The Strongest Businessman - 39 Chapter 39: Let me say it again

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Dylan slowly opened his eyes and he smiled while he looked at Andrew. He slowly stood up and stared straight to the Soul of the Contract. The Soul of the Contract was holding a scale that faced him and Andrew. The left scale was elevated higher compared to the right and Dylan knew that this was because of Andrew\'s performance. The Soul of the Contract evaluated Andrewu200b quite high to be able to cause him to be able to place significantly higher than Dylan. But, even so, Dylan was not the slightest bit of afraid of what happened.

Dylan slowly looked to Andrew with a calm expression as though he was not affected by Andrew\'s performance.

"So, is it my turn now? Shall I start?" Dylan asked Andrew.

"Of course, you may, \'Friend\' Dylan." Andrew appeared as though he went back to his original self who was exceedingly confident and proud. But, even so, he couldn\'t still contain his anger when he forced himself to say Friend to Dylan. It was a good thing he was bowing because everybody would have seen how warped his face was in that one moment which he said Dylan\'s name but when he raised his head, it was full of smiles leaving not even a shred of that maddened expression he had.

"Okay, then. First and foremost, I offer 21% shares of my company to the clients." Dylan some calmly

"Ahem, friend Dylan, that would be a total of 63 % of your company that you will be giving out. Could you please reconsider?" Andrew coughed and acted as though he was pleading. But, in reality, he was laughing so much about how dumb Dylan was to be able to carelessly raise prices in this Se Battre Pour Un Client.

\'HAHAHAHAHA, what a dumbass moving he is doing! He\'s simply throwing towel over to me. Hahahaha!\' Andrew laughed in his mind when he saw that his scale moved up once more.

"What do you mean friend? 63%? You may have understood my statement. I just stated that I would be sharing 21% shares of my company to the clients and not 63%. Meaning that I would only be giving 7% to each one of them! I suppose friend is not that good in numbers to be able to misinterprete what I have just said." Dylan calmly rebuked with a friendly smile.

"What did you just say?!" Andrew\'su200b screw that he tried to push back was loosened once more as his face showed anger. Little didu200b he know that his scale slightly descended. But he was still able to grit his teeth to maintain a bit of his sanity and tried to commence a counterattack.

"Ahem, if you reduce it to 7%, then that would mean that my deal would be better regardless of what you offer next." Andrew chided as he maintained his poise and demeanor.

"Oh, really?" Dylan\'su200b lips slowly formed a bright smile as he continued to speak. " What if I told you that I could offer 7 soulstones to each one of the clients for every week that they are able to do business with me? Would that make my deal better than yours?" Dylan smirked and crossed his arms as he knew this was the moment he was waiting for.

"What?! Do you think that soulstones are cheap?! They cost 1500 gold coins each making it more expensive than Spirit Stones which are only 1000 gold coins each! If you give them 7 soulstones individually, then that would mean 21 soulstones and that would cause about 31500 gold coins! You are planning to earn that amount of money in just a week?! You must be dreaming!" Andrew defended his offers with a barrage of questions.

"Is that so? Then what if I told you that just today my Gardenford Restaurant earned over 7000 gold coins from 750 customers? And that does not even includeu200b what I still may earn later in the evening? I suppose it will still get bigger after receiving a perfect 10 on my restaurant\'s review in both management and customer service/ satisfaction. I estimate growth of another 300 customers which would imply that I would be able to get around 200,000 to 300,000 worth of silver coins equivalent to around 2000-3000 gold coins. So all in all, I would gain around 9,000 gold coins and if multiplied to the number of days in a week, then I would gain an average of 63,000 gold coins a week. That said, I would be able to buy the 21 soulstones each week, wouldn\'t I?" Dylan calculated and presented his estimated earnings.

"That is only my average estimationsu200b. It\'s not that I want to brag but my previous estimation of my total number of customers was only 500 and I would only earn around 400,000 to 450,000 but I was wrong as my gimmicks were able to invite more customers to comeu200b. So if I were to estimate a little higher, wouldn\'t that mean I would gain bigger?" Dylan explained as he countered with a barrage of facts!

"What?! 63,000 gold a week?!" Everyone was flabbergasted! They could not help but believe as they have seen a large flow of people that exited out of the city and headed towards Dylan\'s restaurant. Dylan\'s earnings for a week is already enough to be called the top business in Soaring Cloud City! Such weekly income was greater than each one of the three giants\' establishments.

"How are you sure that you are able to maintain that number of customers and income?! We all know that people tend to get tired of something quickly!" Andrew tried to do every possible way he can to hinder Dylan from winning. He was shocked that now it was Dylan who was elevated above him instead of him being above Dylan. He was getting increasingly furious and scared of each word that would come out of Dylan\'s mouth.

"How am I sure? Simple. Because my brand is new and fresh." Dylan said slowly with a smile finishing it.

"You!!!" Andrew was speechless as he could not find anything to say.

Andrew could no longer rebut because it was true. In business, new brands that are able to become popular was able to sustain their income for at least 6 months to 1 year at most with the right management. With Dylan managing Gardenford Restaurant, it was almost assured that his income would not decrease but grow steadily instead. That was the same thing that happened to his Vigor Hotel on its first several months in any city he constructed a branch.

"Oh yeah, I remember what you said earlier. Let me say it again. Don\'t compete businesses with me." Dylan smiled as he knew he had already won. He just changed some words that Andrew said to make it his.

Unwillingly acknowledging defeat in his heart, he could only kneel and look lost. The Soul of the Contract finally made its verdict and it sided with Dylan. The Soul of the Contract reverted back to its original form and floated towards Dylan and landed on his hands. The Contract emitted another blinding light that shot towards Andrew. When carefully examined, a large chain could be seen as it pierced through Andrew\'s chest.

Andrew felt increasingly weaker as the chain embedded to his chest. Although this was only an Avatar Soul, the pain he felt was so realistic and heart-wrenching. When the chain reached a certain point, it stopped moving forwards and slowly retracted. As it retracted, Andrew still felt an indescribable pain but there was another pain that he was experiencing at the same time. He felt as though a thousand worms was laying waste in his chest and he knew that it was the consequence of the Se Battre Pour Un Client, the forceful demotion of rank. When the chain was fully extracted from his chest, it retracted back to the contract that Dylan kept. Both of them slowly returned to their bodies.

Although the pain faded and there was no wound on his chest, he still felt pain, the pain of damaging the foundation of his Magnate Strength. It would greatly affect his future as a Mystical Magnate and he would greatly struggle to advance than what he used to. The feeling of pain turned to being lost as it further drived Andrew to sank to the depths of insanity and depravity. He looked at Dylan as he blamed him for everything! He lost his future! He lost his fortune and entire life! He wanted revenge so badly!

"It\'s all because of YOU!!!" The voice Andrewu200b had transformed into something more of a beast compared to a human.

"Don\'t even think about it, Andrewu200b Vigor! Don\'t even think of hurting Dylan while we are still here! We will also detain you and wait for the Mystical Magnate that will punish you for your evil deeds." The three giants kept their end of the deal as they immediately dashed in front of the wounded Dylan to shield him away from Andrew.

"Hahahahaha! Do you really think so?!" Andrew\'s eyes was filled with insanity as he drank a vial of liquid. His aura got stronger and stronger but it only stopped at the 13th level of Awakened Spirit Realm. He knew this would still not be enough to take on the three so he escaped as fast as he could. He drank a drug that enables a person to have a sudden growth in strength in exchange for burning his/her blood. It temporarily cancelled out the effects of the forceful demotion.

"What? A strength-enhancing drug?" The three giants immediately have chase

"Don\'t even think about getting away with this, Andrew!" Pavilion Head Galagher said.

"It\'s really a good thing to have a contingency plan set just in case! HAHAHAHAHA!" Andrew laughed maniacally as he escaped through the windows. While in mid-air, he cast an incantation. The three giants were just about to jump when the room suddenly lightened up and an energy barrier covered the entire room.

"An entrapment array?!" Garden Owner Elmer spoke in shock.

"Dylan Ford, you can have the last laugh for now but tomorrow will be the day of your death and your Gardenford Restaurant! Here is a little farewell gift for you! Kaboom! Hahahahahaha!" Andrew said as he fell and landed on the ground and continued to escape.

The surrounding people distanced themselves a bit when shards of glass started flying around and a man fell from the sky. They found it strange about what happening this late afternoon but what happened several moments after shocked them even more.


The room three floors above the ground floor, where the man who fell came from, suddenly exploded. They were shocked why did something like this happen within their usually peaceful neighborhood. The bystanders were even more shocked when they saw three shadows descending from the room that exploded.

They were flabbergasted when they saw that it was the three giants who were somewhat wounded and burnt in some parts of their bodies. Guild Master Blood Wolf was carrying a person on his back which they immediately recognized. It was Dylan Ford who was bleeding and was currently pale-faced.

They could not help but wonder what the hell just happened?!