The Strongest Businessman - 24 Chapter 24: I am Already a Mystical Magnate?

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Dylan was standing with utmost composure even with the presence of the 3 Giants of Soaring Cloud City. He did not show any signs of retreat, in fact, it seemed like he was trying to level himself in par with theses three giants in both business and cultivation here in Soaring Cloud City. He was standing stoutly and proudly with his hands behind his back while his face held a smile that exuded calmness, pleasantness, warmness and confidence. It was quite bizarre yet amazing how this four independent airs could form a equilibrium and synchronized with each other.

\'He is standing confidently and looking directly at the eyes of the 3 Giants. Maybe he has a plan?\' Kayla thought.

But Pavilion Head Galagher thought differently.

\'What?! Is this Harmonized Soul State?! How is this possible?!\'Pavilion Head Galagher was obviously shocked by this sudden turn of events because this man could harmonize 4 auras perfectly with ease?! Pavilion Head Galagher was only able to barely fuse three types of emotions but was already proffecient with two. This caused even more shock to Pavilion Head Galagher because he knew how hard it is to harmonize the soul and reach Harmonized Soul State.

\'Not only has he reached it but his mastery is already comparable to a 3rd tier Mystical Magnate!\' Pavilion Head Galagher was beyond shocked by this young man in front of him.

"What?! Harmonized Soul State?! You have achieved it?!" Guild Master Blood Wolf was equally stunned and the same was true to Garden Owner Elmer Green as he was dumbfounded by this as well.

"Harmonized Soul State? What is that?"Dylan was a bit confused about what he said. He was unsure of the Harmonized Soul State.

"What?! Are you kidding me?! You already achieved it but you don\'t know what it is?!" Guild Master Blood Wolf was on the verge of crying. He was also trying to break through to balancing three emotions but he just can\'t.

"Nope, but I have heard of Harmonized Soul? Are they the same?" Dylan asked curiously.

"What? You are f*cking kidding me! Of course they are the same!" Guild Master Blood Wolf was a hot tempered person that is why he gave off the feeling of a hot blooded youth.

"Calm Down, Blood Wolf. It\'su200b unright for us to act so childishly in front of him." Pavilion Head Galagher stopped Guild Master Blood Wolf.

"Galagher is right, Blood Wolf. It\'s okay.Let me explain it to you then?" Garden Owner Elmer Green defended and offered to explain. thus:

The Harmonized Soul State is classified into three basic levels. Novice Soul, Mysterious Soul, True Soul. Novice Soul is the state of Harmonized Soul State where one is able to balance and simultaneously exude two types of emotions. In this state, one would be able to beguile any opponent whose cultivation is weaker than him. Being able to reach this state would make one be considered as a Magnate Apprentice. Guild Master Blood Wolf and Garden Owner Elmer Green falls into this category as they could only harmonize two airs. But even a Magnate Apprentice, is a lot more stronger compared to other cultivators.

The reason why Mystical Magnates are more stronger than normal people and other occupation is because of an energy that could only be cultivated by a Mystical Magnate. A Mystical Magnates have a special energy that they collectively called as Magnate Strength. Magnate Strength is a type of energy that gives birth to a subjugating force that would force their opponents who were ordinary cultivators to be unable to fully fight with their fullest of strength by 10%.

But if fellow Magnates were to fight with one another, their Magnate Strength will cancel each unless they are able to produce an ever stronger Magnate Strength than their opponents.

A practitioner who have reached the Mysterious Soul would be able to subjugate his opponents energy by 20% when he would be able to completely balance three emotions of the soul and would be able to beguile those who he the similar cultivation level he has. Once a practitioner reaches this stage he is deemed to be a Mystical Magnate. Pavilion Head Galagher is already considered as one.

But, when a person is able to reach True Soul, he would be able to drag a practitioner of higher cultivation than him to a illusion world and would be able to suppress 20% of their original strength. When a person reaches this stage that means he/she already has reached the 5th tier of Mystical Magnate.

This was why Mystical Magnates were feared in this world because once they reached a certain realm, they would be able to crush any person with a thought of their minds.

\'Ohhh, so this is the reason why the people of this world fears the Mystical Magnates because they are capable of suppressing them up until the cultivators kneel on the ground from their complete dominance, huh?\' Dylan thought.

\'Moreover, it seems like I am extremely suited to this kind of profession in this world.\' Dylan had came up with a sudden goal in mind and it was to become the most amazing mystical magnate in the Great Mystic World.

"Ohhh now I get it. So I am Already a Mystical Magnate?" Dylan finally exited from his deep thought and remarked as so. When he made such a response, Galagher and Blood Wolf nearly vomitted blood from anger. He talked as if it was easy to reach and this made them envy his talent even more. To not practice any Magnate Manuals yet able to reach such state naturally was an overkill for them.

\'Acquiring True Soul state without training? Hey Blood Wolf, do you think that he may be one of those people.\' Pavilion Head Galagher sent a transmission to Guild Master Blood Wolf. Spirit Communication is a form of transmissional exchange of information by two or more spirit practitioners. This type of skill is only accessible for those who have reached Awakened Spirit Realm.

\'Those people? You mean... Those "people"?!\' Blood Wolf replied. When he correlated Dylan with those "people", it felt like it all made sense.

\'Yes, those \'people"!\' Galagher affirmed.

\'If that is true, then we could have such a great helper to our businesses!\' Blood Wolf exclaimed.

\'Yes, but that is only true if he was one of "them"!\' Galagher added.

"Being able to meet someone who is a Magna Magnate! That is truly a great fortune for us!" Elmer Green also joined in. Their transmission could be tapped since they did not try to hide it.

"Yeah." Both nodded in approval.

They could only reminisce the great legend of those awarded the name of Magna Magnate! A Magna Magnate was someone who would be absolutely destined to be a Mystical Magnate. These are prodigies so overwhelmingly talented that they could fight an entire sub realm higher than them this is because of three things. First, one has to acquire the True Soul state. Second, his Magnate Strength would be twice or thrice as thicker and richer compared to normal Magnate Strength. Third, is the Soul Depth.

Soul Depth was another requirement for becoming a Mystical Magnate because Soul Depth is the measure of the capacity on one\'s soul. A person\'s soul could be measured through the use of a Soul Tablet. The soulu200b Tablet has 25 dots. Each of those dots represent a tier of the Mystical Magnate. 1-5 represent a Magnate Apprentice, 6-10 for Mystical Magnates and 11 or higher is for the higher realms of Mystical Magnates.

But, a Magna Magnate would be able to score by 6 at the very least without even receiving training.

"Okay, then. So what was the the letter all about?" Garden Owner Elmer Green curiously asked as he sat with the other two and Dylan in the table.

"Good question and nice timing for it, sir Elmer. If you still don\'t fully know me, my name is Dylan Ford and I am the owner of the new establishment, Gardenford Restaurant." Dylan introduced himself once more.

"The purpose of me gathering you three here is that I want you to become investors of my business. I would like to make the Hundred Hunters Guild as my meat supplier while I would like for the Misty Herb Garden to be the one to supply me of my herbs. For my equipments, I would like for Thousands Treasure Pavilion to help supply it for me." Dylan offered as he smiled while subconsciously using his Harmonizedu200b True Soul State.

"Yes..." The three answered plainly and emptily.

"Perfect, now please sign this contract for me, kind sirs as this would signify the formal start of our transaction and business collaboration. Do not worry, I would not take advantage of you as each of you would have 12% shares of my monthly profits. I can fully assure you that you would not regret this decision of signing this contract and help you earn millions in a just a short amount of time." Dylan faintly smiled and exuded utmost confidence as though millions of gold coins were something earned monthly while placing the contract in front of the three.

The three just woke up from being dazed and they have realized that they have already signed the contract. And when they heard of what Dylan said, their minds told them that it would be impossible to earn that much with such a small restaurant but when Dylan finished his words, they gradually learned to believe him.

\'To be able to beguile us three at the same time.... He truly is a Magna Magnate! At the very least we did not lose out in this transaction.\' The three shook Dylan\'su200b hand as a form of formality and to signify the formal start of the business collaboration.

While this happened, Kayla could not believe what she just saw envelope before her eyes. A Mystical Magnate? Dylan was a Mystical Magnate?! Although Kayla was not shock about the fact that all three giants were Mystical Magnate because no one knew how long have they exactly lived but Dylan was one too and he was only 18 years old?! What\'s more is that the latter even seemed stronger compared to the former?! She just could not understand what the hell happened here!!

"What.... How... I...." Kayla could only stutter when she sat by the corner as the three giants shook Dylan\'s right hand.