The Strongest Businessman - 35 Chapter 35: Low-key Face Slapping

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Andrew was left in complete and total shock. He felt embarrassed about neglecting such a critical problem. What was even worse was that he regarded it as "minor problem" and there was still a lot more problems that Dylan was able to cite. He felt hisu200b face was searing hot from the humiliation he just received.

Amanda was even more shocked. He never expected that a local businessman could be so eloquent and have foresight with matters related to to business. Dylan has further widened her horizons as she now began to open up her mind that there could be other talented businessman besides businessmen found within the capital.

"Uh, we can discuss it another time, friend Dylan. Today, we have much more important matters." Andrew tried to bring forth a smile that was not a smile.

"Oh, what could these Important matters be?" Dylan was intrigued by these important matters Andrew was talking about.

Suddenly, the doors opened as three individuals walked inside the VIP room. They exuded a breath and majesty of true Mystical Magnates. These three were people which were very familiar to Dylan. They were the three giants. It seemed like each one of them was able to meet a fruitful encounter that enabled them to breakthrough.

The one in the middle was Pavilion Head Galagher who was now exuding able to perfectly harmonize three auras and formally became a Tier 2 Mystical Magnate. The one on the left was Garden Owner Elmer Green while the one in the right was Guild Master Blood Wolf and it could be inferred that both of them has successfully promoted themselves from being Magnate Apprenticesu200b to Tier 1 Mystical Magnatesu200b.

"Hahaha, it seems like we\'re having a festive meeting today." Pavilion Head Galagher laughed as the three of them were walking towards the table.

"It seems like we were the ones causing the delay of this meeting." Garden Owner Elmer stated.

"Hahaha, we meet again, little brat." Guild Master Blood Wolf laughed heartily as he talked to Dylan.

"Greetings, Pavilion Head, Garden Owner and Guild Master." Dylan bowed ceremoniously.

"Welcome to my Vigor Hotel, dear friends." Andrew greeted them somewhat impolitely.

\'Dear friends, huh? It seems like there\'su200b a conspiracy going on here.\' Dylan noticed Andrew\'s somewhat informal manner of address towards the three giants whom people people normally respectfully address as "sir/s" and "lord/s". But what Dylan found really strange was that the three giants were dismissive about this. Dylan was able to gather these points as he was very meticulous in nature but he did not raise this topic for now.

The three finally arrived at the table and sat down with Dylan and Andrew. Andrew raised his hands and flicked his two fingers. After a short while, two pairs of maids and butlers came and served a full course meal for the five businessmen. The appetizers, meat dishes, fish dishes, deserts, salads, drinks and main course were all finely made.

"Before we immerse ourselves into a discourse, put us first fill our stomachs with a sumptuous meal that I have prepared specifically for this meeting. Please enjoy your meals." Andrew spoke.

Dylan and three giants all nodded in response as they all started to dine. Andrew wanted to exploit the fact that Dylan was a commoner and has never eaten in a formal meeting before. When Andrew meticulously examined each one of his files, he discovered that Dylan had no training and guidance when it came to business and anything. That is why Andrewu200b concluded that all of his learnings were self-taughtu200b or innate.

Andrew wanted to test Dylan\'s etiquette and manners when it came to formal banquets as he knew that Dylan had no experience with these types of formal meetings before. He was smiling evilly in his heart as he would use this weakness to humiliate Dylan because he knew very well how learned a person needed to be in order to part take such formal meetings as Andrew himself experienced lengthy lectures regarding proper etiquette and manners.

\' Humiliating me? I\'ll show you true humiliation. Hehehe.\' Andrew thought as he sliced a portion of the meat dish and ingested it.

"Friend Dylan, it\'su200b okay that~"

Andrew was just about to complete the sentence he was preparing when he saw Dylan calmly eating and elegantly slicing his food in a learned manner. There was no waste in Dylan\'s movements as Dylan properly fed himself with a bite size portion of the appetizer. His movements were refined and exuded eloquence and he was eating calmly as though it was a habit of his. This made Andrew absolutely confused.

\'Was\'nt he an orphan?! Didn\'t the data say that he never studied?! What\'s this?! How is it possible he is able to competently carry himself with elegance while eating?!\' Andrew enragedly thought.

"Huh? Yes, friend Andrew? What is it?" Dylan questioned Andrew.

"Oh hahaha, it was nothing. My tongue just slipped." Andrew immediately came up with an excuse.

"Really? I thought I heard you say "Friend Dylan, it\'s okay that~". That what? Would you care to continue, friend Andrew?" Dylan sensed that Andrew was about to say something that was meant to humiliate him. So, Dylan used his own words against him to give him a taste of his own medicine.

"True, I heard that as well. It seemed like you were trying to say something and was clearly not a slip of the tongue. Don\'t worry it\'s okay to share with us." Guild Master Blood Wolf was trying to fan the flames between the two of them. Apparently, he was stirring up trouble for Andrew. Blood Wolf was quite displeased on how informal Andrew greeted so he was trying to get a small revenge from him.

"Oh, that... Friend Dylan, I was saying that it\'s okay that you don\'t like the food. I can have the chef to prepare other meals for you." Andrew immediately thought of an excuse but even after he said it he did not immediately realize how careless he was.

"Hmmm, I don\'t recall I have made a remark saying that I don\'t like the food served here. Are you sure it was me?" Dylan inquired smilingly.

"Oh, I thought you did not like it when I saw your serious face. But, what do you mean by am I sure it was you? Are you insinuating that I am the one who did not like the food of my own establishment?" Andrew grunted as his voice became deeper as he progressed in his words. Clearly, Andrew was holdingu200b his anger in but he found Dylan\'s smiling face looking like it was mocking him.

Normally, Andrew would be able to manage his emotions without any difficulty as he was able to reach the Tier 3 Mystical Magnate but the repeated emabarassments and humiliation he experienced at the hands of Dylan caused his usual calm and proud state of mind to crumble piece by piece. That is why he was speaking carelessly and blinded by his emotions.

"Oh, do I have to be joyous and smile to show my appreciation towards the meal? I think not because I believe that to properly evaluate a meal a person needs to be in full concentration when examining the taste of the meal. Only when he is ready to give evaluation may he be able to express his reaction towards the meal. Many gourmets choose this type of method as it is orthodox and conventional but, of course, we cannot exclude the fact that there are eccentric gourmets which deviates from the norm and straightforwardly assess their food during the first taste of the food.

However, this could only be done by people who have diverse and vast knowledge regarding culinary arts and tastes. I heard that such rare gourmets and epicure are rare even in the diverse population of the capital. But for normal connoisseur of high class gourmet, needs to evaluate a meal be depth of flavor, texture and harmony of the ingredients\' tastes. Although it may be presumptuous of me to say that I am doing what these gourmets do but openly voicing out your opinions about food or any matter without rigorous analysis is plain simple-mindedness . Do you not agree, Friend Andrew?" Dylan thoroughly explained his point but Dylan was not done yet.

" Friend Andrew, I have never mentioned that I nor you dislike the food of your establishment. But stating that I am insinuating that you don\'t like the food of your own establishment without any basis, people would think that you are defending yourself and think that it was true. Wouldn\'t you agree, friend Andrew?" Dylan calmly continued with his relentless bombardment of statements that left Andrew speechless and burning with rage while he closed his argument with a warm and pleasant smile.

"Why... you?!" Andrew\'s mind was all about getting revenge as he felt that he was left with no face at all. What was worse that what Dylan said was all true and they were all on point and each point correlated to support each other. He could not find a flaw in Dylan\'s words as his mind was being blocked with anger and fury.

But, what truly irritated him, was that Dylan\'s tone was not rude nor domineering. It was just a friendly tone that you use with your colleagues and comrades. He was unable to resort to force as it was evident that Dylan was just trying to prove a point and nothing more.

Pavilion Head Galagher and Garden Owner Elmer was extremely shocked by Dylan\'s eloquence and wits. His expositions and explanations left Andrew speechless, without face, and turning red from rage. Although he said those words, he just seemed like a scholar trying to persuade a person to believe in him. They found themselves thinking of how unfathomable this young man had become.

"Not too shabby, little brat. What a way to slap a person\'s face. Hehehe." Guild Master Blood Wolf mumbled as he smiled satisfyingly to Dylan\'s performance.

Andrew was just about to say something unreasonable and slam his hands on the table when a slim hand grabbed his shoulders and a voice softly whispered.

"Calm down, the meeting has yet to start. You have to prevent Dylan Ford from getting the upper hand. Remember, you still have an alas you have yet to place. Calm your mind and adjust your breathing. You have not lost the fight yet." The voice slowly disspated but Andrew knew the owner of that voice and that beautiful hand. It was Amanda who calmed him down. Andrew readjusted and he calmed down because Amanda was right he still has an alas he still has yet to place.

Andrew looked back at Amanda who was calmly standing beside him and gave her a glance of gratitude. When he finally turned to the table to face Dylan, he showed the former proudness and arrogance he displayed when Dylan first entered this room.

When Dylan saw that proud and arrogant smile plastered on Andrew\'s face, he knew something big was about to happen.