The Strongest Businessman - 26 Chapter 26: The Rock that Fell from the Sky

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Dylan was rejoicing on how he had obtained the second page of the Cultivation technique Cosmic God\'s Business of Galaxies. He was laughing loudly in his heart but only a wide smile was found on display in his handsome face.

When the employees saw Dylan smiling widely all of a sudden, his employees were gossiping and trying to figure out what their boss was currently thinking.

"Why is sir Dylan smiling widely all of a sudden?" Allana suddenly asked to Leila.

"Huh?" Leila was caught off guard as she was staring at Dylan all this time.

"Ohhh, hehehe. You were starting at sir Dylan, right?" Allana teased.

"Uhmm, no..." Leila denied embarassingly.

"Hehehe, stop denying it." Another girl teased her name was Jeanne Parker.

"Ooooohhh, Leila has got a crush on sir Dylan. Hahaha." Ronald Treat teased too. Ronald was unable to join the ranks of the top 10 as he only got 7.35 rating but it was enough for him to be ranked eleventh.

"Stop it!" Leila blushingly stomped her foot.

"Enough with the teasing guys!" Larry seriously remarked.

"Okay." Allana pouted.

"Anyways, what do you guys think is sir Dylan thinking right now?" Allana questioned her co-workers.

"You\'re right. I\'m also quite curious about what sir Dylan is thinking right now." Ronald grinned as he spoke and looked at Leila.

"Why are you looking at me for?" Leila questioned this man.

"Hehehe, are you thinking that Sir Dylan might be preparing a dinner for two with you? Hehehe." Ronald replied teasingly.

"Jerk!" Leila pounded her fist onto Ronald\'s head.

"Ouch. That hurt." Ronald complained.

"Hmph, serves you right!" Leila smirked as she was somewhat satisfied with her little revenge.

"Maybe sir Dylan is thinking of our performances." A gray haired guy guessed. His name was Joma Kray, he was one of Dylan\'s above average worker.

"Really? I think sir is thinking of the rapid development of the restaurant." Larry joined in the discussion as well.

"Hmmm but maybe sir is thinking of... Nevermind." Allana was about to say something when she took it back at the most crucial moment.

"What?" Everyone became curious because of the sudden retrieval of thought that Allana was about to say a moment ago.

"Hehehe, are you sure?" Allana asked playfully.

"Yes." They all said.

"Ever noticed how Dylan was smiling ever since the renovation?" Allana asked in the same manner.

"Yes. But why? Does it have anything to do with any of this?" Ronald asked curiously.

"Yes, it does." Allana said.

"How?" Joma said.

Everyone was becoming increasingly curious as every moment passed. They started pondering over what Allana said.

"Okay, I\'ll explain. The men came before sir Dylan and sir Dylan was not, even the least, shocked. This is where it gets interesting. Let me rephrase how the sentence went. Since the men came for renovation of the restaurant and sir Dylan was smiling ever since the renovation, wouldn\'t it be right if I say that sir Dylan if I say that sir Dylan was smiling ever since the men came to the restaurant?" Allana deduced and smiled playfully.

"What?!" This hypothesis that Allana formulated truly shocked them to their core.

"Sir Dylan is.... Gay?" Larry could not help but ask. He really couldn\'t believe it.

"No..." Leila felt heartbroken when she heard this.

"Do you all believe me now?" Allana spoke jokingly.

"Oh, is that so?" A voice that came from her back sounded.

"Of course, didn\'t you hear what I just said?" Allana spoke haughtily without turning.

"So are you implying I was deaf? What if I told you that I heard every single thing?" The voice talked back in a calm manner.

"Yes. If you have heard it, then you should have caught up immediately." Allana replied in the same manner.

"Oh, so now you are implying I\'m dumb and slow?" The voice asked.

"Yup. So can you please shut up? Who the hell are you anyway?" Allana became angry of the repeated retorical questions the voice said. But, she got a familiar feeling of this voice. A nagging feeling told her that it was really familiar. When she turned to face the origin of the voice, she saw a familiar handsome face that was distinct from any she ever knew. At the same time, she also felt extremely ominous as the face clarified.

"Sir... D-Dylan.....?!" Allana stuttered because thinking back of what she had just done, it was already grounds for her to be fired.

"Yes?" Dylan replied smilingly with calmness and warmth.

"I\'M SOOOORRRRYYY." Allana broke down and knelt.

"Why?" Dylan asked

"DON\'T FIIIREE MEE PLEEEEAAAASSE!" Allana begged for mercy as tears was flowing down from her red eyes. She deeply regretted what she had just said. She wished that she should have never said it to her fellow workers. She really wanted to hide in a hole forever because of what she did.

"Don\'t worry. I won\'t fire you." Dylan replied with a faint smile.

"Really?" Allanau200b calmed by a bit but tears continued to form a tiny stream from her eyes to her jaws.

"Of course, but..." Dylan\'su200b smile was getting a bit stiff.

" But?" Allana was trembling in fear as she was afraid that Dylan would take his words back. This job although one of the hardest, but the earningsu200b was worth it. She just did not want to lose this job.

"But there would be a punishment for your claim earlier " Dylan\'s smile and voice had a tinge of anger with it.

"What is it, sir Dylan?"

"You are the one to do the dishes for a whole week!" Dylan ordered.

"Whaaat?!" Allanau200b was shocked.

The number of dishes that they used every day was nearly more than 250. So Dylan ordered the boys to buy 500 sets of plates and platters as well as 500 sets of utensils and equipments needed by the restaurant. A set was equal to 100 silver coins so Dylan had to spend about 100 000 silver coins. Dylan also needed to buy the extra land he used for the renovation from Robert Bobman. A square meter was equal to 500 silver coins and since he used 55 squared meters for the renovation, Dylan had expended 27500 silver coins for the land. He also paid his debt of 1500 gold coins or 150000 silver coins. So Dylan had totally gone from riches down to being poor once more.

Dylan\'s heart ached by the expenditure of approximately 277 500 silver coins which was near his overall earnings of more than 300 000 silver coins. He also used the remaining money to buy for the nails, moonshine stone, a stone that used the moonlight to illuminate, and materials that the workers needed and that only left him with a measly 250 silver coins. How tragic it was that more than 300 000 silver coins which was equal to 3000 gold coins quickly disappeared in a short span of a day. But, Dylan knew he was doing this for the improvement of his brand and would quickly gain back his losses with his skills in business.

"Why? Is there a problem? I could change the punishment if you want. You could..." Dylan continued saying up until three punishments when Allana agreed to washing the dishes as the other punishments could only make her hair stood up over the difficulty.

"No more, sir... I agree to washing the dishes for a week..." Allana being pale faced accepted her fate.

"And if you are still wondering what I did this afternoon, okay. I will narrate." Dylan said. He narrated what he did this afternoon in a summary and as he was talking each one of the employees were looking at each other marvelling at their bosses greatness. They now understood where this men came from.

"Do you now understand?" Dylan asked.

"Yes sir." Everyone replied in a respectful manner.

"Good. Now get back to work and enough with the chitchat." Dylan disciplined his employees.

"Yes, sir." Everyone replied in approval.

Everyone went to their stations as they prepared for the arrival of the customers. The made fun of Allan while waiting as some said things like, "Serves you right" and "Hahaha don\'t worry it\'s just one week." Allana became depressed because of the teasing of her fellow workers but adjusted her attitude quickly to prepare for the upcoming customers.

It was another stressful restaurant as the customer\'s numbers increased from 200 to 300! It was because of the widening of the area that the workers made prior to the customers arrival. Dylan did not let the 30 men to help as he discovered that none of them had any experiencces with regards to customer service and interpersonal communication. In the end, he could only let them go back to their respective organizations.

On the other hand, he was very satisfied that his employees were already nearing his standards as their general ratings were 7.5 already. Their improvement was really up to his standards but even though they improved significantly the great number was still overwhelming them. So, Dylan still needed to step up and help them.

After a tiring night, all of Dylan\'s employees were beat and tired of 4 hours of unending and constant services and left after saying goodbye to Dylan. Thanks to the Gardenford Restaurant\'s quality of gourmet that was top notch, customers kept piling in. This made Dylan feel the need that he needed to find more employees at this rate because his current number of employees will be unable to fully accommodate such number of increasing people to serve.

Dylan no longer needed to clean up and restore his equipments as they were already made stationary and fixed. He also had the workers to create gate so that he would only need to lock up the restaurant when closing it.

Dylan went to the forest to train. He fought dozens of monsters and killed them for extra stock. He familiarized himself first with his newly acquired cultivation level. Although because of Marrow Cleansing Purifying the Body, it would almost ensure that he would never fall into Cultivation Deviation but he still wanted to play itself and further strengthened his cultivation base.

He was just about to check out the Second page of the Cosmic God\'s Business of Galaxies when he saw something in the sky. It was like a shooting star and he was just about to make a wish when he noticed it heading to his way.

"What the heck?" Dylan was shocked to see that the shooting star was following him like a homing missile.

Dylan started running on the opposite direction but the shooting star kept tilting to his direction. The homing shooting star was getting increasingly closer and is constantly moving at a fast speed. Dylan got a better glimpse of the thing that was following him. It was not a shooting star but a rock that was as big as a car wheel.

He was helpless seeing that the rock was still following him.

"What did I do to deserve this?" He looked back and saw a rock that was nearing him. The next moment he felt the smashing force that the rock had and felt immense pain from it. Everything blacked out for Dylan and he became unconscious after the incident.

When he woke up, it was already morning. He quickly tried to feel his face but he found out that there was no injury nor bleeding.

"Just what the hell was that rock?" He questioned himself.

After doing some stretching, he meditated to recover. While meditating he discovered something that dumbfounded him. Inside the mansion gates, at the top of fountain, he saw something that wasn\'t there before. It was... the rock that fell from the sky!