The Strongest Businessman - 28 Chapter 28: A New Brand in Town

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The young man went back inside the carriage after a short breather. The carriage proceeded towards the deeper parts of the city. When people saw the carriage, they immediately made way because when they saw the insignia of the Mystical Magnate Tower, an existence which was an unfathomable behemoth to them, they could only resign themselves and moved to the sides.

In this scene, an individual could see the prestige and how venerated the Mystical Magnates are on this world. When the young man saw this scene occurring, he simply smiled and ordered the horseman to proceeded further onwards. The carriage proceeded to a large infrastructure called the "Vigor Hotel".

Vigor Hotel was derived from the name of this young man whose name was Andrew Vigor. The Vigor Hotel here was only a branch hotel as he stationed the main hotel at his home city "The Cloud Peak City" which was very close to the capital. The Cloud Peak City was a city that was far bigger than the Soaring Cloud City. The cities within the Six Mystic Cloud Country was ranked according to their proxemity from the Capital of each state.

Soaring Cloud City was a bit far from the Capital so it was called the Middle Proximity City. The Cloud Peak City was classified as Inner Proximity City. For cities which are farther they are called the Outer Proximity Cities. Cities get their funding according to this ranking. Thus, the nearer the city is to the capital, the higher their fundings are.

Andre Vigor constructed this branch hotel 2 years ago and it was already ranked number 4 in the power structure of this city. It was only slightly a bit off from becoming a Business Giant in the Soaring Cloud City. But, he accepted it since he would be able to gain that title here sooner or later because he was a tier 3 Mystical Magnate.

His carriage arrived at the hotel and he exited as soon as the door of the carriage was facing the door of his hotel. His staff was already lined in two columns left and right as they were expecting his arrival today. He notified this branch\'s manager that he would be visiting this city a week ago. That is why the staff of this branch of Vigor Hotel prepared the hotel for the arrival of its owner.

Although a Mystical Magnate was a title that would make people think twice before offending you and your business, this does not mean that your business would not fall and would be able to function indefinitely. A Mystical Magnate must also check his business from time to time in order to ensure proper working ethics and discipline within his management and staff. This was what Andrew Vigor was doing. He was checking the condition of his brand in order to prevent it from declining.

The staff bowed to him in unison and greeted him, "Welcome, sir Vigor." Andrew Vigor was walking towards the entrance when a lady caught his eye. He moved closer and inspected the face of the lady. The lady was trembling with fright when she saw that Andrew Vigor was coming towards her. When Andrew Vigor arrived in front of this lady, he used his left hand and lifted up the face of this lady to get a better look

"You are quite beautiful." He said.

"Thank you, sir Vigor." The lady replied politely.

Some girls were looking at her with envy. If they were able to have the chance to "serve" a Mystical Magnate like Andrew Vigor, they would do so without a shed of remorse. If they were also given the chance to bear his child, then that would mean a secure life for them and their children.

"Come to my room tonight." Andrew Vigor ordered as he climbed up the stairs and meet up with branch manager. Vigor waved his hand dismissively and the staff dissipated.

Andrewu200b Vigor made an overall checking of the Hotel. He checked the lobby, the function hall, the mess hall, and every segment of the hotel. Vigor also checked the performance of the staff and utility. After roughly two hours, he was guided by the branch manager to a VIP Suite where he will stay for a couple of days.

Within the suite, a king sized bed, exotic furniture, and refreshing designs could be found. A figure was standing near the king sized bed with a thin white sleeping dress. This was the lady that Andrew Vigor commanded to come to his room to serve him. He ignored the lady as he drank wine and bathed first.

When he came out in the bathroom, he poured another glass of wine and approached the lady. He removed his bathrobe and gestured the lady to "attend" to his needs. The lady shyly did so as he was drinking the glass of wine. When he finished, he threw the glass elsewhere and pushed the girl on top of the large bed. He saw the lady shyly covering her beautiful legs which invited the nefarious flames in his groin. He later experienced a night of passion as he slept soundly after those long hours of excitement.

On the morning, Andrewu200b woke up and saw a naked girl lying in his embrace. He stood up and took a shower. He wore some of his business attire and proceeded to the lobby for his meal. He was dining with some of the finest foods of the restaurant. While eating, he called forth his secretary to report the overall standing of this branch\'s condition.

The Secretary arrived at the mess hall. She had a smoking hot figure and seductive face with her. She woke sexily towards Andrew Vigor while she carried some papers with her right hand. The buttons of her uniform appeared to be bursting because of the size of those twin peaks. No wonder this woman was the Secretary of this young Mystical Magnate. Her looks and figure was enough to salivate man with just a glimpse

The Secretary waited Andrew to finish his meal before moving beside him and greeted him. The Secretary started narrating the documents she has at hand. Andrew signalled for her to sit beside him. He also made everyone leave the mess hall momentarily. The employees could only nervously leave as they knew that those reports have their livelihoods at stake. They prayed that their performance was of standard for their boss.

"This branch was able to perform a little above average than what we have expected it to be. Their customer service was quite decent as many reported that they were satisfied with the services provided by this hotel. But, their has been mediocre reviews over the room structure and there has been only few dishes which were commended by the customers...." The Secretary continued for half an hour before finally enumerating all of them. This made the employees gasp with the competence of this secretary. A witty brain to match a salivating beauty.

"... That is the end of the reports, sir." Andrew was able to amazingly listen to that long report. Clearly, he was used to such lengthy reports. After some time, Andrew was able to digest the report and devised some improvements to the customer service, the room structure, quality of food and many more. Afteru200b the confirmation of his secretary that all of his suggestions were feasible, he called the Branch Manager and delegated his instructions for further improvement. The Branch Manager left with a sigh of relief and started disseminating the information to his utility and staff.

Back at the Mess Hall...

"Sir, I have something to report to you." The Secretary said.

"What is it, now?" Andrew Vigor said in a somewhat annoyed manner.

"Sir, it is about a new brand that has been established 10 says ago." The Secretary started to report.

"Why should I care about some newly established brand in this Middle Proximity City?!" Vigor was even more annoyed when he heard that report.

"It\'s because~" The Secretary tried to reply.

"Didn\'t I tell you to only report to me important matters?! Why are you telling this useless news to me?!" Vigor was angered. Why was her Secretary insisting to report about this newly established brand?!

"It\'s because this brand~" the Secretary tried once more.

"Again?! How many times do I have to tell you?! I don\'t care!!" Andrew Vigor roared. However...



"How many do "I" have to tell you to please respect me sir? Do not be so rude as to interrupt when I am speaking! Then, fine, I won\'t report to you about something as useless as a business which have a owner that was capable of making the three giants to sign a deal!" The Secretary harrumphed in anger.

"What did you say?!" Andrew Vigor was shocked by this news. This shocking news made him forget the pain he was feeling on one of his cheeks.

"It\'s just something useless. Don\'t mind it." The Secretary walked out.

"Hey, wait out. I\'m sorry. Okay?" Andrew apologized.

"Hmph." The Secretary was still clearly angry at him.

"I\'m sorry, okay? So what is this news all about?" Andrew Vigor asked once more.

"The new brand is called "Gardenford Restaurant". It\'s owner whose name is Dylan Ford, is an extremely handsome and charismatic person who is suspected to be a Mystical Magnate. A week ago, he was seen entering the Thousands Treasure Pavilion. After entering the Guild Master of the Hundred Hunters Guild and the Garden Owner of the Misty Herb Garden was also seen entering it." The Secretary said.

"Couldn\'t it just be a coincidence?" Vigor asked.

"After two hours, reports saying that the three heads were seen bidding farewell to Dylan Ford. There has also been reports saying that they were able to see the men of the top three towers arriving at the Gardenford Restaurant and having a good chat with him. It was also sighted that there has been deliveries of supplies of meat from the Hundred Hunters Guild, supplies of herbs from the Misty Herb Garden and equipments from the Thousands Treasure Pavilion outside the Gardenford Restaurant. So with all of this information, could it still be a coincidence?" The Secretary said.

"What... This can\'t be..." Andrew Vigor was speechless after hearing that report.

"A moment ago you were complaining how useless this report would be. Now after listening, you are completely speechless? Hmph!" The Secretary beautifully turned around with her hair whipping and left the dumbfounded Andrew Vigor alone in the mess hall.