The Strongest Businessman - 23 Chapter 23: Meeting the Three Giants

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Kayla, she was the counter girl of the greatest establishment with regards to business and trading in the whole Soaring Cloud City, the Thousands Treasure Pavilion. She was the one who would entertain the guests and customers who come in to Thousands Treasure Pavilion. She would answer and guide the guests according to their inquiries and appointment. But, such a life became increasingly duller as each day passes.

"Is this really my fate? To become a counter girl for the ready of my life?" Kayla felt resigned to her fate.

She was only 18 years old and a great beauty at that. That was why she got the job of being a counter girl because her refreshing face would make the costumers feel more attracted to vising the Thousands Treasure Pavilion. She could have gotten a higher position but she never had any talent with regards to cultivation. This was the reason why the Human Resources Officer of the pavilion could only offer her this job.

She proved to have good memory and speak fluently. So she was given this job which was perfectly aligned with all of his good points. So with no choice, Kayla accepted the job at the very least she had a big sum as income so she did not have any qualms with the job. She was even commended for her services because ever since she became the counter lady, the customer rate of the Thousands Treasure Pavilion has increased by 8%. She became popular to the masses especially to the men.

It was just as any day has gone for Kayla. Customers kept coming in and out of the pavilion. She became dull from this atmosphere. No matter how bustling and how lively this place would get, she was already used to it after working here for two years. Despite being 18, she was only High 2nd level Spirit Core which was slightly better than the Dylan in the past. When someone reached 18, the normal speed was that he/she reached the 3rd level Spirit Core Realm. That was why she was deemed to be a below average cultivator.

"What\'su200b happening over there?" Kayla curiously tilted her head when she saw that there was a group of people that were moving towards the counter. They were seemingly surrounding a person in the middle. When they reached the gates, a dashing man went forward from the center of the crowd.

The man was dashing, so dashing that he almost seemed like a prince. Ha had an above average built taller than most men, his skin was healthy white and his somewhat formal clothes were like a prince\'s clothing. His hair was jet black and his eyes was strikingly attractive. This was none other than Dylan. Dylan completely transformed overnight, he bore even more resemblance to his old appearance now. His appearance was now a perfect fusion of 50/50 of his previous life\'s appearance and his current. This was because of his sudden advancement in strength that added this type of effect.

"Where did such a handsome man came from?" Kayla felt her heart being captivated by the smile of that handsome young man.

"Sir Dylan, you are so handsome."

"Sir Dylan, I love you!"

"Sir Dylan, please take me as your wife!"

"Dream on! Sir Dylan will take me, not you!"


"I\'m the most beautiful here so stop, sir Dylan will pick me!"

"How narcissistic of you! Sir Dylan will surely pick me"

"Ngoooowww, swir, Diwan wiw pik miii!!"

All types of girls were screaming how much they are in love with Dylan. Some were beautiful, some were ugly, some were seductive, some even had disability in speaking or standing. They were all attracted to this man.

\'Dylan? Is that Dylan Ford? He\'s that Owner of the restaurant called Gardenford Restaurant... Why is he here?\' Kayla thought to herself.

She was even more surprised when the young man suddenly approached her. She got to admit that the way this Dylan Ford walked was undoubtedly hot. She felt her face getting hot with every step this man took closer to her. When Dylan reached the counter, her heart was beating fast. She wanted to look at his face but as her gaze climbed up to the face of that tall figure, she was able to see his broad shoulders, his accentuated Adam\'s apple, his calm, pleasant smile and his attractive space black eyes that could suck a person\'s soul into it.

"Good afternoon, may I ask about something?" Dylan asked.

"Uh... Y-yes..." Kayla absentmindedly spoke.

"May I ask if Pavilion Head Galagher is here?" Dylan smiled in a charming way without even trying to.

"Yes.... He.... Is..." Kayla could only speak broken words in the face of such charm.

"May I trouble, miss, to guide me to his office?" Dylan kindly asked for a favor.

"Yes..." Kayla dazedly said.

"Thank you very much, young miss." Dylan smiled.

"Oh I\'m sorry for being rude. I have yet to introduce myself. My name is Dylan Ford. May I ask about yours?" Dylan self-introduced.

"Me... My name is... Kayla Mae..." Kayla spoke brokenly.

"Please lead the way, Miss Mae." Dylan spoke with a faint smile.

Kayla lead the way to the office of Pavilion Head Galagher. The Thousands Treasure Pavilion was a 3 storey building. In the topmost floor was where the office of Pavilion Head Galagher could be found. Each floor was intricately designed and well developed. This amazed Dylan because the construction here maybe different than how it was in Earth but it was nearly comparable to some business firms in some ways.

\'How fascinating.\' Dylan eyes glittered in his thoughts.

As they continued to walk, they arrived at the third floor and there was a door that was decorated with about 120 types of weapons, armors, and miscellaneous equipments that were suitable for battle.

\'So this is the famous Door of treasures, huh?\' Dylan remembered some details pertaining the Thousands Treasure Pavilion. A branch head is ranked according to the number of treasures in his door. A head with 10 treasures would be recognized as a 10 Treasures Head while someone with a hundred or more treasures is called a 100 Treasures Head. The highest rank a branch head could reach is 500 Treasures Head because it is said that 500 and above are ranks of the elders on the Thousands Treasure Pavilions Headquarters.

"So sir Galagher is a 120 Treasures Head eh?" Dylan said.

While Dylan was thinking of various things, Kayla was panicking because they had already arrived at the Door of treasures. She did not know why she did what Dylan told her willingly but she was terrified becauseu200b how could a counter girl like her bring a businessman to the Pavilion Head Galagher\'s office without setting an appointment?!

"Thank you, Miss Mae. You may leave me if you want." Dylan said.

"Please, you may just address me as Kayla, sir Dylan." Kayla was finally able to reply with courteousness.

"Okay, Miss Kayla. I will be proceeding to the office now." Dylan smiled.

"Wait-" But before she could stop him, Dylan had already opened the door and entered the office. When Dylan entered he saw a ornamentally designed office, one could denote that the person who works here was a peace loving person. Dylan saw a desk in front with a middle aged man was resting with his eyes closed. The man had a serene expression on his face but it suddenly slowly unclosed as it felt a foreign presence within his vicinity.

Dylan was in faint shock when he saw this the perception of this man was amazing but when he saw that Kayla was turning ashened face as those eyes slowly opened, her fright turned to horror.

The middle aged man\'s serene face changed when those serious and stern eyes opened. He seemed to become a totally different person compared to him sleeping. His black long hair followed him when he stood up and his arms was clasped behind his back as his aura of 15th level of Awakened Spirit Realm burst forth.

"WHO ARE YOU? WHY DID YOU COME TO MY OFFICE WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT?!" The middle aged man shouted in a deep stern voice.

"I-I\'m v-very sorry Pavilion Head~" Kayla tried to explain when Dylan stepped forward without hesitation as he introduced who he was.

"Greetings, Pavilion Head Galagher, My name is Dylan Ford, the owner of the Gardenford Restaurant." Dylan calmly introduced himself with a fine bow.

"Dylan Ford? Gardenford Restaurant? The newly rising Business?" Pavilion Head Galagher was obviously discontented.

"I don\'t care who you are! But, how dare you audaciously come here!?!" Pavilion Head Galagher was getting extremely angry at the moment.

"I can explain, sir~" Kayla tried to explain but Dylan kept butting in.

"Calm down, Pavilion Head, the others will be arriving any moment now. Then, we could have a proper discourse." Dylan consoled Pavilion Head Galagher as he smiled faintly.

"Others? Discourse? What nonsense are you talking about?!" Pavilion Head Galagher became beyond furious by this seemingly act of mystery this Dylan Ford was playing. But, suddenly...

"GALAGHER!!!" Another angry voice resounded as the door was kicked open with two individuals appearing. The first was a brown haired man with a savage wolverine like expression on his face and his showing muscles were filled with scars that was evidently from beasts. The latter was a person of calmness, he wore a scholarly robe and with a monks air around him. The former was the Guild Master of the Hundred Hunters Guild and the Garden Owner of the Misty Herb Garden.

"What the f*ck was that letter all about?! Having a business meeting and you demand for I, Blood Wolf, to com here in a specified time?! How arrogant can you be?!" Guild Master Blood Wolf was enraged beyond any reasonable doubt.

"Blood Wolf, contain your anger. But, he is right, Galagher. Since when did you have the guts to order us around? Remember you may be the biggest establishment within this city but we are not some pushovers you can treat lightly!" The Garden Owner whose name was Elmer Green was clearly infuriated as well.

Their auras filled the room and this made Kayla, 2nd level Spirit Core practitioner, unable to hold on.

\'The- the three giants are all ga-gathered here?! Just from their pressures alone, I feel like I am about to be crushed to death.\' Kayla thought in horror as she felt like she was about to collapse when a hand grabbed her and she suddenly felt a warm energy enveloping her.

"Are you alright?" Dylan said as he covered Kayla with his aura.

"Ye-yes." She answered embarassingly.

She was blushing because there has never been a man who held her like this before.

\'Its warm\' She thought.

"Wait hereu200b, I\'ll just do something quickly" Dylan gifted her with some of his energy to ward off the warring energies in the environment.

"Okay. Where are you going?" Kayla asked but Dylan was already walking forward.

\'Ehhh?! Why is he heading there?! Is he trying to court death?!\' Kayla was complete and utter shock when she saw what Dylan did. She was dumbfounded and did not know what was going on.

But as she felt like so, the three experts were arguing.

"What letter? I never sent any letter to either one of you!" Pavilion Head Galagher retorted.

"Preposterous!" Guild Master Blood Wolf shouted.

"Did I put my name on it?" Pavilion Head Galagher asked angrily. He was clearly infuriated by being accused of doing something he never did.

"No... But, it said that we come here by 2." Garden Owner Elmer Green replied.

"Then, how are you sure it was me?!" Pavilion Head Galagher defended.

"Because the meeting place was your office!" Guild Master Blood Wolf roared.

"Then, how are you not sure that it may just be because he/she wants us to have a war that would either benefit our businesses and lead it their own destructions?!" Pavilion Head Galagher debated.

"Ugh... You\'re right, Galagher. We\'re sorry for letting our emotions got ahead of us." Garden Owner Elmer Green apologized as well as Guild Master Blood Wolf when they realized it. They felt used because of this.

"But if it wasn\'t you, then who did?" Guild Master Blood Wolf had a savage expression when he asked..

"I did." A voice resounded.

"Who?... You?!" Pavilion Head Galagher was shocked out of his wits!

"Who are you?" Garden Owner Elmer Green grimly said.

"F*cking brat! How dare you!" Guild Master was truly wrathful now because he felt angered being ordered around by a little brat.

"My name is Dylan Ford. Nice to meet you all." Dylan stood calmly in face of this 3 giants and smiled confidently.

When Kayla heard of this she knew and thought, \'I\'m done for...\'