The Strongest Businessman - 25 Chapter 25: The Second Page

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Dylan was still discussing some few things with the three giants while Kayla was left in complete shock.

\'He was really able to make a deal with contract with the three giants... Maybe he really is a Mystical Magnate...\' Kayla was still lost because if any would have been standing or watching all this time, they would be dumbfounded about how this newly rising businessman was able to seal a contract signing with the three giants of the city.

"So, may I ask some help from the Hundred Hunters Guild for some manpower?" Dylan asked.

" What for?" Guild Master Blood Wolf\'s brows narrowed.

" I need to renovate my workplace and create extensions because if not, I will not be able to accommodate all the customers that will arrive at my restaurant." Dylan calmly replied with his signature warm smile.

" Okay, then." Guild Master Blood Wolf agreed spontaneously and this stunned the other two as they have known him for a long time, it was nigh impossible to get him to do what you ordered him to do because he was used to the lifestyle of being a savage lone wolf.

"But..." Guild Master Blood Wolf continued.

"Yes?" Dylan replied.

"But on one condition." Guild Master Blood Wolf stated.

"What is it, Guild Master?" Dylan inquired.

"You need to show your strength first! My men doesn\'tu200b follow any weaklings. So you must endure three strikes from me in order to gain my approval!" Guild Master Blood Wolf accentuated.

\'So he agreed in order to test Dylan, huh?\' The two thought so.

"Blood Wolf, you must restrain your behavior. Dylan is already our business partner so you must refrain from doing this impulsiveness." Pavilion Head Galagher reprimanded his longtimeu200b friend.

"I know. I\'m not going to kill him. I\'m just going to test him that\'s all. Don\'t worry of course, I will hold back."

"Even so, you may cause unnecessary harm to our friend, Dylan." Garden Owner Elmer Green supported Galagher\'s reprimand.

"Okay. Let\'s do it." Dylan answered out of nowhere.

"That\'s right, Dylan. We should not be fightin~ What did you say?" Pavilion Head Galagher was shocked by the answer of Dylan because wouldn\'t he be courting his own death?!

" Blood Wolf is someone who abhores losing more than anything else and this implies that it would be difficult for him to hold back at the heat of the moment." Garden Owner Elmer tried his best to dissuade Dylan from doing anything rash that may cause him disaster.

" It\'s okay, Garden Owner Elmer and Pavilion Head Galagher. Thank you for your concern and I am fully aware of my limits. Of course, I would not do anything rash." Dylan thanked them for showing concern for him but he was fully capable of handling this situation himself.

"What aware of your limits?! You\'re only at the Pinnacle stage of 6th level Spirit Veins Realm!! And you want to receive three blows from someone who has reached the 15th level of Spirit Gathering Realm?! How could we not be concerned if that was the case?!" Pavilion Head Galagher firmly dissuaded Dylan from doing this bet or else he might regret it so he could only sternly reprimanded him as such.

\'Those should stop him from being rash and arrogant.\' Galagher thought.

"Okay, sir Galagher but I really need the manpower so I have to decline." Dylan spoke in an utmost natural manner.

"HAHAHAHA. Now this is how a man should be! I\'m liking you more now. HAHAHA." Blood Wolf bursted laughing after hearing Dylan decline.

"Blood Wolf, stop this now. You might accidentally put Dylan into harm\'s way!" Seeing that Dylan was so keen on doing this, he could only try to dissuade Blood Wolf but upon careful thought, it was obselete doing so because of his Hot blooded personality.

"That is right. Please stop this now." Pavilion Head Galagher seconded.

"Hahahaha, you know what my answer is to that, right? Because once I have decided to do something I see to it I stick to it until the very end. It\'s fine to be hot-blooded and impulsive once in your life, right, young Dylan?" Blood Wolf disregarded their attempts of dissuading him.

"Yes, sir Blood Wolf. I am fully aware of the gravity of my actions." Dylan said.

"See? He is aware. So what are you guys getting flustered? It\'s just receiving my blows." Blood Wolf rubbed his point to the faces of his two old friends.

"Okay. Do what you want then." Pavilion Head Galagher could only unwillingly concede while Garden Owner Elmer could only shook his head in disappointment.

\'I wish the gravity of offending a Magna Magnate which I am sure you are aware of would pop into your mind.\' Garden Owner thoughts were also the same as Pavilion Head Galagher\'s.

"So, what are the rules, sir Blood Wolf?" Dylan asked.

"The rules are simple. For the first attack I use 10%, for the second I use 30%, and for the last strike I use half of my strength." Blood Wolf explained.

"Are you sure, sir?" Dylan tried to reaffirmed.

"Huh?" Blood Wolf was somewhat lost about Dylan\'s question.

"Nothing, nothing. So shall we proceed, sir? Dylan said.

"Uh... Yes." When Blood Wolf heard those words, he adjusted his mindest to gametime.

The two were stationed about 3 meters apart. Seeing that Dylan was ready, Blood Wolf commenced his first attack. He accumulated a globe of energy on top of his index finger and when it stabilized after a few seconds, Blood Wolf said, "Here, take this!". The globe sized energy shot through the air and towards Dylan at a fast speed. Materialization of energy is something that is exclusive to the Awakened Spirit Realm only so it was a pity that Dylan could not use it yet.

Dylan simple lifted his right hand and pointed his index finger to the incoming energy. He slightly bent his elbows and used force to straighten it again to puncture it.

"What is he doing? Is this a technique?" Garden Owner Elmer asked Galagher.

"It surely is. Blood Wolf\'s attack is enough to injure a 5th level Spirit Core so Dylan needs to use a technique to defend against it. Huh.. What happened to you? Why are you suddenly looking ashened face?" Pavilion Head Galagher asked.

"He.... He puncturred it using brute force..." Garden Owner Elmer said stiffened.

"What?! You did not feel any fluctuations of energy?!"


"How is that possible? Not even his clothes are wrecked."

"Maybe he cultivates a Body Cultivating Technique?"

"I.. don\'t know..."

Similarly, Blood Wolf was shocked and he became a bit discontented about how Dylan was able to easily block it.

"You\'ve got some skill. So take this next." Blood Wolf hated losing so he concentrated a large amount of energy to another ball but this ball was now as big as a small bicycle tire and launched it with an even greater speed.

"This strength is enough to injure a 7th level practitioner! What is Blood Wolf doing this is already 40% of his strength!" Galagher panicked.

"Don\'t worry, Dylan surely has a strong techniq- Hi just going to punch it?!?" Elmer Green was dumbfounded.

"What?!!?!" Galagher was similar alike.

They saw Dylan clench his fist and smashed it directly to the energy ball and the energy ball exploded faintly like a balloon popping. This shocked all three giants because he used his brute force yet again. This left Pavilion Head and Garden Owner to be speechless from shock.

"How is this possible?!" Blood Wolf was even more angered.

"I won\'t accept this!" Blood Wolf roared as he placed his arms forward and conjured a energy arrow that was rotating while accumulating energy. It formed a small vortex on the air as it spun faster and faster. When it reached its peak, it shuttled through the air and was as fast as a bullet. It pierced through the air as it charge forwards to Dylan.

Pavilion Head Galagher and Garden Owner Elmer awoke from this sudden realease of energy.

"Is he trying to kill the young man?! That is already comparable to a 11th level Awakened Spirit Realm attack?!" They both dashed to save Dylan but to no avail, they reacted to late as the arrow was already in front of Dylan.

"Damn it!" Pavilion Head Galagher cursed. When Guild Master Blood Wolf heard the curse, he knew he made a grave mistake!

"Oh no!" Blood Wolf regretted his actions.

As they were thinking about those, Dylan placed his right fist to his chest and his left forwards while he slides his right foot backwards forming a lunging position and shot his fist forward when the arrow reached him. .

"[Boulder Breaking Fist-Perfection]" he roared in his mind.


A large explosion happened and fog permeated everywhere. When the fog cleared, Dylan could be seen unscathed and unmoved in his position with a dashing smile on his face as he said:

"Thank you for letting me win."

Everyone was shocked by this scene. A Pinnacle 6th level Spirit Veins Realm cultivator was able to block an attack that was comparable to a 11th level Awakened Spirit Realm attack without injury?! Just where did this talented person can from?! How is he able to be both strong in cultivation and being a Mystical Magnate??

"Did you feel that..." Pavilion Head Galagher asked dumbfoundedly.

"Yes... Mind and Body Coordination... Reaching Perfection..." Garden Owner Elmer said.

"He reached perfection while being in Spirit Veins Realm..." Guild Master Blood Wolf was shocked too.

"Although it was only a Low Spirit Rank Technique, he was still able to cultivate it to such an extent..." Pavilion Head Galagher said.

"What a peerless talent he is..." Garden Owner Elmer exclaimed.

"Yes..." Guild Master Blood Wolf agreed.

While they were shocked, Kayla was also shocked because she spectated and watched the entire thing unfold. She was left in shock when she saw everything especially what just happened because how could someone be so strong. When she saw Dylan smiling after the fog faded, she felt or more like she knew that she has fallen for this man. She could not help but replay in her mind how handsome he was when he blocked that attack.

"Have I truly fallen....?" Kayla asked herself because she never felt the hastening of her heartbeats because of someone else.

As everybody was thinking as such, Dylan said this, "I\'m sorry sirs. But I am no longer able to stay for too long because I have already left my restaurant long enough. I expect sir Blood Wolf\'s promise will be fulfilled. Thank you for this transaction and business meeting. I will be taking my leave now."

Recovering from this, The three giants woke up and insisted to escorting him out of the Thousands Treasure Pavilion. Along the way, Blood Wolf apologized for what happened and Dylan of course did not mind because during the exchange he was finally able to gauge his strength that was now comparable to a 11th level Awakened Spirit Realm Expert. After which, all three promised sending some of their men to help in the renovation of the restaurant and Dylan thanked them for this.

It was about 4 when he arrived at the Gardenford Restaurant. He saw that there were already three groups of men there and he knew that they were from the Three Giants. The number of men amounted to 30 meaning 10 from each giant. They all had the levels of 6-8 and they were already informed about Dylan\'s great strength. Although it was somewhat unbelievable, but it came from their bosses so they did not have any reason to doubt.

They started the renovation upon Dylan\'s arrival. They worked effeciently and quicklyu200b so the renovations were made accordingly to Dylan\'s plans. With the help of his employees and these men that the three giants sent they were able to finish it in two hours.

The original 20×20 meters was now 75×75 meters and the roofing was also renovated to this size. The table sets were now 150 in numbers. The platform was bigger and the gate was upgraded to. Overall, everything was perfectly according to Dylan\'s wishes.

Suddenly, a trembling happened in his mind as a light so bright it illuminated Dylan\'s mindscape. Dylan saw a page materializing in front of the mansion.

"Hahahahaha finally the second page!" Dylan laughed heartily.