The Strongest Businessman - 41 Chapter 41: The Magical Table of Contents

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Left in a daze, Dylan was standing awkwardly. His employees finally conceded after being stopped by the three guards by a couple of times. Seeing how disappointed they were, Dylan told the guards to let them near him for a while.

Hearing this, they rejoiced and quickly approached Dylan. The employees each asked whether Dylan was doing fine or still feeling the pain of his wound. Dylan smiled wryly when he heard of this because his wound has already healed. It was already healed by Scarlet so he felt somewhat bad that he neededu200b to lie to them and act like he was still injured.

"It\'s still hurting but I can manage. Sir Elmer told me that after several days of rest and application of medicine I will be able to quickly heal." Dylan said

"Ohhh, then please rest, sir Dylan. Rest assured. I will manage the restaurant in your behalf." Frank spoke.

"Okay, then." Dylan agreed.

"It seems like sir Dylan is still feeling a bit nauseous. I assume this is from the operation, right?" Frank was concerned for Dylan\'s welfare so he asked.

"Ugh, just a little bit." Dylan scratched his head.

" Then, we can\'t be negligent it may be a side effect of the restaurant so you must rest, sir Dylan. Mary , Marie, please guide sir to his house." Frank ordered his two neice to assist Dylan.

"Ugh, you don\'t have to do this." Dylan told Frank.

"No, sir Dylan. You must rest. Remember your welfare is the welfare of the restaurant." Frank reminded Dylan as he was the face of the Gardenford Restaurant.

Dylan could only helplessly follow.Frank\'s order because he was still \'recovering\' after all. Marie and Mary came near Dylan and assisted him because \'he\' still cannot walk too well. Dylan was walking slowly on his own and he started to lag back from Marie and Mary. Seeing this, the two ladies traced their steps until they reached Dylan. Each took one arm and wrapped it around their backs. They used their strengths and easily carried Dylan.

Shocked by this, Dylan could not help but say, "It\'s okay, Mary and Marie. I can still manage."

"Sir Dylan, just let us do what we were ordered to do." Mary smiled in response.

"Sir Dylan, you don\'t have to act so tough. We saw how you struggled walking earlier." Marie smiled as response as well.

"Oh, okay." Dylan could only smile wryly. He only tried to make the lie that he still had a wound more believable by lagging behind by a little bit. He never expected that he would be treated like this.

Some of the boys had envious gazes towards Dylan because what a privilege it was to be carried by two beauties in that manner. The two girls were blushing as they walked towards the house because the man they fancied was so close to them. Their hearts couldn\'t help but quicken as their faces showed a genuinely happy smile. But Dylan had no knowledge of this whatsoever because the faces of these two beauties were facing forwards. Thus, he was unable to see their red faces.

Upon reaching the outside house, he was totally amazed because he could see from the outside of his house that the interior was now completely transformed. All of the vases and containers were cleared out. The floors was replaced by cement instead of wood. His roof was now replaced with better material. Every aspect of his house has transformed! It was now bigger and wider and better looking. It could now even be considered as a large house worth 500 gold coins!

He asked to Mary and Marie how did this happen and they replied it was because of the cummulative effort that all the employees have done. They wanted to surprise him. They saw how Dylan was focused on improving the restaurant and their skills in business that he forgot to improve his own. They also knew how generous Dylan was to their families and their homes every time he secretly gave them food and provisions. So, it was decided that they would repay him yesterday by secretly improving Dylan\'s house because Dylan said that he was going for a business meeting.

But, they did not expect that he would be placed in a great ordeal in which his life was on the line. So they stayed in the Gardenford Restaurant to guard Scarlet, the restaurant and the newly renovated house.

Dylan was shocked and felt warmth because of his employees goodwill. He felt so blessed to have them because they even went as far as renovate his home and he was sure that they spent a hefty sum to do this. So he said to them, "After I recover, we are going to have a feast to celebrate our win in the Business War. Just inform everyone once you return. You can go back now. I can manage from here. Tell everyone to work hard."

"Understood." Both nodded in unison and left.

Dylan went inside and familiarized his house for a while. After familiarizing himself with his new and better house, he went upstairs where his room was found and at the hall towards his room, which was opposite to Scarlet\'s room, he saw Scarlet who just came out of her room.

When Scarlet saw Dylan, she smiled at Dylan and Dylan knew what it meant. Scarlet danced and he danced as well. Their silly dance had begotten laughter and smiles. Dylan rustled Scarlet\'s hair while Scarlet pinched his cheeks. After their sibling time, Dylan told Scarlet that he had to rest and Scarlet nodded as she said goodbye.

"Good bye, big bro. Sleep well! I hope you recover soon. I will be at the restaurant playing with big bro Roland, big sis Allana and big bro Scott." Scarlet waved her hands to Dylan as she descended the flight of stairs.

"But you already have.." Dylan mumbled as he smiled.

Dylan went to his room and rested after circulating [Cosmic God\'s Business of Galaxies cultivation technique] several times. After resting for a few minutes, Dylan locked his room from the inside and stealthily went out to the window. He dashed towards the depths of the forest after checking that no one saw his escape.

He ventured deep to the wilderness and slaughtered several Spirit Beasts along the way. He found another underground cave and scouted inside. After killing the 9th Level Spirit Veins Realm Wild Boar inside, he occupied the cave.

He still needed to be cautious not to let anyone know about the existence of the Mansion so he had to distance himself from the city. Dylan could also not risk going to deep to the forest because he might encounter a Spirit Beast far stronger than him. That is why Dylan picked a place where the periphery of the area are only of Spirit Veins Realm beasts.

Dylan started his meditation and entered his mindscape. He saw the large amounts of Primal Stones! The primal stones was approximately 1800 in number! His collection of Deca-Stones have now reached 180! His Centurial stones were that of 18! He tried to find a Millenial Stone but to no avail, there was none. So, he came into conclusion that the stones are rewarded based on the number of customers he had entertained for a day.

"Time to cultivate!" Dylan shouted.

His cultivation base has now been refined to the extent that it has now entered the purest state of natural energy! Although Dylan had the cultivation technique of Cosmic God, he did not depend on it too much. He refined his own natural energy to a more refined energy 3 times a day and endured the pain for the past 2 weeks. Unfortunately, his purity of energy wasn\'t able to advance to Spirit Energy but it was still able to become the purest state of natural energy.

With this, Dylan was more confident of his robust cultivation base that in the Spirit Gathering Realm, he would not fall into Cultivation Deviation.

He reached out for the Deca-Stones and crushed two with each hands. Dylan\'su200b aura started skyrocketing!

Peak 6th level Spirit Veins Realm!

Pinnacle 6th level Spirit Veins Realm!

Initial 7th Level Spirit Veins Realm!

Intermediate 7th level Spirit Veins Realm!

High 7th level Spirit Veins Realm!

His cultivation was rapidly rising but their was no signs of imbalance within the energy equilibrium. One could see how robust Dylan\'s cultivation base has become. It continued to shuttle until the 10th level!

Initial 10th level Spirit Veins Realm!

Intermediate 10th level Spirit Veins Realm!

Dylan\'su200b Deca-Stones were now fully depleted but he did not lose heart as he grabbed the entire collection of Primal Stones and used it! Every level now used 700 stones!

High 10th Spirit Veins Realm!

Peak 10th Spirit Veins Realm!

There was only four hundred left and it was insufficient for Dylan to advance any further. But Dylan was still content with the current level of his cultivation! His speed of advancement could already leave some geniuses to dust!

He was just going to use the Centurial stones when he saw an object near the Waning Moon Sword. It was a shield! When he touched the shield, it\'s information flowed into his mid like what happened with the Waning Moon Sword. The name of the shield was the Shield of Dusk. The shield was named as such because the craftsman of this shield used the Dusk as the inspiration to create this shield. It had the ability to burn the majority of an attack equal to the strength of its owner!

Dylan was amazed by the function of this shield. He was also commending the work of the blacksmith because even the picture of dusk was beautifully painted onto the center and was encircled by runic inscriptions.

"What an amazing shield! This could be used as a trump card against my opponentsu200b!"

A sword and shield that were able to appear and reappear with a thought? What an amazing pair of trump cards!

"Hahahaha, what a bountiful harvest! Now to check the second page!" Dylan was excited by the surprises given by the Cosmic God Mansion. He was thrilled and excited to discover the power of the second page!

"Now, present to me your gift second page of the [Cosmic God\'s Business of Galaxies]!" Dylan opened his arms as though he knew he was welcoming a blessing. The second page slowly floated and presented itself in front of Dylan and Dylan gladly grabbed a hold of the second page.

"Hahaha, the second page is... Huh? Table of contents?!" Dylan was shocked by this. His master, the Cosmic God, still put a table of contents in his Cultivation technique?! Dylan felt like he was being played with by his late master and could only smile wryly because of this.

"It still makes sense though. Even Cultivation manuals need table of contents for the practitioner to refer to." Dylan consoled himself by saying those words but he was still disappointed. Despite being disappointed, he continued to read the table of contents of the [Cosmic God\'s Business of Galaxies].

Table of Contents of the Cosmic God Manual

Creating the Legendary Core........................ 1

Cultivating the Ancestral Veins..................... 13

Releasing the First Seal.... ........................ 25