The Strongest Businessman - 36 Chapter 36: Turning the Tables Around

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Andrew was now smiling confidently and the anger that was previously seen on his face has been burried by that proud smile of his. Andrew calmly clasped his fingers and rested them on top of his stomach and crossed his legs as he slowly sat like an aristocrat.

This sudden change in disposition of Andrew made Dylan feel uneasy. Dylan scanned his surroundings and he discovered that the three giants suddenly became more aloof and dignified with their auras. Even the savage looking Guild Master Blood Wolf was in sync with this sudden change of atmosphere. Dylan became more alert and on guard because he feared their might be a sudden ambush among the four othersu200b in this table. So instead of waiting, Dylan took the initiative to break the frozen atmosphere in this room.

" So what were the important matters that you spoke of earlier, Friend Andrew?" Dylan asked in a calm manner.

"Oh, it seems like Friend Dylan is eager to know those matters. Okay then, I shall not delay any longer." Andrew spoke smilingly as his train of thought followed with the recitation of his statement

\' Fool, since you are so eager to fall, let me help you by sending you on your way. Wahahaha.\'

The three giants stood up and spoke in unison. " Dylan Ford, the factions administered by us the three giants of the Soaring Cloud City hereby terminate any type of connection and relationship to you and now formally starts an alliance with Lord Andrew."

The words of the three reverberated throughout the room. Andrew was smiling ever since the first down to the last word that the three giants articulated. Andrew was feeling as though he was already witnessing his victory over Dylan Ford and his Gardenford Restaurant. He was feeling blissful thinking that Dylan\'s downfall would imply the rise of his Vigor Hotel. He could not help but feel giddy when he thought of this. He turned to look to Dylan trying to get a sight of the expression he wanted Dylan to bear.

\' Hahaha, now despair for me, Dylan Ford. This is where your story ends. Bwahaha.\' Andrew\'su200b smile was reaching his eyes as his head tilted to Dylan\'s direction but his expectations were far from reality as he saw a fully warm and calm smiling face sitting on that seemingly lonely chair. Dylan\'s smile did not diminish one bit. Not even stiffness nor forced expressions could be seen on his handsome face. It was as though everything that the three giants announced were nothing but common gossip or topic by friends.

\'Huh?! What is happening here?! Why isn\'t he showing the slightest bit of shock?!\' Andrew was hysterically thinking because he could not understand why Dylan is still able to stay calm at such a moment. Dylan was losing three of his main suppliers. It seemed as though everything that occurred was already anticipated by Dylan.

\'Maybe he\'s just trying to put up a brave front... Hahaha. Although I salute you with your acting skills that you are able to almost trick me into believing you but this type of bluffing will not work on me. Hahahahaha.\' Andrew consoled himself by speaking words like this on his mind. \'Let me add some more stress to you. I refuse to believe that you will not show your true emotions once you have been pushed to the very brink. Hahahahaha.\'

"Not only that, I, Andrew Vigor, is accusing you of trickery and improper usage of the powers of a Mystical Magnate. The three giants have already confessed of this usage when you used it against them. This is against the rules set by the Mystical Magnate Tower. Written on Article XI Paragraph 28, I quote, \'A conferred Mystical Magnate of the great tower shall not use the powers of Harmonized Soul and King of Souls for deception, adultery, massacre or any type of villainous acts. If violated, any Mystical Magnate of higheru200b tier or equal tier shall be given sanction to carry out capital punishment to the violator.\' and I end my quote." Andrew was smirking as he quoted the specific verse inscribed in the Tower Constitution Scrolls of Mystical Age.

Andrew, as a conferred Mystical Magnate of the Mystical Magnate Tower, learned these laws as it was mandated by the Council of Elders that every Mystical Magnate should learn of the rules and regulations inscribed within the ancient scrolls. Even Magnate Apprentices have to learn this as well, that is why the three giants were also aware of the rules. That was why he also assumed that Dylan knew as he felt that a businessman of his caliber would at least be a Tier 3 Mystical Magnate.

The three giants told him it might be because of his natural talent when it came to business and trade but Andrew suspected that Dylan was already a Mystical Magnate who was conferred by the Mystical Magnate Tower as he was able to beguile the three giants which even though, he was capable of doing so but cannot do it so easily like how the three giants described what Dylan only had to do in order for them to be hypnotized by Dylan\'s Harmonized Soul State. Andrew was assuming that Dylan was already atu200b the peak of the Tier 3 Mystical Magnate who even have the potential to breakthrough already.

Andrew was smiling widely and was hoping to watch Dylan\'s expression to change but he did not know why and how Dylan could still be smiling calmly at this moment. Andrew felt that something was off when he saw Dylan smiling. He checked his soul state and he confirmed he was not beguiledu200b by Dylan. Andrewu200b has been using a secret technique that prevents anyone under Tier 4 to not be able to beguile anyone as long as that someone is within his proxemity.

"Why are you smiling fpr, vile villain?!" Andrew roared.

"Oh, nothing. It was just I find it funny." Dylan merely smiled at him.

"You find youru200b death funny?" Andrew sarcastically asked.

"Nope. Because I am not the one who should die if what you stated was true?" Dylan smile became even more calmer as he looked at Andrew.

"How preposterous! Are you insinuating that I should be the one who is supposed to die? Die, evil man." Andrew stepped forward and executed a movement skill of far higher grade than Dylan. Andrew moved so fast that Dylan was not able to see it. After the blink of an eye, he appeared in front of Dylan and a battle skill of the same grade was executed. Dylan tried to block with his [Boulder Breaking Fist-Perfection] but he discovered that he was only able to mitigate the force it had as it hit his torso and sent him crashing to the wall.


Dylan crashed on the wall and somewhat struggled to stabilize his footing while gravely staring at Andrew.

\'A Initial level 11 Awakened Spirit Realm? But has High Spirit Rank Techniques which reached Expert Mastery?\' Dylan analyzed his opponents strength. He now knew how delusional he was when he thought that he could fight Andrew. Someone who was equipped with High Grade Spirit Rank Techniques in both Cultivation technique, Movement technique, and Battle techniques.

Despite having the overwhelming strength that he has, he figured if he were to fight with all of his with someone of similar arsenal of techniques with the same comprehension, he would only be able to fight someone at the Intermediate level 8 Spirit Veins Realm. But if he were to fight someone equipped with a slightly inferior grade of techniques that are Middle Grade Spirit Rank Techniques with the same comprehension, he would only be able to fight a Pinnacle level 9 Spirit Veins Realm.

Higher grade of techniques are more difficult to comprehend but they are paired with a higher output of energy and power. That is why each grade is twice as strong as the other. Dylan felt depressed about this but he had to set this aside because he needed to deal with this situation for.

"It seems like Friend Andrew has made a grave mistake here." Dylan sighed as he stood up.

"What do you mean?" Andrew frowned as he walked up to him.

"You have stated that the offender should be conferred, right?" Dylan inquired.

"Yes, a conferred Mystical Magnate caught in the conduct of villainous acts are subjected to capital punishment! Now, surrender your head to me!" Andrew acted righteously.

"Then, I hate to be the bringer of bad news but I have not received any type of conferment by the Mystical Magnate Tower as a licensed Mystical Magnate so I should not be subjected to this injustice. Another reason is that I have only received knowledge that I possess Harmonized Soul State 2 weeks ago and I have not received any training about the powers of a Mystical Magnate so I wholeheartedly apologize to my misconduct as I don\'tu200b have an inkling about the proper usage of these powers. Thus, you have no right to carry out any type of execution for this type of act is outside of your current jurisdiction." Dylan defended himself.

"What?!" The three giants were at a lost for words when they heard of this. How was this possible that they fell for Dylan\'s unknowing act?! They fell for the subconscious enchantment Dylan did. They could not help but feel bad for themselves thinking about how embarassing it was to be beguiled by a newbie in the Magnate world.

"No way...." Andrew was trembling after he finished listening to Dylan\'s defense. He could not help but feel how unbelievable it was! An 18 year old businessman had the abilities comparable to monstrous veterans in business! But, what he didn\'t know was that Dylan already formed a business empire on his past life that spread all throughout an entire continent!

"One more thing, if what you said is true, then friend Andrew, you, yourself is the one doing the villanous act as you have intentionally tried to kill an innocent businessman because of misconception. If we try to add the fact that you and I are currently taking part on a business war, one could easily claim that you are doing this vile act in order to eliminate any type of potential threats to your business. Then, this would be an entirely different matter as the motive of you intention to kill is to eliminate a competitor you are currently experiencing defeat with. This would imply that you are trying to kill an innocent businessman for your own personal gains. If the three lords are righteous enough to report this to the Mystical Magnate Tower, then friend Andrew would be subjected to capital punishment, am I not right?" Dylan added as though he was just stating a fact to his close friend.

But Andrew can\'t help but feel cold sweat slowly dripping on his cheeks when he witnessed how Dylan turned the tables against him. He was just standing there ashened face and trembling.

"How disappointing. But at least I have witnessed the appearance of a worthy opponent." Amanda whispered to the winds. But when Andrew heard of this, his expression changed to desperation and insanity looking as though he was going to do something evil to Dylan.