Scarlet and Andrew delivered this language was completely different yet both had a certain sense of similarity with each other.

"Just where did Scarlet come from? How did Andrew learn of this language that seemed to be ancient and lost? How are they connected with each other? Could they be the same language or different languages?" Dylan could not connect the dots with regards to this mystery.

While Dylan was pondering about this as he was struggling to stabilize himself and was trying to recuperate, Andrew was floating in mid-air with the Man-eater Spider behind his back. He and the Man-eater Spider was covered by a cocoon made up of the dark clouds. On the same moment, it broke open and it revealed Andrew whou200b was fused with his Avatar!

Andrew\'s bareu200b upper torso replaced the position of the head of the Man-eater Spider with a height of 2 ½ meters. His hair was standing as though it was jolted by lightning. He had 6 additional little eyes that were on his forehead and the teeth of his mouth became sharper than they used to. But what was truly terrifying was that he exuded the breath of an Initial 15th level Awakened Spirit Realm Expert! Also, the wound that Dylan inflicted to him was gone!

"Are you ready to die, Dylan Ford?!" Andrew asked him.

"Have you really sunken so low that you are using these forbidden techniques?" Dylan spoke gravely.

"You\'re the one who forced me to be like this! But I don\'t regret my decision of joining "them", because they gave me enough power to rule a city like the Soaring Cloud City! Hahahahaha! But, my dreams are not limited to that! My dream is to becomeu200b an entity like the True King of the Six Mystical States! Mwahahaha! I have to thank you because you have given me the chance to be able to do so! As long as I consume the souls of each practitioner within this city, I would be able to reach the peak of the Origin Realm! Bwahahahaha!" Andrew\'su200b voice had undergone a drastic change because of the fusion. He has truly become an ominous and selfish beast that only thought for his own benefit even if it meant killing an entire city.

"I don\'t know how a degenerate like you became a Mystical Magnate in the first place and I don\'t know what kind of freakish organization or power you have joined but can you think clearly for a second. It\'s your own twisted mind and ideals that made you what you are! Don\'t blame it on other people. You are the one who said so yourself that you will use the innocent lives of the people leaving in this city for your own selfish gains!" Dylan defended righteously as he injected his natural energy to the Waning Moon Sword!

"I have heard enough! Now, die!" Andrew screeched as he created multiple energy balls and directed every single one to assault Dylan. Dark balls of cloudy energy appeared one by one and was simultaneously shot to Dylan! This was the special ability that Awakened Spirit Realm practitioners possess the Spiritual Energy Manifestation that enables them to create and mold energy in accordance to their desires.

Dylan was assaulted by a wave of dark energy balls that is why he used the special skill of the Waning Moon Sword, Energy Slash! It is a skill that helps the user to amplify his energy to the extent that he is able to use Spiritual Energy Manifestation! But if the user was already an Awakened Spirit Realm Expert, this sword would double the strength of his Spiritual Energy Manifestation!

But the energy slash was extremely draining and totally dependent to the capacity of the user for energy! Dylan himself could only use this skill for 10 times only. But, this was the only way he could hope to fight with Andrew who fused himself with his Avatar through a forbidden technique

But, in order to defend Andrew\'s barage of attacks he slashed one Energy Slash per wave that was sent to him. Dylan was dashing left and right and continuously changed directions because of the unceasing barrage of energy that Andrew released.

"Hahahaha, that\'s right! Run away, Dylan! RUN AWAY! HAHAHAHA!" Andrew felt like he was in control of Dylan\'s life as he continuously created multiple energy balls. Andrew\'s energy reserves were thrice as much as any 15th level of Awakened Spirit Realm Expert in the Soaring Cloud City. That was why he was confident he could do this for lengthy periods of time.

After 10 minutes of attacking, Andrew got tired of this wild goose chase he was doing so he decided to make a move! Dylan had already used his Energy Slash 8 times already.

"It\'s time to end our little game, Dylan!" Andrew moved so fast that he covered the distance between him and Dylan in an instant! He appeared in front of Dylan intending to finish him once and for all!

"What the-?!" Dylan was shocked when Andrew appeared in front of him so fast.

"Eight Armed Fist!" Andrew executed his Battle technique that blew Dylan several hundred meters away!

But fortunately, Dylan was able to bring out the Shield of Dusk just in time to block Andrew\'s battle technique! Dylan let out a sigh of relief because of this. He stood up and prepared himself as he looked like a gladiator ready for battle with his sword on his right and his shield on his left! He fully injected all of his energy left in him into his weapons!

" Oho, what nice artifacts, you got there. I would have to thank you because later they would fall into my hands. Hahaha. So as a token of gratitude, I will kill you using my strongest skill! Hahahaha!" Andrew spoke as though he was already the winner as he approached Dylan.

"Let\'s see you try." Dylan taunted and he dashed more than a hundred meters in just a few seconds!

"Hahahaha. Resistance is futile! Now die! Arachnid\'s Killer Web!" Andrew stretched his arm as strings of black spider was bombarding each other in the air and on the ground. They devastated the pathway to Dylan! This type of strike was enough to kill a Pinnacle 15th level of Awakened Spirit Realm Expert!

But when Dylan was only a hundred meters away. He stopped and hid on his shield. The path of destruction continued to pass through him and it was followed by a loud explosion!


Smoke filled everywhere and the only thing that could be heard after was the loud laughter of Andrew and the cry of Dylan\'s employees...



"Sir, Dylan!!!"

"You, monster! How could you!!!

Cries of agony and despair could be heard as the smoke faded. They mourned for the death of Dylan. The three tanks were just about to deliver the finishing blow to the Blood Tiger who was already lying and bleeding on the ground when they heard the explosion.

"We\'re sorry, masters. We were unable to protect Dylan Ford!" The three left their into the body of the tiger as they apologized to their absent masters.

"That\'s what you get for messing with me, Andrew Vigor! HAHAHAHAHA!" Andrew was so blissful that he was crying years of joy.

"You really think so..." A shadow leaped out of the sea of smoke and headed towards Andrew!

"What?! How?!?!?!" Andrew was so shocked that he felt he saw a ghost!

"Crescent Moon Slash!!!!!!" The shadow horizontally slashed Andrew\'s body as he bisected Andrew\'s torso and the Man-eater Spider\'s body!

Blood splattered as a face was shown thatu200b brought smile to those who were mourning. He smiled to them and turned their cries of mourning to tears of joy.

The death match has ended and Dylan Ford was the victor!