The Strongest Businessman - 32 Chapter 32: A Giant Killing

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In the Gardenford Restaurant...

Dylan was constantly laying out his plans and constantly guided his employees what to do. He was striving to reach out to customers of all age groups and gender. Dylan was currently compartmentalizing his Gardenford Restaurant into three sections. He called the three accordingly: The Kid\'s Playroom, The Main Hall, and The Eden of Old.

The Kid\'s Playroom was a compartment near the cooking platform. It was the original space where the restaurant first started, the upper middle side. Dylan fenced this area of 20x20 meters and have it designed into a children\'s playhouse. Dylan designed the small compartment to have three different kid slides and he also assigned some of his employees to make some toys for the kids. The entrance to this compartment was the three kiddy slides. It was only of a height of 5 meters.

The Kid\'s Playroom was further subdivided into three sections. The left slide led to the little girl\'s section. It was filled with toys and stuff that were handpicked by Scarlet. It had small table sets for tea parties and dolls and stuffedu200b toys for the kids to play with. The right side led to the boy\'s section and within it was filled with toy dinosaurs, Spirit Beasts and iconic action figures of this world like the Sword Saint Zoro, Dragon Slayer Zain, and Combat Emperor Kai. The middle slide led to the middle section which was for all boys and girls.

The Main Hall was where the young adults and middle aged would be sitting and dining. In this area, Dylan planned to execute a plan, never before seen in the Grand Mystic World, a beastman-themed cafe! This was the purpose why Dylan had one group of his employees to buy beast skins. He envisioned that the girls would wear bunny girl and cat girl costumes while men use the wolf skin, lion skin and boar skin to be dressed as beastmen.

Dylan did not want his employees to be harassed so he requested that the design for the beastman-themed uniforms to not be overly vulgar. He Incorporated the common maid outfit with the beast skins. Dylan assigned Beverly Wagner, Ronald, Steven Hans, and 3 other female employees with the design as they were the ones who had some experience working in tailor shops.

The catgirl attire had that cute anime style cat ears and cat tails on the maid dress with cat paws for the hands and feet. It also had a choker paired with it that had a cat bell attached. The cat paws on the hands could be conveniently removed as it was only designed to be small and be stored by the back pocket of the dress to not pose as a hindrance while serving food.

The bunny girl costume was slightly different as the maid was more fit in order to emphasize the figure of wearer. The collar was slightly lowered and the hips were given more emphasis as a small furry rabbit bun was sown to it. The skirt continued above knee because the bunny girl costume had stockingsu200b paired with slip-on flat-soled shoes. It also had cute bunny ears for the head

For the men\'s costume, it was slightly revealing as it was all designed to show the upper bodies of all men. For those with regular and muscular builds, they all used the wolfman attire. The wolfman attire was designed with a wolf fur vest, wolf skin arm bands, wolf teeth necklaces and wolf skin slacks. While employees which have fatter physique will wear the boar costume, the boar and the wolf costume have same design but the boar vest was more thicker compared to the wolfu200b vest.

As for the lion attire, it was designed based on Dylan\'s physique because the employees said he should be the one to wear the lion uniform because he is their boss. Dylan was coerced by his employees by wearing this lion attire. The lion costume was designed as a sleeveless fur coat that did not have any buttons to emphasize Dylan\'s upper body. The uniform also had lion skin armbands and lion teeth necklace. The only difference was that Dylan was supposed to wear a mask of the head of the Rock Lion like Hercules\' nemean lion mask. The mask was only half the head of the lion so it only reached Dylan\'s nose.

For the Eden of Old, it was another compartment wherein elderly people and people of extremely high status could dine. This areau200b was placed by Dylan in the center of the restaurant because this was where the calming fragrant scent of the flowers concentrated. Dylan made a 15 m² fencing in this compartment but the material for the fence was completely different than what was used normally. Dylan used a special type of tree he came across in the forest the other day to do this. IIT was called the Illusion Isolating Tree.

When Dylan found this tree, it was only 7 meters high and 1 meter thick. This trees special ability was to entrap humans or animals in its shade as it\'s leaves exuded air that causes one to fall into illusion. Once this air enters the mind, it isolates the victim from any type of interference outside but this air could only survive under the shade of the tree. That was the reason why it was called as the Illusion Isolating Tree.

It was a good thing that when Dylan saw this tree, it was only in its infant stages. It only exuded faint air like what it was known to have under its shade. The shade formed a faint blanket all around the tree and when Dylan entered it, he discovered that he could not hear any sounds from outside like birds chirping and the wind rustling. He only heard the swaying of the leaves. Dylan did not let his guard down and continuously reminded himself to be mentally alert. This gave Dylan the idea to use this infant tree and chopped it to lumber.

When the fence was made, he decorated it using the leaves of the Illusion Isolating Tree together with some fragrant flowers. He placed little bouquetsu200b of this flowers and leaves on top of each fence. When Dylan entered, he felt the exact feeling he had when he entered the shade of the tree. It was peaceful and silent inside this are as the shades of the fences isolated it from the outside world.

Dylan only made 10 table sets for the Eden of Old because he wanted different elders to converse and socialize with each other. Everything was quaintly made and fitted to the tastes of the elderly so that they will have a more comfortable place to stay in. Dylan assigned Frank to this area because he knew Frank had the right capabilities to serve here.

Dylan also began to his next step which was to use propaganda as a form of advertisement and a method to clear his name. To invite customers, he first needed to clear his name. So he had Jack, Scott Dean, Larry, and 3 others who had experience in working in a publication and news center to create articles that contradicts the rumors circulating around the city. Dylan also warmed them to not use this as an avenue for them to sabotage the other business because he reminded them that their goal was to only clear his name and regain the restaurant\'s lost popularity.

The next step is to create flyers. Flyers were now seldom used by business as it was only a waste of time and effort but they did not know that in this era ,wherein people have not discovered cellphones and computer, it was one of the most effective ways to promote customer interest towards their business. In this type of era, regular people tend to read more if they are not cultivating and practicing to further expound their knowledge for future breakthroughs and comprehensions.

So Dylan assigned Leila, Allana, Greg Mower, and 12 others for the drawing and laying out of the flyers because they are the ones which have experience in drawing and calligraphy.

Dylan wanted them to make use of their talents and skills that they have gained during working and further improve them because they will be of great help in the future.

Everyone was working hard for one certain goal and it was to clear Dylan\'s reputation and take Gardenford Restaurant back to its former peak. All of them stayed in the Gardenford Restaurant that night until they all finished their works after midnight. They all slept soundly while Dylan gave all of them blankets so that they would not catch cold and cough.

Dylan was sitting on the cooking platform and rechecked all of the articles, flyers and costumes one by one when someone pulled his shirt. It was a little girl covering herself with a blanket.

"Big bro, aren\'t you gonna sleep yet?" Scarlet rubbed her eyes while saying.

"Just a little longer and big bro is going to sleep then." Dylan patted Scarlet\'s head.

"Ohhh... what is big bro doing?" Scarlet sleepily said.

"Big bro is just rechecking some stuff. Lil sis, you can go to bed first." Dylan smiled.

"I don\'t want to... I\'m scared..." Scarlet spoke with watery eyes.

"Okay okay. Wait just a minute." Dylan stored all of the documents and costumes backstage.

"Come here." Dylan carried her little sister like a baby and sung a lullaby to her while walking towards the house.

"..." Scarlet smiled sweetly as she hugged her brother like baby and slept.

Dylan delivered the little girl to her room and gently placed her on her bed. Dylan was about to leave when a hand was holding his hand. Seeing his little sister unwilling to let go of his hand, he took a chair and sat on it. Then, proceeded to his sleep.

At dawn...

"Time for a giant killing!" Dylan said when he opened his eyes and left the sleeping little beauty after covering her with the blanket she kicked out of her bed.

Everyone was up and seemingly prepared for battle. They all prepared for today\'s battle. Dylan stood on top of the cooking platform.

"Today is the day, we make our comeback! Are you all ready?!" Dylan shouted.

"YES!!!" The employees roared.

"All units, deploy!" Dylan commanded.

Dylan assigned them into different units: the Flyer Unit, the Article Unit, and the Preparation Unit. The Flyer Unit and the Article Unit immediately ventured to the city and spreaded out the news as quickly as possible. As it was only dawn, there was only a few people around so the two units could move as fast as they could and paste the flyers and articles in every conspicuous place they could find.

The preparations unit prepared the tables and everything needed for the restaurant. Two hours later, all units were united at the Gardenford Restaurant. Dylan ordered them to wash up and put on their uniforms right after. All of the employees did not delay any further and bathed. The boys bathed outside Dylan\'s house after getting water from the lake nearby while the girls bathed at the lake nearby.

After an hour, they all gathered outside the restaurant lined up to greet the customers. Now they were wearing their uniforms. It was really eye-catching. Above the restaurant gates, there was a long tarpaulin-like paper which said "Welcome to the Gardenford Restaurant. We\'re having a family discount for the whole week! For every 5 persons, an additional 10% discount is given to you!"

In the Soaring Cloud City, a commotion once again shook the city. The news regarding Dylan Ford was fake news? Discount? New Sections for the old and the kids?! Beastman-themed cafe?! People were in for a total shock. They would not have anticipated any of this. At first they thought, it was just Dylan Ford defending himself but after similar claims, it became a collective truth.

Swarm of citizens that numbered to 500 people wanted to check out the Gardenford Restaurant\'s new gimmicks and rushed to the Gardenford Restaurant! When they saw a large number of employees wearing beastmen uniform , the large paper on the restaurant gates, and the additional fences inside the restaurant, they were shocked because it was all true!

"Welcome to the Gardenford Restaurant! We hope you enjoy your meal!" The employees said in unison and guided the stunned customers to the restaurant.

In just an hour, the Gardenford Restaurant earned a total of 3000 gold coins which was equivalent to 300 000 silver coins! It was as Dylan said a \'Giant Killing\'!