The Strongest Businessman - 34 Chapter 34: Confrontation! Andrew gets lectured!

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When Dylan finished reading the invitation, he folded it and placed the letter back to the envelope which he then stored in his pocket. He went back inside and continued serving the customers.

After two more hours, the restaurant has finally finished serving their customers and the waiters and waitresses were bidding farewell to the customers one by one. The whole 3-hour period was a very festive one for they were able to serve a total of 700 customers and were able to gain 500 000 silver coins over all!

The beastman-themedu200b cafe was a huge hit to the customers but ,of course , there was a small percentage of the customers that found it unsightly and vulgar and continuously complained. But, even so, Dylan was able to pacify them by personally serving them. Dylan was able to make this small group of antagonistic customersu200b to perceive neither negativelyu200b nor positivelyu200b but neutrally towards the theme.

Dylan did not force them to like the overallu200b theme as he knew there would be some customers that would be voicing out there dislikes due to their own view and perspective of these matters. But by serving them diligently and patiently, Dylan made the perception of these customer to somewhat change.

But, most of the customers have good reviews regarding the beastman-themed uniforms/cafe as it was refreshing, eye-catching and very attractive.

Also, majority of the customers was greatly in favor of the subdivisions of the restaurant because this insinuated that Dylan cares for the customers and is able to measure their needs and wants. For example, kids are highly energetic individuals that would explain why they tend to be hyper and naughty as they want to always play and is in need of constant attention of others.

That is why kids cause great amount of headache to the adults. Adults have various of things to do and would sometimes be unable to entertain their children. But thanks to Kid\'s Playroom, kids were able to satisfy their needs to play and needs of attention by playing with other kids while adults are able to converse freely with their peers while occasionally monitoring their children.

Another example is for the elderly, they fancy places of peace and quiet and most high likely refrain from going to overly noisy places. With Eden of Old satisfying their fancy for peaceful and quiet places, they would be more than willing to pay for the prolonged stay in this section of the Gardenford Restaurant as they are able to peacefully eat and socialize with other elderly people while reminiscing their past experiences which most young adults and children find annoying and boring.

Overall, the customers\' feedback was exceedingly possitive. Dylan\'s employees were beat up from the work but they were still smiling as they felt they have already achieved their goal.

Dylan was currently rechecking the stores income. He was still shocked that he was able to gain 500,000 silver coins in three hours as it was slightly bigger than the 400,000 silver coins he was expecting. But the more income, the better it was for his brand. He was now able to learn 5,000 gold coins, enough to buy 5 manors in the Soaring Cloud City.

Most people would be struggling saving for a big house which was of 100 gold coins but Dylan would be able to easily buy one with his current income. A house that was the same as his house which only fit to accommodate one-two persons was only 1 gold coin. For a slightly better house, it would be for 10 gold coins. For a larger house, it is sold for 100 gold coins. For a high class manor, 1000 gold coins would be the price but for a clan residence it ranges from 10,000- 50,000 gold coins depending the quality.

Dylan felt saitsfied with his gains. After checking the restaurant\'s income, he went to check on how his employees were doing before he goes to Vigor Hotel.

"Hooo, what tiresome bunch they were." Ronald let out a breath of relief while he irritatingly complained.

"You bet. I feel like my whole body is aching from fatigue." Scott Dean agreed.

"Oh, stop complaining you, two. We still have some dishes to do." Larry reprimanded them as theyu200b still have more important things to attend to than sitting and relaxing.

"But we\'re still beat. Ugh..." Greg Mower complained as well.

"Yeah, can\'t we just have a 5-minute rest?" Allana interjected.

"Why, you!" Larry became slightly angry.

"Just leave them be, Larry. It\'s okay." Dylan suddenly spoke.

"Uh, but sir.." Larry was at a lost for words. He could not understand why Dylan was so forgiving.

"Larry, it\'s fine, sir Dylan already said it\'s okay for them to rest." Jason Bateman spoke.

"Just let them be, Larry." Rick May seconded.

"Ugh, okay..." Larry could only resign after being convinced by the two.

"Okay, guys. I will be leaving the management of the restaurant temporarily to Frank, Diane and Jack." Dylan announced.

"Where are you going, sir?" Marieu200b Aaron said.

"I was invited by someone to go somewhere." Dylan replied

"Was it the woman you talked with earlier?" Mary Aaron asked. Mary was able to see Dylan talking with a beautiful woman when she was serving a family near the gate.

"Oh, you saw that? Well, yes, because it was an invitation from her boss." Dylan was slightly shocked when he heard Mary ask about the woman from earlier. He immediately took note in his mind how observant Mary was.

"Ohhh." The Aaron cousins replied in unison.

"So, sir Dylan, must be going to the Vigor\'s Hotel and Gourmet right? Please be careful on your way there." Diane reminded.

Dylan was stunned when he heard that Diane was able to deduce that he was going to the Vigor\'s Hotel and Gourmet even though he didn\'t say anything. But on careful thought, Diane was a very intelligent person ever since Dylan met her so it wasn\'t strange for her to be able to deduce that.

"I leave matters here in your care." Dylan reminded them before he left.

"Yes, sir." Everyone nodded.

At Vigor Hotel...

Dylan was finally able to reach Vigor Hotel after half an hour of walking. Dylan still hasn\'t bought his own carriage so he could only walk by foot. Dylan entered the hotel and appraised the facility and staff.

"Quite decent." Dylan commented nonchalantly.

He headed to the VIP area because it was the venue of the event. Wearing a classic suit, Dylan still looked quite dashing because of his natural charisma and princely appearance. He was momentarily stopped by the guards before entering as it required the invitation. Fortunately, Dylan brought it or else he would have to go back to the Gardenford Restaurant just to get a stupid letter.

When he entered, Dylan was shocked as he only saw one table. The table was varnished and designed beautifully. It was a circular wooden table but it seemed like it was harder than iron. Dylan had an inkling of what it might be. It was an Iron Wood Table. It came with a hefty price of 500 gold coins and chairs of the same material could be seen as well.

There was only 5 chairs. In the most prominent chair sat a handsome young man about 24 years old. He wore his Mystical Magnate Tower robe and a luxurious velvet suit underneath it. This was none other than Andrewu200b Vigor. A voluptuous and hot woman was standing next to him wearing a black cocktail dress which exposed her curvaceous body. She was Amanda, Andrew\'s secretary. The other four chairs were still vacated. Obviously, one was intended for Dylan to sit in.

Andrewu200b stood up with a professional smile hanging on his face and greeted Dylan.

"Greetings, my friend. My name is Andrew Vigor. This is my secretary, Amanda."

"Greetings to you too, my friend. You may call me Dylan, friend." Dylan reciprocated the greetings.

"Greetings to you as well, ma\'am Amanda." Dylan turned to Amanda\'s direction and greeted her.

"Greetings to you too, sir Dylan." Amanda greeted Dylan with apparent redness on her face.

"Hahaha, it\'s okay if Amanda did not greet you back, she was like that when we first met~ Huh?" Andrew was shocked when he heard Amanda reply. Back when her master introduced her to him, she was haughty and did not greet him back but he understood because of her status as his master\'s fifth disciple and strong backing. Andrew could not understand why this haughty woman would greet this bumpkin.

\'Why did she reply to him? Why is she red? Does she have a fever? Is she sick? That must be it! How do I differ from this bumpkin! Hmph!\' Andrew thought.

But Andrewu200b did not know that this wasn\'t Amanda and Dylan\'s first meeting. He thought that Amanda might have only assigned another person to deliver the letter for her but he never would have thought that Amanda would be the one who sent the letter herself.

"Oh, is that so?" Dylan merely smiled when he heard this.

"Ugh... Yes, well anyways..." Andrew\'su200b smile became slightly stiff as he felt embarrassed by what he said and tried to change the subject quickly to prevent him from being further embarrassed.

"Welcome to the Vigor Hotel, Friend Dylan. How was my establishment for you?" Andrew was expecting Dylan was shocked with his hotel. Unfortunately, Dylan has already seen and even made after better hotels than Andrew.

"It is fairly decent, my friend." Knowing that Andrew was his enemy, there was no need for him to be polite as he knew that this smiling man was the very same man who sabotaged him and his business but he still showed formality in his words.

"Pretty decent? May you enlighten me how my hotel was only "fairly decent" to your taste?" Andrew\'su200b smile was getting stiffer as he heard those words. First, his secretary was acting weird and now this bumpkin, rates his hotel as fairly decent?

"Are you sure?" Dylan doubtedly ask.

"Well, of course. We, fellow businessmen need each other to better our businesses. Criticism and rivalry is a common thing to do." Andrew replied straightforwardly. It appears that he also have mastered harmonizing four emotions and auras.

\'So he\'s most probably a Tier 3 Mystical Magnate. Judging his mastery over Harmonized Soul State and his three star logo of the Mystical Magnate Tower...\' Dylan thought.

"You are right. It is a common thing. So here\'su200b my insight regarding your hotel. First and foremost, I see no coordination between your employees. On my way here, I saw three to two instances wherein two or more of your maintenance team bumped into each other while cleaning and started arguing each other. This type of disharmony promotes disorganization and decreases the level of productivity of your workers." Dylan stated expositorily.

"Uh, that\'s a minor problem." Andrew said dismissively.

"Minor? You must be jesting. What if this type of argument was witnessed by your clients and your customers? Would it not reflect on the face of the hotel? Would it not increase the probability by which your customer service ratings and number of customers plummet? There\'s more, if the customer was a part of a publication wouldn\'t it be easier for them to criticize your establishment and even if they are not assigned for the editorial section of the news, they would just need to report it to their Editor-in-chief to transfer the making of the article. So how could it be a minor problem? Friend Andrew must be joking right?" Dylan explained

"...." Andrew and Amanda was left speechless by this. This Dylan Ford was able to connect myriads of highly possible factors to that one problem?! What\'s more frightening was that he was absolutely right?! Critics are very meticulous people so they would be able to connect minor problems with various factors that may lead to a business\' downfall. Just how far does Dylan Ford able to foresee things?

"Not only that, there\'s several more problems in which I have cited that may cause a great blow to your hotel and restaurant\'s reputation. Should I still enumerate them?" Dylan smiled and asked once more.