The Strongest Businessman - 29 Chapter 29: Declaration of War

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Andrew Vigor was so much shocked regarding the news. He never anticipated that an establishment who just started last week would immediately be able to sign a contract with the three giants. He felt that his business is being threatened by some other business. This was the reason why he ordered his secretary to gather data pertaining to this newly established restaurant called Gardenford Restaurant.

He found out how amazing the place was. The design and the structure was as though it was replicated from a garden from utopia.

\'From where did he get this idea of setting up a garden in a restaurant?! Just how ingenious could this Dylan Ford be??" The more he thought about it, the more infuriated he became. He was able to visualize that if a individual were to place a garden within a restaurant, the garden would give off a pleasant vibe which would excellently compliment the process of eating. A customer would be able to feel more comfortable and relaxed while eating.

Additionally, the fragrance of the flowers would soothe and lift away all stress that a customer would be experiencing. This would also transform the state of mind of the customer to the most optimal state of mind for interactive conversations with the waiters and waitresses.

"This type of setting would ease up the job of the waiters while rendering great customer service to the consumers. This is like doing things with half the effort but double the result. How far has this Dylan Ford foresaw that he is able to model out a situation and environment that are both optimal for both customer and staffu200b?!" He could not accept such a thing as surrendering against a local businessman.

He also discovered that the reviews for the food reached 11 in the scale of 1-10! The foods that are inscribed into the menus are exotic, new and refreshing! He also found out the ability of how Dylan was able to manage every possible situation that would occur within the restaurant. He also learned of his impeccable service and interpersonal relations that he is able to simultaneously cook while serving a customer. The people who witnessed it thought that it was as if he knew what, when and where anything was going to happen while cooking.

Andrew became even more incensed when he learned of all of this reports. He even found some news unbelievable that he thought this man was Mystical Magnate that was of higher tier than him. If that was true, then he would have no choice to unwillingly let this matter go.

But, when he discovered the profile and biography of Dylan. He smiled with an evil grin on his face. Because he discovered Dylan\'s origins and other details describing his life. His secretary\'s competency when it comes to gathering information is top notch and since he has a master of great standing in this country. He was granted access into information that some could only hope to know. Thus, he was able to find out Dylan\'s weakness.

"I finally found your weakness, Dylan Ford. Mwahahaha!" Andrew laughed evilly.

"You may have great wits and natural talent when it comes to business. But your origin still betrays you. Having such background is a grave sin in this stereotypical world. Mwahahaha!" Andrew laughed even more.

He summoned the staff in this branch of his Vigor Hotel and gave money to them to make an overall upgrade to all facilities and utilities in this hotel. Vigor was able to gather 200 man for the renovation and he directed the accordingly. After 4 hours of labor, the whole hotel was transformed to was much more appealing to the eyes compared before and more grand.

Andrew also emphasized the renovation of the mess hall and transformed it into a independent restaurant called Vigor\'s Gourmet. Since he was declaring war, he had to do it thoroughly to completely crush the opponent under his feet. Another reason for the separation of Vigor Hotel and Vigor\'s Gourmet was that according to his statistical analysis consumers prefer restaurants compared to hotel.

Using his connections, he found about a dozen of 5-star restaurant chefs. He called his previous clients and did some ceremonious chit-chat beforeu200b requesting for staff. If a person was to observe him, he/she would see that Andrewu200b was holding a rectangular stone tablet that was the size of a book. This was called a Spiritual Transmission Tablet. This type of communicative device could only be used by those people who have reached Awakened Spirit Realm since it requires the use of spiritual transmission.

He also lectured the staff especially the waiters and waitresses on what they must do during service hours. He also instructed some people to play some light jazz music during service hours.

This sudden upgrade of the Vigor Hotel piqued the interest of many citizens in the Soaring Cloud City. A swarm of customers barged to the Hotel. The customers discovered that those who want to proceed to the Vigor\'s Gourmet should book a room for at least one night. So since they were just here for a taste, the might as well do so.

About 300 people occupied the Vigor\'s Gourmet. The customers who have already visited this place felt that they were served quite differently from before it was as though something has changed. The waiters became more formal and polite than usual. The customers felt as though they were attending a banquet of a high-class person. It was completely different from the amiable and warmness that they felt in the Gardenford Restaurant. They felt that they have stepped into a whole new world.

The reason for this sudden change of atmosphere was because of the instructions of Andrew Vigor. He wanted to make the customers feel differently and that was exactly what he achieved.

The attitude of the customers became much more restricted. They were unable to laugh like how they could on the Gardenford Restaurant. They felt the need to become more formal, mature and dignified. Although it somewhat restricted them, but when they saw others correcting their posture and their disposition, they could only follow. They did not know why but they felt intoxicated with this kind of atmosphere of becoming people of high status like aristocrats.

The atmosphere, the waiters and waitresses, the music, the food transformed them into this. They felt like they needed to fit in to what other people did.

Andrew Vigor smiled because of the sudden change of disposition of the customers. He was grinning sinisterly because he felt that these people were doing according to what he commanded them to do. Andrew Vigor used the essence of society to create this type of mood. Society coerces you to what it dictates what people should be. In this sense Andrew Vigor became the puppetmaster of society and the customers became his puppets which would stand and bend in his discretion.

After the service hours, the customers left but they were never the same as before they entered this establishment. They walked more dignified and proud and refused to look eye to eye to the people around them.

Andrew wrote a letter and gave it to one of his staff to deliver it to Dylan Ford. The employee immediately left and delivered it to the Gardenford Restaurant. When he arrived, he left it on the mailbox and left right after.

The day after....

Dylan did everything per usual. He prepared and opened the restaurant and cleaned it inside. When his employees arrived, he allowed them to do all the necessary preparations while he cooked meals for Scarlet. During this one week period, Frank Aaron was finally able to join them. Frank surprised Dylan with his skills in management of the restaurant and the staff. So he gave Frank the job of being the Manager.

Everything was going perfectly this past few days. His employees were now able to perform upto his standards as their general ratings were now 8.0! He was really glad about how his employees were performing upto his standards. They clearly worked to improve themselves in order to impress him. Because of this, he was able to spend a little bit more with Scarlet. But he still couldn\'t hang out with her in public as she was the "reason" why he started this restaurant.

Today was just the same as any day when Dylan noticed something different. The number of customers has decreased by over 10%. But he still proceeded as usual. At the end of the day there were only 410 customers who entered the restaurant slightly lower than the norm of 450 customers. But he thought it might just because of him not cooking anymore.

He was just going to close the Gardenford Restaurant when he saw a letter inside the mailbox. He opened the mailbox and took the letter to open it. He read the content of the letter and he knew that it was a Declaration of a Business War. A business war is where a two business will fight for a ranking in the power structure of a city. There has been countless business wars among the three giants and they alternated the one who was at the top. Sometimes it was the Thousands Treasure Pavilion, the Misty Herb Garden, it the Hundred Hunters Guild.

"A business war with the #5 the Vigor Hotel? He wants to challenge me for being the number 4?" Dylan was a bit shocked but then he smiled.

"Interesting." Dylan was amused by this.

For the following 3 days, the number of customers in the Gardenford Restaurant was decreasing by 10% each day. The latest number of customers was only 270 customers only. Dylan was still come despite this happening. Then, he learned of the upgrade that the Vigor Hotel did and the separation of the Vigor\'s Gourmet. Now, he knew what he was up against.

Currently, there was a staff meeting in the Gardenford Restaurant. Everyone was arguing what they should do while Dylan sat in his chair with both his arms on top of the table and his fingers intertwined with each other. it appeared that he was deeply thinking of something. Suddenly, a voice rung out. Roland was running towards the Gardenford Restaurant and when he reached the table of the staff meeting he spoke:

"Guys, have you heard? There was a news about sir Dylan!"

"What news?" The employees replied.

"Urrr... It\'s about ..." Ronald hesitated when he saw Dylan in deep thought.

"Speak..." Dylan slowly said.

"It says that sir Dylan was a... bastard child.... of the king of the Six Mystical States...." Ronald spoke brokenly.

"What?!?!?!" Everyone was in total shock when they heard of this news si Dylan was what?!

"So word of it has finally gone out..." Dylan slowly stood up and he still wore a calm face as though he was expecting it to happen.